Prom & Celestial Ball - 1964

Prom Pictures - Shamrock Hilton

April 30, 1964

Mike Dragics and Linda Maddox

Jim Taylor and Jan

Fran Webster and Teddie Jordan

Fran and Teddie - they double dated with Jimmy Stockton and Vicky Howard and went in '55 Chevy, a limo in our time.

Lloyd Pond and Adrienne Pendery

Margaret Adams and Bernd Tonat -- Adrienne and Lloyd

Jane Rhoads and Doug McCuen --- Robbie Boswell and Judy Nelson

I finally found my prom pictures - only took me 6 years!

Don Reed (Milby) and me

Don and me

Yes, we were dreamy eyed and in love!



Class of 1965 Prom Pictures

Jan Barnes '65 and Ed Nimtz - Spring Branch '64  (her husband of 49 years as of 2015)

Stephen Puckett '65 and Pat Wyatt '66

Celestial Ball - December 1963

Don Reed (Milby High) and me

Don Reed and me

We met summer before Senior Year