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04/28/18 08:23 PM #9136    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hello to all, just returned from the SPRING FLING. Wow what a hoot.  It was as good as all the previous FLINGS we have enjoyed.  Absolutely the best folks in the entire whirld and universe also too. (apologies to all the english teachers out there.)  Thanks go to Johnny for finding a good place to meet, and for Jackie and Barbara and Lynn and whoever else was involved in setting it up.  Jackie for also printing up all the  books and pictures. Wow, what a fine lady is she!

   Before we went to the SPRING FLING, I had floated the idea to my beloved, no, actually whined and complained that I was too tired, I hurt too bad, I was too tired, I just want to lay down,  blah blah blah etc,  and really didnt want to go.  Of course all my objections were immediately overuled.   So I went, and soooooo glad I did.  You great people are the meds and tonic that I need.   No way I can hurt when I have all yall as friends.  Besides, talking to a lot of youse youtes, my problems are nothing.   So, when I say anything about my legs hurting or ankles or whatever, it's not a complaint, just info.  I'm hoping that someone will get on and say, "I'm using this, or doing that," about whatever problem I'm talking about.

     I've already heard from folks about things like what they are doing about deafness and ears ringing. My ears have been ringing since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Anyway, they said they were taking coconut oil for this or that, and it wound up helping their hearing and cutting out the ringing.  Shoot, I'm good with that.  My beloved bought us some, and we started taking it a couple of days ago.   Hmmmm, I'm still deaf and my ears are still ringing.  guess I'd better give it some time eh!

    Heck fire, I'd wear a coconut on my head if it would stop the ringing, and cure my deafness.  Just so happens I like coconut, being one meownself.  So, thank you one and all for your encouraging woids and smiles and beautiful faces all.

    Talking to Johnny, gatherer meeting extrodinaire, he suggested we have the "FALL BALL" up here on the hill.  My beloved and I concur heartedly! ! !   We can have it every year 2 or 4 times a year, we are always up for it and love it.   If we cant get the work done, I can find help, believe me you!  So for sure the "FALL BALL" will be here sometime in October.    Now, we also want to have a party here this summer when the "ice house/man cave is completed. 

    Hopefully it wont be too hot or raining. We will monitor the weather and forcast to pick the best time.   This will be a Pre-FALL BALL party, so it wont really count, that means that the food will have no calories or fat or GMOs or carbs or sugar or whatever folks dont like.   It also means that if you want to bring food or beverages, you can, but you dont have to.  Diane and I love all yall, so nothing is too much or too hard !

      If it doesnt materialize then count on the FALL BALL for sure.  Who knows, might just be some cows on our place for yall to ride. Yeah, that's the ticket, PBR for sure.

     Wish we could have it on up till the night time so yall could see the fireflies and a bazillion stars and moon.   Well, not a bazillion moons, there is only one, but if there were a bazillion moons, you could certainly see them here.  I know that I'm not a night driver anymore, and I suspect that some of yall have given that up as I have.   But anyone that wants to, can sure stay late and maybe even spend the night too.  Need to have one of the bathrooms redone as in take out the single slipper clawfoot tub and put in a shower. Dont know what we were thinkiing having two of those. No one I know can get in one of them to take a bath or shower, I know I cant.

     Ok, time to deplane...keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...
your greatful frien Rowdy Cephus Yates....rollin rollin rollin, keep them doggies movin RAWHIDE....

04/29/18 04:59 PM #9137    


Richard Meek '65

It'sbeen a long time since I posted on the Forum. I hope people remember who I am. Paige and I are really sorry we missed the event yeaterday. My Rotary Club had it's annual Distinguished Citizen Award Gala. We do it to raise money for the public service projects we run every year. Paige looked beautiful. Like she everlooks any other way right?  

We saw the folks that attended Richard McCauley's Memorial Service.That was a tough day. We had another memorial service to attend that day for a friend of 35 years. It was a good thing that it was just down the street form Richard's service. That was a good day and a sad day all rolled into one.

We'll see all you  folks when we reconvene on Sam Wann Hill!

04/29/18 08:29 PM #9138    


Teddie Jordan

Francine and I sure did enjoy seeing all of you sweet seventy-somethings last night. If we had died in our sleep it would have taken the undertaker a week to get the big grins off of our faces!

04/30/18 11:35 AM #9139    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)

Thanks, Johnny for the pre planning and execution for our Spring Fling.  As always, it was great to see everyone and to walk down memory lane.  If some of us only had half a brain and couldn't remember certain things, someone else would chime in with what our brains were not able to bring to the surface.  It was great.


