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08/31/21 09:17 PM #10625    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)

From Diane Wann at 9:09pm tonight:

Beau is in recovery - came through surgery very well.  She will see him in about an hour.  She's exhausted, but will post more tomorrow.  

Let's thank The Lord for getting Beau through this surgery and to give Diane comfort and rest tonight.





09/01/21 06:52 PM #10626    


Bennie Schielack

Go, Beau, Go.  Get well and back to writing . . . . . We all miss you and are praying for you.

09/02/21 08:32 AM #10627    


Mary Weidner (Williams)

Waiting for a story, Beau! Prayers and thoughts 🙏😘

09/02/21 10:36 AM #10628    


Bill Traill

Hang tough Beau !!

09/03/21 04:59 AM #10629    


Terry Jones (Gallemore)

Diane and Beau, we are all praying for you both.  Just wanted you to know that even though you may not hear from us, you are in our hearts and our prayers.

09/03/21 09:16 AM #10630    


Johnny Sheffield

Just heard from Diane and beau's surgery went well. 
he is going through rehab to help regain his strength 

And will be back on the messsge forum between therapy. 
continue prayers for beau and Diane 


09/03/21 09:25 PM #10631    


Johnny Sheffield




Great news from Diane about beau.

Made good progress from therapy and 

will be going home tomorrow  




09/03/21 10:31 PM #10632    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Thank you, Johnny, for so much than this wonderful report of Beau coming home...what a miracle for our Beau. Lifts my spirits so much.

09/04/21 01:52 PM #10633    


Larry York

Praying for you Beau!

09/05/21 09:03 AM #10634    


Sharon Allen (Richardson)

Such good news about Beau.  Your a tough old bird and bless Diane and keep up the good word. We can't do without our messages.  Sending love 

09/06/21 07:04 PM #10635    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thanks for all the prayers, goonna meeed more, cause this aint over,  where I did survive 5 hours of chain saw skulldrugery,,  It has come back as a "nasty angry," mess. and is certain to come bacj agaub, and there is another just south of it just waiting to to ccause more problems, it's thats possible...I'm sure it will...this stuff has robbed me of more than I was prepared to give up,my privacy and my dignity, which on the have delt with all my freedon is gone, and i do mean all freedom. no going anywhereespeciily alone, or even with somone  I do miss people! i have speech prob, and mobility prob, it eitheer a wheelchaire or walker, or 2 canes, though the canes hurt my  shoulders and all connected, getting up from a chair is more worser. most of my strength has dissapated to that of a newborn anything.   doc says no lift moren 5 pounds, "hell doc i have a haf dozen bibles that weigh mire than 5 pound each, som heavy words fer sure. they say get back praciting on the guitar,    wait a minite, that would be poing agiaints the 5 poud rul sinc each one goes about 5 pounds ..... i know, ill keep the muisic lite, no heavy metal or clissical. nuttin but fluff

and one other prob, people that treat mike a 4 yr old freak,  or try to cheer me up  with, "you look grea.t and sound good,      i know how i sound and feel and those twq adjectives are no longer valid, i know people mean well, but im really in no  mood for pep talks, and how blessed i blessed i WAS is more like it.  well i could have died, compared to t where  im at now, i did, an if i had, that would t have been a blessing


t, you soud good, well i kno w how i feel and "good and great  left town this year. i've gotten defendiis

ve extremly so

09/07/21 05:25 AM #10636    


Teddie Jordan

Beau, Any of us would  be as tired and frustrated as you are if we had been through all that you have. But I also know how loved you are by a large group of family and friends. My hope and expectation is that as you get through recovery and heal from the surgery, you will see and feel the love and hope of so many of us, two legged and four, that know you and love you. I really believe that brother!

09/07/21 09:15 PM #10637    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Well Beau, I had to laugh at your humor (after all of this), when you said good and great left this year....but courage and faith came back to rest with you.

I want you to visualize when you stick your arm out straight toward the sky, just see all of our hands sticking ours up with you.  Why? Because that is what we do!

09/08/21 08:26 AM #10638    


Beau Wann, Jr.

         Thank you TJ and Kay et al.   Sorry for the Pity party Rant,  if not for all my Waltrip brothers and sisters in Christ, I  Would'nt have gotten this far..   A  shrink came by the room last week because I was anxious and depressed and wasnt sleeping,    Duh, you think? she said there was a drug for ptsd and cranal trama, and the aforemention probs that I could use. 

