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03/14/20 08:30 AM #9868    


Johnny Sheffield

Beau, at this time and with everything going on

With coronavirus, I believe it would be in the best 

Interest of everyone to cancel the party on the hill

And reschedule at a later date. They say it will

Fade away with the hot weather coming and probably

Return next year.




03/14/20 08:49 AM #9869    


Beau Wann, Jr.











03/15/20 12:58 PM #9870    


Beau Wann, Jr.

Good morning myne fyne Waltripynes.  Nope, it's already nafteroon. Well no matter, happy hour has commenced ! ! !  I'm trying to do my part in this crisis so I opened up the bar earlier than "early girl" tomatoes.  What does that mean?   I have no clue, so if you find out, let me know.

    I know where the "early girl" tomatoes came from, I was thinking about my dad and his gardens, and my dad always planted "early girls" and said they were the best....or was it "better boys"?  Oh bother, what's a young man to do. 

      We've planted several small container gardens this year, so far nothing but the hoib rosemary will grow round heah and it's gone nuts.  We have a variety of peppers, and one pimento pepper, several varieties of maters and I dont know what all, oh yeah and several mints.  Last couple of years the mint here has been prolific, but last winter and the drought killed em all.

    The roses have all gone nuts like they are all on steroids, and started doing that before we had the chance to prune them on valentines day. Fianlly got em pruned and fed, so they've calmed down a might, but I can tell they are a fixin to bust a loose (east texas for hittin it hard).

    Now the Bluebonnet Report:   The BBs had started blooming out around the first week of Feb, then the indian paint brushes followed suit.   They really are prolific in the median of 290 between the river and Brenham. 

      If you really want to get in amongst them, go into Brenham, get off on 36, take the turnaround to head back the way you came, only pull into the 2nd parking lot driveway just after Chilis and drive along that street that runs in front of Home Depot and behind Walmart, you wont believe your eyes.  I have a picture of cooper standing in the bluebonnets just at that spot...still miss him.

     Things up here are a little saner as far as grocery shopping goes. Diane went to the HEB and was able to get the things we needed.  Whoevers idea it was about setting a limit on the critical items, deserves a raise. I still dont like HEB!  Diane said everyone was calm, and helping one and other out, even trading recipes as if this was just another shopping excursion.  I say HOORAY!  Cooler heads prevail!

     She's tried Krogers in Cypress and that place was cleaned out. She hasnt tried Walmart or Brookshire brothers, no need.  We probably have enough food to last a couple of months as well as paper good items.  We're not overly frugal, but we do pracitce the "waste not want not" mantra we grew up with from out parents and grandparents.

    I dont leave the hill for any reason, no since giving the germs an easy target.  Our eldest had a mild case of what his doctor called the "B" flu about a week or so ago.  Symptons lasted a couple of weeks.  He says he is better.  Dont worry, I havent actually been in the same room with him, nor even in the same county, so dont think I'll contract it over the mobyle phone. 

    Our other son Kevin and his wife Kellie says that both their restaurants business are doing half of what they should be this time of year.  It's crawfish season youall!  

    There is a ranch over in Pattison, Tx just off 359 and I-10 called "HEMI-RANCH".  The guy that owns it has dozens of Dodges and Plymouths with the 426 Hemi motor in them.  You would not believe this place.  There's a charity group called Hope House? or something like that, that puts on an event here every year as in three weeks ago.

   Kevin and Kellies restaurants are one of the caterers that add flavor, if you will, to the event.  They have been trying to get us to go, so we finally did...OMGoodness, the place is like the Smithsonian museum for cars and neon signs and thousands of other items.  The "barn" or housing for all the above is probably several million dollars by itself.

     We dont generally wander around at night off the hill, but decided to brave it this time.  It was worth seeing, and the food was out of this whirld.   Kevin and Kellie had "boudin balls" as one of the items you could sample.  I'm gonna tell you what, those were wicked good. OMG.  They are the size of large meatballs, and at the restaurant, they are 6.99 for 5, and well worth it for my money.  Too bad they dont deliver!

    Right now, as I type this, "I'm cleaning my oven"...nah, but I do remember that commercial for some oven cleaner, I am however making a huge pot full of beef stew/soup/etc.  I put everything in it but the kitchen sink.   We have an electric Pressure cooker, which is just marvelous for hurrying things along in the cooking dept, especially tougher pieces of meat ie chuck roast.

