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02/10/19 09:01 PM #9526    


Johnny Sheffield

Hey there gang, we are about 9 weeks out 

From the spring fling at Harris county smoke house

Tomball Texas April 13th 2019 4pm. I have around 

16 RSVPs as of now. I will be talking to everyone

There about our web site status and also our

55th reunion coming up. Also, we will have registration 

Forms there for the 55th reunion , if you have not already

Registered to come as of yet.,

See you all soon.





02/11/19 04:06 PM #9527    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Will there be a Friday night gettogether at the 55th?

02/11/19 04:49 PM #9528    


Johnny Sheffield

Nothing was officially planned for Friday night.

But those, that might be staying at the hotel 

Friday night can always get together in the bar

Area if they like.



02/11/19 07:33 PM #9529    


Teddie Jordan

It will be fun to celebrate our milestone of 55 short years ago, and we hope to see many of our fellow young at heart ‘64’ers!

And to celebrate our beloved Jackie, and all of the wonderful memories that she has gifted to each of us!

02/14/19 01:07 PM #9530    


William "Butch" Ginder

02/14/19 01:07 PM #9531    


William "Butch" Ginder

02/14/19 05:30 PM #9532    


Teddie Jordan

Butch, what a beautiful  tribute to Linny’s life. Thank you for posting it. You too have a talent for writing, and a movie script or novel could not describe a more beautiful love story than the one you two lived! Cherish your memories, and in this time of loss be secure in the knowledge that you will someday be reunited.

02/15/19 09:32 AM #9533    


Jimmie Sue Roach (Nation)

I am sad to hear of Lynn Nell's passing.  What a beautiful life the two of you shared. She was always so sweet and kind. May God wrap you His Grace as you and the family prepare for her celebration of life. Continuing sympathy and Prayers.

In Christ - Jimmie Sue

02/16/19 02:59 PM #9534    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Jim and I attended Linny's memorial mass earlier today.  It was a beautiful service and celebration of her life.  Butch did a wonderful job honoring her.  The St. Mary's Church in Planterville is a 1917 painted church that has been restored and enlarged.  It was a lovely setting for the service.  Jim and I felt a special connection when we realized Linny went to her heavenly home on his birthday, December 4th, and her celebration of life was held on my birthday!   My thoughts and prayers go out to Butch and the family.

02/20/19 08:47 PM #9535    


Johnny Sheffield

Hello everyone. 

Just wanted to let everyone know that lynn

Wren Burkhardt had her 4th stent tonight 

And she is doing well. She will be staying overnite 

In the hospital and home tomorrow. 

Thank you for all the prayers. 


02/21/19 09:54 PM #9536    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Dear  Butch and Ginny,

Such a beautiful rendition of your lives together. and how fortunate you both  were to lead successful lives here in rural property, and living the life.   My mom sold in Shepard Park Plaza and moved to 1651 Ebony.

I live in Anderson, moved here in 1995, son works for Grimes County Sheriffs office, directly under the sheriff, Don Sowell, has added FBI program under Mr Comey's command, graduated.  I am blessed.

I wish the best for you.

02/26/19 05:46 AM #9537    


Teddie Jordan

Continued prayers for Janet Strickland and for Ricky and her family, and for her medical team as they work to find the source of her illness.

03/03/19 10:02 AM #9538    


Johnny Sheffield

I talk to rick Strickland the other day and janet

Is doing somewhat better ,  but still has a way to go. 

She still has pneumonia and other complications. 

At this time, he does not know when she will

Be able to leave st elizebeth hospital in Beaumont texas

And return home. Please continue to pray for janet

And her doctors. 



03/04/19 08:10 AM #9539    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     GOOOOOOOOOD MORININ CHAPPELL HILLLLLL....And a frosty morn I might add up here in the Chalps. Merc sitting right at 30, wind outtin the noth at 18, feels like 19 degrees.  19 my frost bitten butt ! ! !   I know, I know, it's 30 below elsewhere so our little ol 30 above is rat balmy.   Not suppose to get out of the 30s today, bummer, and I've got a sawbones appointment this morn at 9. 