      Dont remember the  name  of it, but that stuff was bad news to me.   I was actually looking farword to having a good night sleep and maybe a few less anxious and depressing moments That would have been a blessing, but as things go, that didnt happen, duh.  Instead I had nightmare about bein in the middle of a battle, which of course I am, but this one had bullets hiting the bed all around me and Diane, I saw and felt the bed being hit by round  afer round, saw it jumping and felt it moving,  Saw Diane being bounced along with it ,She said she didnt feel or notice anything be me moaining and groaning and me moving about, 

      This was the second nite of the "hell drug", third nite was the same,   The first nite was even more scarier,  We had takled of going home on Saterday, so that was stuck in my brainless brain.  They gave it to me too early, and I payed the price for that one.  I woke up about midnight and I was daszed and cornfused.  I thought I was at home, but saw all the Mda signs everywhere,  as well as the en suite bath roon. I kept asking Diane how she managed to move my room and bathroom as well, to the hill, How did she hook up the plumbing ,  she kept telling me that were still at MDA, and I kept telling her, "but we were suppose to go home,"      "and we are, today as soom as we are released by the docs," being perceptive,but mentally channenged I just knew there would a snag, lats time it was blood presser 

      I was worried about Little Miss, and her finind a seam in the inbetween of moving the hospital room to the house and getting injured or lost, cats and me get allong because of perception.  now if a cat perceives there is an avenue of adventure as opposed to the hum drum of domestic life, Which now doesnt seen so bad, in fact quite attractive,  the cat will take whaterver measeurs to have fun like I useta be.   However, and aint there always a "however"?  Perception seeems stumble over life, or vice a ma versa,  yeah, that's Eyetrailan for OMG. 

     As much as I tried to understand about us not bein at home and Little Miss was safe, Diane just could not get through to tghe brain that wouldnt dye, but it was dyed, pink,   I was in a panic because LM would be lost in a "worm hole", sort of like I am now.   and I dsidnt want them to give me that drug or any drub to calm down.   I was afeared for my Little Miss,  aand as much as I am afeared for my little kittly friend,  I would tackle the devil, to make sure she was safe.  somehow methinks the devil had takkelecd me with and illelgle " tackled", you know how the devil is, "mean natsy, durty low down shiiffless skonk" .

     At this moment, Little Miss is sitting in ma lap batting at my finkers tippy tappin on the keyboard.    It' is 69 morning, and I'm gonna go walk in the the sun and the dew with Diane and the girls...I'll be back, fair warning.

09/08/21 02:07 PM #10639    


Tom Britton '65

Beau.....I hope you have some idea of how powerful your messages are. Almost as powerful as the many prayers that are being lifted up for you, Diane and the doctors. We love you man!!

09/08/21 04:25 PM #10640    


Charles Dent

Beau: I was reading in the scriptures and found in Proverbs 3:24 "When you lie down you will not be afarid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will  be sweet." I pray that the God of Heaven will grant you sweet and restorative sleep, waking refreshed. Blessing to you and Diane.

09/08/21 05:25 PM #10641    


Beau Wann, Jr.

      i'm back, "prehistoric man", puppy pad hisownself   most of  my nuoisers were born in this century.  been out walking in the sunshine, as long as I have a hat on, that's a good thing,   My beloved is gone to run some errands, like setting up Physicial Therapy and other things, tra la la....

     She seems to thing I'm doing better,   At what say I?   not making a big mess of things.  Which brings me to my next subject,  bathroos....Did you know that going to the b atherrom is a spectator sport? and a betting one to boot.   What are the odds on the next nmber2 the bettor would say....the bettee would say I'll give you 50 to 1 a number 2 and a  10 to one on a number 1......I think the folks would go round up spectaters from each floor, and anyone not already engaged in someother activity like brain surgery....far as I know they would round up folks sitting in tracffic on Holcombe,   Step righ this way, see the freak in room P822...I should be glad it isnt a contact sport, right? 

