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08/25/18 08:48 PM #9336    


Teddie Jordan

OK Cephus, we haven’t heard from you in two weeks? I know it is the late summer slump time, but at least let us know that y’all are Okay! OK?

Don’t make me come up there! I’ll bring Nelson Mackenroth and Otto Vanek with me. Maybe I’ll have Steve call you up front to sack on the PA.


08/25/18 10:16 PM #9337    


Linda Bolton (Roffall)

I too have been wondering about our Beau. I told Ronna tonight that Beau hasn't  posted anything  in  two weeks. I hope everything is okay. Let us hear from you Beau .We miss  your posts. 

08/26/18 02:07 PM #9338    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hay my fyne frynes!   Sorry about the absence, but I was recalled to the mother ship and made a trip to the planet Munimula. Seems there was a mixup with my ASIV, so the head of "OPATSEG",  Herr Gooberdoodle, said I had to come back and fill out new forms, so I did.  You'd think in this day and age they could have just emailed them or t exted them or something. Oh well, It was glad to see the old hometown of YRREBYAM, and catch up on the gossip.

     Well, as you can see, I'M BAAAAAAACK".   Thanks for caring  enough about me to enquire as to my well being, welllll !!!    Actually it has been so hot here, I've been working from sundown to sunup.  We had 111 for a temp on last Tuesday.  Still no rain !   The ground here is cracking so bad, it looks like an earthquake has strucken (east texas for struck).   By the time I can get on the tenretni, I'm too tarred (tired in any dialect) to get on the computer.  I know, Iknow, poor excuse, but it's the onliest (east texas for only) one I have.

     We did go down last weekend to notsevlaG,    (Munimula for Galveston) for our grandaughter Lucys graduation from UTMB with a  Masters in Ocupational Therapy.  She is now a professional and works for Shriners in Galveston. 

     Instead of boarding the dogs, we found a place that accepts critters so we took them with us...BIG MISTAKE! ! ! !    They were so discombobulated and cornfused, I didnt get to go to the actual ceremonies, sent Diane instead.  Everytime we both tried to leave, they would howl and bark and carry on something turrible  (wann for terrible).  

     The trip down there took only 2 hours, however, the trip back took over  3 hours, and we left at 3 AM Saturday morning. (couldnt wait to get the lleh out of there and back home where I belong) .    We stopped at Buccees in Texas City to top off the tanks and other stuff, and went out the wrong exit which put us back on the road to Galveston....ARRRRRRRRRG. God I hate making mistakes like that.  That was at least a 5 mile or more error.

     Finally found a crossover and got on the right  track again, but, as luck would have it, and danged if she doesnt always get her way, I missed  the new turn off from 610 to 290, and wound up headed for Katy...AAARRRRRRRRGGGGG   Again ! ! ! !   That was a 10 mile mistake.  Finally found our way to 290 via spring branch, and stopped again at the Buccees in Waller.  Got home just after sunup.  Dogs were fine on the trip there and back, just not good there.

    As you can see, I am not a good traveler or happy camper, unless it's traveling from the house to the Coopers Memorial Ice haus.  Been working furiously on the BAR and all the other projects I've got going on.  Building a new deck, moving a fence adding 3 new gates etc.  Need to get cracking on the pool table and shuffle board.  Just been so hot and dry, hard to get going, and once going, keeping on going.  I try to be like that bunny, but my batts are not energizers.

    I've sworn off PINA COLADAS ! ! !   Seems I had one, or two or three too many.  That's how I cure stuff, "TAKE TOO MANY".  My old self was, "If one is good, then a whole handful is much better".....Of course I wised up pretty quickly on that subject, only took me 70 years, and slow as it was, just wanted to be surely certainly positve!  

    Congratulations to Scotty and Sharon on their neptunes, er, what is that woid?  Nocturnals?  NUPTIALS, yeah, that's the ticket, ha, nuptials....or does it have a u in there somewhere?  Oh well, youse youtes knows what I'mn talkin about.  Since the newlywed nuptials are planning on being at the fall ball, and they need to make it official, we can marry them for real and true when they are here. And as luck would have it, me being a Deacon in the Presbytonian church, I can marry them proper like. Ha, it's not just an army, IT'S AN ADVENTURE....

