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08/14/19 10:46 PM #9689    


Beau Wann, Jr.

      Oh, you never miss the water till the well runs dry... "Once there was a silly ol ant, thought he'd move a rubber tree plant, everyone knows an ant cant move a rubber tree plant..." but he and his buds can sure gum up electrical connections and shut down one's water well. WELL! ! !   Yup, had to replace a switch the aints gummed up, tha idjified morons.   Finally goter back on line and, voila, we have water. 

     109 today, heat index 132, folks, that's hot, dang hot!  Storms started rolling in before dusk, and split up and went around us, nary a drop of rain.  We are parched up here in the Mojave dessert.  Not much else going on, just waiting on the idjits to finish the zero gravity pit.  Been swimming in it yesterday and sat in the spa and let the jets pummel my tired ol hurtin body.  Didnt help much afterwards, but was nice whilst we were in the water.

    Sure be glad when they are through, one of us has to be here at all times, and that "one of us" is me.  Got lots of mowing done, got about an hour of mowing yet to do, not to mention hours and hours of other things yet to do.  But I'm not mentioning that.

    Like I said, not much going on up here cept the heat.  The clouds and wind out of the east was a nice respite from the heat. Had a tremendous Lightning show!   Havent seen any fireflies this last couple of months, too hot and dry.  Did see a baby skunk down at the gate by the creek last night. Sure hope it and its' family stay down there, or move on to Vladivostok.

    Boring ! ! !  Guess it's time to deplane boss. Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident water sport  Cephus R. Me esq. 

08/19/19 08:54 AM #9690    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     No cause for alarm folks, it's just me, yet again! ! !   Whew and peyew, soons I opened the door to let Little Miss on the front porch,  the ol schnozze caught a huge whiff O eau du skunk, this phyne stinky morn.  Now it seems to have dissapated.  Be my guess, and I'm only guessing, and it's a good guess also too, but one of the unfortunate black and white stinky kittys has collided with a motor car of sorts out on 290.  Of course the motor car allus wins. 

    My beloved was gone all weekend up in the hill country with her mom and dad and sister, visiting cousins, sort of an impromptu family reunion.  Sure glad to have her back!  It's not easy taking care of the zoo by oneself.  Takes lots of dog food, cat food, lots of brushing  and more than lots of whiskey to make it through the weekend, or whatever days Diane is missing. 

     Found the optimum time to swim, early morn!   Water is about 70 degrees as opposed to almost 100 durning the day.  Our high air temp yesterday was a balmy 104 as opposed to 108 and 109 days and days before.  The summers just seem to be getting hotter and hotter.  It was so long ago in my DuBarry days, I dont remember the heat of the summer, but I do remember a few cold days, or nights. Nothing severe, just remember shivering standing in front of one of those nat gas room heaters trying to get warm, then almost being asphixiated and falling asleep as one did get warm.  How did we manage to survive all the pitfalls of our youte?

     I tried watching a few movies whilst Diane was off having a good time, but I'm just not a TV person anymore. There were two movies back to back, calamitic, catastrophic, and otherwise lots O drama.  They were so unbelievable as to be totally comedic in their unsuccesful attempt to be serious. The first was about an airliner at 30K plus feet that wouldnt stop climbing to which the pilot, CAPTAIN LUCKY whatever, had the plane filled with water from a KC 130 tanker, to add weight so the plane would stop climbing etc etc etc blah blah blah. 

    You know how it goes, one problem after another, cant get this open, or cant get that closed, or both, and they have just seconds to do so or it's all over but the shouting.  Isnt it amazing that in those few seconds they have befor they are blown up, or sink or whatever, "well Lucky, you have on ly 10 seconds to complete that maneuver or you and your 500 passengers die...." , 10 or 15 minutes pass by before good ol Capt Lucky completes the maneuver.

      Then after the airplane calamity, our Capt Lucky Spenser is on a speeding runaway train full of, you guessed it, blind orphans and nuns or whoever, and yet once again,  only he, capt Lucky Spenser, can save them. And if the train load of passengers isnt enough, the train is speeding towards a curve where a hospital, full of sick and injured blind orphans and nuns  is located, and the train will not make the curve and will hit said hospital loaded to capacity with sick and injured blind orphans and nuns.  I know, I know, they're just movies and they have to make it dangerously  interesting for movie audiences.  But come on, at least research some of the problems that are popping up like microwave popcorn.

     Like when the "MAIN FUSE" is blown, that means the circuit is open, and no more juice or whatever is powering said out of control runaway whatever, and that means simply, it shuts down and goes no more. Not so mon ami, this train must have had a zombie motor powering it, cause they just could not kill it or stop it, un till the last second, of course, before said runaway train loaded to capacity with blind orphans and nuns,  slammed into the hospital full of injured and sick blind orphan  and nuns....

    Wanna know who the star of these movies is was are?   Robert Urich! ! !  I told my beloved that if she was ever traveling anywhere, and Robert Urich showed up, run in the opposite direction, cause a calamity was in the making for at least the next two hours.  Of course the little woman replied, " I dont think that's gonna happen, cause Robert Urich died a few years back" .   Hmmm, well then if you do see him then run for sure, cause he's a zombie, or words to that defect.

   You know, the Frankenstein movies of the 30s  were more believeable than todays horror and calamity movies.  Well, cept the many many many Godzilla movies, and how about the Octopi that ate San Francisco?  Now there was oscar potential for sure.  The ever omnipotent insect movies, "Them" giant ants, and "Beginning of the end" with giant grasshoppers eating New York city, and blob movies like, "the blob", and  "X the Unknown".  Were any of all yall scared watching any of those?  I can tell you, I wasnt, much!

