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04/21/19 05:03 PM #9593    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Wonderful news about Janet improving.  Thanks to Johnny for keeping us updated. 

Also, thanks to Johnny Sheffield, Larry Reid and Bill Traill for thinking about our class and making Easter posts.

Wishing Easter blessings for everyone.

04/23/19 04:20 AM #9594    


Teddie Jordan

Johnny, thank you for the report on Janet, it sounds like real progress for her. We will continue to pray for her, and Henny, and Charles Burkhardt and Roma and others.

And I got to thinking about our sweet Jackie and the joyful reunion she no doubt has had with her mom and dad and other loved ones who preceded her. I’m betting that as much as she loved people and WHS classmates and gatherings she has probably already organized monthly heavenly gatherings of classmates who have also arrived in Heaven. 

04/23/19 01:49 PM #9595    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

I love the idea of driving into Houston on a Saturday.  October is a tough month for me.  Sometimes I am fine and other times I am in full retreat mode.  I have been working on Ancestry for my daughter.  Her husband’s family has put a great deal of work into his genealogy so I thought I would too.  How old am I?  My husband’s grandmother is from Grab All Tennessee and is related rather closely to the Spenser family.  That is Winston Churchill and Princess Diana and her sons, William and Harry.  What a hoot.  This sweet old woman who spoiled my children rotten when my back was turned had relatives on the Mayflower.  My side of the family is boring.  I am spending my time on Ron’s family and ignoring mine.  

I am now walking with a cane.  This is a problem because my hands don’t work very well.  Putting weight on my hand is slow going.  I don’t drive at night.  Ron has no problem driving at night because he doesn’t pay that much attention to his driving.  He wants to discuss something we heard on C span book tv.  We talk more than a lot of our friends.  We can argue politics, economics or sports.  We just like to talk.  If someone had told me that the most important thing in finding a mate was finding a friend, I may not have believed them until I passed 21.  We got married when we were 23.  This June will be 50 years of saying “quote your source” when debating whatever.  

Beau, I wish I could get on the paleo bandwagon.  I really need to lose weight.  I have read the books.  Ron is losing weight.  I think I am afraid of getting sick.  So many foods make me sick.  

04/26/19 08:24 PM #9596    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     TGIF...Gooooooooood eenin Waltripynessssssss...Internet been kaput for a few days, plus a storm came through, 33 mph winds. Blew everything off the deck, AGAIN, dont know why I put the furniture back anymore, seems like ol Mariah likes to clean house everytime she gets her back up.  I'd sit on the floor, cept I couldnt get up again without help. I'd have to call one of my wonderful classmates to come pick me up, then we'd have to party etc....

    Great eenins up here, fireflies started flashing us this past tuesday.  Me and the pups stayed out on the deck till the wee small hours of the morn just watching those winks from our DuBarry days.   Got a smorgasbord of deelights for all the senses,  fireflies, shooting stars, thrushes and warblers, blue crested hoopooes, crows etc, plus the ever delightful and oderiferous honeysuckle wafting about.  Er now and then me n the pups pick up the tantalizing smell of bacon or chicken fried steak and fries wafting about and teasing our noses....I'm on a diet, and cant have the chicken fried or fries, but pups sure can. (40 pounds lighter now, got 10 more to go)

     Other than SPRING CREEK BBQ,  havent found a good place to have our oncet (east texas for once) WABEC (whirld afairs and burger evaluating committee)  meetings.   So far every place I've checked, except SPRING CREEK BBQ,  have someone seat you, and have waiters and waitresses, and that's no good  So I will endeavor to persevere.

     On the same vein of thought, "can you tell me what the correct ignition timing would be on a 1955 Chevrolet Bellaire with a 327 cubic inch motor and a four barrel carburator...?"   Oh, that's another vein, really, WHY, and this question was put to me so I got to questioning it myownself, why do all the meetings have to be in the 2nd week of the month?  Why not the first week, or third or fourth?   Is there some significant reasoning behind the 2nd week?   Doesnt really matter which week, just wondering if there was some specific reason for the 2nd week.   I dont want to hear, " that's the way we've always done it", but a REAL reason!  This test counts as 50 percent of your final grade, so youse youtes better study long and hard and get back to me.

    The gin and tonic festival...scratch that, the Cotton Gin festival is this weekend in Burton, Tx, just about a 30 minute drive further west from the Chalps.  Thinking about riding my bike up there and seeing what I can see.  Rode pegasus to Washington on the Brazos last weekend and certainly enjoyed the trip and the destination.  Lots O smells, fresh mown hay, plowed earth, and wild onions, and bacon laced items, and fortunately no skunks,  or hog farms, yea!    One year in the past I was riding my scooter, and got behind a truck pulling a trailer full of hog....stuff, and I had to turn around and go another Di rection.  Now that's a smell that'll hurt ya. 