    Time to deplandkk;wier ; boss ( dont know what happened bakc there, but musta had a brain hand discoordination, well youse fyne youtes know what I mean anyway.

Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride, in ac of course...

your frien and immigrated munimulaistian,  SUHPEC and hoochycoochy dancers everywhere...


Ooooohhhhh I wish I was in the land of cotton....will you just shut up and say goodbye?   Ok, phyne, GOODBYE...say, did youse hear the one about....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


08/27/18 09:22 PM #9339    


Teddie Jordan

Thanks for checking in Hootchie Coocthie Lounge man, knew you had the trip to Galveston planned, just making sure y’all were Copasetic!


08/28/18 12:51 PM #9340    

Tom Faria, Jr.

My son wants to buy a Kia Soul (SUV / cube car).  Do you know of anyone that owns one?  If so, what do they think of it?

Any comments will be appreciated.  Thank you,



08/28/18 03:02 PM #9341    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Soul cube looks Like the Pacer, a terrarium on wheels, or is that aquarium?  Well, no matter, prolly gets a hunert (east texas for hundred) miles to the gallon.  I was thinking about a MINI-COOPER cornvertible, ceptin I already had me a Maxi-Cooper.   And man what a maxi he was too! ! !   The freeeench have one called a citroen/maladroit escargot.  You see em now and again in some of the british TV series.  Such as MIDSOMER MOIDERS.  Caustons  Chief Detective Inspector  Tom Barnabys on screen daughter had one.  Ugliest car I have ever seen, and believe me you,   I have seen some ugly ones.

    I think you ought to opt out and get him a CORVETTE, yeah, that's the ticket, NO, a COBRA, A 427 Carrol phreakin Shelby rubber burnin Cobra.  Get him a Harley, got transportation and a therapist for the same price!   And it gets about 50mpg, AND looks and sounds good at the same time.       How bout an 18 wheeler?  He can earn some moola on the side haulin stuff.  " Got a long ways to go and a short time to get there...... East bound and ol bandit run..." or woids to that defect. 

    Besides, how do oui know you are serious about a Cube?  You was funnin us on the retardment (east texas for retirement)  community.   Shirley there are cube dealers in Virginia to Cal I forn I aaaa. There's only Truck dealerships up here in ranch country.  Havent seen a cube since I dont gno when.  Do they still exist?   Maybe they're an urban legend like sasquatch/big foot/yeti/10 cent cigar ! ! !   OOOOOOh how you gonna keeep em down on the pharm?    Get em a cubical, yeah, that's the ticket. A yurt!  Love yurts! ! ! Not really, too small!

    Why am I this crazy?  I'm up to around 30 thousand feetssssss and still climbing.  Happy our has come early up here in the rareified ar.  Yup, had a diet coke and an M&M....nah, just phunnin ya....Ok, gonna jump off here somewhars (east texas for somewhere)
here looks like a good P
Yore phrien and resident total insane nutter...Cephus T Magillicutty, esq  

Post Script:  Really havent seen a Cube in years. We do see a lot of Mini Coopers though.  Just sawr one at the vets yesterday, sitting right next to my truck next to a Bentley, a $220,000.00 dollar Bentley. Are we not diversified up here or what!   Although, if I had a Bentley, I certainly wouldnt be haulin no critters in it nohow! My truck has DOGHAIR seat covers, not MOHAIR, hair of the dog.  Eye of the tiger.....

08/28/18 03:22 PM #9342    

Tom Faria, Jr.

Good afternoon Beau,

I'm still looking for a place to really retire; maybe someday...

50mpg for a Harley; they are doing better than I remember.  I don't think Justin is quite up to maintaining a vette and I don't want to take care of it.  I didn't even know that they still made Shelbys.

