2018 Flings

Fall Fling - Saturday, October 27, 2018

Another Wonderful Thrill on the Hill

Chappell Hill - Beau and Diane Wann Hosted

Cooper's Memorial Field of Dreams

Let the party begin - Barbara Porter and BroBeau

Allen Geiser, Tom Gann and Tony Maddox

BroBeau's beautiful bar he built.  He flame torched the wood for rustic look - so clever and gorgeous!

Robert Derrick, Richard Kennedy, Tom Gann, BroBeau, Allen Geiser and Lynn Prewit

Sheila Gibert, Don Wilcox '62, Pat Wilcox '65 and Lynn Prewitt

Jimmy Stockton & Allen Geiser

Allen Geiser and Betty McKirahan '65

Becky Sheffield, Fran Webster and Linda Webster

Pat Brantley and her husband, Ron Ross

Pat Brantley

Ron Ross

Richard Kennedy and Barbara Porter

Guys still hanging out at the bar

Sheila Gibert, Pat Brantley and Betty McKirahan '65

Meredith Hansel, Jenny Taylor, Fran Webster and Jimmie Lee Smith

Johnny and Becky Sheffield

Allen Geiser, (moi) Jackie Crowe and Tom Gann

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

Richard Meek '65, Robert Derrick and Teddie Jordan

Linda Bolton and her husband, John Roffall

Sam Bowman and Susan Howard (Bowman)

Betty McKirahan '65 and her friend, Juanita, that lives in Brenham

Gloria Hornick, BroBeau, Betty and Juanita

Yummy apppetizers

It's lunch time

What a feast!!

Picture from Tom Britton

Betty McKirahan '65 and Tom Britton '65 - Thanks Tom

Barbara Porter and Tom Britton '65

Sam Bowman & Susan Howard, Barbara Porter and Jimmie Lee Smith

Flowers from Diane's gardens and BroBeau's creative paper towel holders!

Gloria Hornick, Linda Webster and Fran Webster

and table behind Betty Geiser and Marilyn Wolfe

Pat Williamson,Tony Maddox and Allen Geiser

Robert Derrick and Johnny Sheffield

Linda Bolton, Pat Williamson, Ronna Brand and John Roffall

Sheila Gibert, Don Wilcox '62, Pat Brantley and Jimmy Stockton

Dennis Hansel. Gary Jorden '65, Tony Maddox and Lynn Prewit

Tony Maddox, Dennis Hansel and  Gary Jorden '65

Tom Britton '65 and his son

Janet and Ricky Strickland


It's dessert time, Sam Montalbano '63

BroBeau and Sam

Teddie Jordan with Linda Bolton's delicious banana pudding!

Sooooooooooooo Good!!!!!  Thank you Linda

Janet Strickland and Paige Talley

Meredith Hansel and the gang

Theresa and Leon "Skeeter" Apostolo

Laurice Edmiston and Sam Montalbono '63

Paige Talley and John Roffall

Sharon and Scotty Croom


Sharon and Scotty Croom, the newlyweds!  Congrats we are so happy for you!

Lynn Roff and Barbara Porter

Dixie Bell, BroBeau and Diane

A BIG thanks to our host and hostess --- we love you!heartheartheart


BroBeau gettting set to take the BIG Picture

That's all folks until next time!!!

No better way to end the thrill on the hill with an amazing sunsetheart

(Below Paige's pics - thank you)

Paige Talley and Diane Cunningham '72

Barbara and Richard

Lynn Prewit

John Roffall and Tom Gann

BroBeau having fun

Sam Montalbano '63 and Laurice Edmiston

Betty McKirahan and her friend, Juanita

BroBeau making his delicious margaritas!!

Ron Ross


Jimmie Lee, Jackie, Richard and Tom

Go girl! 