   One hour makes it just fall apart.  When it's done, I switch to a larger pot, way larger, and add carots, celery, onions, and pearl onions, sweet peas, baby limas, blue lake green beans, diced tomatos, mushrooms, barley and bacon and I cut up the roast in small bite size pieces and add that, of course, have I left anything out? Well, you get the drift, it makes a wonderful soup.  I dont salt it till it's in my bowl. Doesnt need much at all. 

    You can do this with any cut of meat or kind of meat, ie chicken and even pork and turkey.  Listen at me trying to give all yall distructions on how to cook, I'm sure most of yall know all about the aforementioned.   Generally we ladle into storage bowls with screw on tops, the soup and freeze it.  One container will feed two people.  there's generally enough for more than half dozen meals.

    Also as invaluable as the electric pressure cooker is,  is the "food saver", or as I call it, "the air sucker outer" .  I use both weekly.  Boring!!!!!!!!   I dont know what got me off on all that useless information "bout how white my shirts must be, and he cant be a man cause he doesnt smoke the same cigarets as me..."

    A mind is a terrible think...havent I always said that?   Ok gonna have to get a bowl of that heavenly elixir cause the smell is driving me crazy.  Diane just woke up from a nap, and told me the "house smells like heaven"...that's always nice to hear.

    Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

your frien and resident soup du jour, Cephus Arn Chief Magillicuty esq

03/15/20 01:14 PM #9871    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Just had a  small sample bowl of the elixir for the Gods, and it is indeed heavenly.    I said we could open up a restaurant and just serve the soup to which my lovely wife replied, "yeah, we could be "soup Nazis"....yall remember where that phrase came from eh what?

03/15/20 04:28 PM #9872    


Scotty Croom

to beau and all, we have postponed our trip to houston,the hill and georgetown until nearer mothers day...hope this flu scare is over by then...everyone take care and be safe..

03/16/20 02:24 PM #9873    

Frank Lynn

Beau, sorry is has been postponed. You and Diane are such gracious hosts.

03/16/20 05:44 PM #9874    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Frank, you are too kind sir!  You are welcome here anytime, party or no.    Diane did ask me to ask you to ask (that's a lot of asking aint it)  your sister to come because she is invited as she and Diane were friends in HS Class of 72.  So when we are able to reschedule, keep the aforemention in mind please.

    Scotty, we were so looking forward to seeing youse youtes this spring as we were looking forward to seeing everyone...maybe later huh! As per usual, yall be as careful as you can be.  Set on your balconey and take in that warm wonderful gulf breeze.

    It just killed my soul to have to cancel the POTH, but having talked to half dozen people in our class, we all thought that was best for all concerned.   So far, accordion to  county authorities, there are no cases of COVID-19 in Washington county at this time. Doesnt mean there wont  be, but so far so good.   

   I heard that the virus did not fair well in hot weather...we had 112 here in July of last year, WELCOME TO TEXAS! ! ! 

   Ok, "suppers waitin at home and I gotta get to it...that's the night the lights went out in Georgia..."

My mind is just a wasteland of trivial things...

Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident person, Cephus R Home

03/18/20 04:47 PM #9875    


Jerry Eppner

Went online to see where there might be good places to take a self-quaranting day trip near Houston to see bluebonnets.  One website I visited said some of the usual good spots near Brenham and Chappell Hill have been mowed down by land owners tired of trespassers and traffic jams.  Can anyone verify that or recommend good viewing within an easy drive of Houston?

03/19/20 01:09 PM #9876    


Glenn Weissinger


Still plenty of fields full of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush in the Chappell Hill/Brenham area.  Old Chappell Hill road from Chappell Hill to Brenham has fields as does 1155 going north from Chappell Hill.  Haven't ventured much farther.  Eating establishments in Brenham still open but limiting seating to ten. So you can take a drive, see some flowers and grab a sandwich. Good luck and stay healthy.



03/19/20 11:59 PM #9877    


Ronna Brand

Jerry my daughter told me today that 159 between Belleville and Fayetteville has some beautiful fields filled with bluebonnets and paintbrushes.