Thank you for your comments.  Take care,


08/28/18 03:33 PM #9343    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Hope you dont take offense to my phunnin around.  I really havent seen a Cube in forever.  bout 10 or 15 years or so ago, when the y came out, my grandson thought they were the most hideous car he has ever seen.  I really wish I could justify buying him one, that'd teach em.  I've threatened to buy him one, but I think he feels safe knowing I wont.  We did give him a Nissan Altima for his 16th BD.  He really wanted a truck.  I said, "boy, go to TAMU, graduate, get a job and buy yourownself one, and that's perzactly what he did. Good lad ! ! !

   Grandaughter Haley wanted a Lexus sports convertible, we got her a Red Explorer (she hauls around about half dozen girlfriends all the time)   and same words apply, go to TAMU, graduate, get a job and buy yourownself one, and that's just what she is embarking on, Monday was her first day at TAMU, got 4 years to go.  Hmmm, with what college costs, it would be cheaper to buy her a Lexus, but no lesson in that is there!

08/28/18 03:37 PM #9344    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     I hear tell Mexico is suppose to be a good place to retire.  Seen a lot of shows on folks buying places all in the Carribean.  I wouldnt move down there if they paid me,  drug cartels and corrupt officials is the law and order down there.   There is a place in Italy that was advertising for folks to move there, and they would give them money to do so.  Wish I could remember which town.  Methinks they got so much response and requests to move there, they put a cap on it.    I wouldnt mind going to Italy, Id have to take all my critters though.  NAH,  here's fine !  

08/29/18 04:16 AM #9345    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Tom, get him to look at a Toyota.  When we sold our business in 2007 I bought a Toyota Sequoia.  I loved that car.  It was the first vehicle I had that wasn’t a Suburban since 1980.  Keeping gas in those suv hogs was incredibly expensive.  We have a Toyota Avalon now and it is a hybrid.  Comfort and luxury.  If he has the money for a Toyota Highlander hybrid, that has it all.  The only thing I have heard about the Soul is that the a/c isn’t strong enough to work properly.

Have you thought about retiring to New Braunfels?  I feel like I am in Heaven.

Beau, Donna Webb’s sister drove a Citron when we were in jr. high.  She was older than us, but nice.


08/29/18 09:44 AM #9346    


Jan Barnes '65 (Nimtz)

Tom, I have a friend who has a Kia Soul & loves it. We still see quite a few up here in/around the hill country. I can't vouch too much for the Soul but I have a Kia Sorento (7 seater) and I love it! No problems at all (knock on wood as it is a 2014) but I think Kia makes a great, dependable car.

Also, the hill country used to be a wonderful place to retire, as we did 17 years ago to Boerne (25 mi. north of San Antonio). Now the sprawl is upon us with all that comes with it; higher taxes, traffic congestion, rude big-city people, major construction everywhere, etc. Also, the older we get the less tolerant we are of the south Texas "summers" (from May into October or even into November sometimes). I hope you find the perfect place!

And Beau... one of these days hubby & I will make it to one of your FLINGS. It's too bad (and SO sad) that everyone wants to FLING when we are wanting to VACATION (every spring & fall). Actually we will return from New England and Quebec on/around the 22nd. But then we will head to Shreveport to support our youngest granddaughter in her volleyball tourney on the 27,28. This is her first year playing for Southwestern University (Georgetown) and we plan to attend as many of her games as we can. But we may just stop by your place again heading from Boerne to Cypress or Houston one of these days. We would love to see all your new improvements.



08/29/18 02:51 PM #9347    

Tom Faria, Jr.

Good afternoon Pat and Jan,

Thank you for your comments.  I will pass them on to Justin. 

Justin will be 32 next month and has been driving our "hand-me-downs" up to now.  He has decided to buy his own car and I'm just trying to provide guidance.  The decision will be his.

Thank you for your help.  Take care,


09/03/18 10:00 AM #9348    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING CHAPPELL HILLLLLL....Foist the whether report (whether we'd ever get any rain)...finally got some of the much needed life blood for the green stuff,  1.73 inches of the wet stuff. We havent had rain since early june.  We could use some more, but will take whatever we can get.  We've lost about a dozen or more trees along the perimeter.  I love trees, and hate to see em die.  Guess it's just mother nature thining out the weak, and we all know mother nature can be a mean mother sometimes.