04/30/18 12:01 PM #9140    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Hey Richard, saw both of yall in your Sunday-go-to-meeting best. Paige sent us a photo.  Yowza, yall sure looked swell.  TJ,  that was something I was thinking about, "smiles".  After talking to most folks there, and hearing about ailments and all, my piddlin pains are nothing to what most folks there have been and ar going through, and yet, all of em had such great smiles!   What a testament to such fine character youse youtes posess.  I  can still see those smiles which put a smile on my face and in my heart.

    On the drive home, my beloved and I always have such glowing comments to each other about the event and people that attended said event.   Dont ever recollect a bad thought or feeling winging in from the infinite in regards to the aforementioned folks and events.   That eenin after sunset, we were sitting out on the deck with the pups, enjoying a glass of tea with fresh mint from the garden, going over that days events.   Lo and behold, an event from our childhood came wingin in, in the form of FIREFLIES ! ! !

    My mind drifted back to the sweet spring/summer eenins of our DuBarry youtes.   No roar of the freeway, no syereens, maybe just the sound of a late train crossing the north and south streets, the Shepard overpass, Golf drive, Alba, Ella, Oak Forest and then a curve to the north crossing east and west streets,  43rd, passing close behind Mangum Super Valu shopping center,  Pinemont and all points north.  

     The fireflies of this past Saturday were really putting on a light show for us.  Some even came to within touching distance.  I held my arms in check so as not to scare the little angels away.  Took us immediately back to the SPRING FLING and all the smiling faces.  My greatest wish is that all yall would get to enjoy what we were in the middle of, FIREFLY heaven.

    I felt honored and blessed that our hill had been chosen by the firefly committee to have their "spring fling", as honored to have been a part of our class, and surrounding classes.      Not only were the fireflies putting on a light show, but the roses and gardenias and wild HONEYSUCKLE putting on a sweet and oderiferous NOSE show,  with the everpresent BBQ wood smoke intermingled, and pungent aromas of the rosemary and onions in the garden.  Well, ever now and again we'd get a wiff of Clydes cows, but not too unpleasant. 

    If all those delights for the body and soul werent enough, got a heavenly light show from where else, HEAVEN of course.  Lots of stars and a full moon.  I'm not sure whatever Heaven has to offer could top last Saturday eenin.  Well, I do, but we sure had a close encounter with Heaven that SPRING FLING eenin.  We could hear the roosters across the valley on chads ridge, the ocasional  bellow of mama cows and the braying of  donkeys in the pastures and meadows at Chris place.  The twitter of thrushs, the exotic call of the Cardinal and even a hooty hoot owl sounded off.  (had my HAs on).

        Like TJ said, would have taken a week and all the tricks in the book of a funeral parlour tech to wipe the smiles offin our faces. NOTHING could wipe the smiles off of our hearts and souls last SPRING FLING eenin, and still today as well.      Blessed beyond all belief are we!

    All that was missing was the smell of supper laced with bacon drippins and assorted other "mom" delights and sounds of  mom singing something operatic wafting through the open kitchen window.  Been living in Heaven all this time and it's only taken 73 years to realize it.     Hope to take it with me someday, and join up with my Cooper and all our little past furry friends. 

    Time to head on out to market for various and sundry goods.  Best part of rememberances of past joys and delights, you can take em with you wherever you go!   

Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride....and happy trails
your blessed and greatful frien....Beau Huckleberry Cephus,  esq

Post script:  As Gomer would say, "lots of luck to you and yourn"...

04/30/18 06:50 PM #9141    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

Spring Fling was  the best!!!

We had 45 wonderful classmates


Pictures are posted - go to Spring/Fall Flings by Years tab - 2018

  Thank you Johnny for making this another successful Fling!

05/01/18 10:06 AM #9142    


Sharon Allen (Richardson)

Gary hope all is well and you have a very Happy Birthday.  


