Elementary & early years

Compliments of Robert Derrick - Ice Storm 1950

Mr. Mason a neighbor on left, Robert's dad to right and of course sweet little Robert standing in front of the house his dad built.


Per Robert - "We are in front of  the house he was building on Milwee St that I grew up in. Notice how rural the area was. Milwee is  just south of Mangum Manor. This might have been before Mangum Manor was built.  Dont't remember much, I was about 4. 

Robert and his dad














Cute Robert with his dog, Cookie

Katherine Smith - 1957 - 5th Grade - Compliments of Jim Taylor

Mr. Gehring's fifth grade class - 1957 Katherine Smith Elementary

Back Row: Greg Lefebvre, Larry Smith, Thomas ??. Johnny Gibbs, April Kleinman, Glenda McDonald, Karin Tron, Honey Harrison

Third Row: Mr. Gehring, Linda Bolton, Anna ?, Tonda Theissen, Diane Rouse, Ruthellen Winters, Pat Williamson, John T?, Sharon Pratt, Donald Shaw

Second row:  Guadalupe ??, Nathan ??, Charlie Chupik, James Powell, Charlene Pease(?), Melanie Childress, Mary Huebner, Georgia Wall, Sharon Pintsch, Carolynn ??

Front Row:  James ??, Ramona ??, Jim Taylor, Raymond Haefy, Lynn Bledsoe, Bill ??, Richard ??, Nassim Joseph, Lloyd Bales


Katherine Smith - 1958 - 6th Grade - Compliments of JimTaylor

Per Jim - Mr. Bass's sixth grade class in 1958. Please fill in the names I can't remember.

Mr. Bass's sixth grade class in 1958 - Katherine Smith

Back Row: Larry Smith, ?, ?, ?, Johnny Gibbs

Third Row: Ruth Ellen Winters, Diane Rouse, ?, James Powell, Gary Alexander, Charles Chupik (I think), Sharon Pintsch, Melanie Childress

Second Row: Mary Huebner, Linda Bolton, ?, April Kleinman, Glenda McDonald, Charlene ??, Karin Tron, Georgia Wall, Mr. Bass

First Row: Honor Stein, Jim Taylor, Raymond Haefy, Lynn Bledsoe, ?, Sharon Pratt, Pat Williamson, Tonda Theissen


Brenda Quine sent me these elementary pictures from Oak Forest 1951 and 1952 and Stevens 1954

Oak Forest 1951

Brenda Quine - front row - third from the right.

 Oak Forest 1952

Brenda top row - first on the left


Stevens 1954

Brenda Quine - middle row - fourth from left

I spy Richard Brimberry, Judy Pike ----


Compliments of Johnny Sheffield - the other Stevens '54 Class

Stevens 1954 - the other class

I spy Johnny S, Barbara McKay, Ann Morehouse, Sandra Bracey, Skeeter, Bradley Seal,


Compliments of Robert Derrick - he and Cathie Parker (Jan. 1961)

Compliments of Sheryl Knight

Donna Webb, Sheryl Knight and Sheryl's sister, Beverly  when they lived on Hewitt

Top right - Barbara Ellison and Sheryl Knight, Far left bottom - Linda Webster, Sheryl and her mother, Far right - Betty McKirahan

Compliments of Robert Derrick



















Compliments of me- Jackie Crowe

Look what I found!!  Troop 371 - Lula M. Stevens

L to R - (me) Jackie Crowe, Ann Morehouse, Marion Mullenix and Ronna Brand

Janice Oliver's mom was our troop leader and then later Barbara McKay's mom

 Look at these names!  Wow, brings back a lot of fun times!  Remember all our craft projects we did in the garage at Mrs. McKay's house on TC Jester and Libbey.


This is the 1957 Oaks Dad's Club American League Champion Indians. We were coached by Mr. Cody Foley (Ricky Strickland's step-father) and Mr. Montgomery (Jim's dad ), two great gentlemen. Front Row L-R, Kenneth Flowers, Billy Dietrich, Mike O'Brien ( our star pitcher ) Jackie Mills, Ricky Strickland, and Jerry Russell. Back Row L-R, John Gould, Mr. Montgomery, Jim Montgomery, Theodore Jordan, Sandy Howard, Gary Keith, Walter Etie, Dennis Johnson, Jim Whithey, and Dick Smith. Once again it is amazing how many of us stayed together and went on to graduate Waltrip together. There was a sign on the outfield wall that I've always remembered and it said, " No man stands taller than he who stoops to help a child ". Truer words were never spoken.