       How did I get off on that stuff?   Well, you all know it doesnt take much for me to run away with an idea, any idea atall.  As I've stated time and time again, "a mind is a terrible think".  Ok, time to deplane cause breakfast is almost upon me....hmmmm bacon and eggs....yum.

Keep the sun at your six and stay off of trains and planes, but "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident movie critic, Cephus R. Siskel and Ebert 

08/25/19 12:20 PM #9691    


Scotty Croom

talked last nite w/rick and janet ..she is staying in vidor w/family and rick plays chickens,cows and dog. in shiner ..both sound good and miss us all...

08/26/19 11:09 AM #9692    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Beau, i love sunflowers.  You were talking about those scary movies from our childhood.  Most were funny.  One gave me nightmares.  It was « Invasion of the Body Snatchers » when we were about ten.  That one scared me so much my daddy went to see it so he would understand my fear.  Robert Zurich wasn’t in it.  Too young.  

We celebrated our 50th anniversary with some dear friends two weekends ago.  We raised our families together and now our grandchildren are together.  Wonderful time.  We had a dinner with wedding cake for dessert with about 75 friends and family.  I am so blessed.  

I understand your tremors.  I have them too, even in my voice!  Time to try to move all the clutter so my front room will look clean for awhile.  Have a great day.

08/26/19 06:07 PM #9693    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey Scotty a SHOUT OUT  to youse and Sharon, glad yall are doing well. Looking forward to seeing youse in October.  And thank you for getting on the forum no matter how small the note. Sometimes I feel like I'm the onliest (east texas for only) one left in our class. And thank you Pat for your post.  Your posts are so informative and I am ever greatful for them.  HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY TO YOUSE AND DR RON. 

     Yes, sunflowers are beautiful arent they!   They also make a great peanut butter, although it isnt peanut butter, but sunflower butter.  Oh well, nothing like muddying up the water with a redundantly redundant silly explanation. Oh bother!   I take Metro something or other for my tremors, 25mg of them, which dont seem to be helping.  Since I no longer practice rocket surgery, shaky hands dont matter.  Well, eating peas is a might testy experience.  Izzadorabelle loves my shaky hands, more food under the table for her. Ever an opportunist she!

    There was a poem, or is a poem, that I think Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote that has sunflowers in it, the last line goes something like this...talking about the sunflowers love of the sun..."the same look she had when he rose...".   I remembered it long ago, and finally found it in one of my books, but now I've lost it again, so any help out there would be appreciated.  I allus thought Emily Dickinson or Edna St Vincent Millay wrote it, cause they wrote a lot about nature.  Sad part about it is, I THOUGHT I MARKED IT AND SET IT ASIDE!!!!!

    CHIMACS (Chappell Hill Intergalactical  Meteorological and Cornpone Society) officially recorded 1/2 inch of rain day before yestiddy, which is 2.5 inches since May.  We are parched up here in the Bojave dessert.  100+ degrees almost everyday for the last two months.  No fun is the heat hun!    At least I have ice tea. Oh no, I've jinxed myself for sure. 

     The fool pool people should be fini tomorrow.  The fence people come this Friday, yea!  So Satiddy we should be able to let the pups out the front. We are enlarging the area of the front so they will have more room to run, and Izzadoreable sure loves to run. Is she normal for a beagle?  She also loves to carry frogs around in her mouth, eat bugs and no telling what all,  yuk!

     I have seen 3 fireflies the last couple of days. I do hope they are on vacation and not becoming extinct up heah.  I dearly love that part of my youte, fireflies and now of my old youte. 

     Oh pat, the "INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS"  has been on a few times this week. It had Donald Sutherland in it and I dont know who all else, cause I didtn watch it. I'm a feared they are still out there.  Also saw where another horror movie was on today, a new one so to speak, called "Private Terror" I think that was the name. I didnt watch it, but read what it was a bout, are you ready for this?    A one legged Go Go dancer and her ex boyfriend were fighting something.  

     I'm not making this up, a one legged go go dancer.  I couldnt see where there would be much call for one of those, although I'm not making fun of eyether one legged people or go go dancers.  I wish I had watched it, cause I'd love to know if her boot had a tassel on it or not.  I was thinking boots would be cheaper because she'd only have to buy one, then my brain kicked in and remembered they come in pairs. I wonder if she was left footed or riight footed. 

    Being one legged, I wonder if she had explored the whirld of "lap dancing" rather than "go going".  Never had a lap dance before unless you call a 115 pound lab trying to be a lap dog.  Big Oliver at 22 pounds did a mean lap dance, claws and all. That was one lap dance that would wake you up.   Izzadorable loves to catch you unaware before she pounces in your lap. Soon as she noticies you not paying attention, "WHAM" right in your lap and in your face.

     One of the scary movies that really scared me was "The Curse of Frankenstein", in technicolor.  I left the viewing area and went straight to the snack bar. Oh, and another one that really scared me was "House of Wax" with Vincent Price. That one was in 53 Ithink, and was one of the first in 3D. yup, that scared the bejeebers out of me.  I still wont watch it to this very day. Oh, and "The Fly", oooooh gives me shivers.

    "The Incredible Shrinking Man" was not pretty. Remember when he fought that tarantula with a pin and a pair of sissors? Then the cat got after him, I really felt bad for that ol boy.  Probably got eaten by a paramicium or an amoeba or something.  Oh the humanity!

     Time to deplane, soup is soup and time to eat. (we make our own homemade soup). Hmmm, hows that for redundancy. Of course if we make it at home, then it's homemade, duh!  As I've stated in the past, "a mind is a terrible think".

