50th Reunion - 2014



Mr. Tusa, Joyce Barta '65 and Mrs. Kahla

Class of '65 - 50th Class Reunion - August 29, 2015. Thanks, Joyce, for the picture


Class of 1964 - 50th Class Reunion - October 17 & 18, 2014

The Woodlands Resort & Conference


THE BEST!!  Y'all did it and I'm dancing! Thanks to all who

shared the fun and love.  Those that couldn't attend, we

missed you.


What a fabulous-great-fun-fantastic time at our 50th Reunion!  Thank you dear classmates for making it the BEST REUNION EVER!

It's just sooooooooo sad crying it's over, but we're already planning for the next one!

Please send me your pictures.













Saturday Night at Woodlands Ballroom - October 18




























Some Loving Warm Comments about Reunion and Closeness of Our Class of '64!

wow...what a reunion...having worked on all since 20th, it was  a great gathering, new faces, renewed times since last seeing some...I admit we have aged (gracefully), but are stiil survivors of the 60's..now leaving the 60's, lol....put out any pics to share w/all of us...until we meet again...remember the song "call on me, you have a friend, just call and I'll be there...."  (Scotty Croom)

What a great time it was last night kicking off our reunion weekend by seeing so many old friends that we have not seen in many years. I was sitting drinking my coffee this morning and thinking about how amazing it is that you can walk into a place and be 68 years old, and twenty minutes later be about 17 again! Pretty special. (Teddie Jordan)

What a GREAT reunion!  It was great seeing all  who were able to attend.  Missed those who were not able  to come.  Kudos to all  who planned and helped make it such a great success!!! (Gloria Hornick)

What a great reunion at The Woodlands Resort.  I agree that the clock turned back and we were all again those seniors of 1964!  I want to thank the committee for all the work and preparation that concluded in a terrific event from the cocktail time on Friday night through the fancy dinner and dance on Saturday night.  There aren't enough superlatives to properly describe the overall flavor of the weekend.  I, for one, enjoyed it beyond measure.  It was great to see so many people and become reacquainted again.  It was terrific that Barbara and Henny could make it and join in on the fun.   Thanks again everyone and I hope to stay in touch with many of you now that we've rediscovered one another. (Pat Williamson)

Thank you, to all of those on the reunion committee, for an absolutely AWESOME reunion.  The entire weekend was wonderful.  Loved The Woodlands Resort.  It was so nice not having to drive to the events. It was so good to reconnect with friends that I had lost contact with.  The love that I felt in that room was something that I will carry with me for the rest of my days. I can't thank you all enough. I hope all had safe travels home.  Love to all. Prayers and Blessings! (Jimmie Sue Roach)

As I was driving home from Katy yesterday the song that kept going through my head was "Oh What a Night!!!!"  I think that about sums up our wonderful reunion!  What a great evening!  Friday evening was so much fun, too, just relaxing and catching up with classmates, some I hadn't seen since graduation.  It was like we just picked up where we left off!  Memories, memories, memories!  So much laughter and so many hugs!  We are still looking GOOD!!  Most of all, we are a close knit group and we will stay that way! (Susan Howard)

Jimmie Sue...you are a delight...thank you for coming to the reunion. I havent seen you since, well 50 years!  Plus we have you to thank for planting the seed of the website, you and Jimmie Lee, and then of course Jackie ran with  the ball, and the rest as they say is history..... Susan, you too, such a gentle soul...Marcie English, Been 50 years,  I so enjoyed seeing you and everyone....Jenny Taylor, always the heart of the crowd...Judy Nelson, Barbara, Jackie, Lynn, Betty Sherman, Sandi S., Henny Banning, Gloria Hornick, Bob and Sharon, soon to be their neighbors at Chappell Hill, Johnny and Becky....there's just not enough time at a reunion to get to talk to everyone.  Talked to some folks 2 and 3 times...Kept running into Dennis Dorsey, and we just couldnt say enough to each other....If anyone missed talking to Dennis, you missed out for sure!   What a kind and gentle soul he is...a fine man, a fine human being...proud to call him my classmate and friend...proud to call all yall my classmates and friends!   As Susan said, we have a special classcloseness....I guess just in the right place at the right time...

