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11/06/19 12:51 PM #9760    


Steve Puckett '65

11/07/19 06:15 AM #9761    


Jim Taylor

I'm not sure exactly which year (i think 1964) but one of the headliners was a folk group called the Wanderers Three.   They did a modified version of "Big Bad John" and it was hilarious. Unfortunately not all of the faculty agreed and the next evenings version was much "tamer".

11/07/19 10:21 AM #9762    


Lloyd Pond

one year, The Southcoasters played at Soundtrack. they have cds available proceeds go to MD Anderson

11/08/19 06:00 AM #9763    


Don Ellisor

Glad to hear from you Lloyd! Was hoping to see you at the reunion we have one son in Austin maybe we could meet sometime when we are over there.

11/08/19 12:02 PM #9764    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Love reading you guys.  My husband can't hear and doesn't know it.  He has not had a hearing test in years.  He says that he just has selective hearing.  If he was any closer to the tv they would have to pay him as an actor.  I have gotten used to his hearing, but he also has no sense of smell.  I walked into the kitchen to see what was burning and he had forgotten the eggs he was frying.  Our daughter has needed hearing aides for most of her life.  She is almost completely deaf in one ear and has to constantly drain the other.  She sleeps on the deaf side.  The other is damaged but she can't hear at all if she gets a cold.  Poor baby was born with undersized eustachian tubes.  She has had countless surgeries.  She didn't want hearing aides and put it off until her 35th birthday.  I don't worry about Ron's hearing after watching her go through so much.  Her teachers all understood and kept her close to the front.  She can lip read.  When the family watches a movie it always has subtitles.

well I think I will wait until after Thanksgiving to Christmas shop.  Amazon is open 24 hours.  

11/08/19 05:45 PM #9765    


Scotty Croom

beau, found sign on-line...thought you needed sign  in bar area of your barn/garage..its cool/damp /chilly on the coast..warm and dry inside...

11/08/19 08:20 PM #9766    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     WOW,  six other posters besides me...YEAAAAAA! ! ! ! !   I remember the southcoasters, they were a folk group sort of but made fun of some of the hits of the day like Dion and the Belmonts "Teenager in Love" etc...they were good.  I'm so glad and thankful I wasnt any good at any entertaining, playing guitar and singing,  couldnt handle the fame. Wouldnt have minded the fortune however.  You play the cards you were dealt, and I figure I got a goodun, RSF.   I like anonymity, dont really want to be the center of attention. 

     Went yesterday to the Junior League for an "Honor the Veterans" program, at the invitation of Richard and Paige Meek.  Wow, it was great.  Beautiful ballroom, not set up for dancing, but could be.  Huge crystal chandileers, bout half dozen.  Good speakers, informative, great food and of  course the best company, Richard and Paige.   When they asked for folks to stand from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, there was one from WWII and one from Korea and only a few of us from Vietnam including the speaker, and the room had a few hundred in it.  Have we gotten that old?  

     Fianlly finished the extension of the deck on the boathouse, almost. I just thought at this very moment about putting a ramp at that end so Jack can come and go. I have a  ramp at the other older end for him, and he uses it, but has to turn around and go back the way he came, and for sure he would probably say, "It's no problem, long as I've got you guys to help me" or words to that effect. Just love my critters!

     Dixie-Belle woke us up this morning, and almost every morning, barking!  This time she was barking at a lone doe that had ventured close to the house.  It looked like it was using the old route from the pecan orchard on 290 and Route road back across our place and down to the river.   A huge herd use to cross our place twice a day, once in the evening headed south to bed down in the pecan orchard, and then again in the morning headed to the river.  Sure miss seeing them!

    Ol Mr B Dozer is back, or his kin.  He rooted up about a 5 foot patch of pasture, no real harm or damage. took the tractor down and smoothed it back out. I guess the wildlife is coming back because I put some apple infused corn and a new water tank down by the creek.  Put out lots of birdseed and saw a cardinal.  Use to see dozens of them in the preceeding years. They come and go like the seasons I suppose.  Havent seen the bluebirds this fall, and why is that you suppose?  Well, when I moved the fence I forgot to put up their house.  Problem corrected, it's up now.  We've seen many many bluebird families over the last 5 years.

