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05/01/21 12:18 PM #10448    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Beau, I feed the deer and other critters.  It is illegal as I am in the city limits.  No one sees them because they come through a gate and eat on the patio.  They do make a mess spilling feed and tracking mud, but I love  most of them.  My grandson installed a camera so I could watch them.  I have 4-5 doe or does, 2 bucks (not as often), 3 giant raccoons, and occasionally one of the neighborhood red foxes.  I also have spotted a possum and a skunk once.  I have two bowls of fresh water and the raccoons stand in them!  I put deer chow in one bucket and deer corn in the other.  Someone told me deer corn is bad for them because it's just empty carbs.  Deer act like they want that stuff first.   My younger daughter lived in an apartment across from Vargo's Restsurant in Houston.  They had peacocks.  She would sit on her balcony and call me.  Those peacocks would scream and I would always think it was a baby in distress.  Maybe it was a mating call.  Good luck with your herd, Beau.  I got in the business of feeding deer because a wounded doe came up from the ravine looking for water and a place to rest.  She had been hit by a car I think.  Her wounds are healed now.  She has a few scars but is putting on some weight.  Ron had not participated in my adventure until the polar vortex hit.  Then he was outside getting the water bowls inside and unfrozen so he could put fresh water in them.  My daughter and I are flying out to San Jose to drive my grandson's car back here.  He and his wife have bought a home in South Austin.  He is working remotely for Google until September and she works remotely for Lamm Enginering so they can live anywhere.  His boss is trying to get him transferred to Austin officially.  He will get another job in Austin if it doesn't happen.  Her company is willing to let her work remotely for as long as she wants.  Baby may change her mind about working, but company is trying to make it easy to stay.  Really different world now.  Even George Jetson had to fly to work.

05/02/21 08:11 AM #10449    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)

Just FYI - I'm assuming that the times posted for Charles Erekson's Celebration of Life service are Pacific Daylight Time, so it would be 4:00pm Central time

05/04/21 12:23 AM #10450    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey Pat, deer like sunflower seeds, and apples.  got a bunch of sunflowers down at the creek, plus it comes in the bird seed bags, and you can also buy sunflower seeds, which I'm sure youre aware of.   I also buy soybeans, it's good protein for the deer,  Tey also love apples and pecans,  I draw the line at giving them pecans, I love em too. and there's pecan trees all over the county.

     I do buy them apples.   Krogers sells "about to go bad" fruit, apples and oranges etc.  they"re abpit a dollar a bag, and if tey sont have any apples "about to go bad". then I just buy some really good apples.   I keep them in the bottom of the Kelvenator till I can smell em gettin riper, then I cut em up and haul em down to the creek. I hear tell that peacocks like fruit....Guess I'm destineds to feed all the critters in the county/

     I also plant "deer plots", rye and austrian winter peas, and more sunflowers.  Put dog and cat food down at the creek for the foxes, coons, possums, bobcats and for any stray dog or kitty cat that's down on their luck.  and the odd duck or two or three.

     I had, on one occasion, the opportunity to install a phone line in Vargos,  I didnt know they had peacocks till one of em SCREECHED at me.   Vargos had and outer wall in the front of the restaurant, and a an opeing without a door.  I parked my truck out front, got out and put my tool belt on, lots of screwdribers and the like in the pouch, and my portalble phone on the other side ote the belf.   As I was wakking through the oouter door, I didnt see one of those pretty boys setting on top of the opening.  

     Wjem I walked through the door, that ol boy let out a SCREECH that would curl a bald mans hair. Wjen I heard what I thought was the end of the whirld, signafied by a horribble SCREECH,  i whirled around ready to meet my maker or whup the SCREECER, which ever came first, and as I twirled around, all the tools in my pouch wound up all over Vargos parking lot and courtyard much to the amuscment of folks standing around watching the show..

     Took me a while to replace the tools that I lost at Vargos.   You dont know what youre missing till you reash for it and it's not there.  One of a dozen "amimal vs phoneman" stories I could tell, but it's getting late and I'm tired, Had a long day down at MDA today/.

