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•   Charles Dent  11/25
•   Thomas Scarborough  11/18
•   Diane Rouse  11/7
•   Jack Montgomery  10/31
•   Linda Mersiovsky (Montgomery)  10/31
•   Sheila Gibert (Webb)  10/31
•   Diane Jaenecke (Logan)  10/26
•   Jan Barnes '65 (Nimtz)  10/15
•   Lynn Bledsoe (Berry)  10/4
•   Mary Vaughan (Graham)  10/1
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•   William Donald Ansley  11/28
•   Jeff Ralph Briner  11/30
•   Patricia Williamson (Williams)  11/30
•   Lloyd Pond  12/2
•   Frances Parker (Larsen)  12/3
•   Fran Webster (Jordan)  12/3
•   Frank Lynn  12/6
•   Walter O'Connor  12/6
•   Mickey Jeane Roesler (Chesnutt)  12/6
•   Jennie Anderson '65 (Dylan)  12/7
•   Lynn Gregory (Ferraro)  12/7
•   Patty Payne (Nami)  12/8
•   Larry Forson -Reagan '65  12/9
•   Greg Smith (Gregory Smith)  12/11
•   Kenneth Treuter (Treuter)  12/11
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 50.0%

A:   202   Joined
B:   202   Not Joined




Prayers Go Out to France and its People,

the Victims and their Families

God Bless America and Our Military



We have discontinued Fuddrucker gatherings as of 10/21/15 crying but will continue with our Spring/Fall events that are on Saturdays, in April and October. Thanks Teddie, Hugs!

From Teddie Jordan per Message Forum, (10/21) 

Based on the success of our Spring and Fall Fling get togethers, and the continuing decline in interest and attendance at our monthly Fudd's meetings, and in consultation with Jackie, we have decided to discontinue the Fudd's events.

The Fudd's gatherings were proposed by Fran and I back in December of 2008, shortly after our beloved Jackie started this website and the reconnecting of our class.  If you like you can refer to page 28 of this Forum, posting number 670, and see the genesis of that idea.  At that time we were all reconnecting, and while we had our 45th reunion coming up in less than a year, none of us wanted to wait that long to start seeing each other.  It was successful just for that simple reason.

As time and life has gone on, that purpose has been filled and now a get together every six months is more appropriate.  Also, as has been recently mentioned, seven years later a night time weekday gathering is not as good a fit for many of us as it once was. This is especially true since many of us don't see as well at night as we once did, and  with Houston's continued growth and the exponential increase in traffic and construction that has come with it.  Daytime and weekend gatherings just seem to make more sense now.  I'm not saying we are getting old, just that we have manured, that's all.

Having said that, if any of us learn of a visit from an out of town classmate, or any other event of class interest, I encourage you to pick a time and place to gather, post it on this Forum, and we can gather and celebrate those events. 

As alway, if anyone has suggestions or other ideas we would be pleased to hear them. 

It is safe to say that we all owe Jackie a tremendous debt of gratitude for all she has done for our class. And I think we all realize how blessed we are to have been picked by God to be part of such a special loving and caring group of individuals. Go '64!

Fall Fling Mini-Reunion - October 17, 2015 - Goode Company BBQ

Johnny and Becky Sheffield - Thank you Johnny for all you do for our class!

Fall Fling pictures are posted under Mini-reunions Spring/Fall Flings tab.

Great time and I'll keep you posted on our Spring Fling in April, 2016.

Attendees at Fall Fling - Oct. 17, 2015

Last Name First Name
Allen Sharon & Robert Hoppens
Baxter Sandra & Robert Marshall
Baxter Sandra's sister
Bolton Linda & John Roffall
Brand Ronna
Cannon Frankie & Leron Wells
Carapezza Lynell
Croom Scotty & Lola
Crowe Jackie
Derrick Robert & Kay
Hansel Dennis & Meredith
Hilsher '65 Jimmy & Michele
Jordan Teddie & Fran Webster
Lindstrom '65 Sharron & Allan Speer '63
Moseley Gary & Sarrah
Porter Barbara
Prewitt Lynn & Pat Wilcox '65
Roff Llynn
Schlesinger Sandi
Sheffield Johnny & Becky
Smith Jimmie Lee
Taylor Jim & Jan
Thiessen Tonda
Wann Beau & Diane Cunningham '72
Webster Linda '65
Williamson Pat
Wolfe Marilynn & Gary Jorden '65
Wren Lynn & Charlie Burkhardt
York Larry


Welcome to the

Waltrip Class Of 1964 website!