03/20/20 07:50 AM #9878    


Johnny Sheffield

Hi Jerry, I live off of fm 109 between brenham and 

Columbus. There are fields of bluebonnets along the road. 

Also , coming into brenham from Austin make a right on

Fm 389 and go about a quarter mile and make left on fm332

Stay on fm 332 to oil field road and make left  

On your right you have the beautiful pacagausas ranch

Which is a polo horse ranch with beautiful landscaping  

This road will dead end into fm 109 and you can make right 

There and take you to Columbus and also you will cross over fm 159

I live off of fm 109 between industry and new ulm Texas  

Hope this helps you and be safe  





03/20/20 09:03 AM #9879    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)

Thought y'all might like to hear how things are for our classmate Cecilia Zanelli who lives in Castelnuevo di Farfa (Rieti) Italy

Hi Jimmie,
It's so nice to hear from you, and thank you for checking on me.  Yes, I can say that so far, we are ok.  We're lucky that we have a big house, isolated from other houses, with a garden front and back, so we can go out and get some fresh air and there are no other people around.  Things here are very serious, and one of us will have to go out when our groceries run out, so I'm trying to stretch things out and make food last as long as possible so we can delay the trip to the grocery store.  If we go out it can only be for that purpose or for a medical visit, or something very serious, and you have to wear mask and gloves.  You also have to fill out a form, signed, that says where you're going and for what reason, otherwise you can be fined.  I don't have any problem with that, but there are many people who ignore the restrictions, and that's pretty scary.  It keeps spreading and there doesn't seem to be any slowing down of the contagion.  We're trying to keep our spirits up, but it's difficult with what they keep saying on the news --- sometimes it's better not to listen to it all the time.  Fortunately Franco and I can fill our time with our artistic outlets, so we have no problem with staying in.  In fact, I've found it's also a good time to reorganize work spaces, clean out closets, and get rid of old stuff that we don't need; something I've been putting off for a long time since I'd rather do much more interesting things --- but now I can do both!
I hope you are well and that things don't get too bad in your area.  Take care, and again thanks for checking on me.
A big hug,

03/21/20 09:29 AM #9880    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Gooooooood Morning chappell hillllllllllll....and a frosty morning it is too, a toe numbing 49 gredees, 
and I'll be et fer a tater if we havent had 2 and one quarter inches of rain yesterday and today. We havent had 2 inches of rain since June of 19.   The authorities mentioned the D word this past week, so we can sure use all the rain we can get.

    Jimmie Lee, thanks for posting that letter from our classmate in Italy.  Good to know they are ok.  I would love to have visited Italy and all the other places we studied from 1st grade to 12th.  Does she know about the website?  If so, maybe she'll  share some stories and photos of her home and travels there. That would be nice to see.

     Hey Jerry,  there are lots of places to see bluebonnets and paint Bs.  If your in Houston, drive up and down TC Jester.  If you want to get out of town,  head for Brenham.  Once past the Brazos river, they are all along the highway.  When you get into Brenham, take the exit for hwy 36, the road to Bellville, only dont turn on 36, before you get to the light, take the turnaround under the highway and head back from whence you came.

    Go past the first driveway to just past CHILIS restaurant and take a right on the street that goes to Home Depot.  Go past Home Depot on the left and Discount tire on the right and starting there on the left is a beautiful field of BBs, keep traveling and on the right is a huge field of BBs.  This road is paved and is about a mile long and goes back to 36. 

       Once at 36, straight ahead of you are fields of BBs, and you can go in any direction to find them.  If you go left on 36, go up to the next light and take a right on 109 and head down that way.  You'll find fields and fields of BBs and just about anything else.  If nothing else, it's beautiful countryside.   Not Italy of course, but still pretty.

    If you turn right, you can go back up to 290 and go left  or straight in through Brenham downtown. But the BBs are just about everywhere.  If you go left on 290. that takes you to Sommerville or Austin.  The best place for me is the road in front of Home Depot.  Lots of places to get something to eat, TO GO.

    Even before you get to CH, there is hwy 1371 that heads south to Bellville.  that road is a good sight seeing road.  There's a bald eagle or two that lives down that lane, you might get lucky and see that bad boy or girl. Seen em once.  You cant get lost, most roads curve back to roads that go to Hempstead and Bellville etc.  The GPS on your phone is helpful.