Head surgeron said no sing of the tumors, coming back, but there is swelling of the brain and the fatigue that Was supppse to be over by now.  Plus they found two white spotts on the center of the brain, one on eash side.  They sounded puzzlesd, but said it is more like the sign for  a vitamin B1 defeciny which expainse the no let up on the fatigue department Toing to start on a round of steroids tomorrow, and If thangs hasnt chandes by thrisday, then they have to postpone my chemo which was suppose to start next Monday.. My pills will cost  7000 dollars a month.   not toow bad .  

     Jackie said her chemo meds cost her 35,000 a treatment and her insurance wouldnt pay for it.  I dearly miss Jackie,  so very much....never heard her complain about anything, not her cancer, or anthing.  Sometimes she would call me or email me and tell me how much she laughed at one of my idiot stories,  She didnt say "idiot"  I did/   I tried to come up with all the funny stories I lived through just to please her, would have done .anything for Jackie.     What a beautiful lady she was and will all ways bee in my menory.   

    my typing is getting worse, so I think I'll head to bed.  Little Miss is calling for me, and If I dont heed her calls, shell come sit on the keyboard so I cant type, bless her/  

     Keep the sun at your six, adn "ride boldy ride..."

Your forever frien and resident critter wisperer,  Cehphurs R the Waco Kid esq

Post script:  When "BLAZING SADDELS "(WHY can I not spell saddels? man this is so frustracing)  came out, everone , my coworkers and the like thought I lookes just like Gene Wilder, aka "The waco kid" I wasnt sure if that was a good thing or not,  so back then folks calles me Waco, or mabe it was wacko. anyway, not to matter, I answer to most anything,  Waco, wacko,  I believe he was one of the 7 drawfs.

05/04/21 01:28 AM #10451    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     hey Wayne, thanks for the goodd vibes, hope you catch your limit in whater your ar e finshing for.   If i'ts ok with all the folks,  we can have another party on the hill.   plenty of room to spreasd out, and keep the reqired distant from one and other and people can bring their own food and drinks if they wants.    we will have food and drinks here  exect  no cover charge, the party is on us, but is folks want to bring thrire own, t en that's good. 

       I sure wouls like to see folks before it's too late , The powers that be, have not convinedds me c that I have a lot of time left. espescially when use words like "extrodinaery" and "' we've never seend this happean befow", and the people are just TOO nice.  Never been treated so kind befoew, like maybe it's my last day on oith. im not afeared or anything, but I will be giving up a life I've known for three quarters of a centery for a life unimaginale.     We  have a  plethora of masks and hand sanitizer.  Cant promise any critters will come eat out of yori hands, cept the dogs, as long as it's meats, but no onions.   onions are death on dogs and most anuy critters, Gives them a blood disordeer and not recovery. so we dont cook meat and oniipms tpgetjere. 

05/04/21 01:21 PM #10452    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)

During the Celebration of Life for Charles Erekson, his daughter explained his life lessons and I just wanted to share them with y'all. 


May be an image of text

05/05/21 07:53 AM #10453    


Mary Weidner (Williams)

Thank you Jimmie Lee. I love this. 

05/08/21 11:50 PM #10454    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     It's me again Margaret !   Benn trying to get on here for last week or so, by the time nites come around, I'm too exhausted.   I keep having to correct wprlds, (like the last one)  sure gets tedious.   

     Having a hard time trying to find the correct balance between doing too much  or just right amount, and the right amount of rest.   Pert near impossible for me.  there's just so much to be done.

    Stopped riding my motorcycle last year due to the brain trouble,  have a Jeep that is open and windy and fun to drive, unteel now.   Spent a bunch to get a new carberator and other things fixed,   Tride to take it out one day this week, and lo and bhold,  coudnt get it in gear,  strandard trans 5 speed.  So now the clutch will probably have to be worked or , or replaceed, if they can even find parts.  They had a heck of a time tring to find a carburator to it.  Cant do the work myself, becasue my hands feel like they belong to someone else.   Motor skills gone..

