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11/05/22 06:48 AM #10904    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Hi Sheila,  we missed you.  Sorry you got Covid and hope you are feelung better.  Take care.

11/06/22 09:10 PM #10905    


Diane Cunningham (Wann ('72))

Hi everyone,

 It was really great to see everyone at Fall Fling.  Pat and Sheila, I hope you get well quickly.  I went to Robbie Boswell's funeral.  Beau and Robbie had a special friendship and over the years we attended several Boswell family functions in addition to many other visits we shared.  The funeral home was packed to standing room only.  His three sisters, brother and a nephew spoke.  It was very moving with many very good memories of Robbie shared with everyone.  The slide show of pictures on the funeral website was played again and really are a wonderful representation of Robbie's life.  I put the picture I took of Robbie and Beau from last December on his In Memory page.  I couldn't figure out how to make it smaller. It is such a good picture and they had a great visit.  Robbie's youngest sister, Laura, was in my class at Waltrip.  It is so interesting how so many of the class of 64 have younger siblings in my class.  It really is a small world.  I was checking some of Beau's papers and emails and had forgotten that John Adams was not only a classmate of Beau's, but they served in the Navy together in San Diego.  They wrote many emails to each other over the years. 

I hope the storm front that came in Friday night gave you no problems.  The meterologists were predicting 70 mph striaight line winds and other wind and rain to 2 inches in Washington Co.  So on Thursday and Friday before I left for the funeral, I moved and secured everything. Took me hours. No rain while traveling, got home and got 1/2 inch by 11 pm and wind to 17mph.  If I hadn't battened it down, we would have had more.  So blame me if you didn't get anything.  Oh well, another wrong forecast.  Have a good week everyone!

11/07/22 03:03 PM #10906    


Teddie Jordan

Diane, since Robbie passed away I am expecting to hear any day that a new Rock/ Country Classics band has been formed by Beau and Robbie in a garage somewhere in Heaven!


11/09/22 05:44 PM #10907    


Diane Cunningham (Wann ('72))

Teddie and Wayne, you are so right.  Heaven has some jamming and singing, telling stories and lots of laughter.  Add everyone else from Waltrip and it is a great reunion! 

I sent Robbie's daughter, Kristen,  the pictures of the band with Beau and Robbie playing guitar and she had never seen them.  I was glad I was able to share.

Enjoy the fall weather! smiley Diane

11/11/22 07:31 AM #10908    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Thankful for all the Veterans who have served to make our country safe and secure! I pray you feel honored and respected today and every day.

11/27/22 04:34 PM #10909    


Teddie Jordan

Fran and I had a great time last night having dinner with Curt's mom and dad Wanda and Richard Walling, and attending the Cypress Creek Face organization's  Christmas concert. The show was "Deep in The Heart of Christmas",  by the Texas Tenors, a group of three very impressive Singers and Artists and Comedians! It was so enjoyable, and the mixture of  old Favorite Christmas Songs with a few a humorous and Texas favorites had the big crowd singing the old Christmas songs with a Texas twist was awesome. If you ever get to see one of their shows we would highly recommend it! 

12/01/22 02:05 PM #10910    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Teddy,  I am so upset that I did not know the Texas Tenors were here.  We had tickets to one of their concerts, right as Covid started, and it was delayed.  We exchanged our tickets for the rescheduled show, but sadly, it was canceled too.  Of course, we have seen them numerous times on TV, but that is usually just one song.  They put on a show on our last cruise.  It was wonderful!  You are correct, you need to attend one of their shows.

12/03/22 11:00 AM #10911    


Teddie Jordan

Beverly we sure enjoyed them!

12/18/22 12:21 AM #10912    


Diane Cunningham (Wann ('72))

Good Evening everyone, I hope everyone is doing well.  Yesterday I attended granddaughter Haley's graduation from Texas A&M.  Many of you have met her and Beau wrote about her often.  I am so proud of her.  She has persevered through many trials to get to this important milestone. When Haley was four, she told me she was going to A & M.  When she was six she told me she had a plan.  Many parts of the plan have changed but going to A & M and graduating has always been the forefront.  She has a lot of her Beaupa in her.  She interprets situations, understands people and reads between the lines.  I don't know how this 2nd generation Houston Cougar managed to have two Grand Texas Aggies.  Her brother, Taylor, graduated in 2017.  I am so proud of both of them. 

