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05/13/12 10:58 PM #4954    


Beau Wann, Jr.

I really liked the buses back in them good ol of the things I wanted more than anything, was the change maker that hung on the thingy that you threw the money in, unless of course, you had a transfer slip...Some of those bus drivers could give you correct change, and not even look at the changer...I saw one some years back, at an antique store, where else...they wanted 95.00 for it...good thing my wanting was greater than my having...didnt buy it...of course I could get Diane to put it in her antique booth...

Glad youre coping Burge..."endeavor to perservere"... I've wondered if anyone else doesnt know what day it is besides me. Once I pass Sunday and monday, it's anybodys guess...well, I guess knowing it's Sunday or Monday, is a good thing...especially if you have a meeting to attend...of course, if I were'nt sitting in a church pew on Sunday, who knows, I wouldnt...But I have my beloved to keep me straight on what day it is...besides, whats in a days name anyhoo...they all end in "day"...

Was hurting about at my limit last couple of...years...I have a high tolerance for pain...dont like it, but can stand more of it than most...just about drove me mad last couple of weeks...all last week I was in so much pain, I couldnt form or keep a sensible thought in my head...thats why I have stayed off the forum...I'd sit down and bring it up on my screen, pain was so great,  my brain couldnt focus on I just shuter down...then my beloved gave an Aleve to me...Friday I didnt hurt...much...I still hurt some, but it is more than little over the counter pill, and an old drug at is of course an Nsaid, with some side effects, but I havent had any...yet...I will graduate to two pills at a time, as soon as Diane thinks I can handle it...Naperson use to be a prescription drug, but whomever decided to make it OTC...mighty christian of em wouldnt you say!!!

Now I know why my Dad was so...angry and cranky over the years...he hurt, was blind in one eye, and almost totally deaf...never did find out if his ears rang like mine..that alone drives you mad...I remember him saying that he thought "everyones back was suppose to hurt"...just thought that was too for awhile...

We all have our bears to cross dont we...and whatever the situation, it can always be worse...but, it is so nice not to hurt non stop...makes a body appreciate life...again...

Cooper and I finished the school year with our last session on Friday...they had a luncheon honoring cooper and the other volunteers at Lamkin Elementary...When we got there, ol Cooper started prancing down the hallway, and I knew what he was up to...we get to the library, and he lets out his "window rattlin bark"..."Elvis is in the building..." of course, all conversation stopped whilst Cooper stood there just grinnin from ear to ear...he knew what was going on...A PARTY, WITH FAJITAS...OH BOY, AND DADDY WAS GONNA GIVE HIM bet, he earned em...I  dont eat fajitas, dont like either the cut of meat, or what ever they marinade em in...makes em taste like they are going bad...yuk...ol cooper likes em though...

Gonna make one more appearance at a school tomorrow at Jefferson Elem for the Dr Ben Carson reading program...Diane will be there, as well as the Director of BAK PAK CRITTERS program...we have been trying to get a foot in the door at HISD for two is of course, 4th largest??? or largest district in the whirld..they have lots to do other than mess with a bunch of volunteers and dogs...

Happy trails


05/14/12 10:27 AM #4955    


Teddie Jordan


I went to a vegetarian's convention and a lady told me she knew me but I'd never met herbivore!

05/14/12 12:15 PM #4956    


Beau Wann, Jr.

Oh, I've met herb before, at a hotdog eating corntest...megan the vegan, and brussel sprout too...

Saw an elephant in my pajamas last he got there, I'll never know...                                                              if a chickenandahalfcouldlayaneggandahalfinadayandahalf, how long would it take a grasshopper with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle????

a mind is a terrible think too wit...

05/14/12 01:48 PM #4957    


Scotty Croom

beau's riddles made my mind fuzzy...back to grandma scott lived on 16th and ashland in early to mid 50's...sat. nite ,we would walk before dark to 19th and heights show,then stop at drug store for ice cream on way home...i cannot image taking walk thru there at nite arthritis would keep me from the walk...those were good old days...drove thru oak forest/garden oaks last sat. pm, what a change ....tear downs of old houses and 2 story new old ebony house was redone, paved driveway, new siding...memory lane is fading...

05/14/12 05:46 PM #4958    


Beau Wann, Jr.