    All I wanted to have a little fun, and my MC fit the bill,  That taken away, the Jeep was the next best thing.  now dont even htave that.  But I do get to WORK WORK WORK probably till I'll dead, and at this pint,  coudnt come soon enoth.   Just aboslit;eu  overrought bein sich and tired of being sick and tired. . 

   cant type, cant spell, cant read, cant write, bareley talk.  Cant hear or see. I mean, what the hell is the point  I dont seem to be getting any batter, and it's been almost 6 month, and monday I'll begin chemo, oh joy. Hard to get dressed and undressed anymore, 

  Sorry, for the pity party,  It just get to me, having to struggle all day everyday,  to do the things I took for granted, not really looking forward to any fun at all,  are anything at all..

    I know, give it to God !!!! I did that 6 months ago,   God must really be dispeased with me, because I havent heard from him since then..  Maybe he's tried, but my line is busy, I dont know, but I do know that I'm very tired.   Now one of my only joys id my kittly sleeping in my arns,  wonder when that will be taking away. 

     I really wanted to give the Chappell Hill spring report,  got sad and mad got to better of me.   Saw our first Hummingboid of the season last Thursday.   The ones that dont migrate to mexico shoud had been out by now, except for the polar vortex, 5 degrees and a snow sotrm.   Haveing seen any of the ones that migrate yet.  Diane has about 6 ir 9 feeders out for the delicate little things. 

     The bees have been suppin at the feeders in absents of the HBirds.   Our red fox family, just mon and dad have been cavorting and playing tag on the hill in the east pasture doen by the creek.   Hawks have been courting one another.   Saw mama and Daddy cardinal teaching junior to fly and cacth bugs.    The blue bird family have not emercge with their oppspring as of yet.

    Most all the roses and plants the we thought the freeze killed, are coming back, so hold off on cutting back and cutting down and digging up.   Here is a plant I thought would still be here till the year 9595,  the sasquasth, (ouisacth) if that is how you spell it.  Those trees are prehistoric, miles and miles of root system.  They shoudh be in bloom by now, nary a flarw or leaf hath reares lovety self

     The Chappell Hill Garden Club is suppose to meet here this wendesday.  Sort of looking forward to that,  get to see new prople.  Diane likes being the the GC.   I encouge here to go on the feeld trips and to do anything she cant to get away from me and this never ending work pit.   She pretty much has to help me to many things I can no longer do, plus take of the house and the dogs. 

     Shell get a break in me middle of june to attend a conferevner for her Bet Eta teachers organization, she's the president of here chapter.   Then she gets to go again in July for a few days.   I encourge her to  go any and eveywhere to take a break from being my caregiver and house maid and outdoor yard crew.   Nary a complaint from her.   If she would go, and had someone to go with,  I like to send her on a cruice for a couole weeks, or however long a cruice lasted.

     Ok, best get ready to retired or the eving..Diane will have to help me get reasy dfor sleep that wont come.   

     Sorry for the pittly party, but I'm just trying to stay sane.  If I get it out, than it sounds worse than it is, or maybe it's worse than it sounds. 

       And Here's the real kicker,  our unofficial official grandughter Lucy,  Had a misscarege in her 10th week. They had to operate and take the baby, no heart beat, could have lost both mom to be and Bady. I wory about her phisical and mental state afer such a traumatic event.  Docs said the shoud be phiciallly soung in 6 month.   She is welll looked afer,  married a doctor, plus she works at the same hospital.

      I know this post is a real bummer, so my apologies in advance, but just had to vent.  I try not to vent to Diane because she has her hands full, althouht sometimes I get mad and throw things, not her, but she shoudnt have to witniss that infantile behavior. Who know, maybe I'll gett better, sure do hope so.

     Keep the sun and your six and "ride boldy ride..."

Your frien and reident complainer griper,  Cehpus R Tired esq   .


