2015 Flings

FALL FLING - Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lots of laughter, good times and good food at Goode Company BBQ

Rams have arrived!

Johnny and Becky Sheffield


Michele and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Fran Webster, Lynn Wren, Barbara Porter, Jimmy Hilsher '65, Becky and Johnny Sheffield

Dennis and Meredith Hansel

Scotty and Lola Croom & Johnny

Lynn Wren, Becky Sheffield and Charlie Burkhardt

Scotty Croom and Barbara Porter

Lynn Wren and Johnny Sheffield

Fran Webster and Teddie Jordan

Me (Jackie Crowe) and Johnny Sheffield

Ronna Brand, Pat Williamson, John Roffall and Linda Bolton Roffall

Pat Williamson and Johnny Sheffield

Kay and Robert Derrick

Linda Webster and Fran Webster

Jimmie Lee Smith and Johnny

Johnny and Frankie Cannon

Tonda Thiessen and Sandi Schlesinger

Pat Wilcox '65 and Lynn Prewit

Sharron Lindstrom '65 and Allan Speer '63

Allan, Sharron and Lynn

Llynn Roff and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Llynn Roff and Barbara Porter

Michele Hilsher and Larry York

Sandra Baxter and her husband, Robert Marshall

Gary and Sarrah Moseley

Sharon Allen and Robert Hoppens

Johnny and Lynell Carapezza

Larry York, Teddie Jordan and Fran Webster

Me and Gary Jorden '65

Beau Wann, John Roffall, Pat Williamson, back of Ronna Brand and Linda Bolton

Diane Cunningham '72, Robert Hoppens and Sharon Allen

Jan and Jim Taylor

Gary Jorden '65 and Marilynn Wolfe

Frankie Denton and her husband, Leron Wells

Sandra Baxter and her sister

Beau, Jan, Jim, Robert, Sharon and Diane

Llynn Roff and Tonda Thiessen

Allan Speer ' 63, Sharon Lindstrom '65 and Sandi Schlesinger

Ronna Brand, Johnny Sheffield and John Roffall (Linda Bolton's husband)

Jimmy Hilsher '65 and Dennis Hansel

Lynell, Becky and Barbara

Jimmie Lee, Linda and Fran

Lynell, Becky, Barbara and me ---- saying "Good Night" --- until next time! Spring Fling in April, 2016

Spring Fling - April 18, 2015

Happy times at Harris County BBQ

Harris County Smokehouse

Johnny and Becky Sheffield

Robert Derrick, Wayne Lake and Dennis Hansel

Charlie Burkhardt and Lynn Wren

Jimmy and Sandy Robinson (Jimmy & Sandy '59 Reagan)

Ron and Judy (Sheffield) Kristynik

Johnny's baby sister

Charlie Burkhardt and me - Jackie Crowe

Richard Meek '65 and Paige Talley

Lola Croom and Johnny Sheffield

Beverly Hengst and Jim Allen

BroBeau Wann and Diane Cunningham '72

Diane Vandel and Sharon Brenner

Richard Meek '65 and Tom Gann

Larry and Debbie York

Lynn Prewit, Pat Wilcox '65, Gary Jorden '65

Back of Dennis Hansel, Meredith Hansel and Marilynn Wolfe

Susan Howard and me

Michele and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Scotty and Lola Croom - back of Janet and Rick Strickland

(Sorry I didn't get a "couple" shot of Janet and Rick) Please wish Rick & Janet happy retirement and move.  Rick is retiring and they are moving to Shiner, TX to the Strickland Ranch

Fran Webster and Sharon Brenner

Ronna Brand, Johnny Sheffield, Linda's husband, John and Linda Bolton

Wayne Lake and Jimmy Hilsher '65

Becky Sheffield, Terry Scheffer and Johnny Sheffield

Terry and Lyn Scheffer

Linda Webster '65, Scotty and Lola Croom

Fran Webster, Sharon Brenner and Diane Vandel

Lynn Wren, Teddie Jordan and Susan Howard

Gary Jorden '65 and Marilynn Wolfe

Ivan - Llynn Roff's friend

Lynn somehow there's not a pic of you --- how did that happen - so sorry!

Ivan and Me

Jimmy Hilsher '65, Michele Hilsher, Wayne Lake, Debbie and Larry York

Linda Webster '65 and Leah Favella

Sorry lighting was bad, so tried another pic

Well, better lighting and pic except closed eyes

Marilynn Wolfe and Meredith Hansel

Lynn Prewit, Pat Wilcox '65 and Linda Webster '65

Johnny and the gang!

Larry York and Johnny

Susan Howard and me

Jimmy Robinson '59 Reagan, Diane Cunningham '72 and BroBeau Wann

Dennis Hansel, Linda Webster, Lynn Prewit and Jimmy Robinson

Cowgirl of the year - Fran Webster

Saddle Bar - other saddles but the pink caught our eyes!

Charlie Burkhardt and Teddie Jordan

Last to leave - Teddie & Fran, Charlie & Lynn & me

Fun times at Harris County BBQ

Johnny is already planning our Fall Fling!!!!!