Hey Scotty, you gotta have a fuzzy brain to come up with all that stuff...reminds me of the "fuzzy wuzzy wuz a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair...fuzzy wuzzy wuznt fuzzy wuzzy???   All those new houses are 700K and above...who woulda thunk it...I drive through there all the time and just marvel...I allus wonder about 1352 DuBarry...did they leave my backporch/bedroom knotty pine planks up or what????  

05/14/12 07:41 PM #4959    


Robert Derrick

Hey Scotty, wasn't that near Cooley Elem. Not many of us on line.

05/15/12 12:27 AM #4960    


Scotty Croom

yes,it was..cooley was on 18th and ashland...robert ,you will memory lane trivia award for tonight...

05/16/12 10:22 AM #4961    


Richard Meek '65

Good morning Waltripians. It seems we have some members that are in need of evaluating some burgers. So we'll have a WABEC meeting next Wednesday the 23rd. at JAX Grill on Shepherd just south of I10 at 11:30. Consideration whirld Affairs and business of the committee will take 45 seconds. As I understand it the Duke of DuBarry will not be able to attend, He will be in our nations capital making his opinions known to President Obama. Yikes. Come out and join us you are a member of the committee if you can fog a mirror. See you there!

Keep on dancing,

Rich LH

Dance like no one is watching

05/20/12 10:49 PM #4962    


Beau Wann, Jr.

Good Morrow Mine waltripines,
         Sunday has waxed and waned...been to the little country church in the city...usual 30 suspects...VOTED EARLY this year as I will be absent the next two weeks...yes, hard to believe I will be gone from the rigors and duties of a house husband...Mr Mom...I will be departing in the morning at 5:30 for Washington DC, riding my motorcycle with ROLLING THUNDER AND RUN FOR THE WALL...this year is the 25th anniversary of the start of Rolling thunder here in the states...any proceeds benefits  POW/MIA families, wounded warriors etc...Last year there were 750,000 bikers that descended  on DC...this year they expect one million...

Dont know how many will start from our "jumping off" point, Flying J Truck stop in Woodbranch on Hwy 59...but other riders will be joining us along the way...So looking forward to doing this...gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight...
Got my bike all packed...not alot of room to bring stuff...mostly just my underroos and socks...couple O shirts and pants...thats about it...oh, a jean jacket and rain coat, that I hope I dont have to use...The route is already mapped out...subject to change with change of weather...

You can get on the ROLLINGTHUNDERTX2 website and click on events and then ROLLING THUNDER, and it will bring up the route, and a couple of pictures...I think there is video of the last couple O rolling thunder events...It is named after an actual op in Vietnam where the B52s bombed North Vietnam back into the stone age...onliest (east texas for only) problem was, they were already in the stoneage, so no harm done...thanks to the heroic efforts of SOB/LBJ and Robert Strange MacNamara and their tuesday afternoon bombing lunches, where they picked the targets...pile of rocks here, stand of trees there...but I digress...

Due to limited space in first class, I am leaving my computer at home...I will be taking a camera to record this momentus occasion, and will give a slide presentation at the next WABEC meeting, and possibly at Fudds...Should be back in time for Fudds...I will miss WABEC this next Wednesday, boo...but yeaaa, getting to "get out on the highway...lookin for adventure...with whatever comes my way...born to be wiiiild..."

Wild hogs on the loose...OLD wild hogs...Dont know anyone on this ride, but hoping to make a few new friends, and maybe run into some old ones...

Time to sign off for now...
Keep the sun at your six, and ride boldly ride...
DOD aka Eric Von Zipper...

05/21/12 05:25 AM #4963    


Teddie Jordan


Beau, have a good time on your adventure but please be careful.

Look forward to hearing about it.

05/21/12 09:50 AM #4964    


Jimmie Lee Smith Brawner

Beau, WOW what an adventure!  How many miles a day are you riding?  What is your route and what are your overnight stops?  If we know, we can ride along with you in our minds and imaginations.  We'll pray for your traveling safety.

Jimmie & Charlie

05/21/12 04:26 PM #4965    


Richard Meek '65

Well DOD, take care my friend. Quite and adventure you're embarking on. If there turns out to be a million hogs descending on D. C. we'll probably be able to hear them here in Houston. I hope you'll be able to clear your mind on this trip and finally decide what you want to do for an occupation, fry cook or brain surgeon!