05/09/21 09:48 AM #10455    


Sharon Allen (Richardson)

Happy Mpthers Day to all my lady classmates and wives of the guys. How we can get together soon 

05/09/21 10:21 AM #10456    


Mary Weidner (Williams)

Prayers and good vibes for you Beau! I love reading your posts! Life does seem to get harder the older we are. You are not in this boat alone. We have had to give up certain things we use to do by ourselves and we have to learn new ways! Some seem to have it worse than others. Let's ask why when we see our Maker! I guess the answer is to be patient with ourselves! Also enjoy the things we can enjoy and let go of the rest! So glad you get such comfort from your animals! They do give unconditional love! 
Thinking of you as you start chemo. I hope you can consentrate on having another gathering at your place. I would love to come and see what you write about. I am helping a Chinese friend of mine write her story. What a story it is. She grew up living in a cave in frigid temperatures with never enough to eat! 
We need to all thank God for our blessings. There is always someone that has it worse than we have. 😘


05/09/21 12:37 PM #10457    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thank you Mary.   A late at noght post sure is different from any other time of day eh!

Got so many to things to be thankful for, sometimes life just overwhelmes a body, especislly at midnight thirty. 

Got a crop report:   one peach trree hast about 50 peaches on it, and the other, maybe one.  Trees been in the ground bout 5 or 6 years.   Seems like that all the plants, or most of them, needed a little kick in the bark to spur growth, like the polar vortex of smow and 5 degrees.   our roses has gone bananas, or roses.   Got a peggy martin rose that is just gorsious. Thousands of pink bllooms, nay, millions.   I

     I've renamed it "Coopers Delight" because it is such a delight to behold, as was Cooper.  Cant help smiling at the roses, same way with Cooper.  Anyone that spied that ol boy was just delighted, as was Cooper.   

     Saw another Hummingkboid to day.  Tried to take it's picture so I could tell which species it was,   I'm too slow with the camera nowadays.   Always fancy myself as a topnotched amature photograhper,   looking back,,  I was barly anywheres close to a bad novice.

     Got another rose called a "drift rose".   It is a ground cover rose, and it is just going nuts.   Where ever the branches touch ground, it takes root.   They are small red blooms, but billions of them.   Thought the polar vortex killed our "lady banks" rose, but it's come back.  It is an antique rose, and only blooms about 2 weeks a year, but has no thorns.   Got to try to think of a "rose soup" or somthing, because we cant get any veggies to grow, just roses.

    Didnt put in a vegie garden this year, havent been able to get any veggies to grow in 6 or 7 years.  Only tomatos that produced anything thing, were the "sweet 100s".  Those are good for working in the gargen and having a snack whilst you work.   Planted more of those this year.  Also some "early girls" and a new one that Diane found, "creole".  Well, we will see what we will see.

     About that party on the hill,  We would love to have another one this year.   And it doesnt have to be a "Waltrip sanctioned" party,  it can be just a party,  a get together of old souls.   We will host it and cater it. so no one need to pay anything, but if foks would feel about about bringing thier own food and dringks than that's good too.   Lots of parking,  got new red clay and gravel for the mainest road, pot holes are gone.

    STill got the ball field,  just the backstop and home plate.  There's a "Burr Oak" planted past 2nd base in center firld, pluse a shooting range back stop bout 3rd base.  Gives a new meanting to being picke off at third or home plate.    We dont allow no stealing up here.

     Ok, lets have a show of hands for all those that want to have a party on the hill this year!    This may be the last time we will ever get together, those that want to.   It will so relaxxed,  WE will have masks and hand sanitizer, (diane and I have had our shots.  So if you can stand to look at me, and listene to me try to talk, than, come on down, or up.

    Ok, tome to deplaine the lame plane and get in the game.

Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident person,  Cephus R here esq

05/09/21 05:23 PM #10458    


Lloyd Pond

It's May,it's May! So many celebrations in the month. May Day, May Fetes, Mothers Day, Proms, Graduations fill our calendars. Don't forget to add Star Wars Day, May the Forth Be With You! My granddaughter went to her Prom. They held it outside so everyone could social distance and wear bejweled masks.So even after a year of separations there were not many opportunities to hug or even talk. What a crazy year. So proud of her, she got accepted to a great university. She had a growth spurt these last two years and must be close to six feet tall!