Today, I went to Houston National Cementary for the Wreaths Across America.  If you haven't heard about this, It is a volunteer Group that started at Arlington National Cemetary to lay a Christmas wreath on every veteran's grave at Christmas.  There were veteran representatives from all the armed forces, including a 92 year old Marine and 90 year old GI from the Korean War and a fighter pilot who was shot down and became a POW at Hanoi Hilton for a year. There were several high school JROTC groups, Boy and Girl Scout troops, Veteran groups, a teenage bagpipe band and many other groups.  The wreaths are made in Maine and shipped to Houston, truck drivers and companies donate their time, trucks and fuel to bring them here.  Then school districts, Metro and Harris County donated buses to move people.  48000 wreaths were laid today.  More will be laid tomorrow and next week. All in all a very moving and beautiful day.

Merry Christmas and Many blessings to you and your family!


12/19/22 06:20 PM #10913    


Diane Cunningham (Wann ('72))

I know everyone is very busy, but I wanted to share a Blue Christmas service will be held on Wednesday at 7pm at Oaks Presbyterian church.  It is a shared celebration with St. Stephens UMC and Kingdom Fellowship.

It is held on the longest night of the year to offer hope for those who may struggle during the holidays for any reason (grief, lonely, hurting for any reason).  It is a positive service offering hope.  All are invited regardless of any church affiliation.  If you know someone who would benefit, please share.  Oaks is at 1576 Chantilly across from F.M. Black Middle school.



12/22/22 03:10 PM #10914    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Received sad news that Wendy Sherrill Carter lost her sister, Debbie Adams this morning.  Please keep Norm, Wendy,  and the entire family in your prayers.   Service details will be available later.

12/22/22 04:54 PM #10915    


Johnny Sheffield

Prayers for Norman and his family and Wendy and Billy sherrill. 
may gods blessing be with you all at this time. 
johnny and Becky 

12/24/22 07:13 AM #10916    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Debbie Sherrill Adams service is Thursday, December 29th, at noon, at Our Savior Lutheran Church, 5000 West Tidwell Road.  The visitation will start at 10:00 AM.  

12/29/22 04:43 PM #10917    


Carole Gunter (Snell) (Jenkins)

Beautiful service today for Debbie Adams.   Wonderful tribute to her life of service to her family and her church.

01/06/23 06:08 PM #10918    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

My YOUNGEST grandchild is now adulting every day.  She has a job with some big accounting firm.  Don't know them.  So some of you still have small grandchildren and my youngest is 22.  I have a great grandson courtesy of oldest grandchild.  I have a 27 year old granddaughter who just got married.  Wonderful man.  All four of my grandchildren live in Texas.  This is so convenient.  We are moving out of our beautiful two story house on a hill.  We are downsizing again and moving into a one story new home.  How do we collect so much stuff?  I don't have enough flat surfaces.  I got rid of lots when we left our big house in 2010.  How did I collect so much?  My grandchildren don't want most of it.  Do any of you have this problem?  I am not a pack rat.  I just buy vases and accent bowls - and books.

01/07/23 11:08 AM #10919    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)

Pat, good luck with your move and I hope it all goes well for y'all.  Please be sure to send us your new contact info so we can update your profile on our website.  Yes, those of us whose kids and grandkids live close are very fortunate.  

01/08/23 03:49 PM #10920    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Hi Pat, Yes, I have the problem that my grandkids do not want any of my "stuff".  Their age group has completely different taste from our age group.  I have 3 sets of china, two sets of silver and several sets of crystal.  I am sure they will end up at Goodwill after I am gone.  Not to mention keepsakes that belonged to my grandmother, my parents, and my sister.  I just try not to think about it and enjoy my things while I am here.

I do not envy your moving.  My last move was in 2009 and I decided no more moves for me.  I am sure you will do just fine and be settled in no time.

01/11/23 07:46 PM #10921    


Teddie Jordan



We have accumulated much too much stuff too, but I have way to deal with this problem. Anything you want a particular child or grandchild to have, give it to them now and tell them all about it, and how long you've had it. Why you think they will enjoy it. 

Quite a few years ago my son in Law Curt was over at out last house ( in which we had lived for about 30 years at that time). We were in our  garage and he looked around and said "why don't you get rid of some of this and I will come over and help you!". I said thanks for the offer Curt, but I'm going to do what Mama did with hers, I'm going to let you deal with it all after I die. The look on his face made my day. For the record We have the best son in law Ever!



01/13/23 06:05 PM #10922    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)

Happy Birthday, Tony. I hope you had a great day!!!!!

01/16/23 06:47 AM #10923    


Wayne Lake

I visited Keith Kupec Saturday and the news is not good, he is at the end of his life process and does not communicate or recognize others. The good news is he is getting adequate care and apparently not in any pain or discomfort. On Sunday he was transferred from the nursing home to a local hospital with DNR instructions. I will post any updates when received. wtl   

01/17/23 05:13 PM #10924    


Jim Taylor

Heard from Dorothy Fowler Montgomery that Gary Alexander passed away on January 1. Funeral set for Monday January 23 12:30 PM at St  Cuthbert Episcopal church 17020 West Road. 