     I'm officially in hiding!  I keep getting email from "beautiful russian women that want to marry me" and "cute asian women that want to date me".  So I'm hiding from Ms Ding Dong and Svetlana Ruskie and the likes. One woman is quite enough for me, thank you vely much!  And she's Irish, Scottish and German!  Ha, who says I'm not diverse!  Also lots of encouragement for "male enhancement".  I'm pretty sure I am a MAN, and dont need much enhancement, cept maybe some hair on my head and some UNenhancement of my MANLY BELLY. 

    I'll tell you just how much of a man I yam, rat at this very moment, both my arms, whilst I type this, are supporting a cat named Little Miss.  She is purring to high heaven, and shows no sign of relinquishing her position on this manly man,  and Dixie Belle is behind me on the couch snoring to high heaven.  Wonder why it's "high heaven"?  Is there a "low heaven", a "medium heaven"? 

       Shucks, I'm not particlar which one I get to, just sos I get to one of em!  I'm thinking maybe "low heaven" someone that's there has to clean out the litter boxes, and scoop  dog....stuff off the streets of gold.  "Medium Heaven" is probably where folks go and have to clean house/heaven.  Well, maybe someday we'lll find out just what is what!  

      Here's something else I wonder, why can I hear dogs and cats snore, but not hear what folks are yakin at me about?  We have a driveway alert down by the crick, and I have y et to hear it.  Diane says it goes off all the time whether anyone is coming up the driveway or not.  She says the birds are setting it off. Go figure! I've seen hogs and little doewey eyed deah down there, but havent heard it go off.  It does have a green light that flashes down there when the plane of the "eye" is disturbed.  Just like any other thing that makes noise, I'm only gonna hear it if it's annoying.

     Finally got my porch shades up. I've only had them a year that's how far behind I am on projects.  I tried to put them up once, but not being able to see, and being unstable on a ladder, never could get past the first bracket.  My grandson and one of his longtime friends came over Saturday and put them up in no time, no problem!  Oh to be young again....nah, been there, done that, dont want to do it all over again.

    Taylor, our grandson and his friend Evan (almighty), came by Saturday, and as I mentioned, put up the porch shades, and we played pool and watched football, fired weapons, drank soft drinks, shot more pool, and they helped Diane work on one of our projects with a new Dremel she has been trying to learn to use.  All in all, I'd have to say it was a SUPERB day, almost like a day in heaven might feel like.  What fine young men they are.

    Yup, finally got my pool table, and I still stink at playing pool, but one of the few things I like to do that I'm  not good at. Hmm, I'm not good at a lot of things!     Also got a shuffle board being delivered Tuesday. Yup, found a 12 foot damaged new one for a good price.  The playing surface has not been harmed, but there are a couple scratches on the side.  Not to worry though, got grandsons that probably can fix it.

    So now, what projects do I have left to to dig a trench to run some electricity to the pergola/boathouse/deck; add three gates and dig post holes for  a fence, and remove one fence, add a deck on to the ice house, put up a ceiling fan in the pergola/boat house, pull up a sasquatch stump,  oh yeah, and finish the bar I've been building,  and that's in addition to the normal everyday stuff, cleaning out litter boxes, scooping up dog...stuff, doin the dishes, taking the trash and recycling out, mowing, weed eating etc etc etc....otherwise, I've got nuttin to do!

     Well, it's raining again, yeaaaaa,  probably another quail of an inch (quail=quarter, there's a bird on the quarter....a quail) Sooooo, guess I'll leave it witcha and go do stuff, not that there's anything to do, yeah right! ! ! 

   Your frien and resident lay about...Cephus R John Barley Corn esq...  

09/04/18 08:21 PM #9349    


Teddie Jordan


Cephus, I am so glad to hear y’all now have an alarm to tell you when someone comes through the gate headed to your house, even if only one of you can hear it. Because, one of these days when Jimmy and I show up unannounced we wouldn’t want It to be on Nekkid Day!