05/03/18 11:23 PM #9143    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Glad you all had fun...Houston has gotten too complicated to manuever the super  highways, missed my '65 event I just won;t drive the crazy freeways, just too used to the country roads out here.  And love it. I am blessed to have this 100 yr old 14  acres, never sprayed w.herbicides, a pond that flourishes, because of an underground spring, old oak trees, and peace and quiet.  Just sayin, it is just a blessing from my inheritance, God, my Aunt who bought a 100 ac, from the Germans, and my pastor.. Land I have enjoyed since I walked it with my Aunt and Uncle and fished their, and now my pond, listened to the birds, who I still hear early mornings. calling who, who, who...coyetes which still cry,  I'm just addicted to all of this.  Blessed, and so fortunate to have my church 1 mile down the road, and to have made such friends and fellowship with the old Germans,  invited and made a part of their homes and families..  I'm the treasurer of my Grimes County Senor Ctr.  with my Lutheran s which still remember my Aunt.and have  continued our family history  here  and enjoy our older folks.  Who would have known. how I would have turned out.  I enjoy seeing Tony M. and enjoy Beau and Diane's venture at Chappel Hell, ha ha. New kids on the block  We are both experiencing real countrylife. 's enjoy and relate to Beau.  Just memories.


05/04/18 06:02 PM #9144    

Suzy Jones '66

Hey Ted. Thank you for offering the walker. I can meet you somewhere tomorrow afternoon. It’s for Carol from Surfhouse. She fell and is having a bit of trouble getting around. Let me know what is good for you

05/04/18 06:11 PM #9145    


Teddie Jordan

We can do that, we are getting together with some friends in Houston at 11 am tmrw and can meet you somewhere mid afternoon if that works. Call or text me at 713-882-2849.

05/08/18 10:15 AM #9146    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Howdy all yall !   Hey Kay, yup, Houston is toooooo complicated and convaluted to try to maneuver.   All my, or most of my landmarks are gone.  Well, if I were at the corner of DuBarry and Oak Forest, standing in the park, I'd recognize where I was, or maybe the Front of Waltrip or Sears on North Shepherd.  However, getting there would be worrisome.   But the spring fling was in TOMBALL this time, so not too far for you or us to travel. I do believe you are closer, maybe.  I've been that back route 249 to Anderson on my bike, and it is a beautiful drive, unless you get behind a concrete truck. Aint no passing, just a two lane blacktop.

    I'm with you on living in the country, but sometimes folks dont have the option, or dont know they have the option, or are smart enough to know that with country, comes endless work.   Sounds like your place is ideal, especially with all the history in your family.  Maybe someday me and the missus could come a visitin, take you to lunch.  Sounds like a good idear to me.  

     Got down to 58 yesterday morning, and up to 91 bout 3 or 4 oclock pm. Will this summer never end!  Oh the humanity!  Beautiful days all. Forecast shows beautiful days for another week or so, I'm good with that.  Been working on the Cooper/Waltrip Memorial Ice house.  Got everything moved and a loose semblance of order.  My Restaurant owner son Kevin, is suppose to help build a bar for me.  Maybe soon mehopes!  

    Been perusing the pooltable sites to find a suitable one, and also shuffleboard table.   Pooltables go upwards to 50K, which is rediculous, shuffle boards go upwards to 10K.  I have however, found some more reasonably priced ones.  I know what a regulation pool table size is, but what is a regulation shuffle board size?   I've found 7ft, 9ft, and 12ft.  Seeing as how the 9ft is in the middle, I figured that one to be a good size.  I dont think they use the sand or sawdust anymore, now they use wax.  Oh great, I've waxed both vehicles, now I've got to wax a shuffle board?   I've waxed a surfboard on more than a zillion occasions, I've waxed poetic, and watched the moon wax and wane, but never waxed a shuffle board.

    I have however, shuffled off to buffalo, maybe, and been bored, and sawed boards etc.   As soon as I find out what size my son has in mind for a bar, I can order the Pool table and maybe the shuffle board.   Then when it's all done, LOOK OUT.   Diane and I want to have a trial Fall Ball this summer, which of course doesnt count towards a Fall Ball.   No one needs do anything cept show up, unless Diane says otherwise. I've pretty much got her wrapped around my finger anyway, so she will do what I say...unless she wont, then of course I will acquiese to her expertise in the merry making.  

     We just want to have a party, and dont know if we can wait till October.  WE WILL STILL HAVE THE FALL BALL IN OCTOBER, WHATEVER WE DECIDE TO DO, SO DONT WORRY.     We're  thinking maybe the last week in October for the Fall Fling since the class of 63, (we're invited) is having their do on October 13th.   Still need to talk the date over with  Johnny. He mentioned either before the class of 63 date, or after. I'm thinking October 27th.  But still need to get with Johnny though and seal the deal.