 My very best friend for life, Robbie Boswell, The ever handsome and fine lads,  Larry York, Jimmy Hilsher, Allan Gieser, Bob Cocheron, Scotty and Lola, Teddy Jordan and Fran, Linda Webster,  Wayne Lake, Gary Jordan, Dennis Hansel, I always enjoy talking to all the aforementioned....MIKE DRAGICS...I havent seen Mike since high school...still has his own hair...Jim Taylor, Ken Oliver, Gary Moseley, Tony Maddox, Tom Gann, Larry and Glenda Smith...I sometimes see all the aforementioned at Fudds...but whenever, I am just delighted when I do see them.  Charles Dent from Omaha, Greg Smith, from Ohio, Navy Captain Smith...folks you dont get to be a Navy Captain by chance..Lynn Pruit, Terry Scheffer, plus all the wives of the aforementioned. Ive missed naming some, for sure, and for that, you have my sincere apologies!  My pea brain is on overload!   (Beau Wann)

I just wanted to add in my thanks to all of the reunion committe who did such a spectacular job setting up the class of 64 for a wonderful reunion weekend!  I know that you all put in so much time and energy getting everything accomplished and I know I speak for everyone in saying you are truly appreciated!  We are all so fortunate to have graduated with such dedicated folks! (Ronna Brand)

I would also like to chime in here and says thanks again to the reunion committee for putting the whole thing together. Good venue; the ballroom was just about the right size for our group, good turnout – kudos to all, good band, good food and from the remarks I’ve read, a good time was had by all. I’m not going to try to recount all that I spoke with but will agree with Beau that Dennis Dorsey may have been the most interesting man in the room……I wonder if he drinks dos XXs beer?

Talking with Larry York after all those years, it’s like nothing has changed in the last 50 or so.

I enjoyed it so much, when driving to Aransas Sunday morning thinking about the night before, grinning to myself about my old friends, I got a speeding ticket!

Reminds me of a line from a Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers song: “you can’t make old friends” and that’s a fact Jack! (Wayne Lake)

Wow, going back to see the pics our "Fabulous Jackie" took of "THE REUNION" is so heart warming. First, I want to thank all who called, texted, and sent cards to me after my fall and surgery.  It certainly gave to me the determination to get up and make sure I was going to be at the Reunion...one way or the other.  

I had no idea Jackie was sending out messages about my fall..Thanks, Jackie for all that you did for me.  Secondly, "THE REUNION" was the best ever.  Friday night being able to see and talk with each person and just catch up, was as if there had been no time lapse at all.  As so many have said, the Class of '64 is so very special, and we are. Thanks to all for the love and concerns said to me about the fall both nights. We haven't lost being cool. 

Yes, we on the Reunion Committee were so pleased  that the events were over whelmingly appreciated and enjoyed. Don't let time fly.  Keep up on line or come to Fudd's when you can or you are in the area. It's the second Tuesday of the month, unless notified other wise.   Hugs, (Barbara Porter Raines)

My apologies for taking so long in posting my Thank You to all who helped make this Reunion a special time.  I am on Reunion Overload, I cannot believe it is over, I didn’t get a chance to visit with everyone.   

What an AWESOME weekend for the best reunion ever, everything was perfect including the weather. I do not have sufficient words to explain how grateful the reunion committee (or The Crew as our Event planner called us) is for your kind words.  The past two and a half years was truly a labor of love by everyone on the committee.  Thank you Waltrip Class of ’64, Class of Champions, and spouses for your attendance and support to help make the reunion a success.  Without you and your continued support the committee could not do what we do.