       Been a while since last we conversed, been sick last couple weeks with the flu, that's right I caught the    "A flu", rather than the A train. Isnt that just like me to miss the train. One of the few "A"s I've earned in me llife time and didnt really want.     I wondered how they know just what letter of flu a body had.     Well wonder know more mon ami.  They shove a Q-tip in the ol schnozzola, analyize it in the ol PHASE PHLUX CAPACITOR, run IT through the DISCRONIFICATOR a megaparsec or three,  and voila, the A flu. I wonder if the flu is just limited to vowels, and sometimes Y and W, or does it run the whole gammut of the alphabet.   Hmmm thoughts to ponder fo sho!

    This will be a short entry as I mentioned before I've an appt with Doc Holliday this morn at 9:20.  Their automated calling system calls me a couple of days before, Sattidy methinks, and tells me about myne appt, then tells me that I will be arriving at said appt at 9:10, and if I'm going to be late or cant make said appt, then CALL THEM ! ! ! ! 

     I do feel so much better than last couple of weeks, fo sho.  thought I'd breathed my last early on in the "A" tango.  As a general rule, I'm always hurting, and didnt think I could hurt any contraire mon ami!  On a scale of 1 to 10, it had to be a 10 to the 10th. Kill an ordinary man.   Still hurt, but not as intense as before, and I'll take that any day, eh.      Time to deplane boss.

     Keep the sun at your 12, 3, 6, and 9, that should cover all the bases should ol sol put in an apperance today, and a Dr. Pepper at your 10, 2, and 4. and ride boldly ride, bundled up of course.

From high up in the Frozen Chalps,  
Your frien and resident "A Team"  crazy person,  Cephus T Frauhunkensteen the froze

03/04/19 10:49 PM #9540    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     It's me again Margaret ! ! !   Typing with fingercicles up heah in the frozen tundra of the Chalps.  Goodness, that's sure a hurtin cold out there!  Feel for all the little critters caught out in this brutal cold. All four of our critters are rescues, thank goodness! ! ! !

      Got a clean bill of health from Doc Fraunkensteen today, sort of.  Got a few more tests to run.  He did say my HDL, the good colesterol, is too low, so he prescribed a glass of red wine a day...oh gee, must I  ! ! ! !    I've got just the medicine too in my wine cellar from Massina Hof WINERY,  called appropriately "BEAU" .  Yup, they named a wine after me because I'm so sweet...yeah right ! ! ! ! The wine is really sweet,, and I love it very much, so filling this prescription is gonna be easy.  The Beau axiom, "if one glass of wine is good for me, then two would be great, RIGHT? "

     He also noted the tremors in my hands....yes, I've got old persons shake for crying out loud!   So he prescribed some other med for that, and the side affect is...lower blood pressure.  Go figure. My BP was in the normal range anyway, so I guess lower is good.  The tremors werent too much of a problem cept eating soup.  Hard to keep it in the spoon with my hands doing the jumpin bean polka.  If I can stab stuff with my fork, then I'm ok, but eating peas with any implement is pert near impossible.  But what the heck, it's always something isnt it ! ! !

    Suppose to get to 26 tonight, but sure wish it wouldnt, maybe 31, maybe, but not 26, AND IN MARCH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.  What is this whirld coming to???   Howz that global warming working out for us?   This will be another short dissertaion, as it is late and I have several glasses of wine under me belt,  and Little Miss is waiting patiently for me warming my side of the bed.  Sure glad I rescued her, she is such a lover kitty. 

     Time to deplane boss....since it's night time, keep the E lectric blanket on 6 and sleep boldly sleep...

Your frien and resident crazy person,  Cephus T Magillicutty esq...

03/06/19 09:11 AM #9541    


Johnny Sheffield

Good morning, I just heard from rick Strickland 

With update on Janet. Janet has been moved 

To room 423 extended care phone no. 409-899-7423

She has a cath, iv, two oxygen mask, able to sit up

In chair and walk with help. She is on cardiac diet and her 

Speech is better. Keep Janet in your prayers. 



03/06/19 06:43 PM #9542    


Johnny Sheffield


Just a reminder *******just a reminder *****just a reminder

We are 5 weeks out before the spring fling at 

Harris County Smokehouse 14243 fm 2920

Tomball Texas 77377  

Time: 4pm till closing 

Date: April 13th, 2019 

At this time, we have around 22 RSVPs, 

So be sure to rsvp if you have not already. 

Look forward to seeing everyone at the 

Spring fling. 



03/06/19 06:52 PM #9543    


Teddie Jordan

Classmates, it has recently occurred to Francine and I that for some reason 80 doesn’t really sound that old anymore!