    Ok, time to deplane, and go into town, pick up the mail, stop by the cigar store and talk to the wooden indian, only one that will listen to me on a regular basis.  Saw where WALYMART  made a vet sit out in the rain while collecting donations for VFW.  Bad form walstupidmart.  I dont shop there anyway, and havent since in the 90s, but another good reason not to shop there.  They did, however,  try to make amends by providing a canopy for the vietnam vet to sit under out of the weather.  Gee, that wasnt so hard was it wallymart !   A little common sense works everytime.

    Oh yeah, I believe I was going to sing off...Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride....
Your blessed beyond all belief frien,   Beaucephus Wally Wann, esq...   

05/09/18 07:41 PM #9147    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Aaahaaa. I have felt bad about that posting of Chappell  Hell  what was I thinking? .

.  It certainly is not, thought it was cute, thanks for forgiving me. Well I'm not a pool player, but have fun trying., shuffle board ...not too good either.  Guess I'll just eat and bring wine


05/10/18 11:49 AM #9148    


Beau Wann, Jr.

   Hey, That;s ok Kay.   No skill at playing games required. In fact, if you let me win, I'm your best frien. Of course dont let me know youre letting me win, make it look like I'm a professional, yeah, that's the ticket.    I'm not good at any games atall. I just like to play and enjoy the banter.   

     Heard from Johnny, and October the 27th is the date for the fall fling and GRAND OPENING  of Coopers Memorial Ice House.  BUT,  me and me beloved are going to have an unofficial opening of the ice house sometime this summer.   This will be a pre-party party, so it wont really count. That means the carbs dont count, the calories dont count, the gmos  and cias and fbis and pdqs, none of that counts atall.

     Ok, time to deplane...keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...
your crazy frien and resident whacko   Beaucephus King O Samwann hill, esq...

05/10/18 04:16 PM #9149    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Hey Beau, since I was raised at the Dutchman beer joint I spent a lot of time playing shuffleboard.  Haven’t attempted to play since I was 12, but I want to try.  I think his board was about 9 ft.  It couldn’t have been much longer.  Wish I had gone by there before it closed.  I know it would have been much different from the 50s.  I am sure I could sketch the inside and outside of that place.

I really want to be there in October.  Hope my body agrees.  

Our newest critter is 97 lb of laid back and sweet old dog.  We got her Saturday and took her to the vet Monday because she has had a hard life.  At the vet’s office two little children came over and started hugging her.  They could have put a saddle on her.  She loved it and tried to follow them when they left.  I thought of Cooper.  Maybe when she gets healthy I can find out about the visiting program.

05/11/18 07:46 AM #9150    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey Pat, great to hear from you.  Ok, methinks 9ft is what I'll be looking for.  Say, why dont you try to sketch the Dutchman?  You're probably a pretty good artist eh what !   If you could draw stick figures, that would be an improvement over my sketching. 

     I remember Ms Hawkins gave an assignment to draw our bedrooms, but once you started drawing you couldnt pick up your pencil or whatever you were drawing with.  I can tell you the drawing of my room was amazing.  Not MY talent in art, but what I had in my room that I drew.  Not as factual as I would have liked, but accurate to what I WOULD have liked it to look like.So, when you draw your sketch, should you take this assignment,  YOU CAN pick up your pencil and not have everything joined together. 

     That's great that you rescued an unfortunate critter. Now because of you his fortunes have changed for the better.  Health aside, he is receiving the love he needs.  It's amazing how ones health improves when love is added to the mix.   He sounds just like Cooper. The kids just loved to hug him, and he them.   I can still see the children surrounding him and he grinning like a cheshire cat (dog).  The love he received from all that met him was more important than food to him.

     The rule of thumb was that only the child or children he was to work with could have contact with a therapy dog or cat or whatever animal was trained.   Me n coop threw that rule out the window when we went to work visiting wherever we went.  I saw right away, that by him greeting everyone, and I mean everyone at a school, that only made him want to work that much more.  

     We did 2 demonstrations at Harvard elementary, 150 people at each demonstration. 150 was all that the little library could hold at one time. It was really a converted classroom.  They spare no expense at the old neighborhood schools. (sarcasticly speaking).  I'm surprised they allowed them to have books. Well, that's another story. 

     It was Cooper and Bonnie, a lassie collie,  that put on the demonstrations.  They were magnificent, and the kids were on their best behavior.   There were no shortages of volunteers that wanted to "read" with Cooper and Bonnie.    Coop and Bonnie went through their paces and wowed the kids and parents.  The love coming from that room towards the two castoffs was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  I must say,  the love was flowing both ways.

