50th School Anniversary-2009

50th Anniversary CELEBRATION of Waltrip High School

November 2009 - Sponsored by Waltrip's Senior Class

We understand even though students were not there until 1960 - the official opening of school with the teachers was 1959.

Classical cars at the entrance of Waltrip

LG and Carol Shapiro

Me and Barbara Porter

Scotty and Lola Croom

Lola, Barbara and Scotty

Wow - that brings back memories

Let's take a memory walk through these doors!

Registration Table in front of Main Office

Looking towards auditorium


They had tables for each decade -- this was the 60's - I added some of our '64 pictures!

They had a slide show going in the far far far corner -- I sent them some of the '64 pictures.

Ellen Clifton and her husband, Duane Caine

Waltrip Ram and Barbara

Just folks walking down the hall towards cafeteria

Main Office

Imperial Guard display the Guard Alumni gave to the school -- it's wonderful but the mannequin - OMG!

Our awesome Ripple!

Praetorian Creed

Imperial Guard sweather and Guard song by Bunnie Paine '64

Look our "Robin Hood" shoes!


Drum and Bugle -- we played our hearts out!

This is displayed next to main office

Waltrip's Jazz Band was playing in the auditorium

Richard Meek '65 enjoying the music

Barbara Porter and Richard Meek '65

Waltrip Jazz Band

How many times did we sit here!

Back to cafeteria - tables on left were for silent auction

Tom Tucker '66

Tommy Tucker '66 and Frank Banning '66

Principal with '64 class - we were the oldest group. He's holding the Proclamation - Waltrip 50th Anniversary Day


They took a group photo of all Waltrip Alumnis in attendance -- hopefully I can get a copy of that picture. This was at end of event and sadly many had already left.

As we were leaving -- our class picture

Standing under our '64 class picture

Barbara Porter, Lola and Scotty Croom and me

Barbara Porter, Lola and Scotty Croom and me standing under our '64 Class picture

Heading home -- what memories!

Waltrip High, we sing to thee,
Our loyalty we raise.
Strong and noble always,
These tributes we now praise.

Waltrip High School celebrates their 50th Anniversary (again)

October 15-17, 2010 (1960 - 2010)

(Sponsored by Imperial Guard Alumnae and All Classes)

Friday, October 14 - Sheraton Brookhollow

Richard Meek '65

Barbara Porter and Doug Romans

Waltripites - Class ?

Scotty Croom

Scotty Croom,Wendy Sherrill, Lynell Carapezza and me, Jackie Crowe

Joyce Barta '65 and Scotty Croom

Tom Gann

Unidentified Waltripite and Jennie Anderson '65

Richard Meek '65, Doug Romans and Joyce Barta

Tom Gann, Debbie Sherrill'62, Norman Adams'62 and Scotty Croom

Scotty Croom and Suzie May'65

Saturday, October 16 - Before Parade - lineup at Oak Forest Elementary

Bill Sherrill '67 in the driver's seat



Our mascot!!!!!



Tony Maddox

Tom Gann

And the Parade begins down Oak Forest to Waltrip!

End of parade now we're heading for Waltrip

Barbara Porter - yes, seems like yesterday we were here!

How many steps did we take up and down these halls!

S. P. Waltrip

Visiting in the library (new since we were there) with Barbara Porter and Mary Huebner

Mary Huebner Peek - Teacher of the Year

More visiting before the BBQ luncheon and program - Tom Gann to right

Mr. and Mrs. Cole (Miss Sandra Lee) and Tom Gann


Nancy (West) Herbster and Sandra (Lee) Cole - Imperial Guard Sponsors - Mrs. Cole was the first sponsor

Thank you for all your dedicated hard work

Me (Jackie Crowe), Miss Lee (Mrs. Cole) & Barbara Porter - it has been 46 years since we've seen her - what a highlight to the celebration!