What’s up with that!??

03/07/19 02:35 PM #9544    


Don Ellisor

It looks pretty close to me!

03/13/19 10:11 AM #9545    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Goooooood mornin Chappell Hilllll....and it's promising to be a stormy one at that.   Not much going on up here in the CHALPS, just preparing for the spring storms and such.  Havent gotten  Dianes garden started yet, been dragging my feet on that project.  Of all the gardens we've had here and at our last house, I'll bet we haven't had a dollars worth of veggies to celebrate. Put moren a dollars worth of effort and supplies in em, that's for sure. 

     We've had a bumper crop of Rosemary over the years, that stuff grows wild and wooly.  Had a lot of basil till this last freeze got it, but not to worry, it'll come back, and if not, just a small amount of the pungent plant will go wild.  An aside here, basil's not only good for adding flavor to things, dont know what though, it's also good for stings and bug bites. Just rub it on the irritated spot, and voila, all better.  At least that's what my beloved says, and who can dispute her? eh what?

    How bout them bluebonnets?   they started blooming in early February, as well as the paint brushes.  Never ever heeared of em blooming this bloomin early.  I'm not as big a fan O the blue flower as I use to be. Seems it brings out all the idiots that dont have a problem with blocking roads and driveeways and even the highway just so they can get a picture of their brat sitting in a bunch flowers and exactly where the brat doesnt want to be.  Last year saw a woman leading a line of children IN THE MIDDLE OF 290, just so they could gawk at the blue things.  Speed limit on 290 west of the river is 70, and the cars and truckers do ever bit of that and then some.

   Ever year, it's the same ol blue flower folks are taking pictures of, and probably the same folks ever year. I'll bet the folks that have taken pictures of the BBs have never gone back to look at their pictures.  I know I dont look at all the many millions of pictures I've taken over the years...oh well, kay sarah sarah ! ! !

    Having an unwanted visitor everynight now for this week, yup ol stinkiy skunky !   Saw him night before last, as he was heading down the hill towards the crick.  I think he or she lives up over Chads ridge, and is just visiting testing the grubs and such. I hope he gets a bellyache and doesnt come back.  I've seen lots o them as road kill this year, seems like more than before.  Othern  motor VEEEhicles, and me, I dont thnk they have a natrural enemy, even dead, the buzzards leave em alone, now that's stinky.

    They dont scare, so you cant drive them off with near misses or chunked rocks, they sort of freeze up like the "scare goats" only they dont fall over like the goats do.  I wont shoot one unless they come out in the day time. If then.     I was advised to kill them, because they are rabid if they're strolling about in the daylight hours.

       Couple years ago, much to my displeasure, I dispatched an entire family or 7 because they were rabid.  Called the wildlife people and our vet to ask them about what to do, and they said I had to kill them.   Of all the animals that get rabbis,  skunks and foxes are prime candidates.  We also have a beautiful grey fox on trail camera, hope he doesnt get the R word.

      As I mentioned at the beginning of this dissertation, not much happening here, just bracing for the spring storms. Got all the deck furniture turned over and such so the wind doesnt thrash them about to much and break them.    All our critters are fine, or as fine as they can be I suppose. Took Annie-Bob to the vet yesterday, and even after the Thyroid medicine we've been giving her, her thyroid is still acting up, so now we have to give it to her twice a day, oh joy.  The pill we give her is the same strength that Diane takes, and same pill.  Dianes cost 4 dollars, and Annie-Bobs cost 14 dollars, same stuff, go figure!

    Time to deplane.  Keep the sun at your six and son in your heart and ride boldly ride..
Your frien and resident krazoid,  Cephus Badillion traherne olbeauwannkanobie, esq.    

03/13/19 09:34 PM #9546    


Scotty Croom

just got back to bama,this pm...spent about a week in htown and another at georgetown w/mother..honked as we drove by CH.beau...was quite cool in hill country,lots of polluts..cleared  up in htown...

03/15/19 08:44 AM #9547    


Scotty Croom

good morning from upper tooth repaired,replaced filling, ..smoothed broken tooth part and got extensive cleaning...left papers to get dr. in pensacola clinic...returned lost check to car dealer and did some housekeeping with papers...last of personal items moved from sharon's condo...uncovered and recovered items,like world series books,autograph collection. name badges from jc's and vfw....also vital stat docs.thought i lost to finish updating /deleting accts.w/new found never ends...