Me and Barbara

Susan and Sam

Becky Sheffield and Janet Strickland

The Webster Sisters - Linda and Fran

Theresa Apostolo and Barbara Porter

Scotty Croom

Ricky Strickland and Sharon Croom

Two cuties - Jenny Taylor and Llynn Roff

Spring Fling - Saturday, April 28, 2018

Harris County Smokehouse in Tomball

Jimmie Lee Smith & Barbara Porter

Jimmie Lee Smith, Barbara Porter, Johnny Sheffield & Lynn Wren

Johnny & Lynn

Barbara Porter, Jackie Crowe (moi), Johnny Sheffield & Jimmie Lee Smith

Barbara, me, Johnny & Jimmie Lee

Lynn Wren & Charlie Burkhardt

Janet & Ricky Strickland

Johnny & Becky Sheffield

Sam Montalbano '63, Laurice Edmiston & Sheila Gibert

Fran Webster, Linda Webster '65, Teddie Jordan & Pat Williamson

Beau Wann & Diane Cunningham '72

Linda Bolton, John Roffall & Ronna Brand

Beverly Hengst & Jim Allen

Linda Webster '65 & Jimmy Hilsher '65

Fran Webster, Diane Cunningham '72, Lynn Wren & Llynn Roff

Earline Knight & Jimmie Lee Smith

So happy Jenny Taylor found Earline last year and here she is!!  Last Waltrip event Earline attended was our 20th Class Reunion.

Lynn Prewit, Ricky Strickland, Teddie Jordan & Johnny Sheffield

So wonderful that Lynn was able to come after his hospital stay.  Way to go, Lynn!!!!

Linda Webster '65, Pat Wilcox '65 & Beverly Hengst

Ronnie Kristynik & Judy Sheffield '74 with granddaughter, Sailor

Betty McKirahan '65 & Allen Geiser

Jane & Dana McKirahan '71

Dana McKirahan '71 & his wife, Jane

Betty McKirahan '65, Jimmy Hilsher '65, Beau Wann & Diane Cunningham '72

Tonda Thiessen, Sandi Schlesinger & Laurice Edmiston

Becky Sheffield, Sailor & Judy Sheffield '74

Debbie and Larry York & Barbara Porter

Teddie Jordan & Charlie Burkhardt

Susan Howard & Sam Bowman

Our gang

Tom Gann celebrating early his birthday that is today, April 30!  Happy Birthday, TG

Susan Howard celebrating her birthday early too which is May 4

Wow look at all the candles, but think you need a few more!  LOL

He huffed and puffed!!!!  Thank you Lynn for bringing all the goodies.

Larry Smith, Glenda McDonald & Llynn Roff

Ricky Strickland

Tom looking over his birthday cards and gift

Yes, we had a few laughs over his card from Susan & Sam and his "survival" gift from Barbara!

Good night until next time!!

It was a blast!!!

Attendees on April 28, 2018

Spring Fling Final Attendees - April 28, 2018
Last First Headcount
Bolton Linda & John Roffall 2
Brand Ronna 1
Crowe Jackie (Finch) 1
Edmiston Laurice & Sam Montalbano '63 2
Gann Tom 1
Gibert Sheila (Webb) 1
Geiser Allen & Betty McKirahan '65 2
Hengst Beverly & Jim Allen 2
Hilsher '65 Jimmy & Michelle 2
Howard Susan & Sam Bowman 2
Jordan Teddie & Fran Webster 2
Knight Earline (Parks) 1
McKirahan '71 Dana & Jane 2
Peters Ronnie 1
Porter Barbara (Raines) 1
Prewit Lynn & Pat Wilcox '65 2
Roff Llynn 1
Schlesinger Sandi (Stark) 1
Sheffield Johnny & Becky 2
Sheffield '74 Judy & Ronnie Kristynik 2
Smith Larry & Glenda McDonald 2
Smith Jimmie Lee (Brawner) 1
Strickland Ricky & Janet 2
Thiessen Tonda 1
Wann Beau & Diane Cunningham '72 2
Webster Linda 1
Williamson Pat (Williams) 1
Wren Lynn & Charlie Burkhardt 2
York Larry & Debbie 2
  Total 45