Barbara Porter and Tom Gann

It's BBQ time in the cafeteria -- hasn't changed except notice the air conditioning vents and no jukebox

Norman Adams '62 in red cap

He's a Waltrip Ram through and through

Gloria Hornick and Tom Gann

Gloria Hornick, Barbara Porter and Patty Payne

Tom Gann, Linda Martin and her husband

Gloria Hornick and her brother, Paul Hornick

Debbie Sherrill '62

We're on way down the hall to auditorium for program

Norman Porter '66 (Barbara's brother) and Barbara Porter

Norman will be singing in Dr. Jack Bevil's group

The 60's seating area

Welcome from Terry Burge, Publisher of The Leader

Our MC for the program

David Patronella '75 - "Through the Years" - a Historical Review of Waltrip's Achievements

Front and center - Cookie Joe '71 - Cookie Joe Dancin' Studio

"Dancing Our Way Through the Years"

Cookie Joe Dancin' Studio

Dancing to the Beach Boys

Cookie Joe '71 and all her students

State Representative Debbie Young Riddle '67

Terry Burge and Senator John Whitmire '68 presenting Proclamation and Flag and "Waltrip's Influence on My Life"

Cindy Greene Reibenstein '72 - Event Chair

Waltrip Imperial Guard Alumnae

Jon Enloe '61 - (sorry lighting was bad)

Alma Mater History by Jon Enloe

We are the only high school in the nation that composed it's own Alma Mater song

This was part of a slideshow presentation

Jon's original writing of our "Waltrip High"

His story --- Joe Stuessy had already composed the music but Jon had not written the lyrics. One day Mr. Cotton questioned him if they had finished the song and he lied to Mr. Cotton and said "yes". But that lie backfired on him --- Mr. Cotton asked to see the final version by the end of the day. Of course he had not written one single word. At lunchtime he wrote the lyrics -- not having any paper on him, he tore the last page out of his Webster dictionary and wrote the words to our school song! Amazing story we never knew!

And the final resuts!


Part of the presentation - video of Imperial Guard '71 at halftime. Notice the shorter skirts and only drum and bugle.

Dr. Jack Bevil '66 conducting "A Waltrip Fantasy" his arrangement. It was heavenly! Then we all sing our Alma Mater - very emotional moment.

Norman Porter '66 in the very back - Jack Bevil and Jon Enloe in front

Back in the library for cake and punch


George McKirahan '66 and Barbara Porter '64

Pat Clooney '67 facing

Barbara and I walking the halls upstairs - look at shutters on left up above the lockers - remember they were open for air circulation - now closed since air installed.

Walked through those doors many times - do you remember the tile on second floor walls being pink? Not me ----

Lockers and combination locks - don't miss them!

View from 2nd Floor staircase - front of school

Barbara and I were laughing -- how in the world did we make it up and down those stairs! Well, one - youth and second - flat shoes, no heels as we were wearing!

Our '64 Class Picture

Barbara and I walked down to the Guard Room

A lot of hard work and planning went on behind this door!

Guard Room back of us and gyms are off to the right as we're walking back to the Main Entrance

The huge tree is still there

And the parking lot

Little bits of memories,
most over fifty years old
bouncing up against one another
spilling into my present consciousness
a bit of this and a measure of that ...

(Raymond A. Foss)

Delmar Stadium

Picture taken by Tom Gann as he and Tony Maddox were cruising the old neighborhood on Friday (October 15). At lot of action and football stories on this field -------

Tom Gann was the only one in our senior class to play both football and basketball for Waltrip and suited up for the Houston City Championship games for both in our senior year. Delmar Football Stadium and Basketball Field House. The 1964 Waltrip graduating class was known as "The Class of Champions" for it's many City and Zone Championships in a multiple number of athletic accomplishments, an excellent Drill Team and many other activities that exemplified Truth, Honor and Integrity. We simplify respect and discipline within.


Tony Maddox - a great feeling to be standing here again!

Look under "Football" tab for the Football Dinner at Cadillac Bar honoring Coach Burton and Mr. Tusa on Thursday, October 14.