45th Reunion - 2009


45th Reunion was beyond words!!!  Thanks to all my wonderful classmates -- you made the reunion an unforgettable success!!!!!!!!!!!

45th Class Reunion - October 2 & 3, 2009

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Seniors Rule -- yes, we really do now!!!

 Friday Night at the hotel's  Bar and Grill - October 2, 2009

Susan Howard, Tonda Thiessen, Sandi Schlesinger, Sharron Lindstrom '65 and Paige Talley

Wendy Sherrill, Carol Thamer '65, Suzie May Cunningham '65 and Judy Nelson

Carol Thamer '65 and Skeeter Apostolo

Cindy Hightower and Robbie Wallis

Beverly Sanford and her husband, Greg Bischoff

Earlier in the day (Saturday, October 3) getting it set up (Lynn Bledsoe and Bradley Seals in the background)

Honoring our military -- God Bless

Good Times!!

Our wonderful class photo - priceless.  Thanks Skeeter! We all had so much fun searching for one another!!

In loving memory of our classmates.

Thanks Barbara for setting this up.

The guys hard at work!

Yes, Tony another hard worker!

Oh, I see they were supervising - making sure we girls were doing everything correctly.  Just kidding ---

Beau, hard at work setting up his equipment.

And he brought his fruitcakes for snacks, or were these door prizes -- what a guy!


And the 45th Reunion begins - Registration

Janet & Rick Strickland, Lynell Carapezza and Lyn Scheffer maybe Donna Moss signing in (not for sure)

Lyn Scheffer behind table - Barbara Porter and Louis Klare looking at name badges - standing in the lobby Tony Maddox and Wendy Sherrill with Frances Parker facing them and James Rankin in red shirt

Look at that Janet -- checking it out!

Our handsome DJ, Beau! 

John Goyen, Tom Gann and Pat Goyen

John Goyen, me - Jackie Crowe and Tom Gann

Paige Talley and Wayne Lake

Sharon Pratt and Judy Nelson

Annelle Dent, Chuck Dent and Kirk Thompson '65


Back of Wayne Lake, Barbara Ellison, Robert Derrick, Gary Jorden '65 and Marilynn (Wolfe) Jorden

Wayne Lake, Barbara Ellison, Robert Derrick and Gary Jorden '65

Betty Sherman and Judy Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Kahla (Judy and Harold) 

Mr. and Mrs. Kahla (Judy & Harold) Susan Howard in the back


 Sharon Gray, Jimmie Sue Roach and Patty Payne

Michele Hilsher and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Jim Allen and Beverly (Hengst) Allen

Beverly (Sanford) Bischoff and Greg Bischoff

Sharon (Allen) Richardson and Robert Hoppens

Mary (Randall) Meneley and Tom Meneley

Lanelle (Elgin) Cegielski,  Carolyn (Lamb) Nelson, Fred Nelson and Al Cegielski

Barbara McKay and Jim Taylor 

Barbara McKay, Bradley Seals and Jim Taylor

Terry Hurzeler, Wendy Sherrill and Robbie Boswell

Teddie Jordan, Rod King and James DeVore (thanks Sharon Pratt King for pics)

Lynn Prewit and Pat Wilcox Prewit (thanks Sharon)

 Wendy Sherrill and Susan Howard (thanks Sharon)

 Back of Lynn Prewit, (Facing) - Doug Romans, Wayne Lake, Tony Maddox and Jerry Eppner

Barbara Ellison, Dennis Hansel and Doug Romans

Linda Smith, Greg Smith and me -Jackie Crowe

Susan Howard, Beverly (Sanford) Bischoff and Greg Bischoff and Johnny Sheffield

Beverly (Sanford) Bischoff and Greg Bischoff - to the right Mrs. Catherine Burton - Johnny Sheffield in the background

Debbie York, Larry York and Wayne Lake

Front -Johnny Sheffield, Lynell Carapezza and part of Lyn Scheffer

 Lynn Wren

Fran Webster and Frances Parker (all the way from Dubai)

Tony Maddox and Ted Jordan

Our Bunch! - only ones facing - Allan Speer '63, Sharon Walker and Louis Klare


Linda Smith, Richard Meek, Tom Gann and ____________ 

Barbara Porter and Johnny Sheffield at the bar

Robert Hoppens, Sharon (Allen) Richardson and Charles Ereckson

Charles Ereckson, Troy Holiman and Carolyn Holiman 

Jan Taylor, Terry Hurzeler and Jim Taylor 

Rod King & Sharon (Pratt) King and James Devore

Back of Lynn Prewit, Leroy Gregg, Roma Leach, Robert Derrick

Wendy Sherrill, Carole Gunter and Karen Rimes

Charles Brawner, Brian Copeland, Judy Nelson and Wendy Sherrill

Henny Banning, Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner) and Charles Brawner

Sam Montalbano '63, Allen Geiser and Betty McKirahan '65 Geiser

Linda Webster '65, Barbara Ellison and Tony Maddox

Annelle Dent, Chuck Dent and Kirk Thompson'65

David Zaring, Linda Zaring and Annelle Dent

Llynn Roff, Charlann Bresk and Skip Bresk

Charlann and Skip Bresk

Richard Meek and Tom Gann

and Kenneth Olivier in the background (solid blue shirt)

Beverly Sandford and husband, Greg Bischoff

and Betty Scheidemantel


Beau singing his heart out!

