December 11, 2012

Thanks Barbara for pictures!

Okay, Barbara had to come by and take a picture of me before she went to Fudd's so she could show everyone I was doing okay.  I had just gotten home and still had my coat on! 

It's me again! How do you like my new hairdo?

Miss y'all!!!!! crying

Lynn Prewit and Beau Wann

Lynn and Beau

Diane Cunningham '72, Richard Kennedy, Lynn Prewit and BroBeau Wann

Teddie Jordan, Jimmy Robinson, Pat Wilcox '65, Fran Webster and Betty McKirahan '65

Teddie Jordan, Jimmy Robinson, Gary Tharp '65 (background), Linda Webster '65, Pat Wilcox '65, Fran Webster and Betty McKirahan '65

Allen Geiser, _________, Jan & Jim Taylor

Linda, Pat, Fran, Betty, Allen, Gary Tharp '65 and Jimmy Robinson

November 13, 2012

Thanks Barbara for the great pictures

Teddie Jordan, Fran Webster, Suzy, Herbie's wife, Herbie Webb, Kirk Thompson '65, Jim Taylor, Ken Olivier, Sharon Allen, Linda Webster '65, Jimmy Hilsher '65

Richard Kennedy and Jimmy Robinson (Reagan '59)

Barbara Porter and Fran Webster

Richard Kennedy, Wayne Lake and Jimmy Robinson

Kirk Thompson '65 and Richard Meek '65

Suzie and Herbie Webb and Jim Taylor

Linda Webster '65 and Jimmy Hilsher '65


October 9, 2012

Barbara Porter, Tom Gann, Lynn Wren and Johnny Sheffield

Barbara, Tom, Me and Johnny

Dennis Hansel and Gary Jordan '65

Jimmy Hilsher '65, Sharon Allen and Richard Meek '65

Robert Derrick and BroBeau Wann

Judy Koudelka, Marilynn Wolfe and Meredith Hansel

Lynn Wren and Charlie Burkhardt

Me, Sharon and Tom

September 11, 2012

Teddie Jorden, Lynn Prewit and Beau Wann

Lynn, Barbara and Beau

Diane Cunningham '72 and Fran Webster

Linda Webster


Scotty Croom, Richard Kennedy and Lola Croom

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, ______________ and Llynn Roff

Richard Kennedy, Frankie Cannon and her husband


Fran Webster and Frankie Cannon

Beau, Diane and Jimmy 

Jimmy and Linda

Jimmy, Teddie, Beau and Richard

Diane and Barbara

 August 14, 2012

Barbara Porter and Lola Croom

Scotty Croom, Ricky and Janet Strickland

Scotty Croom, Ricky and Janet Strickland

Teddy Jordan and Diane Cunningham '72

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, Me and BroBeau Wann

Me and Gary Moseley

Richard Meek '65 and Teddie Jordan


Jim Taylor and Teddie Jordan

BroBeau, Richard and Diane

BroBeau and Me

Sarrah Moseley and Fran Webster

Teddie, Gary, Sarrah and Fran

Fran, Me, Gary and Sarrah

Barbara, Jimmy, Beau and Diane

Diane and Barbara

See ya'll on the 11th of September

July 10, 2012

Sorry I missed, but heard everyone had a great time and especially the leg or as Teddie called it the Knobby Knee Contest.  Thanks Barbara for taking these great pictures!

Okay  here's the picture everyone has been waiting to see.

Guess who?


Barbara knows how to take pictures - HOT STUFF!


Happy Birthday to Lola Croom!

BroBeau, Sharon Allen and Robert

Scotty, Janet, Diane Cunningham '72, BroBeau and Sharon

Jim Taylor, Sharon Allen and Jan Taylor

Fran Webster and Lola Croom

Happy 42nd Anniversary to Ricky and Janet Strickland!!

Lola and Scotty Croom


Kirk Thompson '65 and Suzanne Vickers '65

Teddie Jordan and Llynn Roff

Lynn Prewit, Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and Dennis Hansel

Lynn, Jimmy, Barara Porter and Dennis

Teddie and Llynn

Teddie Jordan and Lola Croom

Fran and Teddie Jordan


Barbara and Fran

Diane Cunningham '72 and Richard Meek '65

Okay have you solved the mystery legs?  Here's a BIG clue for two, but who is number 3?

Our usual humorous guys! - Go good looking legs!

June 12, 2012

A wonderful night even though the weather was crummy!

Teddie Jordan, Richard Meek '65 and BroBeau Wann

Richard, me and BroBeau with his Rollng Thunder adventure!