     Diane and I had Breakfast yesterday at the Chappell Hill BBQ joint just past the light on the left.  Theyve moved the tables about ten foot apart, but no matter, we were the only ones there.  There breakfasts are good, just dont get the ham or sausage. The ham is thin like lunchmeat, and breakfast ham needs to be at least a quarter inch to half inch thick, at least for me.  I also dont like their breakfast sausage patties, or anyones breakfast sausage up here because they put garlic or something in it that to my palate makes it tastes like it's past it's due date, but that's just me I reckon.

    Most everything in that place is good.  Ordering from the kitchen takes at least 15 to 20 minutes because
it's fresh and not cooked till you order it.  The fried chicken is good, the chcken fried chicken and steak are both excellent.  They do have a "lubys" type line that you dont have to wait to be cooked, ie BBQ brisket, (get the moist) sausage, chicken, ribs, and of course the accouterments slaw, tater salad etc. Well, you'll see the menu.

   And it's sweet and baked you are craving, they have huge cinimon rolls and kolaches of any taste plus pies of any kind, by the slice or whole.  Now those bad boys are just a bit pricey for my pocket book. If Diane doesnt make a pie, sometimes we splurge and have a cuppa joe and   a slice of chocolate merangue pie or peach or apple. Like I said they pretty much cover all the fruit groups in their pies and kolaches.    This place also has a meat market and it's from ranch of the man that owns the restaurant, so it's all fresh.  Oak Farms is the name of the Ranch, if memory serves me correctly, although dont know why it should start now.

    I wish I could say, "stop at our house" on the way to your  travels, but our road is so muddy today.  No one has ever gotten stuck, but it's just sloppy and bumpy.  Trying to get the county out here to tidy it up, but now they have other pressing matters with the covid19 catastrophe although there are no KNOWN cases of the stuff in Washington County. 

    I dont know if WASHINGTON ON THE BRAZOS is open during this crisis, but if it is, thats a nice road trip.      They're generally open 7 days a week from about 8 AM till sundown.   It is never crowded, in fact most of the times I've been there, I was the only person there except the hired hands.  It is a very serene setting. There are modern facilities ie restrooms, air conditioned also, and a gift shop. they have icecream and drinks etc.

    There is also a museum and  a working farm there that you can visit and maybe milk a cow or goat, or pick some "poke salad greens".  There's plenty of picnic tables and paved parking etc. A pretty nice outing and mainly just the cost of petrol to get there.  To get there, just turn right off 290 at the light to hwy 1155 and head through Chappell Hill, go through the 4way stop, but stop first, and then follow the signs, it's 19 miles from Chappell Hill.  There is also a museum in CH t hat under normal circumstances is open.  We live just a couple miles from CH.

    I do drone on dont I !   Well, got nothing else to do, too old to dance and too wet to plow, just hunkerin in place.  Diane and I have worn the cards and domnioes out,  brushed the dogs to Westminster show quality, mowed and planted, shot pool and played shuffle board etc. 

   Guess I've bout put everyone back to sleep so I'll sign off,    for now!     Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident tour guide,  Cephus R Smithsonian esq

PS:   I dont get on here much as you've noticed, my Macular Degeneration is making it hard for me to see stuff, especially the computer screen and inside the house,  outside not too bad, cause there's lots of light and open space.  Thanks to good teachers like Jimmie Lee, I can type without looking at the keyboard, but find it hard to read what I have typed.


03/21/20 02:13 PM #9881    

Sandra Lee (Cole -Guard Drill Sponsor/English)

Thank you for the update from your classmate living in Italy. Would enjoy hearing and seeing more about her art...stay well to all.

03/21/20 09:46 PM #9882    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Here's my buddy Rory !    He's my grandcat !    He's about a year old !    This is as chilled as it gets !   Actually he stood up and looked in the mirror and saw how beautiful he is, and passed out, from sheer delight.  I've been to the CFA cat shows from the late 80s on into this century, and all the cats I've seen are beautiful, but I have never seen one as beautiful as Rory.   His back and tips of fur are sable.   I dont know, just thought I'd share a cute pic with all yall cause I know everyone must be as  concerend as Diane and I are about this crisis.  Well Rory is not the crisis, covid19 is.