09/05/18 09:14 AM #9350    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Now there's a familiar face I've seen before...Gus!   Speaking of  which, Jimmie stopped by yestiddy on his way home from the country.  I love it when people stop by and say howdy.  In fact I owe Lynn Pruit a call, just found his note that said he and  Pat stopped by.  If the gate was open, we are here, so Diane must have gone to town and I must have been in the back part of the house, and the doorbell is kaput.  SOOOO, all my aids, and preplanning is for naught,  boo and hiss and thbsssss....

    Gonna make this entry brief and try to write it in 25 woids or less...hmmm, dont think that's possible as of rat this minuet.  All yall got your hummink boid feeders out?    Diane put out three filled to the brim with red stuff, and the hummink boids are swarming like bees, I kid you kinot!   I've never seen so many HBs in one place before.  They have already consumed a full bottle of the red stuff, 64 ozs, and are on their way to consuming another 64..  I know they've got a long journey south, but geeze, if they dont slow down, they're gonna be too heavy to fly, and have to walk down to ol mehico.

    Wonder if they'd like some John Barley Corn mixed in with the red stuff!   Maybe give em an excuse not to head south, just stay here and chill.  Nah, when your biological clock says "head south", guess you gotta head south!  Hey TJ,    does it ever get cold in Freer?  Maybe they could hang out at your old place and not have to cross the Rio Grande. 

    Been up since before first light.  Fed the pups and cats, or tried to.  Seems like all the critters are off their feed, so to speak and all they did was just stare at breakfast.  Jack even turned down some bacon.  NO ONE TURNS DOWN BACON! ! !   Took big kids out to watch the sun come up, neither one did anything but watch to see when I was going to go back in the house.   Noticed I was limping and just a tad more pain as I limped back to the house, dogs in tow!

      Looks like I'ma gonna have to have a little Rand R today, at least an hour.  Right knee swollen up and hoitin along with everything else. Musta been the going up and down the ladder that did it yestidy.  I've just got too much to do to be laying around, but, guess I'm gonna have to go sit with little miss in her rocker recliner and ice the knee down fer a spell, and let her nurse me back to a more healthy limp.

    I've gotta tell ya, that Little Miss is one loving kitty. She wants to groom my beard and arms and fingers, she sure would have made a great momma kitty.  Ok, how'd I do?   Pretty brief wasnt I!  Well, relatively speaking, briefer than the US constitution, so see, just call me BVD I'm so brief.

   Your frien Cephus R Brief esq

09/13/18 09:37 AM #9351    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     It's me again Margaret ! ! ! Duh, whom else would it be!  CHIMACS (Chappell Hill Intergalactic Meteorology and Cornpone Society)  says we've gotten 4.57 inches of rain for the month of September or since last Sunday whichever came first.  That small amount is a monsoon for us this year as we have not had rain for the months of june july and augustm and only a sparse amount in the spring.   The Hummink boids are still loading up on the carbs for their trek south, if they decide to go south.

    Diane belongs to the Chappell Hill Garden Club and they meet first or second Wednesday of the month whichever comes first.  They usually have knowledgeable speakers on this or that, and yesterday they had a hummink boid speaker.  Well not an actual hummink boid, but a couple of ladies that are experts on  the little wing flappers.  There are 300, or 100 varieties of hummink boids, (you can tell how well I listen, or hear) and Texas has 3 kinds. The ruby throated, and the dufus or rufus, whatever, and I cant remember the thoid one!

    Their lifespan is about 6 years!  I'm surprised they live that long with all that wing flapping going on. Their little hearts must be a gazillion times a second, or roundabouts thereof. Some of the HBs trek all the way to Alaska, I'm hoping it's in the summer, and some of the little blaggerts stay here in Texas and dont go anywhere. I'm bettin it's the Dufus/Rufus, since that particular one is the larges/fattest of the lot.  We see a lot of those just a sittin on the feeders, fat and sassy they are!

    I'm really trying not to school anyone on HBs, yall all proabably know more about them that I do.  It's just I've never seen this many congregated in one place before.  Use to be an uncommon sight for me, but now I'm just an ol hummink boid hand!   Diane says their wing flapping is audible/noisy, like I could actually hear them. Hells bells, I cant even hear the turn blinker on my truck.  I kinda think my wife has still not grasped the fact that I am HARD OF HEARING, and that's putting it mildly.