    After the two demonstrations and greeting EVERYONE, and walking down the hall to go home, still greeting folks, it was the only time I saw them drained and tired, but still game to greet anyone that came up to them.  Cooper and Bonnie still had the energy to smile.  When we got home, Cooper and I went straight to bed. I slept with him that night on his pillow, probably both grinnin like two cheshire cats as we slept. Of course this was  back in the day when I could get down on the floor and get back up again. 

     Now how did I get back on the subject of Cooper?  Sorry folks, didnt mean to carry on about Cooper as I know you've heard it all before.   I've had lots of cats and one other dog, and miss them all.  But I miss cooper so much, guess I will till my dying day.  Why was Cooper so special?   Other than the good he did for the humanity that he touched, I guess because God chose me to be Coopers companion and trusted that I would take care of one of his special angels.  God was so right!  I'd love to do it again, and again....

     hmmmm, I'd better stop talking about Cooper, dont want my eyes to start leaking....Pat, dont know if there are any therapy dog programs where you live, I only know of the one in Oak Forest at Oaks Presbyterian Church, BACKPACK CRITTER READING PROGRAM.   There are others I dont know the name of, but they are so hard to get in to.  Some of them, the window to sign up in is barely a couple of weeks long, and you cant do it via computer. Everything is hard drafted.  You'd think with all the obstacles they place in front of you,  they really dont want the program to succeed. Well that probably isnt true, but it's my take on some things.

     The therapy training for the BakPak critter reading program is in July for a couple of weeks. They dont really train them to do any one  particular thing as much as it is to evaluate the demeanor of the dog, or cat. There was  a maine coon in the program that was as good with kids as was Cooper. 

     Good luck with your new pup.  Does he have a name? Oh, you didnt say what kind of dog, other than "all heart".  I do hope you and Ron can make it to the FALL FLING. Hope everyone can. 

Happy trails all yall   

05/11/18 08:01 AM #9151    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Finally found the regulation size for champion shuffleboard playing.  22 ft long, 20 inches wide (playing surface) and 30 inches tall.  Seems they use silicone in lieu of sand or sawdust and wax.  Common household and icehouse/tavern sizes vary from 9 ft to 14 ft.  Methinks I will search the 9ft tables. 

05/13/18 10:26 AM #9152    


Teddie Jordan

To all of you wonderful ladies of our class of '64, have a happy and blessed Mother's Day.


"Her children rise up and call her blessed. Her husband also and he praises her" - Proverbs 31:28


05/16/18 09:46 AM #9153    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Good Morrow, myne lads aand lassies.  Today is the day! ! !  Yup, I can cut the hill,  bluebonnets and all.  BB seeds are ready to be dispersed, yea!    Took care of too many lawns over the years to let my hill look raggedy. Dont mind the edges to be frayed a bit, that's where the fireflies hang out.   Me and the pups been staying out half the night every night,  just to gaze upon one of natures wonders.  (wonder how they do that)     Lots of stars at night!  Havent seen a shooting star as of yet, but still watchful. 

    Sunday went into the big city for Dianes moms mothers day celebration.  Went back to our little country church in the city.  Still there in all it's simplistic saintly beauty.  There was the usual 30 folks in attendance.  Good to see some old familiar faces.   Couldnt help but notice some of the pews were roped off.  Diane says they are broken!    Well boo!     For all you gracious folks that were married in that church, as was Diane and I,  it still has it's simple presbyterian charm and beauty.  You can tell the different denominations by the architecture.  I never noticed till my beloved pointed that out to my dumb self. 

    Except for the million dollar homes among the 2k dollar homes, the old neighborhood still looks familiar.  I cant believe I got homesick for the old neighborhood.   Well, I spent the better part of 3 quarters of a century there. Diane and I have discussed when we HAVE to sell this place and move on to something smaller and less complicated, about moving back into Oak Forest.  Somewhere within walking distance to the shopping center at 43rd and OF streets.  Well, just a thought.

    Went to the dollar store to buy some "wind socks" and other wavy flags and such, to keep the birds out of the ice house.  Two hummingbirds got trapped in there, both banging their little bodies on the skylights trying to get out.  Finally they fell to the floor exhausted, but little hearts beating a mile a minute. I scooped one up and Diane got the other.  We placed them in the shade of the garden, where they promptly flew away.  Still a bit wobbly, but alive.

    The fake owls didnt work, birds just flew around them.  Oh, the fake owls came with instructions:  "move the owls from time to time so the "critters" will think they are real" .  Been there done that!   Got the idea that the birds and critters were mocking us. And to think I feed the little toerags. What gratitude eh what!