    Time to deplane boss!  Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...
Your frien and resident skinny person, and all round wacko, Ol BeauWann Kanobie esq. 

04/29/19 04:39 PM #9597    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Good windy day to youse youtes.  The only place I've found that we could ever meet, other than fudds, is Spring Creek BBQ, and it's kind of iffy.  They only serve BBQ, and the accouterments, it's good, but no where near the variety as Fudds.  Most places want to seat you, and have waiters and waitresses.  So in conclusion looks like we have to be content with the past 8 years we had at Fudds.  That would be a 2 hour round trip for us, and traveling is not easy on me.  Fudds was almost perfect, food and layout.  Sorry Charlie, folks want tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste.

04/30/19 01:20 PM #9598    


Jim Taylor

OK Beau,  If you want to meet at Fudd's, post a date and time and we will meet you and Diane there along with whomsoever, you can coerce to join us!




04/30/19 04:19 PM #9599    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Jim and I will meet y'all there too.  By the way Beau, our round trip will not be that much shorter than yours.  The Houston traffic is HORRIBLE.  However, how could we resist visiting with the Wanns and Taylors!

05/01/19 12:24 PM #9600    


Llynn Roff

Speaking of fudds:  I like to renew our meetings.  We have many folks that are retired and can make daytime meetings.  Someof us are still working and can't make daytime meetings easily. 

05/01/19 12:28 PM #9601    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Beau, google says your ignition timing should be between 32-38.  That is a big spread.  3,000 rpms smooth sounding will tell you if you hit the sweet spot.

The reason people always say second week is because first week doesn’t always have Sunday to Saturday in it.  The rule is for those slow people who don’t understand “first Saturday”.  The trip is about 3 1/2 hours for us.  We make it at least once a month.  My legs aren’t happy with car trips, but they aren’t happy sometimes regardless of being pampered.  I wish I could do keto.  I need to lose weight for my health.  Maybe when those who practice medicine find the right meds.  

My older daughter will be 48 on May 2nd.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful family of extended friends that have been with me throughout this great opportunity of life.  My son in law who is truly a son will have three weeks to talk about his older wife.  He is hilarious.  

We will do our best to get to wherever you decide to have this get together  

05/02/19 04:16 PM #9602    


Paige Talley (Meek)

Richard and I will do our best to get to Fudd's as well. After all ... 'tis where this love affair began!!!


05/02/19 04:40 PM #9603    

Lynn Prewit

Having the Fudd"s meeting the second Thursday of each month worked well for years. The turn out was always good. Hope we can do it again.

05/02/19 08:07 PM #9604    


James Hilsher '65

Lynn, I am pretty sure it was Tuesday not thursday

05/03/19 03:34 PM #9605    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     RE Fudds, next weekend is out for us, which is of course the 2nd Saturday in May.   We have another wedding to go to out of town.  It ought to be a law that if I am invited to a wedding, then the wedding has to be held at my house. Yeah, that's the ticket.  Got to board the dogs once again, and I dearly hate that.  And, the next day is Mothers day for crying out loud.  We are going to try to pick up the dogs on Sunday even though they are closed on sunday, but they have to be there to administer meds and feed and water the animals, so we could be there when they are. 

    I'm thinking any Saturday after 3 pm would be a good time for fudds if that is agreeable to all corncerned. If anyone wants, we can meet the next saturday after mothers day, or if folks dont want to break with the "2nd" thingymabob, then the 2nd Saturday in June at 4, Or whenever anyone can get there. We cant administer jacks siezure meds  any earlier than 3, so then the hour drive would put us there about foah. Yall dont have to work around us, we will try to do what we can to be present.

     CHIMACS  (Chappell Hill Intergalacticaly Meteorlogical and Cornpone Society)  weather station, has been monitoring the weather, whether there is any weather atall.  Had an inch and a fourth yesterday and almost an inch today, and we sure needed it.     Lots O wind yesterday, none today, yea! ! !  Lots O T & L (thunder and lightning), animals all scared to bejeebers and back.  Jack has a "Thunder Shirt" which seemed to work this time, plus had a pain pill.  Little miss is also terrified of T & L, so she was inside my shirt when she wasnt under the bed.  Annie-bob is scared of NOTHING, and Dixie Belle is only scared of not being with us. 

     I believe I'm at 170 now, a 40 pound loss, got 10 more to go.   In the grand scheme of things, I'd a never thought I was  50 pounds overweight.  I'd like to say I feel better, but not really sure. I feel lighter that's for sure. Another 10 pounds, and I believe I could outdance Fred Astaire.  I might just have to buy some weighted shoes so I dont float off the planet,  like the girl had on in "Ms Perigrine Falcons home for phreaques" or whatever the title was. Sure a strange movie.