    Keep the sun at your six, with the ac at full blast, and "ride boldly ride"
your frien and resident horror movie, Frahnkencephus Ate Chappell Hill  

08/26/19 09:00 PM #9694    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus, you reminded me of an old Oak Forest saying we used to use when someone said something that accidently rhymed. “You’re a Poet, And don’t Know it, But your feet Show it, They are Longfellow’s!”

Good to hear from you, and Scotty, and Pat, and we look forward to seeing you and Diane and all in October at the reunion. Which all of a sudden doesn’t seem that far away. And the last time I talked to Johnny and Lynn several weeks ago they had over 50 classmates signed up and paid, and is probably closer to 70 by now.

As they all are it will be fun, and so good to see everyone!


09/02/19 02:34 PM #9695    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

The reunion committee met with Hilton Garden Hotel staff on Friday.  With the reunion coming up next month, Lynn Wren Burkhardt wanted to go over and finalize the arrangements.  This is a beautiful, yet cozy, venue.  For those staying overnight, you will be pleased with your room.  Appetizers, a delicious meal and dessert, along with a cash bar, are ordered for our event.  There is a hospitality room for those wanting to continue to party afterwards.   A special price for the breakfast buffet, $9.99, will be available for our class.  Marty White will be providing the music, a mixture of country and the 60s.

If you have not registered yet, it is not too late.  Please come out and celebrate a very special time of our lives, see old friends and make new ones!







09/03/19 11:22 AM #9696    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Okay Beau, give it back.  That rain you have gotten since May belonged to my neighborhood.  We have gotten zero rain since April 5th.  Unbelievable.  

I saw that Donald Sutherland had done a remake of Body Snatchers.  I think it scared me so much because every authority figure the kid tried to go to had been turned into an alien.  Only saw it once, but I am a lightweight when it comes to movies that are frightening.  Lady and the Tramp gave me my first migraine because I cried so much.  Dr. Gould or Gottleib had to come to the house to give me a shot.  I woke up the next day.  I had cried so much about the dogs at the pound being killed and Tramp fighting the rat in the baby’s crib.  Only saw that one once too.  Oh well.  I have filled my life with Fred Astaire movies.  Ron has decided we need to watch those Sharknado movies.  They are on Amazon prime so we will probably see one tonight.  Incredible that he wants to watch silly movies in our old age.  I used to stay up to watch Mystery Science Theater because it was so funny.  

Thank you Reunion Committee for working while we are watching silly movies.  It will be wonderful.  

09/03/19 09:53 PM #9697    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey Pat, we only got only .02 of an inch since 1946, so we need it so more badly bestest!  Howz that for rurinin a smattering of woids called a sentence.  We have had 100 degrees plus days everyday since May or roundabouts thereof.  We cant even get a decent storm of any kind.  It's sad when one is rootin for a hurricane!  

     Yestididy it was 70 degrees in the morning at 7 AM in the morning, coolest it's been in a coons age, however long that is.  I thought fall was upon us, not so mon ami.  That's just rotten of mother nature to do me that a way!  Mom never liked me much anyway!

     It's already Septemember, what happened to the other 8 months?   30 days hath september, April June and November, all the rest have 31 cept February and nobody knows how many months are in it.  I do hope I'm not in the early thros of dementia or alzheimers, cause that just is not no good no how. 

     Seems the year was dragging on and all of a sudden it's september.  I dont remember much about the first 8 months atall, cept lots O pain and  I havent had any of the 5 major food groups, taters, rice, pasta, bread, and sugar.  "I cant get no, duh duh duh, satisfaction". I seem to be stuck at 164 lbs. Target was 160, but as per usual, I'll take what I can get.

    "What"?  Seems that's what I've been saying most lately last couple O years.  Cant hear diddly squat anymore, and even if I could, what does "diddly squat" sound like?   My personal ocupational therapist, Lucy, our grandaughter, said that if I cant hear the words spoken at me, my brain wont be able to recognize the words anymore.  I've been trying, but everything sounds like a foreign language being spoke at me.  So I guess that is upon me now.  Great, one more malady!

    Turned on the radio, and kept changing stations cause I thought I'd tuned into  foreign ones, I kid you knot.  When people speak to me, it takes a while to process the words they are saying, and by the time I figure out a few words, I'm lost.   We're signed up to come to the reunion, but who the heck would want to talk to a deaf fence post?   I'll just stand over in a corner and wave atchyall, howz that!  Been trying to learn sign language, but I cant remember what signs are what.  Maybe Leon Hales talking mule will show up, then he and I can have a great conversation, mule to mule, so to speak.

     I've now been to my GP doc, and a rheumotologist doc, and a neurosurgeon doc, and this Friday, that would be this friday, they have me scheduled for three, that would be 3, MRIs.  Oh joy!  Last MRI I had, I was stuffed into a nazi u-boat torpedo tube for TWO HOURS AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG. I thought I was gonna die!  But didnt, still it was uncomfortable.

    There's a speaker and a microphone inside the tube, and ever now and again, they ask how I'm doing, and I say "get me the hell out of here", and they say, "hold perfectly still and it's just about through". If they're not going to let me out, then why do they keep asking me "how I'm doing"?  They said that for 2 hours, and that was just one MRI, now I've got to have three in one day.  My GP doc frahnkensteen prescribed some XANAX for before the MRIs.  Is it just a coincidence that XANAX is an oxymoron?   Hmmm, an oxymoron for a moron, yeah, that's the ticket.

    I've been taking extra strength fast acting Tylenol every 8 hours now for about a week.  That seems to have taken the edge off most of the pain, but what's it doing to my liver?   The docs say if I stick to no more  than 6 aday regimen I'll be ok.  What ever! ! !