 Oak Forest Elementary 1952 First Grade Class taught by sweet and kind Mrs. Semeyn, Front Row L-R, Tony Condon, Jane Rhoades ?, Boy ?, Girl ?, Boy ?, Girl ?, Boy ?, Sherry Luster, Boy ?. Middle Row L-R, Lynn Gregory, Boy?, Lynell Carapezza, Scotty Croom, Girl ?, Richard Brimberry, Mickey Jean Rossler, Boy ?. Back Row L-R, Theodore Jordan, Beverly ?, Doug McCuen, Girl ?, Bennie Baldwin, Helen Halbkat, Tony Maddox.

Compliments of Barbara Porter

Garden Oaks Elementary - 1957 her class


Compliments of Jimmy Lee Smith Brawner

Garden Oaks Elementary

Garden Oaks 1953

Back Row - Cynthia Williams, Freddie Warren, Neal Rabenburgs, Barbara Porter, Emily Tucker, (not sure of next girl), Sharon Cox, Robin Jones, Cheryl Perry, Bunny Paine, (not sure)

Middle Row - Arthur Manson, Richard Gardner, Chipper Kingsbury, Diane Jaenecke, Betty Scheidemantel, Chylene Jaenecke, Gary Ross, (not sure), Linda Williams

Front Row - Jimmie Lee, Mary Ann Miller, Penny Guerard, Charlotte St. John, Claudia Johnson, Leroy Cox, Allen Weinstein, Lloyd Pond, (not sure), Eddie Waneke 

Garden Oaks 1954

Back Row - Virginia Saile, Tommy Oakes, Sylvia Aaron, Freddie Warren, Frances Lute, Chipper Kingsbury, Linda Williams, Ray Snow

Next Row - Larry Southworth, Allen Weinstein, Charlene Motl, Robert Walls, Laura Pierce, Richard Gardner, Sharon Cox, George Jansen?, Robin Jones, Neal Starkey, (not sure)

Next Row - Carol Gerling, Gayle DeGeorge, John Long, Jan Field,(not sure), Frankie Belle Denton, Leroy Cox, Tonda Thiessen, Don Kelly?, Claudia Johnson, (not sure)

Front Row - Jimmie Lee, Penny Guerard, Helen Ludtke, Barbara Dyer, Cheryl Perry, Cathy Parker, Diane Jaenecke, Ferrell Beddell, Cynthia Williams

Garden Oaks 1955

Back Row - Ray Snow, (not sure), Bill Allen, Larry Southworth, (not sure)

Next Row - Jimmie Lee, (not sure), Billy Welch, Robin Jones, Earl Shillings, Mike McFall?, Frank Vaughters, Laura Pierce

Next Row - (not sure), Monty Huffington, Larry Ross, (not sure), (not sure), James Harrell, Robert Walls, Freddie Warren

Front Row - (not sure), (not sure), Gayle DeGeorge, Jan Field, (not sure), Cathy ?, (not sure), Polly Sue Buckalew


Garden Oaks 1956

Back Row - George _____?, Ray Snow, Larry Southworth, Gerry Burkhardt, Bobby Schmanske, (not sure), Cynthia Boudreau, Carol Newberry, Laura Pierce

Next  Row - Sharon Walker, Karen Pippert, Bunny Paine, Virginia Saile, Ferrell Beddell, (not sure), Sylvia Aaron, Diane Jaenecke, Mary Vaughan?

Next Row - Allen Weinstein, Mike McFall, David Zaring, (not sure), Robert Walls, James Harrell, Chip Kingsbury, Denny Jones, Tommy Britton?