More singing, a song just for me!

Lynn Wren and Becky Sheffield -- sorry Becky - caught you glancing!

Coach Les Burton

Sorry tried to get a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Tusa coming in --- missed.  If anyone has a picture of them, please email to me.

Program time with our great emcee, Johnny!

He-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-re's Johnny!!

Beverly Sanford and her husband, Greg - to the right in the turquoise dress - Mrs. Catherine Burton

Me (Jackie Crowe) and Johnny Sheffield -- Thanks for the beautiful James Avery bracelet and all your warm "Thanks"!!!   I started the website out of love for all of you -- and it has turned out to be more than I ever dreamed of --- it's wonderful to get "our family" back together. Thank you for making it what it is!!!!!!!!!

Robert Hoppens - Sharon Allen's significant one.  It was Sharon's birthday and he's presenting her a gift -------- and what a gift!  See next picture!

His present - he bought her a '66 Ford Mustang convertible!! It was waiting for her at home -- Happy Birthday, Sharon.  This is a birthday you'll never forget!

Tony's auction!

Once a Guard girl - always a Guard girl!!!

L to R top row - Betty Scheidemantel, Ferrell Bedell, Karen Rimes, Barbara McKay, Jane Rhoads, Marcie English, Jenny Taylor, Beverly Hengst, me (Jackie Crowe), Patty Payne, Barbara Porter and Mary Randall

L to R - second row - Sharon Walker, Jimmie Lee Smith, Roma Leach, Carole Gunter, Susan Howard, Sharon Gray

Front two - Carol Thamer and Judy Nelson

(Wendy Sherrill didn't hear the announcement - and there may have been others that were left out -- sorry)

Take #2!

Back of Judy Nelson, Tony Maddox way in the back, back of Michele Hilsher, Sharon Allen, Allan Speer '63, Rod King, Lynn Prewit and Gary Jorden '65

Back of Betty McKirahan '65, Shirley Ellisor, Lola Croom, Barbara Porter and Robbie Boswell

Background standing - Beverly (Hengst) Allen, Jim Allen, Gregg Bischoff, Llynn Roff and Jimmie Sue Roach (sitting)

Barbara Porter, Mr. & Mrs. Kahla (Harold and Judy) and Lynn Wren

Betty Scheidemantel, Lloyd Pond and Jerry Eppner

Jim Allen and Beverly (Hengst) Allen

Ellen Clifton and Llynn Roff

Ellen Clifton, Llynn Roff, Jimmie Lee Smith, (sitting) -  Carole Gunter, standing Judy Nelson - and dancers - Beverly (Hengst) Allen and Jim Allen

Janet Strickland, Lola Smith, Paige Talley, Barbara Porter, Mary Randall, back at table Robbie Boswell, Scotty Croom and Shirley Ellisor

"Looking Good" Johnny!

Gary Moseley and Lynn Wren

The Birthday girl - Sharon Allen, Susan Howard and Wendy Sherrill

Sarrah Moseley and Fran Webster

Fran Webster and Frances Parker

Louis Klare and Marcela, Johnny and Becky Sheffield, Tom Gann,  Robbie Boswell and Barbara Porter

Gloria Hornick, Bradley Seals and Allen Geiser

Diane (Cunningham '72) Wann and Beau Wann (what a sweet couple) and Lynn Bledsoe

me - Jackie Crowe and Tom Gann -- Awwwwww

Our sweet couple again -- Diane and Beau Wann

Here's party Johnny with Diane and Beau

Party party -- dancing the night away - Sharon Allen and Johnny

Go Johnny Go!!!

Oh, no Tony in action -- look at those dollar bills in his belt and who is dancing behind him -- hmmm must be Barbara Ellison!!

The girls are gathering in!

And more girls!!!  What the heck is going on!

Okay, Tony, you're in big trouble now!! 

Jenny Taylor and Barbara Ellison

Dancing the night away!

Go Jenny - we're getting wild and crazy!

Beau's music has turned them into "dancin fools"!

Go Greg!

And then there are the by-standers!  Hey guys get into the action!

Charles Brawner, Jimmie Lee Smith, Sam Montalbano '63, Laurice Edmiston, Susan Howard, Robert Hoppens and Ricky Strickland on the dance floor!

Go Beau!

It's almost 1:00 a.m. and Beau is a "dancin fool", too!

End of a beautiful reunion!!!!

(If anyone has pictures, please send to me - I'm missing Mr. & Mrs. Tusa, Don Ellisor, Charlie Burkhardt, Ferrell Bedell, Lloyd Pond and many more)

Many many many thanks to the Reunion Committee for all their dedication and hard work - it's an awesome team!! Beau, thanks for the wonderful music -- many great memories!  Come on 50th reunion!