    Not all the fireflies have flown south for the winter, there's still one on the hill that blinks at me every night, the little darling.  He/she/it blinks about twice and then disappears. Still, short though it is, it  cheers me up somewhat, and believe you me, I could use some cheering up.  Speaking of which, Paige and Richard came up yesterday for labor day, we had tacos and a pool party with all the old tunes playing on the juke box.  Now that cheered me up for sure!  What great friends they are!

     Everything is pretty much the same up heah since last we spoke, it's dryer than a box of kitty litter in a dust storm and  I'm deaf and hurt to heck and gone, but that's old gnus.  So, howz it going with all yall?  Good I hope!  DID YALL KNOW THAT DION IS 80 YEARS OLD?????   Wow, he aged and we  didnt., cause I still like the music, when I can hear it. 

    Ok, guess I'll deplane boss, so keep the sun atchur six and the AC full blast, and "ride boldly ride"

your frien and resident english major, Cephus R Not esq

maybe just an english captain...  

09/06/19 08:52 AM #9698    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Goooooooood morning chappell hillllllllll !   106 yesterday, at least here on the hill.  It was still 104 at 6 pm and still no rain.     I know how the whirld will end, we're just gonna burn up.  I was hoping for a quick freeze, less suffering and all.   Getting further behind on my chores because it's just too dang hot to do the outside ones.  Well, there's night time isnt there?   Yeah, but by the time that rolls around, I'm just too pooped to participate.

    Been riding my four wheel harley, my 89 open air jeep, everymorning at sunup.  I ride, or drive, to Buccees in Waller and have a cuppa joe, or two,  and then come on back home. Not the same as MC riding, but a good close 2nd, and I'll take whatever I can get.  I love that Jeep, it's a straight 6 motor with a  5 speed standard transmission, that only I can drive. Most folks cant drive a standard since they didnt learn how to in the beginning. 

    I know all yall remember the motorcar you learned to drive on, cause I do, and my rememberer is shot all to heck and gone.  51 Ford, V8 flathead, 3 speed on the columnnnnnn, with real overdrive.  Everyone should have learned on my old 51 Ford, it was a trip and a half.  The steering wheel made one full revolution before the wheels actually started to turn.  Shoot, I thought that was normal and the way ALL cars handled. Plus, that's why the eazy knob was on the steering wheel, so you could get a head start on your turn.

     Well, nuff bout cars.  Diane has a Dr appt this morning, just a wellness checkup, and I've got the torpedo tube scan this nafteroon.  You know, I'm not gripping about the drs appt and tests at all, cause Diane and I have been blessed with pretty good health, well, cept for her bout with cancer back in the 80s and 90s that she whipped it's C butt.   Here's hoping we can continue our good health streak.

     Hey Pat, did you see Jurrassic Park and all it's spinoffs?   Now I can have nightmares watching something like that with all the dinosaurs and raptors and such.  Watched one of the spinoffs last night called Jurrassic Whirld or some such name.  It's like an amusement park but with brontasaurises and triceptisaurises, and T-rex and the like, only they're suppose to be contained so they cant get at you, suppose to be contained, cept you know the story, one of em goes berserk and then all heck fire breaks loose as they all go berserk.

     The one last night was more rediculous than the Octopi that ate San Francisco.  The main man was chasing or being chased by "INDOMINUS"  a T-Rex on steroids, lots of steroids, and the mans weapon of choice was a Marlin 45-70, lever action, which I never saw him use. He just kept shooting and not cocking .  Maybe I'm just too critical about accruacy.  Chalk up another dumb movie for horrorwood.  I hope Michael Creighton made a zillion dollars from his book and the rights thereof.

    Hmmmm, which sets me to wonderin about my own book.  Nah, dont think the  whirld is much interested in a dumb kid from DuBarry street.  I mean, we didnt have any dumb ol dinosaurs or heck even tigers, lions and bears.  Closest thing we had to a killer critter were the two german sheppards that lived across the street from us.  It was real clear they didnt like me, or anyone for that matter. 

     Ok, I'm back, had sort of an emergency, one of the critters escaped.  The munchkin!  It was my fault clearly, I moved a fence and gate yesterday, and left just enough room for an escapee named Izzadoreable, to get through.  Fortunately I'm an option sort of guy, love redundancy when it comes to safety and critters, and me for that matter.  She wound up in the front yard, so no blood no foul!   Problem has been corrected!

    Time for me to deplane boss, got breakfast to tend to. Well, it's just cereal, about 4 kinds all mixed together with Almond milk and a protein shake stirred in to boot. Well, not in an actual boot, but a bowl of sorts.

     Keep the sun at your six, or behind the clouds if you can get any clouds, and "ride boldly ride"...

your frien and resident dinosaurologist, Cephus T Rex Magillicuty esq  

09/07/19 11:40 AM #9699    


Scotty Croom

beau,got up early last sun. to head back to daphne from houston..saw sun come up and sunset as we got to home...rare sights for me...had to go get another set of labs..they want fresh crown done,one more to go...

09/08/19 07:06 PM #9700    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Haven’t watched any movies about Jurassic Park since the first one.  Read all of Michael creighton’s books.  He hated all the movies done from his work, but left his family lots of money.  I can read all kinds of scary, but don’t like to watch it.  So hot here our a/c man had to come out on a Saturday to find out why temp was climbing inside.  He will have to come back tomorrow to replace the super filter in the attic.  Joys of home ownership.  

We are going on our first cruise sometime late fall or early spring.  I was on a boat in the Greek Isles with my daughter Beth and grandson.  That was bumpy.  Probably had 250 passengers.  We are going with friends to somewhere in Caribbean.  Any advice would be appreciated.  