Created 5/6/2008 - Jackie Crowe (Finch) smiley

A BLAST FROM THE PAST -- a jukebox tune cost only a dime, a '57 Chevy was really cool --- recall the good times, the memories that last! heart



Waltrip High, we sing to thee,
Our loyalty we raise.
Strong and noble always,
These tributes we now praise.
Honor, faith and courage,
These we testify.
Thee we'll always honor,
Our Waltrip High


Second Verse

Long we shall remember thee,

May mem'ries never fade.

Honesty, integrity,
These traits we have portrayed.
Qualities we'll cherish,
Always glorify,
Thee we'll always honor,
Our Waltrip High.

Colors - Red & Gray

Mascot - Ram

Alma Mater Information: Jon Enloe wrote the lyrics, Joe Stuessy who wrote the music..Class of '61

Jon Enloe - Now  ------ Joe Stuessy - Now

S.P. Waltrip Senior High Trivia and Highlights

Waltrip has the tallest flag pole in the area - when we opened it was the tallest in the state. Our original flag came from the nation’s capital and was brought by Mr. Waltrip’s friend and U.S. Congressional Representative, Mr. Albert Thomas.

Waltrip was the first high school in Houston to have an original school song and it was written by Jon Enloe and Joe Stuessy, Class of 1961. When Waltrip opened in the fall of 1960, there were 166 seniors, 288 juniors, 445 sophomores and 122 freshmen. The Band started with 56 members. The first Issue of the “Tribune” was October 6, 1960 and they won Best sports writer in HISD 1960. We have had national merit scholars since the first class and in some classes eleven in one year. We had the National Defense Cadet Corp from the beginning, now ROTC.

The columns in front of the school had no color but were painted bright red in the later years. The window panes were originally red to match the roof line that is red. In 1961 the seniors gift to the school was landscaping, in the tradition of Mr. Waltrip.

We had a bowling club from the beginning and it was the largest extracurricular club. For the first 12 years , Waltrip won the Sportsmanship Award.

The Waltrip Band was the last band to play for JFK before his death and The Imperial Guard marched in the parade for JFK held in downtown Houston.

From the beginning, we had a number of organizations dedicated to leadership and service: High Y, Guard, NDCC, American Legion, Omega Chi Y, Tri Y, Hi Y, Student Council. In 1961, Waltrip won the national forensic tournament and orchestra, ‘best in the state’ and had national merit scholars, all-state choir. 1962: “W” Association formed, national merit scholars, national debate, 11 UIL Music, VB City Champ, first zone in FB, Swim Team 6th in State. 1963 first winning FB season and we beat Reagan 12-0, was co-district FB champ, won golf championship and again was the best marching band and the first all-state choir members were: Duane Kerr, Lynne Tuttle, and Jon Enloe. The “Gordonettes,” an all girl accapela choir, was formed being named for Mr. Cotton.

In 1964, the first exchange student, BB Zone Champs, City FB Champs, Golf District and Volleyball City Champ. In 1965 we had the first color yearbook, FB Zone, BB District. In 1966, Waltrip opened a new wing at the school.

Pep Rallies were held on the porch roof, there were national and state honors for choir, art and poetry and the Tribune won 1st Columbia Scholastic Press. And the Golf team won District. Waltrip is the only school in Houston to win the City Championship in Football and Basketball in the same school year 66-67. Two boys played on both: Tim Duff and David Yaege. We had the national sewing contest winner 1968, Pam Sebasta, and All American First Team in Football 1968, Frank Ditta. In 1969, President George Bush ’41 spoke at the school. We had more national merit scholars, chemical scholar, state typing, choir and Prep Bowl Winners. There was the basketball championship and we continued to win the Sportsmanship award. Zoning was a hot topic in 1970 and we continued to compete on all fronts in the 1970’s. The Ram was stolen by Scarborough during homecoming week in 1973. Waltrip won the Texaco Academic Challenge in 1989. The Homecoming Parade began tradition in 1998.

