Fuddrucker's - December 11, 2013

Still a load of fun, but missing a lot of our gang!

Boohoo a lot of empty tables!

But then we showed!


Fran Webster and Llynn Roff

Bro Beau Wann and Teddie Jordan

Lynn Prewit and me

Diane Cunningham '72 and Bro Beau - cute couple!


Llynn Roff and Jim Taylor

Teddie and Fran

Me and Fran

Serious look!


Sweet Teddie bought cookies for all of us!

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65 - still the newlyweds!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Hope to see everyone in January!

November Fuddrucker's (Barbara has a few pics I will add when I get them)


October 8, 2013

(So much fun, smaller group but hey it doesn't matter, still the wonderful smiles and laughs)

Llynn Roff and Barbara Porter

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan

Jim Taylor and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Me and Jimmy Hilsher '65


Even the movers who were exhausted came - BroBeau and Diane Cunningham '72

Jim Taylor, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Barbara Porter

Llynn Roff, Barbara Porter and Doug Romans


See all of you on Saturday the 26th at Clay's!

September 10, 2013

(It was wonderful to be back with my loving group!!  Hope to see more of you next month)

Jimmy Hilsher ' 65, Teddie Jordan and Bro Beau

Jimmy Hilsher '65, Lynn Wren and Teddie Jordan

Jimmy Robinson (Reagan '59) and his friend, Sandy

Dorothy Montgomery '65 and daughter

BroBeau Wann, Lynn Wren, me and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Charlie Burkhardt and Scotty Croom

Lola Croom

Jim Taylor

Gloria Hornick and Lola Croom

Serious thinking!

Barbara Porter, Lynn Wren and me

Such a loving couple, Diane Cunningham '72 and BroBeau Wann


August 13, 2013

(Thanks Barbara for the pics)

Richard Meek '65, Diane Cunningham '72 and Beau Wann

Sandy Orton and Jimmy Robinson '59 (Reagan)


Diane Vandel, Teddie Jordan, Fran Webster and Llyn Roff

Janet Strickland, Lola Croom, Scotty Croom and Rick Strickland

Dorothy Montgomery '65 & Kathy Fletcher '65


Our gang - Rick looks too serious!


Diane Vandel, Fran Webster, Lynn Prewit and Barbara Raines

Diane Vandel, Fran Webster, Gloria Hornick, Lynn Prewit, Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan


Fran Webster, Gloria Hornick, Lynn Prewit, Sandy Orton and Jimmy Robinson '59 (Reagan)


July 9, 2013

(Thanks Barbara for the pics)



Janet & Rick Strickland


Pat Wilcox '65 and Fran Webster

Beau Wann & Diane Cunningham '72

Roma Leah

Dennis Hansel, Pat Wilcox '65 and Lynn Prewit

Ken Olivier, Jim Taylor, Llynn Roff and Gary Tharp '65

Llynn Roff, Gary Tharp '65, Ken Olivier, Jim Taylor and Richard Meek '65

Llynn, Ken, Jim, Richard '65 and Barbara Porter

Jimmy Stockton, Fran Webster, Barbara Porter, Pat Wilcox '54 and Dennis Hansel

Fran Webster, Pat Wilcox '65, Jimmy Stockton, Teddie Jordan, Lynn Prewit and Dennis Hansel

(Front) Fran Webster, Pat Wilcox '65, (Back) Barbara Porter, Jimmy Stockton, Lynn Prewit and Dennis Hansel

Fuddrucker's - June 11, 2013

Thanks Beau and Diane for great pics

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and Diane Cunningham '72

Linda Webster '65

Richard Meek '65, Steve Lowe, Jim Taylor and Gloria Hornick

Jimmy and Diane

Paul Cox '63, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Teddie Jordan

Paul Cox '63, Barbara Porter and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Gloria Hornick, Lynn Wren, Fran Webster, Diane Cunningham '72, BroBeau Wann, Michele Hilsher and Charlie Burkhardt