I know I shared a little about our Prom before, but, I do not believe that I have shared my Graduation All Night crazy adventure. Maybe I will try to put the escapade into words and post it later this month. Do you have a Graduation memory? Or a Senior year time to share? Words of wisdom from a favorite teacher?


Mothers Day brings up all those Angels who guided our lives. I was lucky to have a wonderful Mom, but I felt like so many of our classmates Mothers were also just like my Mother. What a blessing. 

After our Co Vid year, I, for one, would like to see you at Beau's this summer.

05/09/21 07:55 PM #10459    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus, TJ here. Venting is good for the body and the mind. We all have to do it. It's like our body's vent to the real world. Keep doing what they prescribe at MDA , they are absolutely the best. I spent two years worth of days out there with my old friend Nicky, who I had encouraged to come after a year of wasting is time and money in East Texas, paying 5000 for an injection that didn't move the needle on his white blood cell count!  

05/09/21 08:30 PM #10460    


Teddie Jordan

Lloyd, old friend, I for one would love to hear your graduation Prom night adventure!! 

05/09/21 08:37 PM #10461    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Afterreading your post Beau, I know whats wrong with you, Beau.  The fact you can't take care of your loved ones, I am so sorry for Lucy, thats hard losing a baby, and I know it truly hurts you.  Happy Mother's Day, Diane, you are a blessing, 

Sunny days will be here again, keep the faith and endure the therapy and chemo Beau.  The birds will chirp again, the animals will always be in your care, we'll be sweating again soon.


05/09/21 08:44 PM #10462    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Party, party? Did I hear about a party on Chappel Hill?  Definately !

05/09/21 10:26 PM #10463    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

ok, a little about bad graduation nights... I had been running around wirh '65  my friend Pat Sirvello, and TJ sirvello , with his fraternity, and met what's his name, mouth watering fraternity guy, invited him to my graduation, big college hunk, because my guy was in the Air Force....wound up in swimming in champagne in the car , haven't gotten over that yet for my graduation moment.


05/09/21 11:08 PM #10464    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thanks for your patience, kindness and understanding. it gets a  little tense

around here when I try to do the things I did when I was 5. and fail. Buttons and zippers are no longer my friends.  It's a major victory when I can put my socks and shose on by myself, and match all the button holes on my shirts with the right button.

     Probably gonna put this place up for sale now that taking care of it will be next to impossible. maybe sometime later this year or begining next year. It will be hard for Diane to give it up, but not for me.  I'd kind of like to take it easy in my waning condition.   

     talked to my grandaughter Lucy tomight, she's haveing a hard time ajesting to the the trauma of losing her baby especially being mothers day.   The docs also found a few other problems that need to be corrected. 

     Wish we could go up there, Diane can, but I counldnt stand the trip no matere wat the transportation wass.  dont fly anymore, and I'm forbiden to fly because of my brain surgery.

       I wanted to go in today Htown to visit with folks, but the 1 hour drive one way is just too much.   I would have wanted to go back home, so I didnt go.   Gets kind of lonsome yp here by myself, and everybody in and having a party.

      Speaking of prom night, I cant for the life of me remember who I went with, or who got stuck with me or where the prom was held.   I remember graduation, I graduated in August from summer school, doen at the muscic hall.   Gap and cound in hand, I rode the shuttle bus to sears, and cauth the bus to the heights, and then  transfered to a downtown bux.

     I was pretty close to being on time. they hadnt called my name yet, and when they did, they pronounced it wrong, but whatcha gonna do. I was just so glad to be through with schrool.  It all seems like a million lifetimes ago.  Dont think I want to do it over again, no mattere how it turnes out.

    fuess I beeter end this, I'm so very tired, and dont wat to say anything that I might regrest, which seems to be a common occoranc to me.