        Any yall been through something like this? Or with a loved one. Seems like   The first to crack or act strange, are the kids.  seems they want to say something, but "cats got  their thounge" and they dont say it.,or dont know what to say like where did I bury the mayonaise jar with all the gold coins from the war of nothern aggression  and more idiot idiots. they seem to be angry at me....I'm not angry about anything, well may just a smidge.

       one thing I did notice this fine AM,  the sunrixe came just south of the cell tower on Brads rigde.which means autumn will bee a happening uyp here soom, and then winter Use to be Chads ridge, He sold it to brad, and both of them are  fine fellows. I kind of thought chad should have just given at all to me but tthe taxes would probably be too much for me, so see there, he was thinging of me, did me a favor, he did.  I think land up here is about aout 20K and acrea. i'm thinging about putting in tea and coffee and tobacco and grapes. I rememgber geophry or some such, we got this and that from Portugal and they got this and that from us....or maybe it, was one thing then another

       I heared tell that because of the drought in braxil, gonna be a shortage of coffee.   Not at my house,  we buy coffee avery time we go  to the store., I'm corring the market on coffee and whiskey..   and mason jars, theres always someone that would rather have alcohol than eat,  I say "yeah", go for it. I cant half fill a pint  jar with Jack Daniel and dillute it with distilled watter, and they be good to go.  I'll keep my good hooch Rebecca creek, Buffalo trace,  skrewball, elijah craig, Blanton,  and angels envey heck far, you cant get Blanton or elijah craig or angels envey in good times, let alone if times get toughter.

       Tom and Charles et al, thank you very much,    I know in the comments above, I siad I wasnt blessed, but that's not true,  I am blesses beyond all belief whid my Waltrip family...doesnt get any better than that, for sure...ok, me and the pups and little Miss are gonna lite somewheres and nap.  Diane is back from her errands, got my PT and OT set up and is now making chichen and sausage gumbo, and jalapaeno corndbread, yum.

     heres a littl ditty for youse.....Look what they done to my brain ma, look what they done to my brain, took it out and turned it upside down, now I dont know whever to laught of frown...look what they dont to my brain...

      Kweep the sun at your six and "ride boldy ride..."

Your forever greatful friend and resident "prehistoric man",   Cephus R Blesed for sure. thank you one and all....God Bless you all with his grace and love. 


09/09/21 12:17 PM #10642    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Gooooooood Morning myne phyne Waltripians,    Another beautiful sunrise, and gonna be many many many more.   Getting stronger by the minute.  Up at 3 Am, dessed myself, even put my boots one, havent worn them this year, My beloved noticed and gave me a gold star for my tenacity.    Little Misss also noticed, and gave her claw of approval. She spent the night between Diane and me and had her purr machine in my right ear. yea.  it was 53 this morning,   caan winter be far bhind?

      Went in to wheere the "big girls" sleep, and took them for a walk in the sunrise, let my beloved sleep in a few extra moments,  Saw some Little dewey eye deah eating the apple corn  Diane left for them and the the cardninals eating the boid seed also probided by my beloved, ;since the 5 poung rule is in affect,  Diane pretty much takes care of everything. I turned on the coffee pot and brew some La bra tarpit carfare. Seems I just dumped the coffee in and didnt measure....measure twice cut onet. Aint that the rule?  We also have a "Bold" button we always push, We love bold and stong coffee, but today was redeicdulous. Sorry for the speeling, my brain is not back to nornal, just ye

      Speaking of Breakfast,  our first breakfast at MDA last week, was burnt toast, wonder how they knew...once back home, I burnt the bacon and toast as per usual, the bacon was so bad,  the dogs wouldnt even look at it let a lone eat it,  That's ok, another treat for the red fox family,   Diane takes them a ll the bones and stuff we dont eat.    Some one brout some ribs over, that were soo tough and fatty, Red fox family treat again.    Some brouth some rids and musta used a whole rosemary and basil plant,  they were horribale, but tender.     I think a person should have to be licsenced to use those tow herbs.   I like them, not a bussel basket full at a time.....Doe that make me a bad persson?  Probbally so right!

    Where the heck is my beloved?  I've bellowed for her for at least a minutes,  Why, there she is, on the back porch, broom in hand, smacking at one of the hummdinkinboid feeders,   I waved at here and came in.  "what ya doin hun" I say im my best improved self,  she say she was fighting offf  a couple of preying mantis,, Didnt know they got that big,    "Hun, go get my shot gun," I say ever so clever.  "I dont want to hurt the b oids and feeders" says her. Do you have any idear how much feeders cost now a days" probably knot and  "Oh pshaw" says I,   the preying mantis is a nutural preditor to the HB, ane of course  a cat or three. go figure. and winter cold.    LItgtle Miss wouldnt hurt a HB, but she will swat at the dogs,  fair game for her,    She is a gentle woman for sure.

