December 9, 2014

 It was a wonderful evening!  Had some newcomers!

 Richard Kennedy, Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

 John Roffal, Linda Bolton (Roffal) and Ronna Brand

 Kathy Rankin '66, Mary Love '66 and Pat Williamson

 Barbara Porter and Jimmy Hilsher '65

 Okay, Llynn, you can open your eyes!

 Moi and Llynn Roff

 John Roffal, Linda Bolton, Ronna Brand, Richard Kennedy, Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

  Moi and Jimmy Hilsher '65




 Good times!  We'll see you next year 2015!!!!



November 10, 2014

More fun and reminisced about our wonderful reunion!  Glad to have more of our '65, '66 and '67 group at Fudd's but missed the rest of you!

Teddie Jordan, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Llynn Roff

Jimmy Hilsher '65, me and Fran Webster

Congrats to the newlyweds - Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and his bride, Sandy

Leah Favella '65 and Fran Webster

Robert Hoppens and Sharon Allen

Jim Taylor and Ken Olivier

Mary Greer '67, Mary Love '66 and Pat Clooney '67

(Sorry Mary G, I took another picture but for some reason came out really blurry!

Here's blurry ------

Fran Webster and Linda Webster '65

Jim Taylor, Ken Olivier, Robert Hoppens and Sharon Allen

"The Movers" Diane Cunningham '72 and Bro Beau Wann

They were so tired from packing boxes all day, but took a break and joined us!  What troopers - but so glad to be moving into their new home FINALLY!!

Pat Clooney ' 67, Leah Favella '65 and Dorothy Fowler '65

Teddie Jordan and me - we want to have another reunion!!

Come join the fun in December!

October 14, 2014

Lots of fun and we are all excited about reunion this weekend!

The Guys!  Bob Crocheron, Richard Kennedy, Llynn Roff and Jimmy Hilscher '65

Our gang for the night, except Diane Cunningham '72 had left the table

to place her order.

Great picture of BroBeau and Diane Cunningham '72

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

Me and Jimmy Hilscher '65

BroBeau and Paige Talley

Our gang says "Good Night and we'll see you at reunion" 


September 9, 2014

Another good times!


Sharon Allen and Robert Hoppens

Sharon Allen, Llynn Roff and Paige Talley

J.B. Bellflower, Dennis Hansel and Teddie Jordan

Diane Cunningham '72 and Beau Wann

Richard Meek '65 and Paige Talley

Jim Taylor and Sharon Allen

J.B Bellflower, me and Dennis Hansel

Sandy Orton, Pat Wilcox '65 and Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan

Group discussion - Jenny is finding a lot of our missing classmates!

Barbara Porter and Teddie Jordan

Gloria Hornick and Fran Webster

Bob Crocheron and Jim Taylor

Jenny Taylor, Sharon Allen, Gloria Hornick and Fran Webster

B.J. Bellflower, Lynn Prewit and Dennis Hansel

Llynn Roff, Lynn Wren, Jenny Taylor, Ivan (Llynn's friend) and Gloria Hornick



August 12, 2014

Fun times!!!!

Lynn Wren and Lanelle Elgin (glad to have Lanelle as a new comer!)

Sarrah and Gary Moseley - okay Gary open those eyes!

Lynn Wren, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Sarrah Moseley

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, me and Gary Moseley

Scotty Croom and Bob Crocheron (glad to have Bob as a new comer!)

Ricky & Janet Strickland and Lola Croom

Lynn and Charlie's precious grandson, Kooper

Lynn and Charlie's other precious grandson, Kade

Mary Love '66 and Mary Greer '67

Charlie Burkhardt, Diane Cunningham '72 and me

Gary and Sarrah Moseley - okay Gary we'll try again - eyes open - nope not going to happen!  Don't know who was laughing harder me or Sarrah!

The Gang

BroBeau Wann and Diane Cunningham '72

More chatting!

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and Sandy Orton

Great evening

Me and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Llynn Roff and Lynn Wren


Missed those that couldn't come - see you next month!!!

July 8, 2014

Llynn Roff, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Teddie Jordan

Llynn Roff, Me and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Ricky and Janet Strickland --- celebrating 44 years!

Fran Webster and  Teddie Jordan

Gloria Hornick and Paige Talley

Herbie Webb '63 and his daughter, Heather

Sheila Gibert, Heather's mom

Barbara Porter and Llynn Roff


Sharon Gray

Jim Taylor and his granddaughter, Mary

We appreciate these younger kids joining our  "older folks" group! Thank you Mary and Heather!