     I do wish everyone health and weath but most of all, when snowflakes fall, I wish you love....Good song that one, eh.

    funny that my life has been driven by muscic and I wasnt good at all with it, and now, cant play a lick on my guitar, not that I was any good, and gant sing, not that I was any good with that eyether.   butg I tried my best, all to no avail

     now for sure theres no trying at all.   just as well, I couldnt have handled the fame no anyhow.

     Keep the sun at your six and ,"ride boldly ride..."

your frien and resident brain child, Cephus R sad eqs


05/10/21 03:39 PM #10465    


Jenny Taylor (Williams)


You asked me to look into finding Ben Vandenbossche after I got home from my vacation.  I think I found him in Nevada.  I have a 2020 address for him.  Cross checked property records so I think it is a good one. I will drop him a line and see if it is correct and if he wants to join our website.  I will keep you posted.


05/10/21 06:36 PM #10466    


Teddie Jordan

Sincere thanks to you Jenny for all that you do for us every time you find a missing classmate! I hope you've got the right guy and as Pat said his name is unique enough for sure. 

05/13/21 10:14 AM #10467    


Teddie Jordan

So excited to see the the announcement on our class homepage about the Summer Fling on August 21. We can't wait to celebrate  getting back to normal. The way time is flying it will be here before we know it!!

Hip,hip, hurray!

05/13/21 06:03 PM #10468    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     It's me again margie!    Third day into my at home chemo session.  6 pills a night.   I've gained 8 pounds since this science project began 6 months ago.  Thought I was suppose to lose some.   I did at first, lost 5 more pounds down to 160, now I am at 173.   I like 160 better.    Still cannot get my motor skilleds honed to to brain surgery quality.    But that's ok.   Already had that, so dont need that anymore.

     Speech still a problem,  cant hear so I guess thats cancled that out. 

Ah, finally a get-together.   Glad it's at a restaurant.  Takes a load off my mind.  Diane hosted the Chappel Hill Garden club anual "plant swap" and what a job that was.  Diane did most of the work, but I help best I could and that just wore me out.   hope we get to see  everyone at the get-together.  I'll place my order in now,  "ribs n briskit" onion rangs, and lots of food and dessert etc...

   Had a cool front come in yesterday morning, just in time for the CHGC party.  Right nice weather we had.  No rain,  no probs. 

     hold on, Lilltle Miss just jumped in my lap and on my laptop.  she has no regard for high or low technology, or that it would require both hand to type.  No matter, Little Miss takes precident over all.

     so i go away for now.   been overcast and windy all this week. well, thats ok, not like can go sit in the sun anymore.   


05/14/21 10:57 AM #10469    


Lloyd Pond

Working on the Graduation night adventure, however, until then here is a photo of Cap and Gown Day.

05/14/21 01:12 PM #10470    


Teddie Jordan

Lloyd, I see the picture of you and your date on the home page tab on the left under Prom etc. And you must have double dated w Bernd and his date. So can't wait to hear, " The rest of the story?'" As Paul Harvey always said. 


05/14/21 08:14 PM #10471    


Lloyd Pond

Sorry for the confusion, not prom night, a graduation night adventure


05/15/21 09:16 AM #10472    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Beau, venting to people who have known you is called support, not whining.  I sat down after Beth committed suicide and wrote to my classmates because I knew you all would lift me up in prayer.  I am praying for you and for Lucy.  I have tremors now that have reached my vocal chords.  I love singing along to loud music while I cook or drive.  I sound like Jeremiah the bullfrog and I look like a human bobble head I shake so much.  I have no excuse like brain surgery.  I don't drive very far from home anymore because my eyes blink so often that I feel out of control.  
Haven't thought about prom in a long time.  I went with Jimmy Hilshire because the guy I was dating was in basic training at the time.  Jimmy was sweet enough to take me.  I had measles so badly I had to paint my fingernails and wear heavy makeup on my neck and hands.  My fever was very high.  Rule said you had to attend school if you wanted to go to prom.  several couples went to Jimmy's beach house.  I just remember the outfit I changed into and falling asleep.  Just like an old woman.  I remember my clothes but not events.  

Get together is on my calendar.  Jenny- I would love to get Ben's address.  You can email it to me:  

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