2014 Flings

No Fall Fling

 We had our 50th Class Reunion in October 2014

Spring Fling - April 5, 2014

Clay's Mini-Reunion

(We moved it from Pavillion to inside since we had a smaller group)


Janet & Ricky Strickland

Louis Klare and Llynn Roff

Louis Klare and Me

Scotty and Lola Croom

Becky and Johnny Sheffield

(Barbara Porter to the left)

Beverly Hengst and Fran Webster


Sorry last picture for the evening because this is where I dropped my camera on the concrete floor and crunched the telescopic lens! I was able to retrieve the memory card - so at least a few pics!

Not a Spring or Fall Fling - February 1, 2014

Reunion Committee Meeting & Celebrating Johnny's Retirement


Good times planning our 50th!

Janet and Ricky Strickland with their daughter

Barbara Porter and Johnny Sheffield

Jim and Beverly Hengst Allen

Becky and Johnny Sheffield

Charlie Burkhardt and Lynn Wren

Barbara Porter and Me

Lola Smith and Susan Howard

Our Gang!

Scotty Croom and me

Lola, Susan, Tom and Scotty

Barbara, Tom and Johnny

Celebrating Johnny's Retirement!

Leaving WHS 1964 and retiring 50 years later!

Cookie Cake was yummy! Thank you, Lynn

Barbara, Johnny and Lynn

To help the celebration along

Until next time!