    Our container gardening isnt going so well.  Plants look anemic, or over watered.  When th soil gets dry, you water, RIGHT?  That's what we've been doing.  Diane fertilized them yesterday. Hoping they get some color back.  Beans and peas look burned up. Squash is blooming, taters going nuts, Onions? eh, who can tell about onions!  Lettuce and cabbage doing great though.  Everyday for lunch or supper, we just go out and snip off couple leaves of lettuce and voila,  salad!

    I think I am going back to the old way of gardening.  Ring the garden in RR ties and fill with garden mix soil and letter rip.  Had one of those, and was best garden ever.  Had 36 tomato plants, corn, beans, squash, melons, cantaloups, pumpkins, blackberries, and even brussel sprouts!   Well, we would have had brussel sprouts if I hadnt cut them down.  I saw all the little bumps on the long stems, and thought those were bad bugs or disease, so I cut them down to save the rest of the garden.   IDIOT ! ! !

    Turns out the bumps were the sprouts!   In my defense, I'd never seen them growing before, so really didnt know what to expect.  Well, with me, expect the unexpected!  Why did we have 36 tomato plants?  Simple silly!   When I read the almanac, it said to plant one seed or plant for the birds, one for the bugs, one for the weather, and one for me.  Seems the birds, bugs and the weather didnt want any of our plants, and that's a good thing.  However your friends turn and run when they see you carrying bushel baskets of maters squash and assorted veggies when you come a visiting.

    We just have 3 mater plants, and they are producing more maters than we can eat.  Guess I could chunk em at the idiot birds invading the ice house.  One cheeky devil was building a nest in my tool belt pouch!  Wonder if it was trying to tell me something, "hey lazy bones get that tool belt on and get busy" or cheeps to that effect.  Little ungrateful toerags! ! !

    Time to deplane.  Happy trailssmiley....(how you like that smiley face?  Just figgured out how to do that. It's amazing what one can do if one would only read the instructions, eh what! ! ! )

    Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...with the AC on max cool of course.
Your blessed frien and resident farmer,  BeaucephusMacDonald esq... 

05/16/18 08:03 PM #9154    


James Hilsher '65

Hey beau,I noticed your front needed mowing yesterday, and I know u have that hot rod mower.I guess since I don’t live on blue bonnet hill I was not thinking about seed distributional.

05/16/18 09:38 PM #9155    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus that’s really sad about Oak’s Presbyterian Church getting down to such low attendance and having pews roped off. My family worshipped there for all of my growing up years. Back then we were a thriving church with at least several hundred worshippers on an average slow season Sunday. It all started with a few families meeting at the old fire station on 34th,  then we met at Oak Forest Elementary for a few years before buying the property on Chantilly and building the first structure, which is what is now called Payne Hall. That was our sanctuary. My dear mother was the church secretary there for about 15 years, and my dad was an elder and member of the session for many years. And of course Francine and I were married there in ‘66 by our beloved minister and lifelong friend Rev. Hudson McNair, a good, good man.

05/19/18 01:03 AM #9156    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     TJ, the church is still pretty, just some minor flaws, old age, on a few pews.  Lots of work has been done over the years, bringing it up to code and asthetic appeal.   They  sold the old manse on Latexo, and has that money working for them.  Plus,  oaks is renting out the two sunday school wings to a daycare center.

         A very profitable daycare from what I've heard, with a waiting list of customers.  The daycare has agreed to take care of all costs on upgrades and repairs, permits, insurance etc.  That just might save the church and allow it to have a scant 30 members in attendance on any Sunday.  The cornerstone was layed in 46  or 48 methinks. There is a plaque on the front of the church comemorating that occasion.

    Diane tells me that in the 70s or sometimes whereabouts,  Oaks had about 800 members and had two sunday worships.  Then came the split over........????  Who knows?     When I joined in 82,  I think we were down to 200 members and got worse from there, then got better, then worse etc.   Well, life goes round and round.  But, I certainly do love that old church.

    The Baptist temple down along 19th or 20th has sold some of it's property.  I remember several funerals there that I attended as a young DuBarry lad.  I recollect Jimmie Lee and a few others talk about being members of that church. The times of our youte....where has it gone?  Long time passing!

   Very nice eenin tonight. Wind still out of the South Southwest, and coolish as well.  Fireflies winking at me and the pups.  Sitting on the deck, had a pup on either side of me to pet. Good thing I have two hands.  Outside Kitty, "Miss Kitty", likes to tease the pups. She comes over to the base of the fence and jumps straight up and sits on a fence post.  Jack and Dixie have a fit when she does that.  

