Waltrip Year Book - Seniors

S. P. Waltrip


Stephen Pool Waltrip
Steven Pool Waltrip was born in Molden, Missouri on December 17, 1878, and was a child when his family moved to Texas. At the age of sixteen, he was teaching school in Walnut Springs, and later at Buffalo, while still pursuing his own education at the University of Texas, where he graduated and where he was elected a member of the Phi Delta Kappa fraternity, an educational fraternity. His favorite subject was mathematics, in which he was very proficient. In the year 1910, S. P. Waltrip lived in Houston, where he served as superintendent of schools in Harrisburg, Gruenen, (out West End), and Houston Heights, all later annexed by the City of Houston. When the Heights was annexed by the city in 1918, S. P. Waltrip was named principal of John Reagan Senior High School, and continued in this capacity until his death, February 2, 1932, at the age of 53.


























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Okay, Lynn Bledsoe and Gerry Burkhardt this should bring back some fun memories! Running for cheerleaders! Compliments of Lynn Wren


Graduation invitation -- compliments of Lynn Wren - she's getting serious and got her scrapbooks out!

Do you remember having a Poll Tax? The sum of 10 cents ---

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Price Receipt - $29.00

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