Reading  the comments and looking at the fantastic pictures brought tears to my eyes while many fond memories flooded through my mind. I will say it again, we are blessed to have so many classmates who have continued this life long journey, some of us since first grade and before.  Thank you God for allowing us to grow in a time that was safe and for so many lifelong friends.  God Bless, (Lynn Wren Burkhardt)

(Just a little tip - if you want any of these pictures, just place cursor over picture, right click

mouse and then select "Save Image As" and it will download to your computer.)

Friday Afternoon, October 17 in Lynn and Charlie's Suite at Woodlands

Serious look getting my camera ready!

Barbara Porter and Donna Moss talking it over!

Donna Moss and Jimmie Lee Smith - lots to discuss!

Susan Howard and Johnny Sheffield -- Johnny's not talking he's ready to party!

View from our rooms

We had many quack-quack guests

And more!

Very friendly and I wonder why --- Barbara was feeding potato chips to them!

Friday evening, October 17

Bistro Bar at Woodlands Resort

On our way to Bistro Bar - Lynn Wren, Me and Barbara Porter

Along the walkover at hotel

No mistake the Rams were here at the Bistro!!  Thanks Tom for your idea and coordinating with Skeeter Apostolo who made our Ram signs!  BIG BIG BIG THANKS to both of you.  Outstanding!!!

Allen Weinstein, Linda and Greg Smith

Susan Howard, Beverly Hengst, Johnny Sheffield and Jim Allen, Beverly's husband

Johnny is finally partying!

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and his wife, Michele

Chuck Dent and his wife, Annelle

Jimmy Hilsher '65, Betty McKirahan '65 and Charlie Burkhardt (Lynn Wren's husband)

Lynn Wren and Linda Webster '65

Ronna Brand, John Roffall and Linda Bolton (Roffall)

Troy Holiman

Jimmie Lee Smith, Susan Howard and Pat Williamson

(sorry for the blurry pic)

Scotty Croom and Pat Williamson

Jimmie Sue Roach and Mary Vaughan

Tony Maddox, Betty McKirahan '65 and Tom Gann

Diane Feuer, Jenny Taylor and Diane Vandel

Diane Cunningham '72 (Wann), BroBeau Wann and Gloria Hornick

Troy Holiman and Charles Ereckson

Fran Webster, Linda Bradley and Sharon Drapela

Robbie Boswell and Barbara Porter

Richard Meek '65 and Paige Talley

Lyn and Terry Scheffer, Beverly Hengst and husband, Jim Allen

Richard and Hedy Kennedy

Bradley Seals and Gloria Hornick

Wayne Lake, Larry York and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Alan Clark and Linda Martin (Clark)

Johnny Sheffield, Wendy Sherrill, Alan Clark, Linda Martin,

Jenny Taylor and Judy Nelson

Me, Johnny Sheffield and Wendy Sherrill

Sandi Schlesinger and Tonda Thiessen

Louis Klare and Bill Groberg

Barbara Porter and Terry Scheffer

Wendy Sherrill and Brian Copeland

Mike and Carolyn Dragics

Louis Klare, Bill Groberg and Johnny Sheffield

Brian Copeland and Me

Linda Bolton and husband, John Roffall, and Teddie Jordan

Johnny Rolater, me and Allen Geiser


Pat Williamson, Johnny Rolater and Ronna Brand

Wendy Sherrill, Allen Weinstein, Gary Moseley and Gloria Hornick

Susan Howard, Johnny and Becky Sheffield

Bill Groberg, Don Ellisor and me

Linda Martin and Tonda Thiessen

Jeannie Vickery and Don Ellisor

Tony Maddox, Donna Moss, and a friendly guy in the bar!

Me, Tony Maddox, Donna Moss and Susan Howard

Annelle and Chuck Dent and Sandi Schlesinger

Annelle and Chuck Dent

Linda Bradley, Louis Klare and Sharon Brenner

Lots to chat about after 50 years!

