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05/24/23 06:35 AM #10952    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Am I missing a page?  No one had anything to share in three months?  Our new home is unpacked and there are no cookie sheets.  Had to buy more.  New dog is in love with cat.  Did not realize this soon to be two year old mini Australian shepherd would come with so many issues.  She woke me at 3 am - her crate is next to the bed - because she doesn't want to be in crate during thunderstorms.  She is asleep on bed.  She stinks.  I need to get her bathed but my back can't bend over tub to do it.  Not quite sure why a soon to be 77 year old wanted a young dog.  We live in a constant worry about our water supply.  The backyard has little grass because of water restrictions.  We are going to put some close to the house because of dog and mud!  These are the problems of a fat, happy American citizen.  I met my youngest granddaughter's college roommate this past weekend.  Delightful Christian girl who spent the first nine years of her life in a Ukrainian orphanage.  She is studying a specialized nursing field.  My great grandson will be two in August and may soon have a sibling.  I went back to my ancestry page to find out when my great grandmother was born.  Her father was wounded at Shiloh and was mustered out in North Carolina so he walked back to Florida.  She was born 18 months after the Civil War ended.  Our country is still that young.  End of Deep Thoughts.

05/24/23 06:42 AM #10953    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

I knew I had missed posts when I couldn't see anything past February.  I am so sorry about Allen Geiser and Jimmy Sheffield.  Johnny, my sister was Class of 63 and I love her so much.  Can't imagine losing her.  I will be praying for you.

Allen Weinstein - great story about getting to Georgia Tech.  I think Allen Griser was one of the nicest guys.  

06/11/23 09:00 PM #10954    


Johnny Sheffield

Fall fling"""""""fall fling""""""fall fling

Place: Harris county smokehouse 

            14243 fm 2920 tomball Texas 77377

Date: Saturday October 21,2023

Time: 3 pm 

if you plant to attend, just e mail me or text me. 
my e mail is or

text me to 979-203-7209

Look forward to seeing everyone. 

also a big reminder to save the date for 

our 60th reunion to be held in April 2024.

place, date and time to be announce soon. 



06/30/23 01:36 PM #10955    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)

OK everybody! Recently I had an episode where I couldn't breathe and by the time I got to the pulmonologist office, my oxygen saturation level in my blood dropped to 75% which is extremely critical. They put me immediately on a oxygen tank it has a oximeter on my finger measuring my oxygen. In a very short time it came up into the 90s and I was fine, thank goodness. Here's  my request. Send prayers up for me because I have been put on oxygen in my home for now 24 seven. This change is something I never thought would happen, but I do have an appointment on July 15 and hopefully I can get some clarification. For now, I'm doing everything I have been told to do along with breathing treatments every day, and the stupid machine in the middle of my patio home that keeps puffing away that I called puffy, or to relate better to our generation, Puff, the Magic Dragon. Ha I still have my sense of humor, and I am very very grateful to be alive and breathing and able to breathe. God bless all of you who send prayers up for me. Love Patty be or Pat Williams  as you knew me in high school. All of this just happened a week ago today. 

07/01/23 07:27 AM #10956    


Johnny Sheffield

Prayers go out to you pat that the doctors can find out 

what cause the drop in oxygen level. Gods bless and take care of yourself. 

07/01/23 07:35 AM #10957    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Oh Pat, how scary.   Has your doctor said why this happened and what is the problem?  I know this has to be a big adjustment for you.  I will be praying for you that this is just temporary and you will able to breath on your own soon.  if your need for oxygen support continues, you can get small oxygen tanks that will allow you to get out.  Keep your sense of humor and positive attitude, it will help you get through this.  As we are all getting older, most of us will have health issues to deal with.

07/01/23 08:42 AM #10958    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)

Thanks Johnny and Beverly for your posts. I have been diagnosed with COPD and other pulmonary issues. However, that said, I have an appointment July 15 with a new pulmonologist and hopefully she will give me some hopeful news instead of the fatalistic attitude my previous one had. I'm still tiptoeing through the tulips with a mischievous grin, ready to get back to life as I knew it before!!!  As I learned in the Dale Carnegie course many years ago. "I've got the courage of 10,000 bengal tigers and I'll never give up".


07/01/23 10:56 AM #10959    


Lloyd Pond


I think we should pray for one another too, Pat. Every time I talked to my brother from another mother, Walter Etie, he said, "Lloyd, I prayed for you every morning." His Love and  concern for me always boosted my energy and confidence of God's grace.  

Psalm 121 v1,2  I will lift up my eyes to the hills from where my strength strength comes from the Lord, who made the heaven and earth.



07/01/23 02:46 PM #10960    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)

Thanks, Lloyd. Prayers are powerful and they DO work!

07/01/23 06:07 PM #10961    


Gloria Hornick (Walker)

I am so sorry, Pat,  that you are having this to deal with.  Hopefully this new doctor can get things on the right path to healing.   Please know that we are are thinking of you and praying for you.  Also, prayers for all who are going through medical issues now.


07/01/23 06:55 PM #10962    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)

Thanks, Gloria. You're post means a lot. How are you?