    She still wants to talk to me whilst I'm leaving the room, or as she is leaving the room, or worse yet, she's on one side of the yard, about an acre away, and I'm on the other, and her mouth is just a flappin in the wind. And here is my all time favorite, talking to me in the truck and she is facing out her window away from me.  She's suppose to be a special ed teacher/coordinator and if there is anyone more special ed than me, special beau, I couldnt tell you whom.  Oh well, I suspect we're not the onliest (east texas for only) ones having old geezer and geezerette problems.

    You know, I really just got on here to let all yall know about the Washington County Fair that will be starting tomorrow Sep 14th.  At 150 years old, it's the oldest in the universe, or at least in Washington County, whichever comes first.  Tomorrow, Sep 14th, Sat, Sund and next Tuesday are FREE days, as in they dont charge you to get in the gates. But after next Tuesday it's "Katy bar the door"  $40 dollars a per person to see hogs and chickens and the like.  Dont think they have a HB showing, unless you come to our house, and I'll only charge you 35 dollars. Yup, yall get old geezer rates!  And veterans get another .50 cents off. Ha, I'm so civic minded.

    Ok, time to deplain boss, gotta a flag pole dedication to go to at 10 this morning for the Chappell Hill Garden Club.  Those of yall that drive through CH and are sitting at the only stop light on Hwy 290, look to your right at the corner of the Valero station and there are two flag poles, yup that's them, the CHGC flag poles and flags.  Give em a salute as your driving through. TxDot told us that they are going to build an overpass at that intersection.  That'll be the death knell for CH. Of course there's nothing there anyway, couple of junk shops and two banks, three gas stations, and two flag poles!  Oh, and a partridge in a pear tree, and us.

   So, keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride"

Your frien and CH orinthologist historian and weather guy, Cephus R. Wacky esq

09/15/18 03:08 PM #9352    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Thought I would check in and document it has been 1 month today since the last comment.......that just is not supposed to happen in the Waltrip 64's.  Grrrr just noticed I have been reading the top of the page, and  Waltrip65 is set up the exact opposite EXCUSE PLEASE! nOW i WILL NEED TO CATCH UP ON THE READINGS.

I, myself, have been burned up with the last punch of Texas summer's heat in the 100's.  We've had a burn ban on for so long that I will have quite a bit of burning to do here....

Thank goodness, now for the long awaited rain!  It has finally come and I can look forward to the upcoming Fall close behind, my favorite time of the year!  

I've been dealing with Siatica pain, it sure has it's issues.  It has got my attention, to seek help, so along with the melanoma I am staying in the house, quite a lot during the days now and this spells "b-o-r-i-n-g! 

I took in an old Jack Russell dog, 95% blind and comparable hearing as well.  So we entertain each other quite nicely.  I watch a lot of the House Hunters, Flip it or Love it, etc. as well as DIY stuff, and antique stuff, news, etc.  

Still looking forward to The Fall fling with all.



09/16/18 12:51 PM #9353    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

Please keep our dear classmate, Allen Geiser in your prayers.  He is back in Methodist. 

Henny received this from Betty this morn

 Betty asked that I e-mail you about The latest on Allen.

Last evening he became very short of breath,
"Just like last time".  Betty called -911- Allen
was seen in The Methodist ER and admitted.
The Doctors feel everything is Pacemaker 
related---Dr. Attar is back on call --- has likely
already seen Allen.  Will see what Dr. Attar
advises --- 

Please keep Allen in your prayers...Betty asks
that you share with our class...




09/16/18 03:51 PM #9354    


Teddie Jordan

Prayers and positive thoughts for Allen and Betty.

09/16/18 07:47 PM #9355    


Scotty Croom

allen,get better,we have a birthday next week...

09/16/18 07:57 PM #9356    


Scotty Croom

hey everyone, this is  barbara back to back birthdays...b. mckay today, and my sweet b. raines tomorrow...have a good day  each of you...

09/20/18 08:40 AM #9357    


James Hilsher '65

Any news on Allen.