    Ok, time to deplane for now, but "I'll be back"...I know, thanks for the warning.  Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident wildlife conservator...Cephus R. Busy  

11/09/19 10:06 AM #9767    


Jan Barnes '65 (Nimtz)

Hey Beau. Just wanted to let you know we were thinking about you & Diane on Thursday as we headed down 290 heading home (Boerne) from H-town. We had been in the old CO neighborhood visiting with my sister (Waltrip class of '62) to help celebrate her 75th birthday. It poured rain on us all the way from H-town to Boerne; pretty miserable drive. We did honk and wave in your direction as we passed your house in the distance. It looked like a ray of yellow sunshine through all the rain. It was after 2pm and we were hungry. We intentionally had not stopped for lunch yet as we had been waiting to drive out of the rain before we stopped. No such luck Then I remembered you said once that a good place to eat in Brenham was Country Boys. We saw the sign and stopped and went in. Once inside we saw that it was now the Canion Kountry Bakery. It was predominately a bakery but also served a lunch (of sorts) and was closing at 3pm. We were too embarrassed to turn around and walk out so we picked a table (only one other was occupied). At 2:20 they were out of their "lunch special" as well as out of chicken fried chicken (which I had ordered) and out of mashed potatoes (which Ed had ordered). We made do with whatever they had left. The food was okay but nothing special; a bit over-fried and high in carbs. Their green beans were very good. They served us a heaping ton of food, I guess trying to clean out the pots & pans on the stove. Both ladies, our server and the owner were very friendly and we ended up talking to both of them about the good old days from Brenham to Carmine, LaGrange, Schulenburg, Giddings and even Dime Box (where Ed was born). It seems the owner whose name I can't remember told us their family had been in the food business all their lives. She had a very long German/Czech name. Before her parents passed on they had been in the restaurant business for 40 years. Her brother now owns Oakridge Smokehouse in Schulenburg, and she and her husband had just bought this place (formerly Country Boys) about 6 mo. ago. She said they started out as a bakery. Then they added a hot, cooked breakfast and are starting to implement lunch items little by little. I think they will only be getting better. The next time we drive that part of 290 provided it's not pouring down rain we will stop in to see you. And provided it's closer to lunchtime we may give Canion Kountry Bakery another try. Can you recommend any other place in that area that serves home-cooked meals?

11/09/19 10:46 AM #9768    


Steve Puckett '65

Both those musical groups have some songs on Youtube.  For example:

The Wanderers Three:

The Southcoasters:

11/10/19 09:52 AM #9769    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Hey Jan, sorry about the bum steer on the restaurant. Kountry Boys closed sometime back and someone else opened a joint of sorts.  There really is no place to eat up here that is consistently good, or even good at all.  Seems small town folks dont have much taste in good food at all.  The Chappell Hill Bakery and BBQ place is about as good as you will get up here. Nothing to rave about, but edible.  Kountry boys does sell sausage and bacon a HEB, bacon is good, dont know about the sausage because we buy Holmes pork and venison exclusively.  Someone said that Burton sausage owners bought Holmes and some other meat place. 

         Everyone up here and lots of folks passing through eat at and rave about Beavers Kitchen. let me tell you, stay away from them.  Food is not hot, or tasty,  service is surly.  They do make a good pie, but for 18 dollars?   Same way with the CH Bakery, 19 dollar pies.   you're  better off going to krogers and buying one of their pies, or just make one.  There is only one place that serves semi-decent mexican food, and I've forgotten the name of it.  Stay away from all mexican food places up here.  Brenham grill in the Ant street Hotel is decent, or was last year when we ate there.  things change quickly up here, and mostly not for the better.

     The Churches chicken is good, Yums was good, havent been there this year because of the diet.  Othern that, no place really special or good to eat up here. I'm sure there are folks that would beg to differ, but for my pallate,  yuk.  

    Ok, gotta run, but I'll be back. 

11/10/19 01:32 PM #9770    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Wow!  Recently, we have had several classmates posting on the Forum.  It is nice to hear from y'all and it makes me smile to see the extra activity.  I bet Jackie is smiling too!  Keep it up.

I should get the reunion photos next Sunday and will post them as fast as possible.

Have a blessed week and thank a veteran.


11/10/19 09:22 PM #9771    


Bennie Schielack

On the subject of headliners for SoundTrack . . . . . Were the Smothers Brothers performing one season ? ? ? ? ? Again, it seems, and a lot of stuff seems, to me that they did put on a great show one year.  Maybe I just dreamed it . . . . . 