In 2001, Waltrip was first recognized by TEA for the academic accomplishments and again in 2008, 2009. In April 2010, we ranked 4th in Best Urban High School for Low-Income Students in Texas and in the Top 6% of High Schools in America. Waltrip is one of only 6 HISD Comprehensive High Schools in HISD to achieve TEA Recognized Status.

As of 2009 graduation, Waltrip has 19,611 graduates. The highest graduating class was in 1972 with 762 and the lowest graduating class was 1998 with 128.

 Award Banquet for Mr. Tusa was Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at JW Marriott, 5150 Westheimer, Houston, TX

Joe Tusa named winner of 2015 Touchdowner of the Year Award

Tom Gann and other football players attended.  Here are some pictures Tom took of the evening.



Troy Holiman, Tony Maddox, Glenn Smith, Richard Meek, Larry Smith and Johnny Sheffield

(Allen Geiser not in pic and Tom was taking picture)

Mr. & Mrs. Tusa in the background

smileyHow Houston Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Here's a link to an article most people in our class will find interesting:


3/30/15 - Houston Chronicle about one of our own - Bruno Leonardt '64

(Ashley Leonardt is director of sales at Architectural Supply, a business founded by her father, Bruno Leonardt. They have a showroom on Richmond Avenue for their stonework such as fireplace mantles, columns, statues and bathtubs)

Bruno Leonardt had a hard time adjusting to retirement once he sold his cellphone business in 2004.

He golfed for a few months, then took a trip to Western Europe. While traveling, the stonework in Italy inspired him so much that he decided to create an Internet business.

"I remember thinking, 'Wouldn't it be great if we could find someone to reproduce marble pieces that have that as much quality as the ones in Europe, and bring them right here to Texas?' " the 69-year-old Houstonian said.

The only problem was that European sculptors charged too much for him to be competitive with businesses that sold "cast stone" products, Leonardt said. Cast stone uses concrete to mimic the look of real stone.

He found his answer, Leonardt said, in a studio full of sculptors south of Beijing. The studio's 67 sculptors could carve the fireplace mantles, columns, statues, bathtubs and more that he wanted to sell.

By the end of 2004, Architectural Supply had launched on the Internet. Gross revenues totaled $325,000 in the first year.

To make it a family enterprise, Leonardt brought in his only child, Ashley, in 2013. That's when he purchased a showroom on Richmond Avenue.

"I knew I was missing out on local business," Bruno Leonardt said. "I was working with some high-profile builders and designers here, but the majority of customers ordering from the Internet came from somewhere else."

Last year the business grossed $1.8 million. Ashley Leonardt, 41, serves as director of sales at the showroom and will one day run the company. She called it "the best training program."

"I get to learn on the job," Ashley Leonardt said, "… and how many jobs can say that?"

The stone is quarried in Spain and shipped to the studio in China. Orders normally can be filled within 90 days, Bruno Leonardt said.

"The quality of the stonework I've seen coming out of Mexico just can't compare," said Russell King, a Houston architect and owner of King Residential. "I have a lot of customers who build period-style homes - especially in Royal Oaks and the Memorial villages - and they all want something in marble because it looks like an antique."

Bruno Leonardt said: "We bring in a full container load every two weeks, and it's all presold. One container might have 35 to 45 crates of product."

One of the store's bigger installations was a 20-foot marble fireplace mantle that cost $28,000. That mantle went into a home in Lafayette, La., an area that has produced several clients for the company.

Another unusual installation involved a couple in La Marque. The wife had spied a fiberglass bathtub designed to look like a woman's high-heeled shoe and wanted something similar. The only problem was its $25,000 price tag.

"We carved one out of white marble for her," Bruno Leonardt said. "Even with a waterfall feature at the top, it ended up costing them about $7,900."


Pictures of the Month

Those were the days -- Reagan vs. Waltrip at Delmar Stadium


Larry Kane Show 1962
Gerry Burkhardt (Middle) to the right Eddie Roberts
and down below on front row behind Larry Kane - Ellen and Helen Clifton

Enjoy Your Freedom

God Bless Our Troops




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Jackie Crowe Finch


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