09/20/18 10:57 AM #9358    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

Per Betty - Allen came home on Tuesday evening.   He had some adjustments made on his pacemaker and medication.  She thanks everyone for their support, love and prayers.


09/20/18 03:55 PM #9359    


Teddie Jordan

Thanks for that good news Jackie, that’s what we have all been hoping and praying to hear.

Also, the memorial service for classmate Sharon Smith Gouras’ husband Nicky will be held at the Episcopal Church in Palestine, Tx. on Saturday, September 29 at 2 PM.  

09/21/18 09:07 AM #9360    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD MORNIN CHAPPELL HILL ! ! !  Adrian Kronaur (sp), the inspiration for the movie "Good morning Vietnam"  passed away sometime this year.  Of course it took screen writers, and a genius comic, Robin Williams,  now deceased, to make something funny out of something that was not.

     Good gnus on Allen, Happy birthday to Scotty and Barbara and all youse youtes.  Been so busy up here on the farm, just dont have much time to get on the puter anymore. By the time the stars are winkin atcha, I'm just exhausted, and crippled up.  You wouldnt think riding on a tractor, or riding in a truck would cripple you, but man it sure does. 

       My Bad Boy broke down, couldnt engage blades, so had to use the tractor and field shredder to mow the hill.  Knees and hips just givin me fits. Had a sneezing fit, good first sign of fall on the way, and hurt the break in my back (T-9).  Doc Frauhnkenstine said that would happen, and if it was a problem, he'd operate again and put some more elmers glue in there....NO THANK YOU, MAH BACK IS JUS FYNE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.......

     Sooooo looking forward to that first cold snap, smell the wood fires from up noth, shiver from the cold....then exclaim..."oh man, will this winter never end..."  Yeah, no pleasing some of us is there.  Nah, really looking forward to the days when I dont have to change shirts 3 or 4 times in a day, and take 3 showers.  Or, I'm just an ol sweat hog, whichever comes first.

    Speaking of hogs, going to the County Fair today!  Suppose to be 12 dollars instead of 40 dollars like I read. Shucks, for 40 dollars, they better give me a pig and chicken to take home.  The 40 dollar ticket was for everyday of the fair total.  Think I'd rather have a pig and a chicken!    Today is senior day, so they might knock off a dollar to get in.  Diane reads to me everyday of the events that are to take place, like I can remember!   What's todays event, "HOG CALLIN"?  "ROOSTER RASSLIN"? 

    Sunny Sweeny, I think a " The Voice" finalist was at the Silver Wings Ballroom up here, and was at the County Fair last night.  Were I a younger man, I do believe I'd take in more of the goings on round here. Back in mah hey day, hey, early 70s I was on the Poultry Committee at the Houston live stock and rodeo. Back then, they'd give you a badge, and you could park free and get into all the shows and go anywhere on the grounds for free as long as the rodeo was going on.  Saw Johnny Cash, and Elvis and others I cant remember, and all for free. Nowdays, volunteers dont get anything free. 

     Set up a skeet shooting range in right field, and shoot towards third base, up here at Coopers Memorial Field of Dreams.  We repurpose everything up here on the farm.  Installed movable/mobile stadium seating, and since ball season is over for the Chappell Hill Chickadees, we're using the stadium seating for the spectators on the shooting range and skeet range. 

    Humminkboids are still buzzin about. Two got trapped in the Ice Haus, one lived and one died.  I truly hate that, but what can I do?  Cant keep the doors closed in this heat if I'm  working in there. I have banners and flags flying at the doors to scare em away, plus 3, count em, 3 feeders for the little beggars.  Well, I gave him a decent burial out on the hill. 

   Ok, time to deplane boss, going to the COUNTY FAIR...YEAAAAA!  Yup, boss gave me the day off, but got to make up for it and work satiddy and Sunday. My boss is a mean ol man, the old buzzard!

Sooooo, keep the sun at your six, and below the equator, and ride boldly ride...
your frien and resident soothsayer,  Allan Badillion Traherne Cephus E Lee, esq

Post Script: Got another half inch of rain yesterday. Most of the rain has been going around like we have a dome over us, couple years ago we got 6 inches rain everyday, go figure.  

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