03/21/20 09:57 PM #9883    


Beau Wann, Jr.

03/21/20 10:00 PM #9884    


Beau Wann, Jr.

  Here's Rory again, when they got this cat, he came with everything including the kitchen sink.    Check out that big beautiful smile!

Ok, I'll leave yall alone!   Just trying to cheer all yall up. 

03/22/20 09:41 AM #9885    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Good drippy dreary day to all youse Waltripians especially Cecilia and family in Italy and Bernd and family in Germany.  Bernd use to get on this site, has anyone heard from him?  I do hope he is well as of course I hope everyone is well, as well as can be, well ! ! ! 

    The Chappell Hill countryside could not be happier for all this rain we have been blessed with.  One can almost hear and audible sigh of relief and joy from the trees.  The indian paint brushes have far out shone the BBs on yours truly hill.  The IPBs are almost a foot tall, BBs not far behind.  Orange and blue make purple!  Let's hope the FPPEA  (Flying Purple People Eaters Association)  does not mistake our field for an FPPEA cornvention. 

    Ok, sorry I've got to go, eyes acting  up...but I'll be back...I know, thanks for the warning, eh?  Here's a little something I found.  I love OWLS dontchew?

03/22/20 09:59 AM #9886    


Jerry Eppner

Thanks to all for input on where to find bluebonnets - some with specifics. Sounds encouraging. Thanks.

We may try to make a road trip once the rain clears out next week, but still mulling it over.  We made a quick road trip to Palacios last Wednesday just to get out of the house. We practiced good social distancing by ordering at a Sonic - now that was a culinary experience I hadn't had in probably 30 yrs.  OK food, but not a Whataburger!  But what caused the most concern was Jane having to use public bathrooms.  One has no idea who may have used that facility in the hours before.    Probably not much of a risk if you wash your hands, but.....

Some of you may know, Jane and I had to cancel a cruise to Norway on March 2.  Scheduled departure was March 9, but Viking allowed penalty-free cancellations on 03/02, so we acted immediately.  Norway had zero COVID-19 cases on 02/25.  Today they have 2249 reported cases with only one recovery and 7 deaths.  I see on this morning that Spain reported 3606 new cases overnight, and they have been in lockdown for a couple of weeks.  Tough times for the world.  I fear ours are coming unless we all commit to trying to flatten the curve.

Stay healthy.

03/22/20 04:14 PM #9887    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Yeah, tough times ahead for sure.  What worries me is the colateral damage ie economy!   Small businesses account for 75% of the workforce in the US of A.  You tip one dominoe, and they all are gonna fall.  My son and his wife have two restaurants that were doing well, one they've had for almost 25 years.  Now?   Who knows?  They do take food to the Police dept in fulshear and the sherriffs dept etc.  Trying to deliver, some folks tip and some dont. (Im not a good tipper).   The names of their restaurants are, TEXAS BORDERS.

     Saw where a few of the distilleries are converting some of their production to HAND SANITIZER.  Two in particular, one on Clinton Drive in Houston called Gulf Coast Distillery, and another in Tennesee Called OLD GLORY DISTILLERY. The former is a huge company from Spain, or the Grandfather that started it was from Spain.  They branched out so to speak.   The latter, Old Glory Distillery, is owned by a firefighter or two, and is a very small micro distillery.  They have converted to hand sanitizer for first responders. They can only produce couple hundred gallons a day.  The company that supplys the corn,  has donated it no charge.

    Old Glory cant sell their liquor out of state or in stores yet, but have a gift shop where it can be bought along with t shirts etc. You cant order the whiskey on line either, fed rules prohibits the sale outside of the gift shop.  I've ordered a  couple of T-shirts from them, maybe that'll help em out.  Who knows, maybe kindness will prove to be more contagious than COVID19, lets hope so!

   Been the 3 Ds here, Dark, Drippy, and Dreary otherwise alls ok on the hill.  We have pretty much everything we need. Been stocking up on things my whole life, so we're as prepared as we can be.  Even being grounded for a couple of weeks.  I was once grounded for 6 weeks by my DI dad.  Tough old man he!



03/23/20 04:07 PM #9888    


Bernd Joachim Tonat

Still living!