07/01/23 09:37 PM #10963    


Sandi Schlesinger (Stark)

Pat, I can imagine that was frightening for you. Sometimes, it seems like everything is fine one day and a bit scary the next. We still think of ourselves as younger than we are and then something happens to shake us into reality. For the record, I still think of all of you as teenagers!  
Hopefully, your upcoming doctor's appointment will give you some answers and ease your mind. My Mother had COPD and really fought her oxygen and breathing treatments when first diagnosed. She learned quickly that the breathing treatments made her feel so much better that she began looking forward to the next one and used her oxygen faithfully at night. 
Please add me to the long list who are praying for you and please keep us updated on you progress and improvement. 

07/02/23 09:38 AM #10964    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)

Sandy, thank you for sharing your experience and your mothers. I am doing everything I'm being asked to do right now and will continue to do so until I see my new doctor on July 15. Yes, I still think of myself as young and as a teenager. Ha ha, reality does creep in and has to be accepted. I'll keep you up-to-date again, thank you for sharing your experience. It means a lot. 



07/04/23 10:58 AM #10965    


Wayne Lake

Pat, it is a scary situation when it comes to heart issues. If you are not 100% satisfied with your current Dr. and live in the Houston area, try Houston Methodist Cardiology Associates (Downtown Fannin Med Center). Barbara Porter Raines and I both use Dr. Stuart Solomon and we think he is great. Best of luck to you going forward.

Happy 4th of July – got to running the numbers and figure folks our age have been celebrating this historic annual occasion for nearly a third of the life of the USA (78/246 = 0.32) depending on birthdate – that’s significant! We, the first crop of post WW2 baby boomers own this holiday!

Just heard Lucas Nelson and Lainey Wilson (Yellowstone fame) duet album ‘Reportin’ for Duty’ cover the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers hit ‘You Can’t Make Old Friends’ which is long time fav lyrics and they nailed it. Country music the way it’s supposed to be heard! His voice/melody is a lot better than KR and she can hit some of the same notes Dolly was known for, maybe even better. Google the U-tube for a free listen.

From Lake Wobegon in the North country where the bass fishin’ is good this summer, current temp @ 10 am is 67F and low tonight is 50F, stay hydrated, wtl      

07/11/23 02:37 PM #10966    


Susan Howard (Bowman)

I have some information to share with you from Patty Williams.  I received a text from her early this morning and I am going to pretty much quote what she texted me (I have her permission to do so).  She was admitted to the ER at Willowbrook Methodist yesterday. "Evidently the hacking cough I had when I got up to go to the bathroom at night that lowered my oxygen saturation level as well as when I got up to walk to the kitchen, etc., was a clot restriction in my airway. So glad I'm here! Confined to bed for now.  Still in room in ER after spending 8 hours in the hall yesterday because they are so full!  Unbelievelable! But good news, I really slept well last night! No rooms available as yet this morning. Talking exacerbates my coughing, so I am texting for now!"

I know Patty would appreciate continued prayers as she continues to deal with this. She had an appointment with a new pulmonologist this week, so I am sure that is on hold for now.  She said she doesn't need anything....her cute little chaweeny, Rusty, is boarded for now. Patty is always positive, even in the toughest of times! I know our class is a class of prayer have certainly prayed for me!  We know that prayer works!

07/11/23 05:38 PM #10967    


Teddie Jordan

Thanks for the update on Patty Susan. Prayers going up. 

07/12/23 07:12 AM #10968    


Johnny Sheffield

Susan, thanks for the update on patty. 
will keep patty in our prayers. 


07/22/23 08:42 AM #10969    


Susan Howard (Bowman)

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday! I visited with Patty yesterday for a couple of hours. She looks good considering all she has been and is going through. She is still on oxygen 24/7 and blood thinner for the blood clot in her lung, plus dealing with sciatica.
Patty appreciates all the thoughts and prayers coming her way! Please keep them coming!

07/23/23 10:29 AM #10970    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Praying for Patty.  So sorry she has gone through this.  Sleeping in the hospital hallway is difficult.  I did it two years ago.  Praying for a room, but for healing more so.

08/04/23 11:57 AM #10971    


Scotty Croom

just got back from houston trip..houston keeps was hot,too....hope to make fall fling....


08/15/23 10:06 PM #10972    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Once again, another family loss, I am sorry, we seem to just log in losses of those we loose....prayers for your family


09/04/23 10:36 AM #10973    


Johnny Sheffield

Hi everyone , hope everybody is having a nice Labor Day. 
just a reminder that our waltrip fall fling is coming up in October. 
date: Saturday October 21,2023

Time: 3pm

place: Harris county smokehouse 14343 fm 2920 tomball Texas 77377

Look forward seeing everybody 


09/16/23 08:12 AM #10974    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

S A V E   T H E    D  A T  E

April 13,2024

Waltrip Class of '64 60th Reunion

"Class of Champions"


The Falls at Imperial Oaks

31220 Birnham Woods

Spring, TX  77386


Join us for a flash back to "Lost in the 60's" along with memories of burgers and fries and cherry pie!


Time:  Noon - 4 pm

Lunch will be served

$20.00 per person

$35.00 per person at the door

More details to follow at a later date


_______________ Plan to attend

   ______________ Number attending 

           _______________ I do not plan to attend


Please respond to


09/17/23 11:35 AM #10975    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)

Happiest of birthdays to Barbara Porter. I celebrate you today for another year well lived. Patty Williams

09/23/23 02:49 PM #10976    


Johnny Sheffield

Just a reminder that our fall fling is less than a month away.

October 21,2023 Saturday 


Harris county smoke house 14343 fm 2920 tomball Texas 

look forward to seeing everyone 


tel no 1-979-203-7209

E mail


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