40th Reunion - 2004

40th Class Reunion - Pecan Grill - October 23, 2004

Class of '64 - 40th Reunion

Coach Martin and Coach Burton with the guys


Coach Martin, Tom Gann, John Snell (in loving memory) and Charles Brawner


Ellen Clifton, Bill Groberg, Betty and Allen Geiser

Don Ellisor and wife

Coach Burton and Tom Gann

Coach Martin and Tom Gann

Mrs. Kahla's husband, Mrs. Judy Kahla (Speech Teacher) and Tom Gann

Mrs. Spiller's husband, Mrs. Ellen Spiller (English Teacher) and Tom Gann

Tom Gann, Lynn Wren, Barbara Porter, Jackie Crowe & Johnny Sheffield


Lynn Wren, Barbara Porter, Jackie Crowe & Johnny Sheffield-

Becky Sheffield, Lynn Wren, Barbara Porter, Jackie Crowe & Johnny Sheffield

Carole Gunter Snell and John Snell (in loving memory of John - Nov. 2008)


Football players with Coach Burton


Robbie Boswell and Barbara Porter Raines

Allen Geiser, Johnny Sheffield, Coach Burton and Barbara Porter Raines

Mary Randall and husband on left, Kay Kepler

Coach Burton and wife

Lyn Scheffer (Terry's wife), Becky Sheffield (Johnny's wife) Lola Smith Croom (Scotty's wife)

Allen Geiser and Barbara Porter Raines

Carol Thamer, Lynn Wren Burkhardt and Suzie May


Glenda McDonald Smith, Allen Geiser and Larry Smith

Troy Holiman, Charles Brawner and Jimmie Lee Smith

Terry Scheffer and his wife, Lyn

Glenda McDonald and Judy Nelson


Johnny Sheffield, Kay Kepler and Judy Ramsey

Barbara Porter Raines and Becky Sheffield (Johnny's wife)


Betty (McKirahan) and Allen Geiser

Oh, Johnny's in trouble now!!! Judy Nelson, Johnny Sheffield, Wendy Sherrill,and Henny Banning - far right


Becky, Lyn, Lola and Betty

Football Players with Coach Burton

Back row l to r - L. Klare, D. Ellisor, T. Holiman, J. Sheffield, G. Smith, T. Maddox, T. Gann

Front row l to r - L. Smith, A. Geiser, Coach Burton, C. Ereckson,


Another football pic - same guys - except Llyn Roff on right


40th Reunion – Casual Night before Saturday's Reunion

Friday, October 22, 2004

Hofbrau Steaks
1803 Shepherd Drive

Scotty Croom, Charles Brawner, Allen Geiser and John Goyen


Charles Brawner and Charles Ereckson


Bruno Leonard and wife, Bonnie


Sandi Schlesinger, Wayne Lake and Tonda Thiessen


Diane Feuer and Susan Howard


Barbara Porter, Robbie Boswell, Allan Speer, Sharron Lindstrom Speer, Lynn Wren and Allen Geiser


Wendy Sherrill, Johnny Sheffield, Lynell Carapezza


Carol Thamer - '65 - Charles Brawner and Skeeter Apostalo - background Susan Howard and Wendy Sherrill


Barbara Porter, Robbie Boswell, and back of Lynn Wren


Jimmie Sue Roach and her daughter


Lynn Wren and husband, Charlie Burkhardt


L - back of my head - Jackie Crowe, Scotty Croom, Teddie Jordan, Wendy Sherrill, Skeeter Apostolo


Betty McKirahan (married to Allen Geiser), middle Barbara Porter and Robbie Boswell


Dick Gamel (in loving memory) -- he died shortly after reunion


Scotty Croom, Teddie Jordan, Charlie Burkhardt


Back at Hotel after Saturday Night's 40th Reunion

Back at hotel - Glenda McDonald, Wendy Sherrill, back of Johnny Sheffield, and Judy Nelson


Tony Maddox and Larry Smith


Glenda McDonald in background - Betty McKirahan


#27 - Charles Brawner


Glenda McDonald


Tony Maddox, me - Jackie Crowe and Larry Smith


Johnny Sheffield


Charlie Burkhardt