       Heres one for youse, At the Rottary  house, where we stay when we have a dozen appointsments and earty and late one,  they hve kleennex and TP and it says "Professional" on it,   didnt know they make Pro, what we use, amature I reckon....

I  think I'll make a meat loaf today, that's the ticket, I love meat loaf,  the hospital offers that, and othere beast dishes, and use too much cream, I dont cook with cream,  STinks,  There's a smell that you will rementder, I dont even like to smell of cream in coffee.   ugh and yuk.      Never have cooked with cream before and probbab ly wont....maybe I'll make tacos, yeah, that's the ticket. love greasey tacos,   Ok, dont worry about me, I'm gonna whup this thing or these things, I mean it,  Just step aside, and waht me kick Cancer butt,  others have, why knot me?   I mean, you got to want it, right.    Gonna have a great rest of yeare 2021 and 2022 gonna be good too.

     Already planning Thanksgiving and Christmas and other stuff.     Gonna be great fo sure.    




09/09/21 07:13 PM #10643    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Oh Lord, Beau is kicking butt, getting back at all the horrific medical proticals, surgeries, etc.   Let our Beau just be free for awhile and live his life.....without cream of any and be all tough guy with his loving heart. I hear you Beau.  I'm preparing to go through back surgery on 28th, Lamindectomy, removal of three lamina. which I will be going through the physical, emotional and most of all the inability to work on my farm.....Beau, I hear you.


09/09/21 11:55 PM #10644    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     hay kay,  prayering for your back surgery.  They just put elmers glue in there when I broke T9  didnt take too long for revocory,  Still hurts some, but repairing my right heal and right achilles tendon, having to cut it in two places still seems to be in the process of healing.  Thats about 3 years ago, you gonna need a knee scooter?  I got one ifin you need one.  the kind you rent is too small and has micro weels, and is not made for your place or mine also have a wheelchair and walker ifin you need one of those.   I fell over half dozen times or more.  Diane found one on line for , dont know how much, but it have "all trerrain tires and a training wheel thats works for me.  they repairing L5?  Mine and my beloved need ours repaired, so that's the L5s and a T9 which equal to LT 24,  

       You can still seee the black tire marks on the baseboards throughout the place,  Be glad  to meet youse somewheere and bring it to youse. Let us know, and we bring it to you.   Just so happens, my company, "prehistoric man" is running a special on them,    Free Free Free. and Free!   today, I never touched a cane of wheelcharie or walker,  today cept the one in the shower, it's sort of a safety net.   We have grab bars everywhere, welll not percaztely everywhere, jjust in the showers, well duh right,  The handles on the kelvinator and stove and the wishdarser,  are the grab bars in the kitchen. 

     Well, good luck, and if there's anything we can do for you, let us know and we try to git er done.    I aint as good as I once was, and aint even good onece as I never was, but I got me a partner that's  heaven on Wheels.    ok, gotta get the heckfar on out of hear,  Made the coffee for in the moanin so were good to go there. Meanwhile Diane is putting together some over the terlett shelving and storeage, seems I require more storage for stuff.   PuppyPads and the like. 

     my head is molting or shedding due to the pink dye I hade to drink,  Nastiest taste in the whirld, have to be sheilded from all like, or it gives you a sunburn.  The ones taking from OR ro recovery didnt do such a good job I could still see the lights from under the covers, and plus, they banged me into ever wall there was,  one time I heard them lauch maniacly as they were playing bumper cars in the hallways with to walls and tables.....  it dyes the tumors pink, so they dont cut on things that are useful, like speec and talking and using your arms and hands, and reading and writing and spelling oops, too late,  cant talk or use my hands for any motor skill stuff, 

       ok, worn out for today,  did lots, or tried to.    so, keep the sun at your six and "ride boldy ride...."

forever in your debt friend, resident "prehistoric Man"     Cephus are a goint to nite nite, so here's another little ditty you can sing....I do,   "Oh I'm a lucky fellow, I'll be brave abd mellow,   if I only had a brain.....

      Haappy trails to youse, untill we meet again Happy trails to you, keep sminling untill then....Sometimes that's hard, b ut gotta do it, I gotta do it...  


