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03/06/18 09:08 AM #9048    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Sad about Calvin.  When I read the introduction on my email, it just said Calvins name, but my mind saw his picture before my eyes did.   Funny how you remember folks.    Another name in the memorial section. Never thought about any of this when growing up, but then I guess we weren't meant to. We'd a been the odd duck if we thought about dying when we were 16. Even though I went to a few funerals whilst  a youngster, still, there's really no way to prepare kids for 70 years later.  Condolences to Calvins family.

     Hey Jimmie Lee, how you dune?   Hope life is treating you well.  Yes,, havent started my search in earnest yet for a shuffle board, but did look at a couple of them on two billiard companies websites.  they are expensive.   Must be the wooden playing surface that is costly. Looks like a long cutting board.    Seems to me, whoever "shuffles" last, wins!  Hmmmm, maybe I'll put in a CURLING arena!  Nah!

    Think maybe you might be right about Diane hanging around to, "see what happens next"!  Heck fire, that's why I hang around, to "see what happens next".  Believe it or not, even though it's me that happens next, I really dont know what is next. I sort of make things up as I go along.  "Hmmm think maybe I'll....(fill in the blanks)".

     When I was trapped in Dianes closet, I got to see her shoe collection up close and personal. Didnt see any "MARY JANES"!   Only reason I know what they look like, is my beloved pointed them out to me when I asked her what a Mary Jane was.  I thought it maybe was like a "MAE WEST" life jacket.  I know all of you know why the life jacket was called a Mae West, kinda hard not to figger it out. 

    Anyway, Diane has some cute little pumps, (why are they called pumps?) and some sandals  and flats and not so flats, which I guess one would call "heels", if one were so inclined.  You know, I've seen movies and cartoons about MEN, trying on womens shoes, and for the life of me cant figure out why a man would want to wear womens shoes.  I'm glad I dont have that affinity, cause I'd have to go out and marry a woman that wore size 10 and 1/2.  But still, how uncomfortable youse ladies shoes look, cant imagine wanting to put one O them toe squeezers on MY foot.

     Seems like at least once a week, or frequently, FedEx or UPS is delivering a pair or two of shoes, or when Diane gets back from spending a few days in H town and I help her unload her car, I'm carring a bag of shoe boxes in the house.  She'll open up one of the boxes and shoe me a "cute" shoe, and say it was only $5.00 dollars. Shoot, one cant argue with that sort of shopping, can one.  I really really dont mind how many pairs of shoes she buys, or what they cost. If it makes her happy, then that's all that matters. Besides, she lets me have the shoe boxes, and I love shoe boxes, and cigar boxes.  You can put all sorts of treasures in shoe boxes.   I made my first crystal radio set and used a cigar box to house it.

    Although I dont wear Dianes shoes, or any lady shoes, I am a cross dresser! ! ! !    Yup!   I get so cross when trying to get dressed in the morning, I get positivily apoplectic sometimes.  Cant get my legs in my pants without falling down,  cant get my left arm in my shirt sleeve without seriously ripping the right arm out of it's place of origin.  Hope I dont have to have shoulder replacement skurgery.  And forget about getting my socks and boots on.  I have had to enlist my beloveds help on occasion in sock and boot putting on.

     Well, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, so guess I'll sing off for now. Got lots of plants to get in the ground and lots O playing with the pups.  First we have to go vote in the primary down at the Chappell Hill Volunteer Far department station.  We've been going over all the candidates, and we dont have many for our area, and also the referendums or amendments.  I vote against anything with the word "TAX" in it, unless it is preceeded by the word "ABOLISH" ! ! !  I'm for the HIGH SPEED RAIL!  What could possibly be ojectionable about having an alternative fast travel mode so one doesnt have to FLY! ! ! !  Hate flying. If God had wanted me to fly, he'd a given me wings!

    Sure does take me long time to sing off doesnt it!   Ok, I'm really going to stop now. Sooooo, Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride....

Your frien and box lover...Earthquake Cephus E Lee, esq T Magillicutty

03/08/18 08:54 AM #9049    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     It's me again Margaret !   Well duh, whom else would it be!   Looks like me beloved and I are least till Sunday.  She's going in to help with our official unofficial grandaughters engagement party, then to a retired teachers meeting etc.   Looks like I'm bachin it again.   Gonna have "dancin girls and non dancin girls". Hmmm, maybe I could find that stripper me and the band played for at the TOP HAT lounge.   Nah, dont think that would woik out too well, she must be in her 80s by now. 

     Maybe I can find something here to do to entertain myownself whilst the "little woman" is gone!  I think I will stay out of the closets.  Building a rose garden for my beloved, maybe I'll work on that.  Diane and I have spent the last two BEAUTIFUL days planting vines and shrubs and stuff. We're both pretty well worn out, but the days were so beautiful, what else could one do!    Ugh, now it's back to overcast.  At least it's not raining eh what!

     Running out of things to do up here on the wannderosa is not a problem, however, and aint there always a "however", running out of steam is the major worry.   I shall endeavor to persevere! ! !

Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride..