For the rest of you youtes don't forget the WABEC meeting this Wednesday, 11:30 at JAX Grill just south O I-10 between Shepherd and Durham. See you there!

Over and out,


05/21/12 05:30 PM #4966    


Wayne Lake

We survived the British Virgin Islands – great trip but did not catch a tarpon.

Don’t get me started on Robert Strange McNamara. After listening to Daniel Ellsberg on PBS year before last,  “Most Dangerous Man in America and the Pentagon Papers (Nominated for an Academy Award 2010 - Best Documentary Feature), I think McNamara must have lied about the war in Viet Nam to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, US Congress and the American public just about every day for about 7 years and then was awarded the honors of the Medal of Freedom and the Distinguished Service Medal upon his departure. All the time 55,000+ of our finest young men were comin’ home with psychological scars that would not heal for years or forever and others with physical wounds or in wooden boxes.   I apologize to all you war hero’s if I offend with my rant on McNamara and that unnecessary war we all endured in our tender years but when I see how our congress feels it’s their obligation to prosecute the likes of Martha Stewart, Barry Bonds, RogerClemons and even ol’ Bill Clinton for lying about whatever, it just pisses me off. Where is the justice?  Why is it against the law to lie to a bunch a liars anyway?

You can always tell when a politician is lying cause that’s anytime his/her mouth is moving.   

Political Paradox: "Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured...but not everyone must prove they are a citizen."

Politics and Water Pollution: “You cannot get the water to clear up, until you get the pigs out of the creek.”

Remember: Vote early and vote often.

I’m off to Lake Wobegone for the summer – maybe I’ll hook a big mouth bass or two in SE Iowa in a couple of weeks. I hope to go canoeing up North MN in the Boundary Waters this summer and maybe fish for small mouth and listen to the loons make their soulful sounds in the early morn and late evening.

Stay out of the ditches Beau. I remember going to see Willie, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan’s tour called Rollin’ Thunder Review at UoH’s Hoffienze pavilion around 1972, I think – I guess it was a little play on words.  

Try to stay cool in Texas this summer.






05/22/12 07:32 AM #4967    


John Burgess Webb

as you enjoy this memorial day;please remember those who fell on the battlefields trying to protect the small say each of excercize by the simple process of a vote.many have become doutful about our system and about our status in the is deep and wide,with war between those who were once friends and allies and political reverses changing the my family tree is matoaka who married john rolfe.she was the daughter of powhatan(wahusenasawh),the chief of tseacommacaw,an of alliance of  30 algonquian speaking indian tribes of virginia.matoaka(aka pocahoutas) married john rolfe and in that marriage was the culmination of the algonquian-english war.we broke with the british soon after that and the fact that john randolph was the grandson of a great algonquian chief lent to the true bond in the establishment of the first government of the dominion of virginia.from these alliances along the james river near richmond virginia came the gathering of great minds and sincere men who knew history and were introduced to the independance and love of freedom that native american peoples practiced for centuries through wars and treaties,the algonquin,the democratic and far sighted 'long houses of the soux' and the strength and integregrity of the proud mohawk.ive been to thier lands and understand the frustration with treaties broken by narcissitic individuals who love power and status.through history blood has been shed since cain killed able.what was given to us by the creator has been adulterated by envy and averace;not satisfied with what fills the universe,only to want more.

to those those brave souls who served and died for what they believed was the preservation of thier heritage and thier way of life,against tyrany and terror;we owe everything,rightly or wrongly.i hope we can reach down and find the strength we once fight against the narsistic and heartless who demand that  thier's is the "only way and are willing to bring the world to the edge of the wise said"you will know them by thier fruits".we have come into an age where man can produce "life" in a test tube and split matter into its most elemental particals and claim that there is no guiding force to what we intelligence far greater than we are capable of understanding created those very elemental particles out of nothing and guide them to a purpose for which we have little understanding.the technocrat is lost in his own vanity and wil be consumed by his own any name ,come lord jesus.bring forgiveness and reconcilliation;humble those who provoke for the sake of violence and disruption,using up the young and vulnerable.honor those warriors this memorial day;they laid down against evil and tyrany......."all knees shall bow". 

