Fuddrucker gatherings have been discontinued as of 10/21/15 we will continue to have our Spring/Fall Flings in April and October.


September 8, 2015

Thanks Teddie for the pictures, sorry I couldn't make it.

Fran Webster, Suzy Jones '66 and Shiela Thiessen '66 (Tonda's sister)

 Richard Meek '65 and Paige Talley

BroBeau and Diane Cunningham '72

Mary Greer '67 and Mary Love '66

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Teddie Jordan

(Reminder - no Fuddrucker's in October, see y'all at our Fall Fling on Saturday, October 17 - Goode Company BBQ - see details on Homepage.)

August 11, 2015

Small Group, but at least we had A/C this time! 

Scotty and  Lola Croom

Lola Croom

Sandy and Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan

Me and Jim Taylor

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

Barbara Porter and Jim Taylor

Diane Cunningham '72 (Beau was at home), Pat Wilcox '65,

Lynn Prewit and Jimmy Hilsher '65

July 14, 2015

Oh, yes, this was a HOT night at Fudd's in more ways than one! No A/C but lots of fans - a great group under the circumstances, all the usual laughs and funlaugh

Thanks to Lynn Wren --- Birthday cookie for our July folks!  And it was delicious!

 Barbara Porter and Richard Kennedy

 Me and Richard

 BroBeau Wann, Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65 (sorry for the blurrrrrr)

 Diane Cunningham '72 and BroBeau

 Sandy and Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan

Lynn Prewit and Charlie Burkhardt

Sarrah and Gary Moseley

Scotty Croom and Linda Webster '65

Lola and Scotty Croom


Lynn Wren and Fran Webster

Me, Lynn Roff and Barbara Porter

Richard Kennedy and Herbie Webb '63

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, Sandy Robinson '59 Reagan and Teddie Jordan

The Gang

Mary Greer '67 and Mary Love '66

Charlie Burkhardt with his daughter, Kaye and grandsons, Kooper and Kad

Me and Lynn Wren (July 15 was her birthday)

Barbara Porter and Fran Webster

Sandy, Jimmy, Teddie, Herbie and Lynn

Linda Webster '65 and Lynn Wren

Until next month - and hopefully A/C is cooling

June 9, 2015

Grand good times at Fudd's - and a super nice surpise, Beau and Diane came!

Fran Webster and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Jim Taylor, Llynn Roff and Ken Olivier

Barbara Porter, Lynn Wren, Charlie Burkhardt and Lynn Prewitt

Lynn Prewit and me

Sandy and Jimmy Robinson ('59 Reagan)

Llynn Roff and Paige Talley

Jim Taylor and Barbara Porter

Sandy, Beau and Jimmy

Fran Webster, Charlie Burkhardt and Lynn Wren


Teddie Jordan and Fran Webster

The guys having plenty of laughs!  Jimmy Hilsher '65, Lynn Prewit and Teddie Jordan

Me and Charlie Burkhardt

BroBeau and Diane Cunningham '72

Sandy, Teddie and Jimmy

Diane Cunningham '72, Charlie Burkhardt, Lynn Wren and Beau Wann

Saying our "Good-byes" until next month!


May 12, 2015

Rainy weather kept many away, but still a lot of laughs with our small group!

Rain didn't keep our Corvette guys from showing!

Lynn Prewit showing off his new Corvette --- Hot, hot, hot!

Proud owner!

I'd be beaming, too!

Good looking interior - how would you like to be behind this steering wheel!





Another proud Corvette owner - Jim Taylor

Fine looking!

Comparing rides


Teddie Jordan and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Llynn Roff

Richard Meek '65 and Paige Talley

Me and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Paige Talley, Teddie Jordan & Fran Webster

Back of Barbara, Llynn, Jim, Richard, Paige and Fran

Barbara Porter, Teddie Jordan and Llynn Roff

Jim Taylor

A goodnight handshake until next time!

April 2015 - no Fuddrucker's because of Spring Fling

March 10, 2015

Another good gathering!

Barbara Porter and Teddie Jordan

Llynn Roff and Louis Klare

Jim Taylor, Ken Olivier, Llynn Roff and Louis Klare

Jimmy Hilsher '65, Louis Klare, Fran Webster, Paige Talley, Ken Olivier, Richard Meek '65 and Jim Taylor

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and me

Looks too serious to me!

Jimmy Hilsher, Fran Webster and Paige Talley

Our Birthday Boy, Richard Meek --- look at the fancy cake - cookie with lollipop, well at least he felt loved!

February 10, 2015

Happy Valentinesheart

What can I say --- just a wonderful evening with our group!smiley

Barbara Porter and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Llynn Roff, Gary Jorden '65 and Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan

Barbara Porter and Teddie Jordan

Barbara Porter, Jimmy Hilsher '65 and me

BroBeau Wann and Diane Cunningham '72

Gary Jorden, Lynn Prewit, Robert Derrick and Teddie Jordan

Gary Jorden, Lynn Prewit, me and Robert Derrick

Fran Webster, Barbara Porter and Paige Talley

Sandy Orton Robinson

Jimmy ('59 Reagan) and his bride, Sandy Orton Robinson


Robert Derrick and me - pretty colorful yellow and red!

Richard Meek '65 and Barbara Porter

Teddie Jordan and Fran Webster

Paige Talley and Richard Meek '65

Barbara Porter's new leg brace!  She does extremely well getting around considering ------

Richard Meek '65 and Llynn Roff

Awww the parties over until next time!

January 13, 2015

(Sorry I was not there had the flu.  Hoping to get pictures from others that came)