09/11/21 10:10 PM #10645    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Goot eevenink my phyne waltripians,  Prehistoric man back again.   I'm sure ready to go to sleep, if it will, just show up.   The coward,    stayed awake from 1 AM till 7AM, I get to watch all the mumbers go by.    no nap, sure wanted to, just couldnt do it..

     Doe anyone have a good recipe for organge glaze pork chops?  My mom usta have one, coudent find it howsomever.     i'll bet i can find one. asked  my sisters, both didnt have moms or there own. What kind of nonesense is that?    Wish I'd pay more attention to what and how mom cooked, rather than just eating it till there were no left overs.   I was the desingated left over disposal.......I know she had a dripping pot, I gave it to her. a clown tpot, and a coffee can.     she cooked with about an inch of bacon grease in every thing.    I miss her fried oystgers and oyster dressing, and other food. german fried taters. with onions.    I stilll cook with ground chuck an chuch roast.  she'd be spinning in her grave to know that chuck iss now about 6 dollars a pound,  gots the most flavor.    She use to make hash out of the roast and taters, which I still do to this bery day,   made some today as a fatter of mack.

     I remember her coming in to the mangum super valu and talking to Tommy, meat market manager and all round good guy.   If my mom or any of  the othere coustomers wanted a "custom" cut of meat,  Tommy was the man  to see.   He would also grind it rat there on the spot if that's what you wanted.   ok, time to go,  eyes are shutting down, gettying hungry talkin about food.      so stop it ! 

     going to visit my personal phyiscian Monday Morn, then my   brain surgeon wednesday.   

     Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

your forever gratful prayed for "prehistoric Man",   chephus R a thanking youse phyne angels, till forsomeeverver     Well well well, look who just showed up,my honey Little Miss.     

09/12/21 01:54 PM #10646    


Bennie Schielack

Beau, I stumbled across this guy while looking for a comment response on Facebook last night.  Being a fellow Gemini from Dubarry Street, I thought you might enjoy his standup.  Hopefully he will bring a smile when you get a chance to see him perform.  He is a little sarcastic . . . . . .Something my mom shared with me . . . . .  Bob Zany

09/12/21 09:30 PM #10647    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Pre historic man back attya, if i can fin the right keys.  gooodness what a roughh row to hoe this situation has become. just had a visit from a grandarauter, brouth  cookies, yea. i love cookies, dud, who doesent, right.

     hey bennie, didntent unsterand your ;last post.    im not on facebook,    anyway.   

     another beautiful day.   63 this morning diane bought new warmer boots and a heaver jackit,for me really didnt need jackit, but ill tak it, im a jackett kind of guy..i like sarcasm dont remerber a bob zany on dubarry i was kinda zany, no matter where i lived.   hands still dont work, hard to type. i remerber the oncolisit asken if i was left handed. i said no, he said, "do you want to be",  no thank you. i got trouble richt here in river ctiy, never mastered what i was bjorn wthith. still not sleepining, gonna giv another try in a few minutes.  waiting on littie miss to com in off the front porch.



09/14/21 06:34 PM #10648    


Bennie Schielack

Beau . . . . . I have not checked, but I'll assume he has some videos on the WWW.  Maybe, if you google him, you can find some of his funny stuff.  My BD is 6 15 46.   One of the characteristics of Gemini's is their love of commedy.   I believe yours in June also, 45.  Our family was raised @ 1222 Dubarry, 3 houses from Ella.  Hope this clears up any confusion .

09/15/21 11:43 PM #10649    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     its all good, mind is a might foggy, i was 1352 dubarrry, probly most parents warned their children,   :"you kids stay frp, tjere, crazu [ep[;e ;ove tjere"  fingers missing the home keys.     gotta go,  very tired ,  There two brothers that live rigte across the street, names atry amd joey, and next to them was Bill Morrow, and dwom toward your house was a mean kid, Butch that shot me in the head with my own bb gun,and busted the fender on my bike and I got in trouble for it,  for not stopping him.  I didnt know how to fight, no one taught me, and if I had, I'd a probbaly caught hell for doing so.   and next to us was a plumber snas son, forgot his name, mike maybe I think on the corner of Oak Forest and Duberrr wass Tim bell. Doen across from the park, lived a lumberjack, ponytail and long finger nails he was spooky,  I was scared of him, than them I was s fraidy cat kid anyway

     Ive decided that this brain C is a blessing,   Gods gonna take care of it,  He  says so. 

Gotta go, very tired. duh.!   


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