Your frien and project manager,  Cephus E Lee Muldoon, esq

03/08/18 02:22 PM #9050    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)


Own a piece of Waltrip History!

We are selling Raffle Tickets for your chance to own a piece of Waltrip history.  Every student who attended Waltrip from 1960 to 2018 sat in one of the auditorium chairs.  They were not so comfortable, but they have been replaced with beautiful soft cushion chairs.  The alumni association secured some of the original chairs and they are being made available through our current raffle.

Help us to raise money for our alumni association by purchasing one or more tickets.  Each ticket has a donation price of $10.00 and the winner will be announced on July 12, 2018.  You do not need to be present to win.

Donations to your alumni association is tax deductible to the extent allow by federal law.

You may mail a check for the number to raffle tickets you want to purchase made payable to:
P.O. Box 924212
Houston, TX  77292-4212

We will mail your raffle tickets to you as soon as we receive your donation.  Thank you for your continued support.

03/08/18 02:57 PM #9051    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

Hey BroBeau,

Loved your "closet" story --- only you could do!!!!!!   A lot of laughs for the rest of us for sure!

We're waiting anxiously for another "Thrill on Chappell Hill".   No pressure - just when you feel like dancing!!  Just a few pics of our fun time below.  Of course all the pics are located under the "Pics 3/18/17 - Beau & Diane's" tab left hand column.  Wonderful to view again!

Maybe some of the old Waltrip auditorium chairs would look good in COOPER'S MEMORIAL Icehouse.  Hugs 




03/09/18 09:37 AM #9052    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     HEY SJACKIE ! ! !   I figure sometime after the spring fling we'll have a getamagather, hootnanny, shindig, shiveree, luau...yeah, that's the ticket a LUAU. All youse youtes wear your muu muus and or HI wahyan shirts.  Yes, I know that's knot how you spell it, but you know me, I'm part fonecian!   Maybe we can have texican food, el refrito el beanos,  enchamaladas, tacos, gratchamole salad, (my beloved makes a great gratchamole).  I'm so sorry Mr Dowdy,  it's  the irreverence in me.  You did your best with me, but some of us are just contrary!

     I'd like to have a set of those auditorium seats. Maybe I'll send in a tener or two.  I really would have liked to have had seats from the Garden Oaks theater, but didnt know they were tearing them out until they were gone.

     At the next "Thrilla on the Hilla", we are not going to play softball, or do anything more strenuous than bend an elbow or  two, and getting up and down out of our chairs.    We will be shooting pool and hopefully playing shuffle board. You do understand, it's not the kind you play on the deck of a ship, but the kind with the long board playing surface covered with sawdust and the metal hockey pucks ! ! ! ! !   Ok, just thought I'd clear up any cornfusment.  We will also be playing "sitting in a comfortable chair with your favorite beverage and food", strenuous as that might sound, I think most of us can handle it eh what ! ! !

    Had 43 on the hill yestiddy morning and 47 this morning.  Still too stove up to do much but shuffle about and moan like an old man.   Got so much to do, just cant do it.  You know, if I were a young man, I'd start an "old peoples help" company.  I dont mean do stuff for free, but at a reasonable price. Things like plant flowers, put seed in the bird feeders, and hang pictures and move furniture and stuff, things that are easy for youngsters, but hard for old folks like you all.  Not me of course, Nooooooo!

    Sooooo looking forward to the "Spring Fling" and then another party on the hill.   Maybe I can get the fireflies to come out early, what a treat that would be.

    I havent had any dealings with a  closet in the last couple of days, or other "earthquake" thingamabobs!  I know my lower back and right hip and right leg, both shoulders and arms are screaming at me to do something to make em stop screaming at me.  Bout the onliest (east texas for only) think I can take is Tylenol with aspirin, or hydrocodone, which I wont take unless it's a last resort.    I do notice a dip on the pain meter when I have an alcoholic beverage, but regardless of all the alcohol I have consumed over the course of three quarters of a century, I really dont like the stuff.

     You know, I've never had a pina colada, or a margarita, or cocktail, or any mixed drink. I just drank everything "neat", or straight out of the bottle.  Maybe if I gnu how to make a pina colada, I'd like those. they smell good, sort of like the beach, in a sweet way of course.  Will a pina colada make one feel good, with out making one fatt er?    I like grape juice, but not wine. Wine tastes like grape juice gone bad!     Maybe for the party, I'll buy or rent a margarita machine and or a pina colada machine if they have such a critter.  I dont know, do we have any bartenders in the group?  Real bartenders?

     Ok, time to deplane boss....keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...
Your frien and little ol wine maker,  Cephus Deeno Earthquake Muldoon esq      

03/18/18 06:18 PM #9053    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Hey Beau and Diane, let me know, and I will bring something besides wine, unless you want wine.  Looking forward to the Country thang!


03/18/18 07:50 PM #9054    


Teddie Jordan

We need prayers from as many people as possible tonight for Lynn Prewit. I just received a call from Pat and he is seriously ill. He had a surgical procedure this past week for a prostate and bladder problem he’s been fighting for several months and apparently he now has a bacteria spreading through his body to his other organs. I am 99 percent sure he’s in Memorial Hermann at Memorial City, but Pat was very upset and I am hard of hearing. She asked that I request anyone that knows them to pray for him, please. She said their son is on his way from Atlanta and she’s still trying to contact their daughter who lives in Dallas and is out of town.