On the subject of food prices . . . . . just recently purchased a $21.00 10" pizza, and two $9.50 hot dogs (6"ers, maybe).  Prices are not what they used to be . . . . . I remember $0.125 a gallon for gasoline . . . . . Went to a movie once upon a time, saw "Darby's Rangers".  Carried a quarter to the movie house, had popcorn, a soda and a ticket to the movie and left with change in my pocket. I remember 5 cent counter soda's and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an additional 5 cents . . . . . Any one remember Rudy Foyt and his Texaco Station on Ella about Stonecrest or Wilde Rock Way?

11/11/19 09:04 AM #9772    


Jan Barnes '65 (Nimtz)

Beau, not a problem about the lack of fine dining in Chappel Hill/Brenham. Next time I'll just pack a picnic lunch. In another month we are driving to JW's Steakhouse in Carmine for a "cousin's" holiday lunch. Have you eaten there? We like their bakery but have never eaten at the steakhouse.

11/11/19 10:54 AM #9773    


Johnny Sheffield

Happy Veterans Day to all the military classmates. 

Hope you have a wonderful day with your families. 

Thanks for your sacrifice and devotion. 



11/11/19 04:39 PM #9774    


Glenn Weissinger




Saw your conversation on eating places in the Chappell Hill area.  Beau is correct, not many good places in this area.  There is a five star dining place called Dos Brisas north of Chappell Hill on FM1155.  Great place but expensive.  Dinner is about $100 per person, but worth it for a birthday or anniversary.  Suggest reservations on weekends as it fills up. They do serve lunch also.

Wind blew in cold weather.  Out today covering vegetation.  Deer love it, running around the pond.




11/12/19 10:26 AM #9775    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey ALL, YEA, SO GLAD TO SEe so many posts besides mine.    Bennie, dont think the Smothers brothers performed at soundtrack, although now that youve planted that seed in my fertile pea brain,  I'd swear they were at Soundtrack.    Hey Glenn, how's the shoulder?       We've heard of Dos Brisas, in fact the lady that owns it is in the Chappell Hill Garden Club with my wife.   The Garden club is going to have their Christmas party there, surprise surprise surprise.        Dont know perzactly when,  or if  spouses are invited.    I think that's one party I'm gonna have to attend, maybe. 

     Diane tells me they are going to have prime rib, or maybe that's just wishful thinking.    Maybe she'll bring a doggie bag home.   As I've stated in the past, "my mind is a terrible think...."     The Brenham airport use to have a really great restaurant, folks would fly in just to eat lunch.    Waitresses wore the fluffy pettycoat dresses with poodles on them,  from the fifties.   Not real poodles, just embrodried ones, or however one gets a poodle on your skirt.

       The airport restaurant closed last year, but seems I heard Diane say it reopened.  dont quote me, and certainly dont go out there unless youre just toolin around.  Lots of bikers, including myself, use to ride out there for a good lunch.  Although their onion rings were good, not 6.50 good, but that's what they cost.  An aside here, there is a BBQ joint at Tidwell and 290, or Hollister and 290 that are REAL PROUD of their O rings...10 dollars for a batch, and 6 dollars for a half order.   What cheek! ! !  

      Also on the road, HWY 6 noth to College station, there is an Italian pizza place on the left that everyone in the whirld swears is the best food.   Havent tried them yet, and we hesitate to do so on the say so of the folks up here.  That restaurant has been under 3 or 4 different flags or owners over the last 5 years.  We  see lots of cars and trucks parked in front of it now, where as before under other ownerships, none!

     The Chappell Hill BBQ and Bakery, right on 290 and FM 1155 at the light, inbound (to houston),  is not bad, and sometimes even good.  The O rings are good and for a paltry sum of 2.50, as are most of their sides.  They also have fried okra, certainly a southern staple to my way of thinking.   They are OK, cept they dont cook them long enough.  I know they are probably frozen and they cook them in a deep fat frier, and a little bell tells them they are done.       My mom use to cook them in an arn skillet, and almost char them.  That's how I remember them and loved them.  I'll order a batch from the CHBBQaB and take them home and re fry them.   They are most excellent then!

     Their chicken fried chicken and steak are both excellent, you get a very large portion and you can cut it with your fork. The gravy is so so, not as good as my mom or your moms use to make, but edible.  Their bread and rolls are most excellent, made there daily. The beef and pork and chickens come from Oak Farms, who owns the joint.      Diane and I order one dinner and split it.   All pies are made there, but 19 and 20 dollars a pie....   Sometimes we will share a slice of the choco-merangue pie and a cup O joe...hmmmmm good.   What does the Flying Saucer pie factory charge per pie?