09/09/19 10:57 AM #9701    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING CHAPPELL HILLLLLLLL.....This broadcast coming to you from station  WKALPACASUNFLOWER,  "land of the free and home of the brave"...for how much longer though, is anyones guess.    Hey Pat, my advice...DONT GO! ! ! !  I guess you sawr where a ship turned over in Georgia this weekend, eh!   What was it doing in Georgia?  Picking up peaches? or paw paws?

      I was in the Navy, and even on an aircraft carrier I  didnt like it.  As big as they are, a storm will still move em about.  The older ones like the Big O, (Oriskany), Coral Sea, drew about 50K tons, and the newer ones like the Kitty Hawk, Connie (Constellation) and the Big E (enterprise) drew around 70 to 80K tons, storms still moved those bad girls around. 

     I also dont like islands, no place to go but round and round and round, same with a ship. Of course the acomodations like food and a place to sleep are first rate,  dont like ships anymore, unless they're parked down at the creek, yeah, that's the ticket.

    Hey Scotty you study for all those tests now you heah!  Glad you're doing well and got to see a sunrise and sunset. I see em everyday except last Friday and Saturday. 

     Had my MRIs Friday at 3 PM and just about killed me.  I know, an MRI is not suppose to hurt, but me laying perfectly still on my back for 2 hours is just agony.. They did 3 MRIs, and I thought they were going to break them up and do one and then take a break, and then another, and so on, but no they did em all together.  By the time they pulled me out of the torp tube I was a wreck. Had to have two nurses help me into a wheel chair, as embarassing as that is  to say.

    I took a xanax one hour b4 going in the tube, and was feeling pretty good so I thought "this was going to be easy peasy".  Au Contraire mon ami.   I remember em wheeling me to the car, and taking the 2nd xanax and that's all folks.  I slept for 14 hours, and I've never slept 14 hours in a stretch in my life, and dont even get 14 hours a week sleeping all told!

    Diane says she stopped at a burger joint and got us a corndog and a reeses pbutter cup and a drink, and I ate all of it and passed out till we got home at 6PM  and then passed out in the bed and woke up Saturday morn at 10 AM.  I remember none of it.

       An aside here,   Baylor Scott and White and Bob and Ted and Carol and Alice hospital system is first rate.  Never more than 5 minutes waiting for anything, and the folks are just super nice.  The nurses are very pretty too!  I asked Diane if I could bring one home, and her reply was , "who would have me"?   She does have a point there.

    Needless to say, Saturday was a non-workday day!     Sunday was a good day, and it it hadnt hit 102, it woulda been a great day. Grandson and friend came over to do manly stuff, shooting, eating burgers, chips and dips, and watch football.  So Sunday was a very good day, AND I didnt hurt much at all.  Not so today!  Seems I'm back to the ricter scale of pain again.  I dont know which will be worse, if they actually find out what's making me hurt so, or if they find nothing! 

     Hey Pat,  ever read "Of Human Bondage"?   Sawr the movie and remake and read the book.  Liked both!  "What Dreams May Come" , "Forrest Gump", "Lonesome Dove", Buffalo Girls" etc, all good reading.  "Frankenstein" , "Hounds of the Baskervilles" for horror reading. So many more but cant remember them all.

    That's another thing, most of us have to have corrective lenses to read, which is ok, but now having tremors and such, it's hard to turn the pages or separate them.  I've given up on trying to read because of that.  Getting old should have come with an instruction manual, but what the hell, I'm a guy and us guys dont need no dang instructions, right?

    Still waiting on them to put finishing touches on the zero gravity pit. We are in it everyday and it is very nice. Dont need the heater, cause water is in the 90s everyday. Best time for a refreshing dip is in the morning.  Air temp was 69 on Sunday morning, so I rode my Harley to Bucees for coffee.  Very nice, very nice indeed. 

    Ok, time to deplane....keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride"

Your frien and resident BSer, Cephus R Fever esq   

09/10/19 07:28 AM #9702    


Scotty Croom

pat,the larger the boat,the smoother sailing...last we took in nov.,2017 was smooth...set on deck after casual lunch and enjoy breezes....we are still loking at greek isles cruise,maybe next spring....we can compare notes at reunion..

09/10/19 11:56 AM #9703    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     It's me again Margaret! ! ! !  GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING CHAPPELL HILLLLLLLLL, and all the ships at sea, especiaLLY the ones with Scotty and Sharon and Pat and Ron, yeah, that's the ticket fo sho!

    It's a good day and a bad day!  Good day to be alive, but bad day to be alive and hurt a 10 squared on the ricter scale. It's always something!   Been trying to woik on stuff, so far behind, I'll never catch up. I was thinking about having a "training" or "boot camp" for yippies and yuppies and midlinieals or whatever they wish to be identified with.

    Get em all up here and working on stuff, and pay me to do it!  I'd furnish lunch and refreshments etc, plus games of sorts like, 'weedeat down by the creek",  "paint the shooting range backstop", paint the containers", mow, build two decks, chop far wood etc, you know all the everyday stuff one is want to do.

    Heck far, they could even make a reality TV show out of it, yeah, that's the ticket.  Like "Flip or Flop", Fixer Upper", hmmmm, what could I call it......I know, "Hepin the old cripple out at the homestead". I know, it's kinda long, but we can shortin it out some with a little thought, damn little.

    The little woman is  in town for a retired teachers meeting and lunch, so me and the critters are having potluck for lunch. I know why it's called "potluck"!   You just throw something in the pot and if it doesnt burn, well that's luck. 

    Hmmmm, just had a thought!   Why am I not in ye olde swimming hole enjoying some zero gravity?   Sometimes I wonder how I managed to live this long, just dumb luck is all. Yet here I am sitting at a desk and puter tippy typing and hurting, go figure!