03/19/19 10:15 AM #9548    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Goooooooood mornin Chappell Hilllllllll.....and a special shout out to our own Alabama alum,
Scotty.   Movin and stuff is a lot of work, but the good gnus is, once you run out of stuff to do, you wont have any stuff to do.  Think about it, and get back with me by writing a thousand page essay on the subject, single spaced in pencil and cursive.  It's so hard being this smart!     Nah, kick back on your patio and take in that warm gulf breeze and enjoy.

     Been in the 40s here this week, with sparse sun at first, but then full syringe from noonish on.  Having the driveway and bridge redone as we speak.  Costly, very costly.  We have spent more on that driveway than anything else in this whirld.  Lots of things we didnt think about before we embarked on our CHALPS journey.

     Still havent put this years garden in, my specialty of course is "feet dragon".  Yeah, I know it's spelled wrong, but what the heck, I'm in full command O this here keyboard.  Well, almost!   Seems the hand shakes have somewhat altered my ability to type.  At my fastest, I could hit about 70 WPM.  Not without mistakes though, but who counts them!  

      My oldest sister, could hit 120 + WPM and on the old IBM Select-O-matic, with no mistakes. So I guess fast typing runs in the family.  In fact, when I use to work at Houston National Bank in the Tenneco Building, I could melt a ten key adding machine with no mistakes, and when I was first learning how to use it, I thought, "there is no way will I ever master this thing"....all it takes is practice.  Would you believe I use to balance the entire bank, debits and credits down to even?   Use to put out the "Statement of Condition" every day.  If the balance was out any amount, I knew where it was and corrected it.  This was a bank with half billion dollars in assets.   Before the feds changed the rules, Tenneco Gas and Oil bought HNB just so they could process their payroll.

    The bank had a computer taking up one floor, and this was back in the tape and "card" day,  You know the about 8 inch card with square holes punched in them?   I knew nothing about computers back then, yet I managed to put the debits and credits on the computer and could keep track of them. Dont ask me how, cant remember much else about it.   Put to the task, I  could pretty much handle anything, even though I thought I was a dummy. 

     You can tell it's spring up here in the CHALPS, Diane has the humminkboid feeders out, and yesterday without my knowledge, she bought a "humminkboid SWING"... yup, you read that correctly, a swing for the little blaggerts.  Who'd a thunk they liked to swing?  I guess some humminkboidoligist camped out in the forest and watched em swinging.   Or maybe they "tweeted" and said, "put the woid out, buy us swings". I didnt say anything about it to her, didnt want to hurt her feelings, but that's a little out there, dontcha think!

     Ok, guess it's time to deplane boss.  Watering the trees and stuff, gonna put out some CEDAR mulch.  Snakes dont like cedar!   Or so I hear!    I also heard that skunks dont like lights, so I put out some lights, au contraire mon ami,  black and white stinky kitty still coming out.  Oh, natural predator to the black and white stinky kitty is the GREAT HORNED OWL!  So I employed two GHOs and set em on the fence posts, and now the stinky kitty just goes around them and the lights.

      Cant just turn the pups loose in the yard anymore.   Before we let the pups out, we have to recon the area, sure is a lot of extra work.  But de-stinkafying a dog is a lot more work than anything.  They have to sleep on the porch for a week or two.

     Ok, keep the sun at your 6 and ride boldly ride....Your frien and resident deskunker and krazoid..

Olbeauwannkanobie Cephus R me, esq   

03/19/19 07:44 PM #9549    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus, several years before you went bigtime and worked for HNB downtown, where Fran also worked in our early marriage years, I can remember you and several of us tearing up the keys on Mangum Super Value’s old cash registers. And I can still remember the big nights, Saturday before Easter, Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, how it felt to stand there pounding that devil and look out at the lines with ten people with overflowing baskets waiting for each register and think that it would never end or let us catch a breath!

I think of those stone ages every time I use self checkout and quickly scan those bar codes!