Berlin has changed comletely. Berlin is closed. I do not have tv, don't like it. I used to go to theatres, concerts, cinemas, etc. Nothing left. This virus is quite efficiant. And I'm still working, and I like it to do so.
But it is very complicated. New restrictions every day.
But live will go on!
Still hope to come to Houston!
Greetings to y'all

03/23/20 07:02 PM #9889    


Teddie Jordan

So Good to hear from you Bernd, and to hear and read about what you've been up to. With your good looks and accent, and personality it's a wonder any of us other guys even got a look from the girls that '63-'64 year!  And keep enjoying your life and your wife and family and living and enjoying these precious and memorable years.

This too shall Pass!


03/24/20 06:00 AM #9890    


Steve Puckett '65

In response to Beau's photo, I'll share this that I got from a younger friend:


We're doing find here in Hickory Nut Hollow on Groundhog Mountain far from the maddening crowd. Known infections are not particularly close but creeping closer.  Stores have their shortages but probably not as bad as in cities.  This may get worse as conditions worsen.  We thankfully ate lunch at a nearby cafe yesterday but dine-in will cease here in Virginia starting Wednesday - we were very thankful for the simple luxury.  I noticed a dozen folks coming in for take-out, no doubt gratifying for a little cafe out in the boondocks.

Thank the heavens for the internet and online purchasing!

Everyone take care and be well!   A new day will dawn!


03/24/20 05:13 PM #9891    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)

So happy to hear from you, Bernd, after a while away from The Forum.  Sorry to hear Berlin is going through hard times, too.  Please stay in and stay safe.

03/25/20 03:00 PM #9892    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     YES,  great to hear from  Bernd and TJ, TJ, come to the front, TJ, come to the front...Howdy Steve, and Jimmie Lee.   All's quiet on the Western Front here in Chappell Hill, Tx 77426  USofA.  Had to go to TSC (tractor supply) get parts and a battery for one of my tractors. I was the only one wearing a mask.  So far no cases of the wuhan plague in Washington county.  

      ALSO,  dont tell anyone, but me and the missus stopped at Churches Fried Chicken for some take out.  Havent had fried chicken in over a year.  It's still as good as I remember.   Saving the biscuit for dessert   Also got two orders of fried okra.  Of course I have to take it home and refry it because the deep fryer doesnt quite cook it long enough, but that's ok, comes out just fine when ah do.  Seems the fried chicken from me youte was more aromatic, you could smell it all over the neighborhood.

    Hey Lloyd you have a younger sister and did she graduate from W in 72?   Diane was in that class and knew person with her name, Gaynelle ?  

    On a sad note, Chris Kramer Waltrip class of 72, passed away Monday March 23.  He and his wife Cheryl were both graduates of Waltrip, he 72 and Cheryl 73, or at least my wife informed me of that.  Chris has a brother Craig Kramer  a waltrip 69?  grad Craigs wife Peggy class of 72.   All the aforementioned were long time members of Oaks Presbyterian Church.  A nicer family does not exist.    I was on numerous committees with all of the above, as well as the church softball team and bowling team.  What fun we had!

    Hey Steve,  boredom does not abide or reside here on Wolvertons mountain.  I am not permitted to get sick and die, too much to do, so I'll live to be a zillion and twelvedyleven or a close facimile thereof, henceforth notwithstanding, heretofore, party of the first part....

     Hmmmm, lessee, got a tractor to repair, a hunded foot of electrical war to pull and terminate, lattice work to put around the deck to keep Izzydorable from crawling underneath it and then not able to get out.  Had to take up a couple of boards to dislodge her.  That gal is a trip and a half !   Oh, got some azealas to plant, several bags of wildflowers, bee pollenators, and hummingboid and butterfly attractors, to spread out.  And that's just a few things on a very long list. PLUS, there's naps need to be squeezed in at the appropriate times.   SOOOO, if anyone needs something to do, come on up. 

    All three freezers are FULL,  as are both pantrys, so there wil be plenty of food to choose from, as well as the beverage of your choice as long as it is water, ice tea or whiskey and beer.  The beer is left over from our last party on the hill.

    Time to deplane boss...keep the sun at your six, the son in your heart, and "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident sooth sayer and all round good guy, Cephus R Not but he R sleepy and in need of a nap....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

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