    Ok, guess I'll deplane and get on my "SEA HUNT"  swimming trunks. Yup, still got my US Navy issue swimming trunks, why I dont know. Boy do they look silly, or I look silly.  willy nilly....You know, you can see full episodes of SEA HUNT with Lloyd Bridges, who was actually a seal predecessor, UDT underwater demolition, or "frogman" in WWII, on YOUTUBE.  If you were so inclined.

     Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride"...

Your frien and resident crazoid psycho, Cephus R Wacky esq  

09/11/19 09:46 AM #9704    


Lynn Wren (Burkhardt)

09/11/2019  - Who could ever forget.  Please remember and keep in your hearts what today is really all about.  Pray for America and the men and women who have sacrificed all for us to live a life of freedom. 


Love and God Bless



09/11/19 12:51 PM #9705    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Yes, a date that will live in infamy for sure.  Wow, where has the time gone?  September all ready!  I use to look farward to september,  usually meant cooler weather wasnt far behind. Got a feeling that this year is gonna be hot till Christmas, but let's hope not. 

    I could be wrong, because the hummingbirds are swarming around Dianes 4 feeders.  Looks like bees swarming there's so many of em.  Diane mixes her own nectar for the little  blaggarts, and is having to refill one up everyday.  Maybe they know something about the weather that we dont.  They fly south for the winter, Mexico and some to south America. Some come from as far away as the north pole....hmmmm, that doesnt sound right, but seems I remember Diane telling me that. NO, from Alaska, or Canada, well, no matter, they are hard travelers. Maybe they could hitch a ride on one of the cruise ships, yeah, that's the ticket.

    Started on project number 8 million, an addition to the boat house which is next to the zero gravity pit.  Maybe we could have another "party on the hill" eh?????   It's a lot of work for sure, but a labor of love. Diane and I enjoyed it so much, we still talk about them from time to time and look at the fine binders that Jackie put together for us. God rest her soul. Sure do miss her! ! !

    Havent heard back from the neurospecialist about the MRIs, but Baylor Scott and White and Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice hospital system has a network where we, correction, Diane can access any info and tests, and so far the results have not been posted.  Well, I'm still alive, so cant be too serious eh.

    Today's Chappell Hill Garden Club Meeting, and Diane is there learning about stuff.  Every month they have a specialist come in and talk about stuff, like snakes, glad I missed that one, cause he brought one with him.  Why do "snake people" think they have to carry around a snake with them?   WE ALL know what snakes look like and if they bite you, you will die.  One of our classmates died from a rattle snake bite a few years back. Trying to think of her name, but you know me, a mind is a terrible think!

    We have a new classmate signup, Glenn Weissinger.  Welcome welcome welcome.  I read his profile, and he and his wife live in Chappell Hill.  Moved here bout the same time we did.  We've probably passed each other on the street in CH and Brenham and didnt know it, well, of course we didnt know it, or one of us woulda said something, I would have anyway. 

     Maybe with a little luck and timing, we can get together sometime.  My calendar is empty except for October 31st through Nov 4th.  Sister and Brother-in-lawr will be in for an Aggie game for his 80th birthday. Staunch loyal Aggie that one.  Retired from the Air Force a Colonel.  He mostly taught at the Air Force Academy.  I went through there in the winter of 65 or 66 on leave. Dont think I stayed over night, it was just a layover from Diego to Houston, or the other way round. 

     I do remember it was coldern a witches stuff  and a well diggers behind. Luckily I had my blues on and peacoat, still bout froze though. They took me to the Swiss Chalet restaurant up in the mountains somewhere round there. Dont recollect what I had, I'm sure it was good though.  They also showed me the Academy church, or cathedral. Wow, mighty impressive.  Went inside and the pipe organ was something to behold, like the National Cathedrals pipe organ.

    September....the day after labor day was when we started school wasnt it?   I remember wearing my new jeans. They sure were different back then than today. They were so stiff and smelled of dye? or something. That dye would color my legs blue.  By Easter though, they were worn thread bare at the knees, if not worn plumb out.  Cant believe folks pay big bucks for jeans that look like they should be thrown away if not used for a truck rag.

    Hmmmm, guess I'll deplane, so keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride"

Your frien and resident hoop de doo Cephus R Me esq

09/12/19 11:52 AM #9706    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     It's me again Margaret ! ! !   Had a windy storm last eenin, minus the rain.  All that huffin and puffin and blowin about, produced only .08 inches of rain.  We are about 2 or 3 feet behind in the H2O dept.  The wind did manage to blow stuff off the deck, and blew one of my sunshades off it's attachements.  You know, the animals destroy the inside of the house, and mother nature destroys outside the house.  Just the price you pay for living in the country and for compassion for pups and kitties.

     Diane and I were wondering if anyone would want to have another reunion, ie "Party On the Hill" This next sprang (east texas for spring)?  I promise no more softball, Just good food and better company!  I really think that we could change the menu to mexican food.  We make very good tacos, beef and or chicken, or pulled pork.  Diane makes great guacamole if the avocados are good and ripe.  We have lots of salsa and dips etc. hot as you want them or mild as you want them.

     I realize we havent gotten through to the reunion in October, but it's never too early to plan.  Ok,  a party in the sprang fer shure, in memorium of Jackie and all those that have passed on, yeah, she loved the Party on the hill, so that's the ticket.  

    Time to deplane for now, keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride"...

Your frien and resident partier, Cephus R Phun esq 

09/13/19 10:35 PM #9707    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Goot eefening myne fyne Waltripynes.   It's Friday ! ! !  Big whoop!   Been remodeling one of our baths, taking out the single slipper claw footed tubs and building a tile shower.  I dont know what we were thinking having two of those tubs put in, neither one of us is a "tub" person, and if anyone stays with us, they have a hard time getting into the tub because the sides are so high.  I think we are going to list it on Ebay. They cost 850 dollars new, so I'm thinking 2000 dollars. Yeah, that's the ticket, it'll be a seller for sure.