     She seems to be a regular here at the wannderosa, lucky us.  I see her little footprints here and there. We have a lot of dirt that she seems fond of and rolls in it with an air of joy, graceful joy.   I've seen about 3 or 4 other cats prowling about the premises.   "Good", I say! The more cats, the less vermin.  Dont see them much in the daytime, so they're not after birds, just snakes and mice.  Yea! ! ! 

    I guess our bobcat has widened it's home range.  If he was still around, wouldnt be any domestic cats scampering about.  Went into town today.  Voted for one of two candidates running for state office, then on to the courthouse to renew license plates for the trailer.  What a joy that is here, and a trip to hell in harris county. 

    All those familiar with Royers Cafe in Roundtop, will be pleased to note that they are expanding to a location in old downtown Brenham, just off the square on Market street, and in another location on 290 next to the South Texas Tack Shop.  They say late 2018 and sometime in 2019.  Projected plans for expansion generally dont realize on or about the date projected, if they ever really materialize.  We will see what we will see!

    I remember Goodsons cafe up towards tomball on Huffsmith Korville road.  There was a fantastic place to eat.  They expanded and had a satellite cafe on the northwest corner of Gessner and I-10.  Food was good, but it just never caught on for some reason.  Now they are in Tomball proper. Dont know how they are doing but hope all is well.  A really great place to eat is Als Diner in Tomball. Finest  southern comfort food in the whirld.   Here I am talking about food, and me on a diet !

    tried to make some Gumbo, and opened the wrong package. Turned out to be creole!  Opened the Gumbo package anyway and we had both.  YUK... The gumbo and the creole are supposedly creations of Tony P from houston. Cant remember his last name, but it was on the package.  I certainly wouldnt put my name on something that vile.   Too much salt in it.  Wasted a package of shrimp and a link of sausage in that crap. 

    I tried doctoring it up to make it edible, and only thing that worked was 1/4 cup of catsup.  I love catsup. It made it almost palatable. Finally just chunked it all out. Took it down to the creek to see if the coons would eat it.  It was still there this morning!  Now that's bad stuff folks if the coons wont eat it.  We know how to make a roux, just thought we'd save time if we got a prepackaged one.  Well that didnt work out now did it!  See what happens when you take shortcuts.

    Zatarain and Tony Cacheres are not any better.  I've forgotten what real good gumbo and creole tastes like.  Oh well that's life on the funny farm I reckon! 

    Here it is past midnight and I'm dragging my feet on going to bed.  I just hate the night time. Cant sleep, waking up almost every hour.   Went to see mah sawbones,  Doc Holiday,  for a regular checkup and he's ordered a sleep test.   ANOTHER STINKIN TEST?  I asked if I would have time to study for it. He tried to ignore me, but laughed anyway.    Plus he gave me a pop quiz right then and there on the spot.  "On a scale of 0 to 3, 3 being most likely to doze off, and 0 being least likely";
1: Sitting down?  Well, that's a 3.
B. Watching TV?  That's a 3 for sure.
3. Conversing with someone?  Depending on who it is, most likely a 3.
E. going to bed?   Depends on where bed is.  0 if it's actually in bed, 3 if I'm between wherever and bed.
5. Driving. would like it to be a 3, but glad it's not.
7. Riding in a car.  0 but would like it to be a 3
Here's one they left off, so I wrote it in.  Sitting on the tractor, stopped with motor off. a 3 of course

     Doc says It's some kind of device you hook up to yourself, he didnt say where.    I already cant sleep now, how am I suppose to get any shuteye with some tarnation of a contraption clamped to me?   I think I'll call and cancel it, just tell em I'm sleepin like a baby...a colicky one, but a baby nonetheless.

     Guess I'll deplane for now.  Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...with the AC on max cold of course.
your frien and Rip Van Winkles sleepless cousin Cephus Van Wannkles esq...

Post script:  The Official CHIMACS (Chappell Hill Intergalactic meteorological and cornpone society) equipment registered 99 on Wednesday.  Methinks the temp gauge has gone dodgey on us.  Gonna have to order another one from Earls Lucky Feed store in Houndsduck Kaintuck.  Oh bother!    

05/23/18 11:14 AM #9157    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Howdy!  FYI  They, someone, is building a 14 field (2 lighted) international standard CRICKET FIELDS just west of Prairie View a mile on north side of 290.  Just wondering if anyone would like to start a cricket team club.  We have lots of crickets up here, but dont know if they would cotton to the idea of being on a team.  They're kind of hard to talk to when they're jumping around all over the place. 