Please join us in praying for them.

03/19/18 07:57 AM #9055    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)

Prayers are going up - please keep us posted, Teddie.  

03/19/18 09:53 AM #9056    


Johnny Sheffield

My prayers go out to Lynn Pruitt  

Teddie keep me posted. 



03/19/18 10:10 AM #9057    

Henny Banning

Teddie---We embrace Lynn in our thoughts and prayers --- Pat and their

family.  Thank you for keeping us up to date --- on things for Lynn.








03/19/18 10:37 AM #9058    

Kirk Thompson '65

Prayers from Iowa for Lynn and Pat.


03/19/18 11:39 AM #9059    


Susan Howard (Bowman)

Prayers going up for Pat and Lynn

03/19/18 12:53 PM #9060    


Beau Wann, Jr.


03/19/18 03:09 PM #9061    


Linda Bolton (Roffall)

Prayers for  Lynn , Pat and  family.  May God  restore Lynn back to good health soon .

03/19/18 06:58 PM #9062    


Sandi Schlesinger (Stark)

Many prayers for Lynn, Pat and the family. Does anyone know if there is an update to the original message?

03/19/18 08:17 PM #9063    


Teddie Jordan

I just talked to Pat tonight and thanks to all of the prayers Lynn is doing better. They have an infectious disease Dr that specializes in these types of cases and he looked at Lynn this morning and told her that all signs are that his body is responding well to the strong antibiotics. 

Lynn has been having bad headaches since the surgery and short term that is the biggest problem. He has a long way to go, but she wants to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts and asked me to let you all know that the prayers are working. 

She hasn’t slept much and stayed up there last night and didn’t sleep a wink. Their son Lance is here now and able to help her so hoping she will get some sleep tonight. 

Thank you all and let’s keep the Prewit’s in our thoughts and prayers please.


03/19/18 09:38 PM #9064    


David Blankenship


I join all of your classmates as we hold you and your family in our prayers.

David Blankenship

ps: Teddie,thanks for being liason.

03/19/18 10:11 PM #9065    


Teddie Jordan

Thanks David, when I look at your picture on your profile, of just a few years ago, I always get a big smile on my face. Keep in touch old friend and Hava Tampa Jewel buddy!

03/19/18 10:48 PM #9066    


David Blankenship

Thanks for the kind thought. 

Tampa Jewels remind me of the look on your face when you came out of Garden Oaks Pharmacy and found your truck half way to the lobby of Garden Oaks Theater. We both had a few laughs after you recovered from your initial shock.


ps: Please give Fran a hug for me. 




03/20/18 05:09 AM #9067    

Ruth Ellen Winters (Schmidt)

Prayers for Lynn Prewitt and his family .

03/20/18 08:32 AM #9068    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Gooooood Morning Chappell Hill...More prayers for Lynn this phyne morning.  The weather here couldnt be any finer unless of course I saw Lynn and Pat driving up the hill.  Must gonna be a fine day today, I woke up singing Handels Messiah.  Dont know what that's all about, but I'll take it.  I believe I could have written the lyrics to that tune, "hallelujah" .  Except for a few German woids scattered about, I believe "hallelujah" is the onliest (east texas for only) woid !

    48 degrees this fyne morning somewhere around 5 AM. The building supplies are here for enlarging the daince hall.  Got here at 8.  Suppose to start putting it together next monday.  The experts, not me.  I'm guessing it will be ready to start moving stuff around and getting it all set about the middle of April.  Should be ready for our first "sock hop"  mid may and beyond.  Ought to be fun!  Kay, come on over, nothing says we cant practyze on daincin and "sock hoppin" before the O fficial day.  All yall can come also too.

    Gotta sing off for now and sit with my guard dogs, mopsey and flopsey,  as they are barking at the truck driver.  Dixie barks at anything that moves and some things that dont.  I guess she's hallucinating some of the time. She does eat a lot of grass, so that must be it.

    Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...
your frien and "hallelujah" singer...ol beauwann kanobie, Cephus Jr. esq

03/20/18 09:51 AM #9069    


Marcie English (Nolan)

Sending up praise for Ricky's response to his treatment. I will continue to pray for his recovery and for strength for his family. Marcie

03/20/18 09:53 AM #9070    


Marcie English (Nolan)

I meant for Lynn. Sorry .

03/20/18 02:52 PM #9071    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

Many many prayers and love for Lynn!   Thank you Teddie for keeping us posted. Many hugs coming your way Lynn.



03/20/18 07:43 PM #9072    


Teddie Jordan

I went by and saw Lynn today and he is continuing to make positive progress. I took along our old friend and hunting buddy Nicky who is staying with us while undergoing treatment at MD Anderson. We had a good visit and luckily as a bonus also got to see Pat and their son Lance. 

Lynn is expected to be released in the next day or two to a rehab facility where he will continue to recover while he regains his strength. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Lynn and others who are dealing with significant health issues.

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