    Today was the opening of the WCF (Washington County Fair) and I didnt get on this thing early enough to infor youse youtes.  It's free admission till Wednesday, then it'll cost you. $40 dollars a person for all the rest of the days, or 9 dollars? a person a day?    Us old veterans get a discount, maybe half off?   Dont really remember from last time. Slept many times since then.  I've got a good memory, it's just short! ! !

     I really wanted to go tonight, cause they opened up the Mechanical Bull at 6 pm, but works didnt leave till 9PM.   Yeah, I wanted to be first on that ol Mech bull like I know each and everyone of you to also to.  Today is some sort of pitch tournament, and Margarita Judging and steak shoot out judging.   I judge I'd like a margarita and just pass on shooting a steak. I mean, why shoot it again, it's already been shot!!!!

   Tomorrow is all sorts of things like Bean judging...So ifin you got any bean you want judged, taker out there. I guess they'll say, "ah judge this bean to be a....BEAN"!  I dont know if you judge it on color, or size or potency, ie methane.  Well, there's other things like a heifer and steer show. Dang, I haint been to one of them thangs in a coons age. 

    There's also a "Washer" tournament...I guess you take your washer up there and whoevers clothes come out the cleanest, wins!  Oh, and the Mechanical bull opens again at noon, then there's chicken judging, "ah say boy, ah do declare this heah to be a chicken" so sayeth Foghorn leghorn.  More bean bag tournaments, craft beer round up...???? Hmmm, ahm a thinking ahm gonna leave thatun alone.

     Sunday is a big day, Cowboy Church gathering and then at 6 pm, Carcass Hog Weigh in and Evaluation. Boy, cant wait for that one!  Monday's a set up day for "Country Creations Exhibits check in.  Tuesday they open up the Country store, and the carnival opens, and again they turn that ol mechanical bull a loose, golly I'm going to go everyday, not!  Well it is free till Wednesday!

    Wednesday there's something going on from 7 AM till past 9 PM. :Lots O stuff, like broiler and turkey shows and barrow show and some more of my all time favorite, Carcass Hog event. Yeah buddy! ! ! Of course there is a "Comedic Juggling show".  Yeah, that'd be me trying to carry two drinks and two corn dogs and some popcorn and cracker jacks all at the same time.  Oh yeah, they open up that ol mechanical bull again, thank goodness. 

     Oh, oh, oh, they crown the 2019 Fair Queen at 7PM.   I know yall dont want to miss that one. Then at 9 Jake Hooker and the outsiders will be entertaining the masses.  I'm just worn out tell all yall about this great and amazing stuff.

     Thursday is senior citizen day, dont perzactly know what that means, maybe all yall will get a discount in to see the Hog carcass toss or something. I know, you can ride that ol mechanical bull for half price, yeah, that's the ticket. I can see all youse old folks lined up to do that.   Bri Bagwell and Jesse Raub Jr will provide the entertainment from 8 till midnight.  (Bri is a good looking babe) Dont know ifin she can sing or not, but who cares, I love er!

    Friday is Veterans day, and all youse vets get in for half? Maybe?   Lots of goings on on Friday and Saturday, including that ol mechanical bull. I'll bet that ol boys gonna be tired at the end of next Saturday.  There's also the usual calf scramble, I prefer scrambled eggs myself, but different strokes eh waht.  Got a wild steer saddling contest, and dont get me to guessing abouot that one.   Here's two of my all time favorites, greased pig wrangling and hay hauling.  YEAH!  THAT'S WHAT AHM TALKIN ABOUT! ! !

    I've been practicing on the dogs and cats, but they just aint diggin it.  Now howm I gonna win if I dont get to priactice? Eh?   Oh well, our critters just have no sense of duty towards a true artist in Hog carcassing. Does cooking bacon count?   Ahm thinkin It do!

    there's lots of doings going on at the 151st WCF.  Last couple of times we went, I didnt find all that much to do or see.  The food is not near as outstanding as the Fair Food you see on the TV show "CARNIVAL EATS".  In fact I'd say it's just barely edible.  We had corndogs and lemonade and maybe fries, nothing special about that, and that's about all was offered.  Maybe we just didnt go down the right aisle.

    We looked at the rabbits and chickens and turkeys, and they all looked the same. Well, the rabbits and turkeys and chickens didnt look like each other, but all the rabbits looked like they were all from the same litter, Turkeys looked like bros and sis, if not kissing cousins. Same with the chickens, all the aforementioned were white, and didnt look especially edible.   You could see who won ribbons, generally it was kids from prominent and well known families.

    The Fair Queen is judged only by how many tickets to the fair she sells, or rather her family and friends sell. They set out in the HEB parking lot and other places around town and the parents and siblings sell the tickets whilst the future  Queen is...doing what?    Probably sleeping in or Iphone stuck to the end of her nose.  How's that teaching them anything, they win because someone else does their work for them.

     Oh well, I guess you're not suppose to judge one by ones beauty or lack thereof, just by the number of tickets your family and friends sell.  I remember trying to sell tickets to the Boy Scout Fair down at the coliseum.  they were $.50 cents, which was a lot of money in 1953 or 54 or whenever that was. Didnt sell a one. I cried.  Yup, cried like a idjified baby.   I did get to go to the Fair as a candy apple vendor.  Had a box with a strap to go round my neck, and red balloons tied to welding rods to look like candy apples on a stick. Also got a painted on mustache, even had some kind of hat on,  yeah, I was cool.