    We had 31 this morning, now it is 34, a heat wave for sure. Suppose to get down to 24 tonight, sure hope it doesnt though.    Covered the well and the soft water systems and put a light in each to keep em warm.  Our pool comes on automaticly as well as the spa heater when it  gets to a certain temp.  Didnt seem to be any frost on the ground, except on the deck where the water froze. 

     Pups been out playing, now tuckered out and snoring on the couch.    Me dressed to the nines, rabbit fur troopers hat, flannel lined Wranglers, thermal shirt, Tshirt and sweat shirt and bout du nords (boot of the north).  Once dressed and hand on the door knob...gotta go to the bathroom.  Takes forever to get dressed and undressed and dressed again. Hells bells, it'll be summer before I get outside then I'll die of a heat stroke with so many clothes on.....OH THE HUMANITY...

    Ok, pups want to go out and play in the cold, so I'm gonna sign off for now, but I'LL B E BACK...

Yeah yeah I know, thanks for the warning...keep the sun at your six aand "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident snowman, Cephus Nanook of the North esq

11/12/19 01:36 PM #9776    


Johnny Sheffield


Hello there , to answer beaus question 

About the restaurant at the brenham airport,

Yes it is back open. It is called the southern flyer

Open only Friday thru Monday 11am till 3pm

Took my granddaughter there for a good old 

Fashion malt and burger. You actually get 2 malts

Part served in a plastic colored glass and the 

Balance in the metal container. Guaranteed to

Gain a few pounds after lunch. Also fun to watch

The planes land and take off. You can check the 

Menu on the web site. All the waitresses still wear

The poodle skirts and 2 tone shoes with good oldies

To listen too. 


11/13/19 07:26 AM #9777    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey Johnny, thank you so much for the info.   In addition to watching the planes come and go, there is a beautiful scenic lake on the patio side.  Seems to me there were also water doodads, fountains,  to help you relax whilst youre suppin.       Since we've been on "the diet". we havent dined out in a while especially on burgers and malts, however, I think we'll give that place a try again.  Thanks again Johnny, can always count on you and the class of 64.

       Had 26 this morn on the frozen tundra.   Pups dont seem to notice, they're out chasing down scents and ghosts. When Izzy is on the scent of something, probably Arnie Armadillo, she gets so excited and clucks like a chicken, then bays.  If she starts laying eggs,  well then, "Houston we have a problem".

      Gonna check on the pups, so dont go anywhere, I'll be  back...



11/15/19 04:11 PM #9778    


Teddie Jordan

I will bet that I'm not the only one doing it, but I often go to the homepage of this website just to see the photo shown there of our beautiful and much missed Jackie smiling back at me! 

11/16/19 07:28 AM #9779    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Teddie, I am so happy to hear that you enjoy the picture of Jackie on the website home page.  Her name has always been there, but I added her photo shortly after her passing.  It seemed only fitting to have her smiling at us anytime we were on the site.  You are the first, and only one, to comment on the addition, but I bet others feel the same way.

11/16/19 02:53 PM #9780    


Teddie Jordan

Beverly, and thank you for all that you are doing for us and the big commitment of your time in managing this website.

Another thing I enjoy and am comforted by is the quote at the top of the "In Memory Page". 

11/17/19 04:50 PM #9781    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Teddie, you can thank Jackie for that In Memory beautiful message.  When I went there to post my first classmate, of course it was Jackie,  I was so comforted when I read it.  I said to myself, "thank you Jackie".

11/18/19 12:29 PM #9782    


Ronna Brand


I too want to thank you for all you do to keep Waltrip 64 running like a top.  We are very blessed to have you take over.  Jackie was a blessing to us all with setting this up and keeping us all "in touch". 
This website brought a lot of people together and helped us add new friends to our lives. 

11/19/19 06:38 AM #9783    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)

I, too, want to thank Beverly for her dedication to being the administrator of our Waltrip '64 website.  Jackie, in her wisdom -  and always looking ahead -  had asked Beverly to be her backup for the website and Beverly graciously accepted Jackie's request.  Beverly has spent many hours dealing with the "quirkiness" of our website (It's NOT "cut & paste" friendly).  So, THANK YOU, BEVERLY for keeping our website running smoothly so our classmates can continue to communicate and be informed.

11/19/19 07:30 AM #9784    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Thank you Ronna and Jimmie Lee for the kind words.  When I agreed to be Jackie's backup, I never thought about it really happening.  I am no Jackie, but I am trying to hold things together.  Thanks to Jimmie Lee for volunteering to be my backup.  I think it is great that our class is still so close. 

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