2023 Flings



Fall Fling - October 21, 2023

Harris County Smokehouse in Tomball


Johnny and Becky Sheffield. Lynn Burkhardt (Wren)


Becky Sheffield and Lynn Burkhardt (Wren)



Sam Montalbano and Gerald Burd


Susan Howard (Bowman) and Barbara Porter (Raines)


Diane Cunningham (Wann '72), Richard (65) and Paige Talley (Meek)


Ronna Brand, Laurice Edmiston (Montalbano), Linda Bolton (Roffall)


Tony Maddox, Dennis Hansel, Jimmy and Michele Hilsher


Tonda Theissen


Lynell Carapezza (Johnson)


Llynn Roth and Rodger Reynolds
Jimmy Hilsher ('65), Larry and Debbie York
Johnny Sheffield
Teddie Jordan, Larry and Debbie York
Dennis Hansel and Pat Wilcox '65 (Prewitt)
Meredith Hansel and Shelia Webb
Tony Maddox
File Pictures
Wayne Lake
Shirley and Don Ellisor
Robert Crocheron
Thanks to Lynn Burkhardt for taking these pictures.  If anyone has any pictures they took, please email them to me, Beverly Allen (Hengst) jballen269@yahoo.com and I will post them.   We apologize if anyone was there and we missed taking your picture.