2021 Flings

Summer Fling - August 21,2021

Harris County Smokehouse in Tomball

Thanks to Johnny and Lynn for organizing this Fling!


Johnny Sheffield and Becky


Laurice Edmiston and Sam Montalbano


Walter Etie and Colleen ('65)


Dick Carden, Barbara (Porter) Raines, Tom Gann


Ted Jordan and Fran Webster Jordan


Sheila (Gilbert) Webb and Heather


John Goyen and Pat


Lloyd Pond and Bear


Jim King


Gary Moseley and Linda Webster


Jimmie (Smith) Brawner and Fran (Webster) Jordan


Tony Maddox leading the Oak Forest Elementary school song


Richard Kennedy


Lynn Prewit and Pat (Wilcox) '65


Dennis Hansel and Meredith


Johnny Sheffield and Lloyd Pond


Terry Scheffer and Lyn


Jenny (Taylor) Williams and Paul Paske


Llynn Roff


Gary Moseley and Sarrah


Ted Jordan, Beau Wann and Diane


Jimmy Hilsher and Michele


Linda (Bolton) Roffall, Ronna Brand, Gloria (Hornick) Walker


Kay (Watters) Greene


Tony Maddox and Tom Gann


Sharon (Allen) Richards


Thanks to Jimmie (Smith) Brawner for taking these pictures