01/18/23 06:21 AM #10925    


Wayne Lake

Diane on Wann Family and Wreaths: Beau often wrote about Haley saying how proud he was. I am sure he was smiling down on graduation day. I recently read about veteran’s wreath day and how it started when a Christmas tree grower in Maine had a bumper crop about 30 years ago and decided to send the excess to Arlington. When others heard about his good deed, it took off nationwide for all veteran’s cemeteries with additional volunteer support groups transporting and providing/placing wreaths each December. Kind’a neat when a single, benevolent act spawns an annual, nationwide event – makes you want to get off the couch and do something.

Pat on Accumulating Stuff: George Carlin’s early standup routine on ‘stuff’ sums it up for me – check it out on u-tube.

Teddie and Beverly on Music and Progress Near Me: I have heard that the Texas Tenors put on a good show. Friends of mine have been singing with a large men’s group called the Tide Landers for years. They have several performances in the Houston area year round and many during the holidays. My taste in music has gravitated to mostly local, low brow Texas pickers, typically guys with two first names such as Robert Earl Keen, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Larry Joe Taylor, Jerry Jeff walker, Billy Joe Shaver (RIP), Steve Earl, and Mike Blakely and Max Stalling, etc. Some of them play Port A small venues/beach bars but big money has moved in, scraped off most of the cool little Port A harbor joints that hosted them to build condos. As Yellowstone’s Governor John Dutton says, progress is not my friend. Take the real estate developers to the train station.

Tony on Birthdays: When I asked my Dr why I have increasing aches and pains, insomnia, failing eyesight, memory loss, skin disorders, etc. he said I’ve had too many birthdays so I told the family to forget the party and gifts, I’ll buy my own tee shirts and just quit having’em. TGfI (Thank God for Ibupropen).

Jimmy and Michele Hilsher on Family: Congrats as they are expecting their 3rd Great Grand Child – a very nice family that keeps getting bigger.

Gone Fishin’ and Associated Wildlife: I enjoy fishin’ the shallow bays near me this time of year with an abundance of migratory birds such as the great white pelican, osprey and roseate spoon bill (I call them Texas pink flamingo). The protected/endangered whooping cranes nest about 30 miles North near Aransas Wildlife Reserve (adult count of the Texas flock is about 500). Take a boat ride from Fulton docks Dec-Feb to view them. Dolphins around here typically give berth November - December so there are lots of mama/baby pairs in the shallow bay nursery this time of year. Last week I had a pair within a few feet of my boat that stayed with me for nearly an hour waiting for ‘throwback’ fish in water so shallow they stir up the mud. The minimum size of ‘keeper’ trout these days here is 17” so I catch plenty of undersized (dinks) that must be returned and the dolphins have learned how to take advantage as they read the Texas Parks and Wildlife rules, follow the boat, sense a fish fighting against a hook in the lip and then wait for it to be tossed back in the water. There are laws against feeding wildlife for good reason but in this case, it is simply compliance with the law. Either way, it is a hoot to see it close up. Note: Dolphin are highly intelligent but I was kidding about them reading. Yesterday, 3-5 were feeding in the canal behind my house, along my bulkhead, under my dock, sometimes partially coming out of the water all within 10-20’ of my back door – I bought a home on a canal and ended up with Sea World in my back yard.   

I know I have written about dolphin feeding before, but treally enjoy it hought  it deserves  another comment.. 

Dancin’ with Dolphins, wtl     


01/18/23 05:36 PM #10926    

Wendy Sherrill (Carter)

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers during such a difficult time with the loss of my sister, Debbie Adams.  

It was wonderful to see members of our class and those that remained close to her and knew her all thru the years.  

Susan Howard asked that I post my email and address.  It is and my address is 52218 Longspur Lane, Indian Land, SC 29707.

Thanks again, Wendy





01/21/23 02:12 AM #10927    


Wayne Lake

Keith Kupec lost his battle with Parkinson’s yesterday. He passed peacefully in his sleep. Funeral arrangements will be posted later when finalized. He will be buried with Military Honors at Coastal Bend VA Cemetery. RIP Marine.  

02/08/23 01:14 PM #10928    


Wayne Lake

Keith Kupec’s memorial service will be Friday, February 24th at 11 am at the Coastal Bend VA Cemetery Exit 9 off I-37 (North of Corpus Christi). Obit pending at All Faith Funeral Services Ingleside TX.   

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