Gary and Sarrah Moseley

More laughs!

Sandi Schlesinger and Teddie Jordan

Cheers!!!  Johnny Sheffield and me at end of the evening, lunch was getting a little thin and I took a break from taking photos!

More chatting! Sandra Mabry, Diane Cunningham '72 and Lola Croom

Sandra Mabry came with Jimmie Sue Roach

Mickey Jeane Roesler and Jimmie Sue Roach

Llynn Roff, Terry Scheffer and Lynn Wren

Becky Sheffield, Llynn Roff and Lynn Wren

Becky Sheffield, Charlie Burkhardt, Terry and Lyn Scheffer, Llynn Roff, Lynn Wren and Me

Saying "Goodnight" until our big Reunion tomorrow!

Saturday Morning, October 18, 2014

Getting Ballroom Ready

Got signs and posters up!  More to do --

Okay, I'm looking, digging and displaying on my knees!

Judy Nelson and Wendy Sherrill helping out!

Jimmie Lee Smith helping, too!



Judy Nelson, Wendy Sherrill and Jimmie Lee Smith

Almost ready - chairs need black covering!

Registration Table almost ready


Saturday Evening, October 18, 2014

50th Class Reunion

Woodlands Ballrooms I & II

Beautful Woodlands - View on patio opposite ballroom

We're here!!!  Let the fun begin!

Registration table

 Waltrip Rams have arrived!

Wonderful Waltrip years!



More good memories!

Many More Memories

Imperial Guard Memories - Ah, the ripple!  Girls, how many times did we do the ripple during practice and games! We must all have strong necks and arms now. Oh, and strong ankles --- roll those ankles!


More Imperial Guard memories with Miss Lee's (Mrs. Cole) note, letter and pictures and our letter back to her to sign.  We are sorry she couldn't come, but she was thinking of us.

 Albums and more albums

Yummy Waltrip cake

Connie and Ken Olivier

Jan and Jim Taylor

Pat Wilcox '65 and Lynn Prewit

The Glitzyous Couple there!!!  Gorgeous Lyn and Terry Scheffer

Robbie Boswell, Barbara Porter and Sheila Gibert

Robbie Boswell, Barbara Porter, Sheila Gibert, Me and Susan Howard

Same group -----

Lynn Prewit and Pat Wilcox '65 (Prewit), Barbara Porter, Sheila Gibert, me and Susan Howard

Meredith and Dennis Hansel

Kay Kepler and her husband, Tucker Bonner

Donna Moss and Louis Klare

Jimmie Lee Smith and Wendy Sherrill

Tom Gann and Johnny Sheffield, background, Ricky Strickland

Me and Tom

Me and Tom again!

Robert and Kay Derrick and Tony Maddox

Robert Derrick, Leroy Gregg and Dennis Hansel

Carole Gunter and her husband, Pat Jenkins

Larry Smith and Glenda McDonald

Me and my very best girlfriend forever, Glenda McDonald

Pat and John Goyen and Tom Gann

Linda Bolton and her husband, John Roffall

Linda Maddox and Betty Sherman

Sharon Allen and her special guy, Robert Hoppens

Sandra Baxter and her husband, Robert Marshall

Hedy and Richard Kennedy

Lanelle Elgin and her daughter, Cara Sowers

Mike and Carolyn Dragics

Becky and Johnny Sheffield

Jim Allen and Bevery Hengst (Allen)

Bradley Seals and Jim Taylor

Sarrah and Gary Moseley

Skip and Charlann Bresk

Me, Frank Lynn and Wayne Lake

Allen Geiser and Betty McKirahan '65

Jane Jester and her husband, Steve Marmion

Leon "Skeeter" Apostolo and Robbie Boswell

Henny Banning and her special guy, Roric Harrison

Carol Thamer '65 and Mary Senske '65

Kathy Anderson and her sister, Dayle Anderson

Patty Payne and her husband, George Nami

Bill Groberg and his wife, Paula Gore '66

Butch Ginder and Susan Howard (Rose)

Michele and Jimmy Hilsher '65

L.G. Clinton and Carol Shapiro

The Girls!