05/22/12 07:52 AM #4968    


Teddie Jordan

Amen Burge, amen!

Beau, if you get to read this on the road I'm worried about your back ache after looking at your schedule.  Less than two weeks ago at Fudd's you could barely stand up from pain and now you're riding your bike over 300 miles a day for over a week? If you get in a bind along the way I'm sure we have a classmate living in the area and can help you out.  I hope for the best and I congratulate you on the cause you honor and on your sense of adventure.

Wayne, sorry about the tarpon but I know you'll enjoy the summer in Minnesota and the great fishing and the cool weather. As you know the town of Port Aransas was originally named Tarpon and celebrities and dignitaries including FDR used to come down here to catch big tarpon by the hundreds. I'll be fishing there with a couple of grandsons this weekend.

05/22/12 11:51 AM #4969    


Richard Meek '65

Good morning Waltripians, don't forget that there will be a convening of WABEC tomorrow at JAX Grill on Shepherd at 11:30 There will be whirld peas to consider and burgers to evaluate and that should take 60 sec. The rest of our time will be taken up with visiting with good friends. Be there.

I think that it is important to remember and honor our citizens who paid the ultimate price to defend freedom. I think that those who served in Korea or Viet Nam should not think they served in a useless war. The threat from Russia and China was real. Now the wars may have been conducted in a stupid fashion but those are separate issues. If you remember Thomas Jefferson said that the price of freedom is the occasional shedding of the blood of patriots. I know there is a tendency in the country now to take a isolationist stand and just defend our shores. Times have changed and that is no longer a viable strategy. So we have to press forward doing the best we can. For those of you who live in Texas don't forget that we are in the process of having our delayed primaries for the November general election. So be sure to get out and vote for the candidate of your choice. You can vote early through Friday. The actual voting day is Tuesday the 29th.

If you like to go to the movies go see The Best Exotic Hotel Marigold, starring Judi Dench and Bill Nighy. We saw it last weekend. it is just excellent and enjoyable. I think you'll be glad you went.

Everyone have a super Memorial Holiday. Be safe and plan an adventure for the weekend. You don't have to ride a Harley to D.C. Just do something you don't ordinarily do.

Keep on dancing

Rich  LH

Dance like no one is watching

05/22/12 12:14 PM #4970    


Kay Watters '65 Greene

beautiful....Burge, well-said! I am extremely glad to know by the meaning of your words, that you have survived with a heart and soul! 

(So hard to actually realize that human beings now imitate the Romans? in the biblical days of greed, opulence, and non-caring of the lower class....what goes around is returning, end of the world coming soon?)

Happy Memorial Day, and thank you and all military for your personal sacrifices for all of us!

05/22/12 04:59 PM #4971    


Paige Talley Meek


I have read your Memorial Day words about 5 times today. Fabulous!!! Each addition to the Forum from our class is an ode to history; not limited to our birth+ years. 
Hi everyone. Living is trekking on minute by minute. The youngest of the oldest 4 grandkids is graduating from HS the 31st. The oldest of the youngest 4 grandkids just turned 14. Although I am not sure but it seems that a few have caught my adventure germs genes. At least they, like me, have avoided the pitfalls that might take them down the wrong path... OK that's not so true... we have been and will again head down the path full of holes ... would that be "the path more traveled". 
Life at either end of  6 on 'round the bend down 290 is just fine and dandy. Talk about adventure, I am on a fun one for sure. A mini-adventure took me to a Korean Hot Bowl and chop sticks. Hmmmmmm... no one laughed out loud. which I thought was a plus. Before that we went to the movie. That might not seem like an adventure, but this movie was packed out with folks of which we were the youngest by far. If you have not seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - for the elderly and beautiful  it is  must see. Not only a fabulous movie, it was as much fun to see just what the really "old-er" folks would think most humorous. Worthy of notice!
Keep on keeping on...

05/22/12 11:25 PM #4972    


Beau Wann, Jr.