Diane Cunningham '72 and Barbara Porter

Our Gang!

Me and Charlie Burkhardt

Charlie Burkhardt and his grandsons, Cooper and Cade

Mary Love '66 and Mary Greer '67

BroBeau Wann and Diane Cunningham '72

Richard Meek '65 and Paige Talley

Until next month!!!

June 10, 2014

Sandy Orton, Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, Beau Wann and Teddie Jordan

Sandy Orton, Jimmy Robinson '57 Reagan, Beau Wann, me and Herbie Webb '63


Teddie Jordan and Fran Webster

Fran Webster and me

The Burkhardt's -  Lynn Wren and Charlie Burkhardt

Their grandsons - Kade and Kooper

Janet and Ricky Strickland

Dennis Hansel and Llynn Roff

Lynn Prewit and Pat Wilcox '65

Heather (Herbie Webb and Sheila's daughter), Sheila Gibert, Sharon Gray and Mary Love '66

Herbie Webb '63 and his daughter, Heather

The Gang!

Charlie Burkhardt and me

More of the group - Sheila Gibert, Mary Love '66, Pat Wilcox '65 and Teddie Jordan

Lynn Wren and Fran Webster

Sharon Gray, Sandy Orton, Jimmy Robinson, Beau Wann, Lynn Prewit and Lynn Wren

Jim Taylor and his granddaughter, Mary

Herbie Webb '63, Dennis Hansel and Herbie's daughter, Heather

Janet Strickland, Paige Talley and Ricky Strickland

Llynn Roff, Paige Talley, Richard Meek '65 and Mary Love '66

(Diane Cunningham '72 - sorry missed taking your picture.  Usually take one of you and Beau together, please forgive me.)

Until July!

May 13, 2014

Many many laughs - great evening at Fudd's

BroBeau and Paige Talley


Jim Taylor


Mary Love (Frazee)'66, Llynn Roff & Mary Greer (Gibson) '67


Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Teddie Jordan


Okay Teddie good try - focus a little more upward

Me and Jimmy Hilsher '65


There you go!   Me and Jimmy Hilsher '65


Richard Meek '65 and Diane Cunningham '72


Talking it over!


Great picture - Llynn Roff, Mary Love '66 and Mary Greer '67

This was Mary Love's first time to Fudd's - way to go, Mary!  Hope we see you more!


Until next time!


April 8, 2014

Sorry I missed sad- anyone take pictures? 



April 5, 2014 - Clay's Mini-Reunion

(We moved it from Pavillion to inside since we had a smaller group)


Janet & Ricky Strickland

Louis Klare and Llynn Roff

Louis Klare and Me

Scotty and Lola Croom

Becky and Johnny Sheffield

(Barbara Porter to the left)


Beverly Hengst and Fran Webster


Sorry last picture for the evening because this is where I dropped my camera on the concrete floor and crunched the telescopic lens!  I was able to retrieve the memory card - so at least a few pics!

March 11, 2014

Another great time with this wonderful group!


Jan and Jim Taylor


Connie and Kenneth Olivier

Janet and Ricky Strickland

Fran and Teddie Jordan

Llynn Roff, Richard Meek '65 and Paige Talley Meek

The Girls!  Me, Fran Webster and Barbara Porter

More discussions!

Diane (Cunningham '72) and Beau Wann


Until next time!!


February 11, 2014heart

Small group but happy times!

Linda Webster '65 and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Fun group!

Teddie Jordan, Wayne Lake and BroBeau Wann

Wayne, me and BroBeau

Barbara Raines and Llynn Roff

Jimmy Robinson (Reagan '59) and his friend Sandy Orton

Fran Webster and Me

Diane Cunningham '72 and BroBeau Wann


January 14, 2014

Starting the year off right with fantastic fun!!!

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, Richard Kennedy,

Lynn Prewit,Teddie Jordan and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Sandy Orton and Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

Fran Webster, Lynn Wren, Janet Strickland and her daughter, Debbie

Me and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Janet and Rick Strickland and their daughter, Debbie

Beau Wann and Diane Cunningham '72

Sandy Orton, Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and Lynn Prewit

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Barbara Porter

Our gang

Richard Kennedy and me

Llynn Roff and Barbara Porter


Until next time!smiley