      Well guess I'd better deplane, my bottox is getting tired sitting in this here chair, and my fingers are gnumb from tippy typing. All that ,and the dogs are snoring and driving my crazy. Seems wherever I go, they like to fall asleep close to my ears.  How Ironic, cant understand what anyone is saying, but dang sure can hear noise.  I was down locking the gate last night and actually heard the crickets for the first time in years, I thought, wow those bubbas are loud until I remembered I had my hearing aids in.  Hmmm, so that's what crickets sound like nowdays, same as they did when I could hear without help.

    I believe I was signing off wasnt I, keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident sooth sayer and all round hell of a swell fellow, Cephus R county fair King esq  

09/14/19 07:58 AM #9708    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Gooooooooood morning Chappell Hilllllllllllll....and all the ships in port!      Did you people see that moon last night and this morn????   Wow, now that's what I call getting mooned brothers and sisters.   Ol sol was coming up just as Luna moon was going to sleep, and they both were red.    Yesterday was Friday the 13th, and didnt see the lost hockey player with the goalie mask,  what was his name....oh yeah, Jason. 

        Seems he cant be put out of our misery until he empties every summer camp of youtes with his chain saw, or is it Jaimie Lee Curtis he's after?  Hmmm I believe I'd go after her, but it wouldnt be with no dadburn chain saw. Just my lips and once supple body.   Well if I see him, I've got something that will end his rein of terror, 12 gauge 3 inch magnum buckshot, about half dozen rounds, now, that will stop most things cept maybe an efalump, and I certainly wouldnt want to hurt one of those creatures.

     Ok, show of hands, who's going to the WCF this phyne mornin?   NO ONE?? POR QUE? PIG?  I guess it is kinda early for all you old folk.  Been up since 1945 or round abouts thereof.   Im not going either neither eyether nyether cause got workers coming to work on the remodel.   Anyone want to buy that ball and claw footed single slipper tub????   NO ONE?   Oh come on now, open up your hearts and wallets, give a tub a home!

     Well, the smell of hog carcass ie bacon has got my taste buds excited bud, so I guess I'll give youse youtes a break and sing off for now, but not to worry I'll be back!   I know, "thanks for the warning."

Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident moon rock, Cephus R Luna-tic esq


09/14/19 05:53 PM #9709    


Jennie Anderson '65 (Dylan)

Leah Favela, one of our friend classmates is asking for prayers and thoughts as she faces surgery for lung cancer on 9/23/2019 at St. Luke’s Hospital.  

09/17/19 10:02 AM #9710    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     And so she will have them!   She gave some wild parties at the fire station on 34th st  back in the day. Our band was always invited to play at them, and we did.  We thought we were good, but by todays standards, we were terrible. But we all had fun.  Prayers for Leah for sure.

     Thank you Jennie for the heads up.  Havent seen you in a long time since Fudds, hope all is well with you!

09/17/19 08:44 PM #9711    


Teddie Jordan

Leah you are a special person! You have been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and recovery next week


09/19/19 03:17 PM #9712    


Scotty Croom

beau,just street sign for your old block/street...ella at 1100 dubarry..its still

09/19/19 06:38 PM #9713    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Howdy all yalll.   Scotty you betterr not steal that good ol DuBarry sign, cause I've been trying to think of a way to liberate it myneownself.    You know, been settin round thankin, (east texas for thinking) and or lamenting about nothing being special anymore like it was when we were kneehigh to a grasshopper, like Foleys windows at Christmas and how they would put brown paper on them so no one could see how they were going to decorate them, then the unveiling.  Always produced moren one oooh and aaahhh from folks.

    The toy department at sears on nawth shepherd, and Santas throne up on the 2nd floor. All that and the smell of popcorn and peanuts roasting down on the 1st floor.  Had to take a trip through the music dept and strum the guitars till the lady would run me off, then it was over to the hunting and fishing dept oogling all the guns and rods and reels.  Then a turn through the saddles and smelling all that REAL leather, and not from china too.

    What was that candle store down at Westberry Square....WICKS AND STICKS yeah, that's the  ticket. Boy the sweet smell from that store would knock you down and stomp on you.  I think they had one in Northwest Mall also too.   There was a deli in NW mall, hmmm what was it's name...?   Santinis?  Sand something, man their cornbeef and pastrami and spanish queen olives, what a treat. 

      f course who could resist a wheel burger all the way with fries and a malt, or spoke dog with chili from the Chuck Wagon. Ooh ooh oooh Monterey house up on the ccorner of Oak Forest and 43rd rat across from the OF elementary school. It was just a hole in the wall with small school desks to sit at, but that food was authentic tex mex and goooooooooodddddd. 

    All the Christmas specials on TV, Andy Williams, Perry Como, many more and others too.  That would sure get one in the mood for Christmas wouldnt it,  Which comes to my next point, I'm playing Christmas music now.  I dont think one can start too early dontchew!  Yall better s tart your Christmas shopping now, cause it'll  be upon us be fore you can sing Jingle Bells.  Well, it's just not the same as when we were kids!Guess we'll always have those memories to conjure up. 

    Out of all the rain that has inundated Houston and the surrounding communities, we have not gotten a drop. It looks like rain, acts like rain, but it just keeps thumbing it's nose at us.  We need it soooooo much, even have a sasquatch tree that parts of it are dying, and you cant kill one of those on purpose.  Most all the trees leaves are turning yellow and brown and falling off, looks like an early fall, but sadly it isnt. 

    Looks like Mildred has dinner ready, so I'll sing off for now, but I'll be back fo sho.

keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

your frien and resident lamenter Cephus R Old N tired esq      

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