Hi Everyone,

This is Diane writing for Beau. I wanted to try and keep you all updated on his travels to D.C. He is currently in Athens, Alabama.  They are traveling about 375 miles a day.  Teddy, Beau is taking Aleve every morning and evening and so far so good.  We packed a soft bag that he could use as a back rest and it seems to be doing the trick.  He has been through rain twice. Monday, they got soaked, but got into Vicksburg, Mississipp safe and then dried out!  Got into rain today, but not as much.  He is enjoying the scenery in Mississippi and Alabama.  Tomorrow they head north and will stay in Kentucky.  Hopefully no more rain-he hates riding in rain. The group has about 15 motorcycles so far and couple of cars, so with passengers included about 20-25 people.   So I will keep you posted and keep Beau in your prayers for a safe journey there and back and we will see you at the next Fudds.

05/23/12 06:57 AM #4973    


Teddie Jordan


Diane, thanks for the update and we'll continue to pray for his safety.

Geau Beau.

05/23/12 08:13 AM #4974    


Jimmie Lee Smith Brawner

Sorry to hear Beau's group is traveling through rain.  Hope they get out of it soon.  Since people are recommending good movies, I have to say "Bernie" is hilarious. It's a movie about a true murder story in Carthage, TX.   It reminds those of us who went to college in East Texas of the culture shock we experienced when we left the "South" for "The East."

05/23/12 09:47 AM #4975    


Kay Watters '65 Greene

like that....Geau Beau....hee, hee.  I understand bikers a bit, we have so many here in Grimes County, every chance they get, they head out across the U.S. until their health gets so bad ....they can't, then they sell their bikes and listen to the adventures of those younger!  I am not a biker, scares me to death.  A friend took me on a night drive 5 yrs ago and I was scared the whole time, fearing my diabetes or events would knock me off!  Noooo, I'll just listen too.  Risk is not my thing!  Two of our acquaintaneous out here were riding (without helmets in their 20's and invincible, or so they thought)  when a lady out of road rage stomped on the gas and got around them, then put on her brakes, forcing them to crash to avoid hitting her.  They are both seriously injured.  How stupid was that, and out of their control,  I will pray for Beau and all his friends that they accomplish their mission and have fun and memories along the way!

My neighbor who is in her 80's went to CS yesterday aroung 1:30 matinee and watched Bernie, and totally loved it, seems like she might enjoy the other as well.

End of the school year and all the teachers are pulling their hair out again......crying, shouting over the kids and I remain in my little 'old office with the door closed!  Think I'll do 1 more year!

Cheers all!


05/23/12 11:35 AM #4976    


Paige Talley Meek

Hang in there, Kay and any other "un-retired" teachers out there...the schools need your stability.

Thanks, Diane, for the update. How come you don't use funny descriptive words? Don't you got no Beau-lish to draw from? Call me if you need anything whilst the "master" is away cool like "girls night out" or something!


05/23/12 02:15 PM #4977    


Teddie Jordan

I forgot to mention on the movie reviews that we saw Bernie a couple of weeks ago, and for anyone who loves the people, the accents, and the humor of East Texas as we do, the movie is very entertaining and will make you laugh out loud. Jack Black is spot on perfect as Bernie. For some reason the movie doesn't have very wide distribution and isn't in many theaters, but we caught it up at the Woodlands.

And Jackie congratulations on reaching the milestone of 200 pages on this forum. Two hundred pages of nostalgia, memories, news, trivia, BS, and Beauisms. Thank you Jackie for all you have done and continue to do for our class.

05/24/12 08:42 AM #4978    


Beau Wann, Jr.

Hi All! Just talked to Beau and he is well and in Teays Valley, West Virginia.  They have hooked up with other bikers/vets for the rest of the ride.  They are now 1000!  He says it is coooold in those mountains.  He's wearing 3 shirts, sweatshirt and jacket! Scenery is beautiful, but they are moving too fast for picture taking.  Today they stop in Rainelle, W. Virginia to visit a school and get a big send off from the town.  Tonight Staunton, Virginia.  Tomorrow into Arlington with candlelight vigil at the Wall.

Paige- no one can duplicate Beau-isms.  He's the creative one in this family!  I am doing the dog/cat/mommy routine.  Got great neighbors who cooked me dinner twice and checked in on the dogs when I was going to be late.

 Kay-I know what you are going through.  I am currently working with 16 schools and it is ..... Praying for the end of day on June 1!  

Thanks for your prayers for Beau and all the riders.   Diane

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