Saturday, August 27, 2016

(A Fudd's gathering but at Spring Creek Barbeque)

Wonderful gathering at Spring Creek BBQ thanks to our host and hostess, BroBeau and Diane Wann.  Great fun and food!

Where's Fudd's?  Not this time --- it's Spring Creek BBQ!!!!

Our Host - BroBeau

Our sweet host and hostess, BroBeau and Diane Cunningham '72

Richard and Hedy Kennedy

Jimmy Hilsher '65

Bevery Hengst and Jim Allen

Me and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Teddie Jordan and Diane Cunningham '72

Dennis and Meredith Hansel

Linda Bolton and John Roffall

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Barbara Porter

Ronna Brand and Pat Williamson

Pat Wilcox '65 and Lynn Prewit

Laurice Edmiston and Sam Montalbano '63

Sarrah Moseley, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Pat Wilcox '65

Fran Webster and Laurice Edmiston

Me, Jackie Crowe, Fran Webster and Laurice Edmiston

Sharon Fugler and Scotty Croom

Sarrah and Gary Moseley

Richard Meek '65 and Paige Talley

Jan and Jim Taylor

Barbara Porter and Llynn Roff

BroBeau and Dennis

Okay, Llynn open your eyes!

Me and Dennis Hansel

Lynell Carapezza, Sam Montalbano '63 and Laurice Edmiston

Dennis Hansel and Richard Kennedy, poor Richard with his scooter since he broke his foot - Ouch!

Llynn and Barbara

Barbara and Llynn saying their goodbyes until next time

Although we don't have scheduled Fuddrucker gatherings anymore, Lynn and Pat Prewitt wanted to get our group together for July 12.  It was again another fun time and a great turnout ---

July 12, 2016 - Fuddrucker's

Lynn Prewit and Pat Wilcox '65 our host and hostess

Barbara Porter, Dennis and Meredith Hansel

Sandra Baxter and her husband, Robert Marshall

Diane Cunningham '72 and BroBeau Wann all the way from Chappell Hill

Jim and Jan Taylor

Allan Speer '63 and Sharron Lindstrom '65 and Sandi Schleisinger

Sharon Fugler and Scotty Croom

Laurice Edmiston and Sam Montalbano '63

Pat Wilcox '65, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Linda Webster '65

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

Sharon Allen all the way from Chappell Hill and Richard Meek '65

and Charlie Burkhardt in background to right

Roric Harrison and Henny Banning

Here's JOHNNY! !!! all the way from New Ulm, TX

Johnny Sheffield and Barbara Porter

Frankie Cannon and her husband, Leron Wells

Johnny and Becky Sheffield

All enjoying the evening

Frankie Cannon, Sharron Lindstrom '65, Lynn Wren and Barbara Porter

Johnny Sheffield and me


Lynn Wren, Johnny Sheffield and me - Jackie Crowe


Gary and Sarrah Moseley and Linda Webster '65


GOOD NIGHT -  Thanks Lynn and Pat for the invite!