Jimmy Hilsher '65, Jimmy Robinson ('59 Reagan), Jimmy Stockton and Llynn Roff

Jack Bevil '66 and his wife, Polly

Jack's son, Dafydd and his wife

Fran Webster, Lola Croom and Lynn Wren


Our Scotty!

Fran Webster, Lynn Wren, Jennie Anderson '65, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Linda Webster '65

Llynn, Scotty, Teddie and Lola

Charlie Burkhardt and Charlie and Lynn's precious grandsons, Kooper and Kade

AWWW true love!  Diane Cunningham '72 and BroBeau Wann

Jack Bevil '66, Llynn Roff and Doug Romans

BroBeau's Rolling Thunder Patriot Journey to Washington DC to pay tribute and honor to our military - May 2012

Jennie Anderson '65 and Linda Webster '65

Fran Webster and Barbara Porter

May 8, 2012

Smaller group of 15, but still the fun!


Teddie Jordan and Lola Croom


Barbara Porter and Scotty Croom


Jack Bevil '66 and Llynn Roff


Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and Stan Stark


BroBeau Wann, Lynn Prewit, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Teddie Jordan


BroBeau, Lynn, me and Jimmy


Janet and Ricky Strickland and Barbara Porter


Jack Bevil '66 and Llynn Roff

(Back) Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, Stan Stark and Teddie Jordan


Diane Cunningham '72, BroBeau, Lynn and Jimmy


Diane Cunningham '72 and BroBeau Wann

Hope to see all of you in Juneheart!


Tuesday, April 10

Thanks Barbara for the pictures - sorry you didn't get in any of them!

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, Linda Webster '65, Richard Meek '65, Kirk Thompson '65 and Kirk's sister, Debra Thompson Smith '69

Scotty Croom, Fran Webster and Lola Croom

Lola, Scotty and Fran

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Teddie Jordan

Richard Meek '65, Kirk Thompson '65, Kirk's sister, Debra Thompson Smith '69, Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and Linda Webster '65

BroBeau Wann and Diane Cunningham '72

Kirk Thompson '65 and his sister, Debra Thompson Smith '69

Teddie Jordan, Llynn Roff and Scotty Croom

Richard Meek '65, Suzanne Vickers '65, Kirk Thompson '65, Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and behind Suzanne, Llynn Roff


Tuesday, March 13

It only gets better!  What fun!!

Fran Webster and Llynn Roff


Our Johnny and Wayne Lake!


Me and Jimmy Robinson ('59 Reagan)

Fran and Teddie

The Richards!  Richard Kennedy and Richard Meek '65


Barbara Porter and Johnny Sheffield

Me and Johnny

Ricky and Janet Strickland and Johnny


Lola and Scotty Croom


Linda Webster '65 and Jimmy Hilsher '65


Ken Olivier, BroBeau Wann and Jim Taylor

Johnny and Teddie

Diane Cunningham '72 and BroBeau Wann

Dennis Hansel and Jimmy Robinson ('59 Reagan)

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and me

Doug Romans and Scotty Croom

Our "good time" group!

Llynn, Richard, Teddie, Fran and Doug

Linda Webster '65 and Jimmy Robinson ('59 Reagan)

Until next time!

Tuesday, February 14 heart

Oh, what a great Valentine Fun Night!


Jim and Beverly (Hengst) Allen and Beverly (Sanford) Bischoff in middle


Greg Bischoff and Robert (Sharon's significant one) and Sharon Allen

Ricky and Janet Strickland

Darlene McGee '66 and her husband, Duane Josephson

The guys - Jimmy Hilsher '65, Wayne Lake, Gary Moseley and Teddie Jordan

Jimmy, Wayne, Gary and me

Cindy Hightower '66 and Robbie Wallis '65

Paige Talley and Richard Kennedy

Jenny Anderson '65 and Linda Webster '65

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan and Diane Cunningham '72

Jimmy Hilsher '65

Me and Jimmy

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

Diane Cunningham '72 and BroBeau Wann

Jan and Jim Taylor

Ted and Fran (Webster) Jordan

Robert and Sharon Allen

Gary and Sarrah Moseley

Paige Talley and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Richard Kennedy and me

BroBeau and Doug Romans

Greg Bischoff, Beverly Hengst and Beverly Sanford

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We started the year off right with lots of laughs!

Scotty Croom, Ricky and Janet Strickland and Lola Croom

Fran Webster and Gloria Hornick

Wayne Lake, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Linda Webster '65

Barbara Porter and Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan

Barbara Porter

Richard Meek '65, Jack Bevil '66 and Llynn Roff

Ricky Strickland, Diane Cunningham '72, Teddie Jordan, Beau Wann, Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, Janet Strickland and Lola Croom

 Glorida Hornick and Me

BroBeau Wann

Barbara Porter and Diane Cunningham '72