Diane Vandel, Mary Vaughan, Linda Bradley, Sharon Brenner and Diane Feuer

Teddie Jordan and Fran Webster

Me, Charlie Burkhardt and Fran Webster

Fran Webster, Teddie Jordan, Me, Charlie Burkhardt and Linda Webster

Looking good on the dance floor!

More dancing

Band is playing hard!

 Dennis Hansel, Lynn Prewit and Gary Jorden '65

Glenn Smith '65, Judy Pike and Jane Jester

Me and Judy Pike

Judy Pike, Jenny Taylor and Lynn Wren

Llynn Roff and Lynn Wren

Susan Howard and Tom Gann

Shirley Ellisor, Hedy Kennedy and Paula Gore '66 (Groberg)

Bill Groberg and Richard Kennedy

Robbie Boswell and Lynell Carapezza

 Leroy Gregg

Helen Clifton and Tom Gann

Sweet Johnny Sheffield!

Lynell Carapezza, Jane Rhoads and her husband, Truman Spring

Me, Mike and Carolyn Dragics

Marcie English, Diane Cunningham '72 and Beau Wann

Our great Graduating Class picture - compliments of Skeeter Apostolo. Many thanks, Skeeter, we have all enjoyed!

Pat Edwards, Ellen Clifton and Helen Clifton

Duane Cain and Ellen Clifton (Cain)

Robbie Boswell, Barbara Porter and Sheila Gibert

Still going strong on the dance floor!

Sarrah Moseley, Linda Webster '65, Sandra Baxter and her husband, Robert Marshall

Ellen Clifton, Sheila Gibert and Jimmie Sue Roach

Glenda McDonald and Larry Smith

Larry Smith, me, Allen Geiser and Glenda Smith

(blurry but good)

Wendy Sherrill, Becky Sheffield and Glenda McDonald

Barbara Porter and Betty Scheidemantel

Jimmie Lee Smith and Tom Gann

Ann Harriet Lesikar '63 and her husband, David Chastan

Sandi Schlesinger, Tonda Thiessen and Helen Clifton

Okay the evening is getting crazy -- Larry Smith and me -- Glenda, it's not my fault!!

It's getting crazier, and Tony is loving it!

And even crazier!!  Pat Edwards, Tony Maddox and Jenny Taylor

Okay Girls, let him up for air!

Hey, ya'll didn't have to leave!

And Mr. Moseley is enjoying it -- top hat and all!

Okay, Sarrah has him undercontrol!

Bonnie and Bruno Leonardt

Bradley Seals, Ron and Jackie Caulkins

Leon "Skeeter" and Theresa Apostolo

(sorry flash didn't take)

Pat Edwards and Diane Vandel

Mary Vaughan, Barbara Porter, Robert Derrick, Jimmie Lee Smith and Johnny Sheffield

Mary Vaughan and Jimmie Lee Smith (Thanks Mary for pic)

Helen Clifton, Judy Nelson, Jimmie Lee Smith, Susan Howard and Tonda Thiessen

Sandi Schlesinger, Johnny Sheffield and Diane Feuer

Alan Clark and Linda Martin (Clark)

Marilynn Wolfe and Gary Jorden '65

Brian Copeland and Larry York -- now where are we?

Skeeter Apostolo  and Brian Copeland

Background - Linda and Greg Smith and Llynn Roff

Jenny Taylor, Susan Howard and Pat Edwards

Lynn Prewit, Teddie Jordan, Scotty Croom and Dennis Dorsey (Thanks Teddie for pic)

Sharon Brenner, Diane Vandel, Pat Edwards and Mary Vaughan (Thanks Mary for pic)

Sharon Brenner and Linda Bradley (Thanks Mary for pic)

Still a dancin' Johnny and Becky Sheffield, background Lyn Wren and Charlie Burkhardt

 Tom Gann and Jimmie Lee Smith

Ellen Clifton and her husband, Duane

Ricky and Janet Strickland

And Ricky's ready to swing!

