2016 Flings

FALL FLING - Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fantastic ghoulish evening at Goode Company BBQ


Becky and Johnny Sheffield - Thank you Johnny for all your enthusiasm in getting our loving, caring, sharing Waltrip family together


Pat Wilcox '65 and Lynn Prewit

Pat Wilcox '65 and Barbara Porter

Lynn Prewit & Lynn Roff

Jimmy Hilsher '65, Lynn Prewit & Llynn Roff

Lyn & Terry Scheffer

Terry Scheffer, Johnny Sheffield and Ricky Strickland

Michele & Jimmy Hilsher '65

Gloria Hornick and Janet Strickland

Me - Jackie Crowe (Spider Woman) and Johnny Sheffield

The two little devils - Janet & Ricky Strickland

Laurice Edmiston & Sam Montalbano '63

Paige Talley & Richard Meek '65

Fran Webster & Becky Sheffield

Charlie Burkhardt & Diane Cunningham '72

Enjoying the evening

Teddie Jordan & Johnny Sheffield

Me & Teddie

Lynn Wren & Allen Geiser

John Roffall, Linda Bolton and Ronna Brand

Marilynn Wolfe, Meredith Hansel & Pat Wilcox '65

Cat lady, Barbara Porter & Larry York

Teddie Jordan, Johnny Sheffield & Ricky Strickland

Fran Webster & Teddie Jordan

Sharon Fugler & Scotty Croom

Sharon & Scotty - oops one of my spiders got him!

Howard Cannon & Llynn Roff

Howard, we were all glad to see you - it has been a long time!

Debbie York & Michele Hilsher

Me & Becky Sheffield

Beau Wann & others

Jimmy Hilsher '65 & Betty McKirahan '65

Jan & Jim Taylor

Gary Jorden '65, Dennis Hansel, J.B. Belflower, Lynn Prewit & Larry York

Alan Clark & Linda Martin

Donna Sanford '63 & Ralph Holle

Howard Cannon

Tom Gann & Howard Cannon (Quarterback on our football team)

Teddie Jordan & Betty Sherman

Betty & me - lots of laughs!

Me, Betty & Fran

Jenny Taylor & Mary Senske '65

Charlie Burkhardt, Fran Webster & Lynn Wren

Richard Kennedy & Beau Wann

Richard Meek '65, Tom Gann & Jim Taylor

Teddie Jordan, Gary Jorden '65 & J.B. Belflower

Susan Howard & Sam Bowman

Marilynn Wolfe & Gary Jorden '65

Paige Talley & Barbara Porter

Tonda Thiessen, Sandi Schlesinger, Fran Webster & Ronna Brand

Ron Kristynik & Judy Sheffield '74 (Johnny's little sister)

Tonda Thiessen, Linda Martin, Jenny Taylor, Mary Senske '65 & Sharron Lindstrom '65

Lynn Prewit, Sharron Lindstrom '65 & Allan Speer '63

Meredith & Dennis Hansel

Richard Kennedy & Charlie Burkhardt

Gloria Hornick & Mary Senske '65

Back of Susan Howard, Jenny Taylor & Barbara Porter

Goodnight until next time!

SPRING FLING - Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fabulous times at Goode Company BBQ


Let the party begin!!!

Johnny Sheffield, Barbara Porter, Pat Wilcox '65 and Lynn Prewit

Rick and Janet Strickland and Barbara Porter

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

Susan Howard and Charlie Burkhardt

Johnny Sheffield and Tom Gan

Lynn Wren, Jackie Crowe and Barbara Porter

Johnny Sheffield and Lynn Wren

Becky and Johnny Sheffield

Sandy and Jim Robinson - both '59 Reagan

Me and Charlie Burkhardt

Wayne Lake showing off his heart surgery!!

Larry and Debbie York

Michele and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Sandy Robinson - Reagan '59, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Jimmy's brother Charlie Hilsher - Reagan '60

Well, look who else is here from Reagan - surprise!!!

The Reagan gang!

Jim and Sandy Robinson and Charlie Hilsher

Sandy and Jim Robinson - '59 Reagan

Wayne Lake and Paige Talley

Larry and Debbie York, Wayne Lake and Charlie Hilsher - Reagan '60

And Larry says --- "And now, this is the way it is!"

Susan Howard and Tom Gann

Sandy and Jim Robinson, Dorothy Fowler '65 and Pat Wilcox '65

Dorothy Fowler '65, Susan Howard, Barbara Porter, me and Jimmie Lee Smith

Tonda Thiessen and Johnny Sheffield

Charlie Burkhardt, Lyn and Terry Scheffer

Me and Johnny Sheffield

Jim Allen and Bevery Hengst

Richard Meek '65 and Peck Boswell '67

Robert Derrick, Marilynn Wolfe and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Jimmie Lee Smith and Johnny Sheffield

Lynn Wren, Pat Wilcox '65, me, Sandi Schlesinger, Jimmie Lee Smith and Susan Howard

Scotty Croom and his friend, Sharon Fugler

Sharon Brenner, Diane Vandel and Linda Bradley

Johnny Sheffield and Tom Gann

Tom Gann and me


Ellen Kirby Joe & Victor Joe '67 and Mary Love '66

Rick Strickland, Scotty Croom, Janet Strickland and Sharon Fugler

Paige Talley, Rick Strickland and Scotty Croom

Jimmie Lee Smith and Ted Green '66

Susan Howard and Johnny Sheffield

Meredith and Dennis Hansel

Beau Wann and Diane Cunningham '72

David Fowler '66, Peck Boswell '67 and Tina Boswell '66

Teddie Jordan, Peck Boswell '67, Tina Boswell '66 and Robbie Boswell '64

Jimmie Lee Smith, Lynn Wren and Victor Joe '67

Jim Taylor and Bradley Seals

Jan and Jim Taylor and Bradley Seals

Ken and Connie Olivier

Llynn Roff

Diane Vandel and Yvonne Farrar '63

Laurice Edmiston and Sam Montalbano '63

Sam Montalbano '63, Laurice Edmiston, Linda Bolton and her husband, John Roffal and Ronna Brand

Pat Williamson and Tonda Thiessen

Ron Kristynik and Judy Sheffield '74

Ron Kristynik, Judy Sheffield '74 and her brother, Johnny Sheffield

Jimmy Stockton and me

Meredith Hansel, Pat Wilcox '65 and Marilynn Wolfe

Susan Howard, Fran Webster, Lynell Carapezza and Judy Ramsey

Robbie Boswell, Peck Boswell '67, Skeeter and Theresa Apostolo

Wayne Lake and Henny Banning

Wayne Lake and Roric Harrison

Henny Banning and Fran Webster

Henny Banning and her fiance, Roric Harrison

Wayne Lake and Dennis Hansel - serious talk!

Donna Sanford '63 and her husband, Ralph Holly

Sharon Drapela and Laurice Edmiston

Pat Clooney '67 and Johnny Sheffield

Pat Clooney '67 and her husband, Jim King '65

Tom Gann, Sharon Drapela and Llynn Roff

Until Next Fall Fling in October - Love to all!