Front Row - Cathy Parker, Jimmie Lee, (not sure), Claudia Johnson, Jan Jarnigan, Cathy ?, Frankie Belle Denton, Jan Field, Gayle DeGeorge


Garden Oaks 1957

Back Row - Larry Southworth, Carol Newberry, Laura Pierce, (not sure), Linda Williams, Sharon Walker, Frances Lute, James Brown

Next Row - Karen Pippert, (not sure), Bunny Paine, Barry Watkins?, (not sure), Ray Snow, Cynthia Williams, (not sure)

Next Row - (not sure), Sylvia Aaron, Kenneth Williams?, Robin Jones, Richard Gardner, Charlene Motl, Mike McFall, Diane Jaenecke

Next Row - (not sure), (not sure), David Zaring, Robert Walls, James Harrell, Randy George, Butch Mitchmore, Tommy Britton?

Front Row - Jimmie Lee, Barbara Brossard, Cynthia English, Kathy Mc?, (not sure), Helen Ludtke, Jan Field, Barbara Roesler


Garden Oaks 1958

Back Row - Gail Williams, (? Milligan), Laura Pierce, (not sure), Larry Southworth, Russell Richards

Next Row - Barry Watkins, Carol Newberry, Bunny Paine, Karen Pippert, Jimmie Lee, Cynthia Williams, Mike McFall

Next Row - Robin Jones, Charlene Motl, Sylvia Aaron, Robert Walls, James Harrell, Butch Mitchmore, Tommy Britton

Front Row - (not sure), ? Milligan, Barbara ?, Helen Ludtke, Barbara Roesler, Cathy ?, Jan Field

Compliments of Tony Maddox - his Oak Forest Pictures

some are different from Burgess and Ted's pictures

Oak Forest - 1954

Oak Forest - 1955

Oak Forest - 1956

Oak Forest 1957 & 68

Compliments of Wendy Sherrill -- guess the rest!

Compliments of Larry Shelton - Cooley Elementary

1951, 1952, 1953 and 1954

Compliments of Teddie Jordan - Oak Forest Mid-Termers

 1957/58 - 6th Grade Mrs. Wommack

From Teddie Jordan - I have run across a class photo from our sixth grade " midtermer " class at

Oak Forest Elementary and I thought maybe it would brighten some spirits. You will recognize quite

 a few names if not their faces and it is amazing to me looking back at how many of us went all the way

 through together. 


I know you'll probably want to put it in the " Guess Who "  section and that's a good place for it but

just for the record the following is most of the names:


Frnt row, L-R - Pam Morgan,  Bobby Chroceron, Harold Wann, ( I already sent it to him and his

comment was " Why Oh why did they have to put me in the front row ? I told him it was because he

 was such a sharp dresser ), Doyle Welsh


2nd row, L-R- Sara Huntley, Barbara McKee, Sharon  ? , Janet   ? , Sherry Luster, Girl   ? , Jackie Waneck, Lynell Carapezza, Jane Rhodes


3rd row, L-R- Carl Sorenson, Patricia Shutte, Elvis, Doug McCuen, Bobby Elskes, Dennis Dorsey,

Jimmy Devore, David Acree,


Top row, L-R- David Keonig, Lloyd Grissom, Linda Kellogg, Rod King, Tommy Jatzlau, Chester Hyde,

Mary Randall, Janie Hartman, Eloise Denny


The man teacher I believe is Mr.  Carlilse and the lady must be sweet Mrs. Wommack, but she sure

doesn't look like I remember her. Another mystery is the absence of Helen Halbkat who was always in our

class but is not in the picture. Hopefully someone will know the answer to both of these.

Compliments of Burgess Webb

Oak Forest Elementary 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954,

1955, 1956 and 1957 (6th Grade)

Oak Forest - 1951

Oak Forest 1952

Oak Forest 1953


Oak Forest 1954

Oak Forest 1955

Oak Forest 1956

Oak Forest 1957/58

 A little hint -- the person that sent these pictures of Oak Forest

Compliments of Scotty Croom -- Guess Who - Stevens, Black and

Waltrip Classmate photos

Compliments of Jim Taylor

Reagan High School Year book of 1938 - Teachers

Our Mrs. Gale and Mrs. Gaugler  - and according to Scotty Croom

Mrs. Green was our Mrs. Parrott's twin sister.


Mrs. Gale - 1964

 Mrs. Gaugler - 1964

Mrs. Parrott - 1964

Mrs. Gale was Sponsor of the Redcoats -- 1938 picture of Redcoats

Sponsor wore Redcoat uniform -- see bottom right pic.