And our Glitzyous couple are leaving the ball!

Barbara Porter, Johnny Sheffield, me, Lynn Wren and Tom Gann

And we're sad it's over ---

Okay I may be laughing on the outside, but I'm crying on the inside --- until next reunion 2019!!


Larry York's pictures!!

Thanks Larry, you got a lot of great pictures I missed!

Lynn Prewit, Sharon Allen and Larry York

Michele and Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Pat Edwards

Jenny Taylor

Funny Girls!!!! Jenny Taylor and Carol Thamer '65

Tony Maddox and Debbie York

Wayne Lake and Llynn Roff

Funnier girls!!  Carol Thamer '65 and Mary Senske '65

Debbie York and Michele Hilsher

Michele and Jimmy Hilsher '65

(Frankie Cannon - background on left)

Pat Edwards and Jenny Taylor

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Pat Edwards

Lynn Prewit

Meredith and Dennis Hansel

Skeeter Apostolo, Bob Crocheron and Beau Wann

Janet and Ricky Strickland


Janet and Ricky Strickland


Diane Cunningham '72 and Scotty Croom

Butch Ginder

Allen Weinstein and Fran Webster

(Kathy Anderson and her sister, Dayle in background)

Charlann Bresk

Bruno Leonardt, Teddie Jordan and Frank Lynn

Skeeter Apostolo, Bruno Leonardt, Teddie Jordan and Frank Lynn

Gary Moseley, Skip and Charlann Bresk

Sarrah and Gary Moseley

Dennis Dorsey and Skeeter Apostolo

Greg and Linda Smith

(Ron Caulkins and Bradley Seals in background)

Linda Maddox and Tom Gann

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Wayne Lake

Lynn Prewit, Wayne Lake, Larry York and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Everyone enjoying!

Tonda Thiessen and Leroy Gregg

Diane Feuer and Brian Copeland

Selfies ---- Tonda Thiessen and Wayne Lake

Gary Moseley and Skeeter Apostolo

Wayne Lake, Brian Copeland and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Diane Feuer and Skeeter Apostolo

Mike and Carolyn Dragics

Carole Gunter, Diane Feuer and Jenny Taylor

Judy Nelson, Jenny Taylor and Pat Williamson

Judy Nelson, Jenny Taylor and Pat Williamson

Lynn Roff, Tonda Thiessen and Brian Copeland

Llynn Roff, Tonda Thiessen and Brian Copeland

Pat Williamson, Jimmie Lee Smith and Judy Nelson

Lynn Wren and Skeeter Apostolo

Helen Clifton, Judy Nelson, Jimmie Lee Smith, Susan Howard and Tonda Thiessen

Me, Johnny Sheffield, and Helen Clifton

Skeeter and Theresa Apostolo

Diane Vandel, Brian Copeland and Jenny Taylor -- girls gone wild!

Jimmy Hilsher '65, Beau Wann and Robbie Boswell

Pat Edwards and Diane Vandel

Pat Edwards and Diane Vandel

New pictures from Richard Kennedy posted 7-16-15- thanks!

Bill Groberg, Tony Maddox and Richard Kennedy

Paula and Bill Groberg


Larry Smith and Glenda McDonald

Allen Geiser and Betty McKirahan '65

Don and Shirley Ellisor

Don and Shirley Ellisor

Larry Smith

Paula and Bill Groberg

Sunday Morning at Woodlands, October 19

I couldn't resist this picture of Jimmie Lee Smith at Woodlands breakfast buffet Sunday morning and she loves her whipcream!

Until next reunion!