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02/28/24 11:37 AM #11026    


Sandi Schlesinger (Stark)

What an adorable picture of your precious great grandsons, Pat. They are so cute and will be providing you much joy in the coming years. 
Hope all goes well with your back surgery and I will be among many others praying for your successful surgery and speedy recovery. 

02/28/24 11:43 AM #11027    


Sandi Schlesinger (Stark)

While signing on, I noticed that today is the birthday of our sweet classmate - Henny Banning. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Henny!  Enjoy your day. 

02/29/24 09:35 PM #11028    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Hoping Ted is getting well and recovering from his burns.  My recovery messages for Fran and Linda as well


02/29/24 09:38 PM #11029    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Missing the great man, Beau, he succumbed from a very serious and horrible disease,, wishing Diane and family all my wishes of healing. You know you lost a great man.  In school we didn't know him, here we knew him well....missing Beau


03/12/24 10:57 PM #11030    


Diane Cunningham (Wann ('72))

Thank you Kay for your kind words and remembering Beau.  He certainly loved this message forum and all of you in class of '64.  (and '63, 65 and everyone from Waltrip and Oak Forest!)

It is spring break, rodeo, Round Top and bluebonnet season!  I can tell because of the traffic on 290.  The bluebonnets and all wildflowers are showing off.  My hill is full of Indian Paintbrush and clumps of Bluebonnets.I have been reseeding the hill for Bluebonnets, but it will take another year or two.  If you come up this way, there are some great fields of bluebonnets in Brenham and beyond or come by and join me on the porch to enjoy this great weather, wildflowers and a beverage.


03/14/24 12:32 PM #11031    


Susan Howard (Bowman)

Good morning, everyone!  Patty (Pat Williams)) asked me to update our class on what is happening in her life right now. She is in the process of moving soon to an assisted living facility because of pulmonary and breathing issues.  Her electricity went out over this past weekend for over 8 hours. As you know, Patty is on oxygen 24/7. She experienced a truly traumatic situation when an incident occurred and she realized there was no one there to help her. It took this incident to make her realize she had to make a change. Patty has already found a place not far from where she currently lives that she really likes. She said she will do whatever it takes to not ever again be as frightened as she was over the weekend! Patty has that awesome attitude: "As Sonny and Cher used to sing, "And the beat goes on!'"

Patty is still going to try to come to the reunion. Alot has to transpire between now and then.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

03/16/24 05:00 AM #11032    


Teddie Jordan

Prayers have been lifted up, and will continue to be,, for Dear  Patty!

03/17/24 06:00 PM #11033    


Ronna Brand

Prayers are being lifted that Pat will find peace and joy in her new home!

03/18/24 11:14 AM #11034    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Praying for Pat. Our life transitions are getting closer together.  I had a minor back surgery that my husband said would be a walk in the park.  I got mugged in that park.  Pain from just moving for four days and then it was gone!  My sister Janis (class of 63) and her daughter have been coming up to visit once a month.  They are coming for the solar eclipse party we are having outside of Waring.  I know the traffic will be bad that morning, but we have friends who have property that will afford us a fantastic view.  My niece will love their miniature horses.  There will be about ten of us.  Now that I feel better I have to get in the kitchen and make some sweets.

still praying for Teddie.  

03/21/24 07:37 PM #11035    


Scotty Croom

we are coming to 60th.....cataract surgery not set...dr. appt. on in the mail....

03/24/24 03:54 PM #11036    


Scotty Croom

does blackhorse have valet or handicap parking ?

03/25/24 07:48 AM #11037    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Hi Scotty,  there is handicap parking, but no valet.  Try to get there on time to get one of the spots.  We have had last minute registrations and are expecting a nice crowd.  

03/28/24 05:53 PM #11038    


Lynn Wren (Burkhardt)

In case you are curious below is a list of paid attendees  as of today for our Waltrip Class of '64 60th reunion April 13, 2024.

Don & Shirley Ellisor

Johnny and Becky Sheffield

Lynn Wren Burkhardt

Ted & Fran Jordan

Tom Gann

Jimmie Smith Brawner

Barbara Porter Raines & DIck Carden

Carolyn Lamb Nelson & Fred

Jane Rhoads Spring & Truman

Susan Howard Bowman  

Mary Randall Meneley & Tom

Beverly Hengst Allen & Jim

Robert "Bob" Crocheron

Jerry & Jane Eppner

Paige Talley Meek & Richard

Leon & Theresa Apostolo  

Rick Strickland

Jenny Taylor Williams & Paul Paske

Lynn & Pat Prewitt

Linda Bolton Roffall

Tony Maddox

Dennis & Meredith Hansel

Louis Klare

Laurice Edmiston Montalbano & Sam

Ken and Connie Olivier

Robert & Kay Derrick

Marilynn Wolf Jorden and Gary

Rodger & Sharon Reynolds

Bruno and Bonnie Leonardt

Bill & Paula Groberg  

Johnny Rolater and Ruthie Levin

Jim & Jan Taylor  

Leroy Gregg

Linda Webster Jennings  '65  

Sheila Gibert Webb  

Betty Sherman Kristofferson  

Llynn Roff  

Ronna Brand  

Diane Wann  

Wayne Lake  

Lloyd Pond

Jimmy & Michele Hilsher '65  

Pat Edwards Oberpriller & Dick    

Patty Laminack Krupala  Daughter & Son in Law Shellie & Tommy McGoulrty

Lynell Carapezza Johnson

Tonda Thiessen

Diane Vandel Siebels

 Troy Holiman  

Richard Kennedy


04/14/24 07:29 AM #11039    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Wow, what a fantastic reunion!  We had 95 people in attendance and it was great to see each and everyone of them.  It was the perfect venue for reconnecting with old friends and going down memory lane.  Thanks to Johnny for getting the place for us.  The reunion committee worked hard to provide a great time.  Thanks to all for attending.