Charlie Burkhardt, Janet & Rick Strickland, Teddie Jordan, Gloria Hornick and Lynn Wren

Our gang

Charlie Burkhardt, Lynn Wren and Fran Webster

Rick and Janet Strickland

Steve Lowe, Jim Taylor and Herbie Webb '63

Llynn Roff

Fuddrucker's - May 14, 2013

Thanks Beau and Diane for pics

Richard Meek '65 and Robbie Wallis '65

Charles Brawner and Teddie Jordan

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and James King

Lola Smith and Gloria Hornick

In Back - Charles Brawner, Teddie Jordan and Jimmy Hilsher '65

BroBeau Wann and Scotty Croom


Jimmie Lee Smith


Wayne Lake and BroBeau Wann

Teddie Jordan, Jimmie Lee Smith, Wayne Lake, BroBeau Wann and Charles Brawner

Gloria Hornick and Llynn Roff

___________, Cindy Jones '67, Suzy Webb, Herbie Webb '63, Mike Morgan '63, Richard Meek '65 and Sweetie Marbury '65

Mike Morgan '63, Herbie Webb '63 and his wife, Suzy

April 9, 2013

Thanks for the pics Barbara!

Sarrah Moseley, Linda Webster, Fran Webster and Gary Moseley

Sarah, Linda, Fran, Barbara Porter and Gary

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, Richard Kennedy and Teddie Jordan

Scotty Croom, Sarah Moseley, Lola Croom and Janet Strickland

Diane Cunningham '72, Llynn Roff and BroBeau Wann

Gary Moseley and Jimmy Robinson  '59 Reagan

Linda, Llynn and Fran

Linda, Llynn, Barbara, Fran and Sarrah

Janet and Rick Strickland

Janet Strickland and her beautiful quilt she made

Closer look --- Janet's beautiful work of art

Lola and Scotty Croom

Kay Kepler, Judy Ramsey, Mary Randall and Barbara Porter -- lunching together recently but not at Fudd's --- but wanted to share! 

March 12, 2013

Thanks again Barbara for pics

Janis Brinkmeyer '65, Fran Webster, Diane Cunningham '72, Paige Talley (New Bride) and Lola Croom

Scotty Croom

Our Scotty!

Richard Meek '65 (New Groom), Llynn Roff, Lynn Prewit, Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and Teddie Jordan

Gary Moseley and Wayne Lake

Lynn Roff, Lynn Prewit, Barbara Raines and Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Dennis Hansel

Diane Cunningham '72 and Beau Wann


February 12, 2013

Thanks for the great pics, Barbara


Our Gang!

Front Row - Linda Webster and Beau Wann

Mid Row - Lynn Wren, Richard Meek '65, Diane Cunningham '72 and Michelle Hilsher

Back Row - Richard Kennedy, Charlie Burkhardt, Wayne Lake, Teddie Jordan, Llynn Roff, Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Must be Mardi Gras Time!  Diane Cunningham '72 and Llynn Roff

Beau Wann and Charlie Burkhardt

Front - Charlie Burkhardt

Michelle Hilsher, Diane Cunningham '72 and Lynn Wren

Back - Beau Wann

Richard Meek '65

Lynn Wren and Charlie Burkhardt

Lynn Wren and Barbara Porter

Richard Meek '65, Llynn Roff, Richard Kennedy, Jimmy Robinson "59 Reagan and Gary Tharp '65

In the back ground - Teddie Jordan and Michelle Hilsher

Richard, Barbara and Llynn

Until next time!!


January 8, 2013 (Happy New Year!)

Thanks again Barbara for the pics!


Lynn Prewit and Pat Wilcox "65

Jimmy Stockton and Teddie Jordan

Jimmy Stockton and Barbara Porter

Richard Kennedy, Jim Taylor and Ken Olivier

Llynn Roff and Richard Meek '65

Llynn Roff, Barbara Porter and Richard Meek '65

BroBeau Wann and Diane Cunningham '72

Richard, Jim, Ken, Llynn and Richard '65

Until next month!!