03/19/19 11:54 PM #9550    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey, " TJ, come to the front, TJ, come to the front...I need all sackers and checkers and stockers up front please, all yall come to the front..."  You know Teddy, the four years or so I worked at Mangum Supervalu, were my favorite of all time.  We were a family, employees and customers.  I still remember my first day, Mr Vanek was showing me what to do, how to unload baskets for the customers...I was scared to death. I think I was all of 14 years old.  Started out at .60 cents an hour and thought I'd hit the mother lode.  My first paycheck was $9.01, and that saturday, I made 25 dollars in tips, real silver too.

    I remember some of the faces of the customers, but only one name, Mrs. Fly, Sandy Flys mom.  There were others, and we treated them like kings and queens, and they treated us like we were special to them, and I guess we were special to each other, in a special time.   I so wanted to please the customers, as we were taught to do. I remember that big clunky ol cash register. it had 7 rows of keys across, and 7 rows down.  We got so good, didnt need to even look at the keys, and we were faster than the bar code swipe I think. 

     We generally knew every price of every item in the store, and where it was.  If we couldnt find the price, and Frank or Mr Vanek couldnt find the price on the stock sheet, Mr Vanek would make up a price generally lower than what it actually was, just so the customer wouldnt be inconvienenced.  What a concept!  I miss those days, I truly do.  Dont miss school though, just the people that were in it. 

     Remember the pool hall that went in next door where TG&Y had been?   A fellow named AJ ??? Sort of reminded one of Al Hirt,  was the proprietor.  Sometimes I would go over there for lunch instead of the drug store.  AJ would make a monster of a shaved ham sandwich with a pickle spear, and chips, that was out of this whirld.  Dont remember how much it was, but you could get a lunch at the drugstore for .85 cents, served by Buddy Woods mom, Tricksy?  Absolutely the best time in the whirld for me.

     Speaking of moldy oldies, does anyone out there besides me,  peruse YOUTUBE?   I generally look for old movies or songs I dont have on my computer, like the Walker Brothers, "The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore", or "So Rare" by Jimmy Dorsey.  I do have the latter one, probably one of the best instrumentals ever.  He died 3 months after that one came out in 1956. Dont hold me to the date, I get cornfused about time sometimes.

    Here's one for you, remember Jackie Wilsons "Higher and Higher"?   Well, just type that in once your in YOUTUBE, and up will come a bunch of songs, with pictures.  One of the pictures is of Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth dancing.  Click on that, and they are dancing to "Higher and Higher", and it is fabulous. Dont know how the person that put it on there did that, but pure genius. 

      Rita dancing in that movie with that light cotton looking dress was pure sex. Man she was beautiful ! ! !      The name of the movie is "You Were Never Lovlier" made in 1942 and the song they were dancing to, played by Xavier Cougats (sp) orchestra,  was "The Shorty" I think.  Other folks have put that same film clip to Elvis Bossa Nova, and to Footloose, and to Staying Alive.

     There's lots of things on YOUTUBE some helpful, some not, but entertaining.  I listen to Jimmy Durante sing "As Time Goes By" and others, also Dooly Wilsons version from Casablanca is on there.  Gone are the days where you could recognize a voice on the radio or TV.  I dont know any of the singers in any genre today, or any of the voices on TV.  Nat King Cole was one of my all time favorites and still is.   I have a couple of his LPs, but neither one has the song "For All We Know". For some reason I've been singing that one in my head for weeks now.   So I conjured it up on YOUTUBE, and it's just as  great as ever. Oh, I also like Vera Lynn and her "We'll meet again" and others.

       I have most songs by the platters, with Tony Williams as the lead singer.  Only one that could match him in the upper register without going to falsetto, was Jackie Wilson. Probably some others, but cant think of who else.  Most all the black singers, like Tony Williams, Jackie Wilson, Clyde McPhatter, died very young, some not reaching 30.  Of course my wifes favorite Bobby Darin, (the next Sinatra) died at 50, or just short of. And Hank Williams was just 29 when he passed away.  Not trying to be morbid, just informative, or just ramblin on.

     What a magical time we lived in !   Of course back then I wasnt fully aware of it's magic as I am now.  "You never miss the water till the well runs dry" ! ! !   Aint that the truth!  I certainly wouldnt want to do it all over again, unless I could know what I know now!   Sort of like "Peggy Sue Got Married"!   Ok, I'm just ramblin, but ramblin sorta keeps me in touch with all yall.

    time to deplane boss...Keep the sun at y our six and ride boldly ride...
Your frien and resident time machine....olbeauwannkanobie R Cephus, esq. 

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