Pics 3/18/17 - Beau & Diane's

It was a Thrill on Chappell Hill!!  March 18, 2017

Here's to our first Waltrip Annual Picnic and Dedication of Cooper Memorial Baseball Field and Icehouse.  That we did, a dream come true!!   Everyone can vouch for all the fun and laughter we had!  Thank you Beau and Diane for being the greatest host and hostess and sharing your beautiful home in God's country with us.  We love you!heart

Here's where it all started - Beau and Diane's

Cooper's Memorial Icehouse - Baseball Field to the back right

Plenty of parking space and Beau's fine tractor

A lot of cars - look at that gorgeous sky!

What a great dog he was!

Our wonderful hostess and host, Diane and Beau

Teddie Jordan and Robert Derrick

Johnny Sheffield and Fran Webster

The Guys - Gary Jorden '65, Teddie Jordan, Leroy Gregg and Dennis Hansel

Leroy, Me, Gary and Dennis

Terry Jones, Barbara Porter and Jenny Taylor

Leroy Gregg and Linda Webster '65

Teddie, Fran and Johnny

Fran, me and Johnny

Our host, Beau and Jimmie Lee Smith

Beau hard at work BBQ chicken, pork and sausage that was delicious!

Barbara helping Beau or maybe sampling!

Barbara and Beau

Meredith Hansel and Marilynn Wolfe

Richard and Hedy Kennedy

Tom Gann and Jimmie Lee Smith

Michele Hilsher and Barbara Porter

Beau and Gloria Hornick

Cooper Memorial Baseball Field - bleachers with canopy tops

Busy bee Diane, our hostess, running back and forth gettng food set up

She should be on porch relaxing

Side of Cooper Icehouse looking out towards baseball field

Kay Watters' 65 and Jimmie Lee

The guys all hanging out by the BBQ Pit

Gary Jorden '65, Teddie Jordan, Robert Derrick, Jimmy Hilsher '65,

Johnny Sheffield, Dennis Hansel and Ricky Strickland

The guys better behave, look what Beau has in his hand!

Barbara Porter and Llynn Roff

Janet and Ricky Strickland - came in from Shiner, TX

Frank Lynn and Teddie Jordan

Our hostess, Diane Cunningham '72 (oh, to be so young!) and Wayne Lake

Janet Strickland, Richard Kennedy and Ricky Strickland

Frank Lynn and me

Our Scotty boy!  Scotty Croom

Talley Hudson '65, Carol Thamer '65 and Jimmie Lee Smith

Janet Strickland and Sharon Fugler

Fran Webster, Lynell Carapezza and Teddie Jordan

Me, Robbie Boswell and Barbara Porter (thanks Tom for pic)

Jenny Taylor, Robbie Boswell and Mary Senske '65

Wayne Lake and Beau (look at that BBQ pit just a smoking)

Linda Webster, Leroy Gregg and Ronna Brand

Talley Hudson '65 and Pat Williamson

Carol Thamer '65, Talley Hudson '65 and Pat Williamson

Johnny and Becky Sheffield

Me and Robbie Boswell

Just about to serve the big meal!  There was plenty!!

Sam Bowman and Susan Howard Bowman (the newly weds)

Dinner time!

Our group - Thrill on Chappell Hill (missing she left early, Lynell Carapezza --- Richard Meek and Paige Talley, came later) Thanks BroBeau, glad you had the super duper camera

Jan and Jim Taylor

Richard Meek '65 and Paige Talley

It's time to play ball at Cooper Memorial Baseball Field!!

Johnny Sheffield up to bat with Beau the catcher

Johnny hit it out of the ballfield!

Outfielders - Richard Kennedy and John Roffall

Pitcher - Sam Bowman - you could tell he was a pro at pitching!

Go Beau!!!

Now Beau is pitching to Sam and Johnny is catcher!

Sam's about to knock it out!

Oh no, a little confrontation between batter and pitcher - LOL

And we were all cheering and laughing them on

Especially when Beau would pitch two balls at a time!

Okay, pitcher, Richard Kennedy

We're still cheering them on!

And more pitches!  Now Beau is outfielding!

Jenny couldn't stand it --- the girls were in!!

Whew, what a swing - Jenny "the Babe"  made it to first base!!  Now Beau and Johnny are outfielding

Whoa looky here!!  Gloria Hornick's on first and Jenny on second!

Com'on Ronna Brand, bring them in!!

Go Gloria, make it to home and she did with Jenny coming in before her!

And here comes Ronna Brand!!!! 

The Girls RULE!!!!!!

And more runs with Jenny!

Killer batter Mary Senske '65 is up to slam it out!!

The guys wanted to try again, Llynn Roff

Go Lynn!

Jimmy Hilsher making a slam

A little closer view!  He was running the bases, but my camera battery died and I went to Icehouse to recharge it!

It was a great game and I've never laughed so much!!

Great baseball field and great teams.   Although again the girls RULED!!!

What a beautiful view and the day is coming to an endcrying

Cleaning up, taking tables down and gathering chairs and saying our "Good byes"

Sam, Johnny, Susan and Becky

Llynn handing out the left over Cracker Jacks!

And look at our host and hostess, dancing the next day!!!

These folks never wear down!

Just Keep on Dancing!!  Life is Good, and Thrill on Chappell Hill was a dream come true. We love you Beau and Diane!