      I've watched a few CRICKET matches over the years, and cannot figure out just what the heck the rules are, scoring, and fielding etc.  Also of concern, has as of yet to see one cricket in the entire process.   Never knew there was any interest in the game of CRICKET here in the USA, let alone TEXAS..... Just saying ! ! !

   Peace and love to you bros and sisters...

05/24/18 11:51 AM #9158    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     It's me again Margaret ! ! !   Well, duh, who else would it be?   Just in from those old cotton fields back home.   Been workin like a madman, and for the life of me dont know why.  I do get a lot of work done being a madman and all, but there really is no need.  Use to be, I'd work like half dozen madmen back in the day, but have slowed considerably.  It is really nice to not have deadlines and schedules to keep.

     Hmmmm, I got on here for a specific reason, but for the life of me can't recollect just why.  Been watching Jupiter in the southeast sky at night and Venus in the northwest sky.  If I dont have my glasses on, then there are two of each. More for the money so to speak.   Fireflies been lighting the dark on the hill.  Sure does take one back to one's childhood those FFs. 

     Guess it's not going to come to me about what I wanted to speak with you about, so  guess I'll be on my way.   Peace and love to youse youtes, and happy trails...

05/24/18 01:49 PM #9159    


Larry Reid '63

I thought Cricket was a cell phone? 

05/25/18 10:27 PM #9160    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Hello!  It's me again Margaret !   I'm getting to be a regular here arent I.   Hey Larry, yes, that too!   Sort of a sticky wicket.    Today was the last of em !    Yup, all grandchillin have graduated from High schrool, 2 from college.   Haley, our youngest GD graduated today from Cinco Ranch.   I got a new camera and wanted to take some pictures of her, but that didnt turn out too well.   Seems she's not the only beautiful blonde in that class of a zillion kiddos.

    I was just snapping away at who I thought was Haley, only to find out it wasnt.  Found anothe blonde, surely that's her!   Nope, and dont call me shirley.   Ok, where the heck is she?    Finally found her!   That's got to be sad when you dont recognize your grandaughter.  But I'll swanee,  she has changed so much, she's absolutely gorgeous, a term normally not used in the same sentence with me.  And, havent seen very much of her the last couple of y ears. 

     Well, that's all really. Just wanted to share that.  Next graduation, 4 years from TAMU. I'll be 77 then.  Where has the time gone?   I dont remember my graduation, or the prom.  I didnt get to graduate with all yall, I graduated in the summer, July, August, dont remember much about it. I remember I rode the bus downtown to the Music hall methinks. I walked across the stage and got a piece of paper.  Rather had a piece of pie.

    Dont really know why I went down just to walk across the stage, guess I was hoping I'd see someone I knew, but saw only strangers, and Since no one was there to see me graduate, and waiting to take me back to the neighborhood, my time was my own so I walked around downtown and smelled all the wonderful smells from whence they came.  Now I dont remember whether it was day or night. I was leaning towards the night, but not sure.  Hoping I went to Woolworths and had a .29 cent hoagie. Man those were great samiches.

    Things have sure changed since our high school days that's for sure.   Today, I saw more leg and boobs than at any skinflick or strip show I'd ever been too.  Not only that, if the girls werent showing leg or boobs, their dress or lack of it left nothing to the imagination.   Where it was eye candy for sure, I'm old, not dead,  WHERE WERE THEIR PARENTS?  I guess what I was hoping for in highschool finally came, 55 years later. 

     Far be it from me to tell folks what to do, how to dress etc, but all the nose rings and metal studs in folks faces and the tattoos made me think I was watching walking coloring books.  I'm pretty easily distracted, especially if some beautiful girll has a couple of bolts sticking out of her head, and her back and chest look like a disney comic book.  Come on man, get with the times....No thank you sir, I'll stick with the 19th century, where I was suppose to be.

    In the service I was never even tempted by the tattoo parlors.  Lot's of guys got a tattoo everytime we pulled into port, where ever that might be. Now, I kind of wish I'd gotten a small one. Nah, dont need one, somethings are tattooed on my pea brain that I'd like to have removed.  Well, time to deplane as I'm very tired.  two hours in the truck are not good on my back and stuff,  and only got to see Haley for a couple of minutes.

     Happy trails youse youtes 

Post Script:  Hi Larry, glad you checked in.  Hope you are fairing well from the MG. 

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