04/14/24 01:55 PM #11040    


Teddie Jordan

It sure was a pleasure to see everyone at the reunion yesterday. Seeing each of you brought back happy memories and warmed my heart.

Sincere Thanks to our Reunion Committee for all of their hard work planning and making it happen. Your dedication to our class is much admired and appreciated. And it looks to me like we are all still enjoying life even in our late 70's. If I had died in my sleep last night it would have taken the undertaker weeks to get the huge smile off of my face!!!  
Thank you all!!♥οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ₯ΈπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜€




04/14/24 03:12 PM #11041    


Jerry Eppner

Just wanted to thank Johnny Sheffield and the Reunion Committee for an excellent 60th bash.  Your planning was well done and execution perfect.  Jane and I both enjoyed the afternoon.  The venue was quite nice, and the choice of meals was spot on for an afternoon affair. Nice to see some old friends still out kicking.  Well done, Folks.

04/16/24 08:20 AM #11042    


Johnny Sheffield

Good morning ,

just want to thank lynn, Tom, Jenny, Jimmie lee, Beverly, Barbara, Susan, Tony,

Jim(Beverly husband) and Becky my wife for all there help with our 60th reunion. 

We could not have had a successful 60th reunion without you all. I want to thank each 

and every classmate that attended the reunion. Your attendance made our reunion a success.


I wish you all good health and hope to see you all soon,




04/16/24 09:37 AM #11043    


Johnny Sheffield

It saddens my heart that we have lost another classmate. 
Patty Williams has pass away and gone home to be with the lord. 
please keep her daughter Laurie and family in your prayers. 
gods blessings be with the family. 

04/16/24 09:42 AM #11044    


Ronna Brand

My prayers go out to Laurie and her family as well as her sister, Nancy and her family at this sad time.

04/20/24 10:29 AM #11045    


Susan Howard (Bowman)


Good morning, everyone.  I have information on Patty Williams' service to share with you. Before I do that, I want to say how much I will miss Patty!  We have been close friends since Waltrip, sharing all aspects of our lives.  I will miss her fun ways, her wonderful sense of humor, her caring through hard times, and even through her illness her positive outlook on all things. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel together through the past few years and I have wonderful, special memories of those trips. Although I will miss her terribly, I also know how how sick she has been for most of this past year.  She will no longer suffer and is at peace and no longer suffering.  I will carry with me for the rest of my liife the wonderful memories and shared times we had together! 

John Wesley United Methodist Church, Monday, May 13, 11am. 

5830 Bermuda Dunes

Houston, Texas 77069

A reception will follow

There is a link on fb for more information:

Her daugher is requesting any pictures you may have of Patty be sent to her at


04/22/24 09:10 AM #11046    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

.  I was so surprised to see the post from Patty Williams daughter on Facebook last week.  I am glad that you stayed close to her Susan.  Our childhood friends are a blessing.  I will drive to Houston for the service. A few years ago  Pat Edward's sent me a photo of she and I on Santa's lap at foley's when we were 13 or 14.  I treasure these pictures when I see them.  I have been trying to get through boxes of photos.  It's a job.

pat Edward's daughter is a teacher here in new Braunfels.  Skeeter Apostolo lives here too.  I have seen Pat's daughter, but never run into Skeeter.  This used to be a smaller place.  My sister lives in west Houston but doesn't drive out of her neighborhood.  I guess our worlds get smaller as we age.  I rarely shop when I visit Houston.  There is one place that is the exception.  Houston pecan company on Ashcroft is the only place I buy nuts for baking.  I mail order from them if I am not going to be there.  Founded by one of Schlindler'd kids.  He was the kindest man I have ever met.  His daughter runs it now.  They have the best nuts and healthy snacks.  My son in law buys gifts for business.  End of commercial.  I was just thinking about how we ran all over Houston as kids.  Now my sister won't drive over to Ashcroft.  She pays for mail delivery.  


05/19/24 05:05 PM #11047    


Robert Derrick

For anyone who might be wondering about how Gary Jorden is recouping after our last reunion, he is recovering slowly, taking physical therapy (not bad looking therapist), ribs healing as well as sternum ( not 100% yet), but definitely on the road to recovery!  

05/20/24 07:56 AM #11048    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)

Thanks so much, Robert, for the update on Gary Jorden.  Happy to hear he's improving.  Recovering from those injuries takes time.  Grateful he's getting PT and nice he has a beauty to help him laugh

05/26/24 12:14 AM #11049    


Scotty Croom

did anyone know that frank jarrett died...funeral was today...

06/03/24 01:40 PM #11050    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Jenny Taylor, can you trace Laura Bowers?  She married Ronnie Matelski and has two children when I lost touch in 1975.  Ronnie worked for Aramco and they lived in Saudi Arabia at that time.

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