    Ok, gotta sign off for now. I'll come back in a megaparsec.
Keep the sun at your six and the son in your heart, and "ride boldly ride"...
Your frien and resident light weight phreque, Ol lonesome George Cephus esq.

05/07/19 05:24 PM #9606    

Wendy Sherrill (Carter)


Hi to everyone from South Carolina!  You don't often hear from me on this site, but I keep up with what is going on.  Especially thru Teddy Jordan on Facebook!  Dale and I were in Verizon today looking for a new "dumb" phone for him.  Pretty soon we will have to get one from an antique store.  While we were there, the manager was talking about her daughter going to Slippery Rock Univ in Pennsylvania.  That made me think about Coach Hunkler.  So, since one of us has a smart phone, I googled him.  Well, lo and behold, he passed away last month.  Attached is the link to the obit or you can google Hunkler Slippery Rock.   As you can see, he hasn't changed a bit.    Can anyone remember him playing the Kingston Trio instead of Christmas hymns in class during the holidays?




05/07/19 05:57 PM #9607    


Teddie Jordan

Wendy, so sorry to hear of Mr. Hunkler’s passing. He was one of my favorite teachers and I had posted a favorite Waltrip story on my profile on this site about him that is an example of how Cool he was. 

I remember reading years ago that he was the Dean at Slippery Rock, and being proud, but not surprised. The cream always rises to the top!

Thank you for letting us know.

05/08/19 04:54 PM #9608    


Jenny Taylor (Williams)

As I search for missing classmates, I found that Roger Conway had passed away as we put on his profile. We said we would post an obit if we found one.  I recently recieved an email from his neice who said the following:" Hi Jenny, Tracie Hartfield here.  My uncle Roger pass away from long battle with cancer on March 25, 2019 in Marble Falls, Texas.  Thank you for remembering him.  He was cremated without any services at his request." 

Rest in peace Roger. 





05/08/19 04:57 PM #9609    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Tom Gann found Mr. Hunkler's obituary and asked me to post it.  Tom said he was a fantastic algebra teacher and swimming coach at Waltrip.  Another favorite teacher no longer with us.

Richard Frederick Hunkler Obituary

1935 - 2019

Richard Frederick Hunkler, 83, of Slippery Rock died at Quality Life Services in Grove City on Tuesday following an extended illness. 
He was born on May 9, 1935, in Houston, Texas, to Herbert Joseph Hunkler and Eda Lillian Sheperd Hunkler.  Richard married Billie Frances Heickman on Sept. 1, 1957. 

He attended Texas A&M University, where he earned his undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees. While studying at Texas A&M, he was an All-American swimmer and a scholarship recipient. 
Professor Hunkler began his teaching career at Slippery Rock State Teachers College in 1968, retiring from Slippery Rock University in 1998. 

He began the computer science department and was its first chairman. He began Slippery Rock's first men's and women's water polo teams. His 1995 women's water polo team became the first SRU team to become an NCAA Division I champion. He enjoyed reading, was interested in history and was an avid believer in being fit. He said many times, "Sound Mind-Sound Body." He began a website called He administered and wrote extensively for the site. He was a member of five athletic halls of fame organizations. 

Survivors include his wife, Billie at home; two sons, Sean (Dolores) Hunkler of St. Louis, Mo., and Wes (Terri) Hunkler of Ellwood City; his sister, Nancy Nunnery of Houston, Texas; 10 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents; and a son, Wynne, who passed away in 2015. 

HUNKLER - The family of Richard Frederick Hunkler, who died Tuesday, April 9, 2019, will receive friends from 4 to 7 p.m. Monday and from 10 to 11 a.m. Tuesday at Smith Funeral Home, 421 New Castle St., Slippery Rock.

A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the funeral home with the Rev. Larry K. Loree, pastor of All Saints Lutheran Church, presiding. 

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be given to the Slippery Rock Volunteer Fire Co. and Rescue Team, P.O. Box 117, Slippery Rock, PA 16057.

Published in Butler Eagle on Apr. 11, 2019

05/12/19 08:18 AM #9610    


Johnny Sheffield

Happy Mother’s day today to all the mom’s out there. 

Hope you have a wonderful day.



05/18/19 11:06 AM #9611    


Scotty Croom

just enjoed visit from my sister,georgia and bil mike this past week...they fell in love w/antique shops and seafood eaterie....will see them next month when we visit georgetown and houston....

05/18/19 10:39 PM #9612    


Teddie Jordan

Saw where Georgia and Mike were over that way and going to see you and glad you had a good visit. Look

forward to seeing yall when you when y’all head this way next old, but not that kind of old, Friend!

05/18/19 11:58 PM #9613    


Scotty Croom

will be in houston june 6-7th and9-11th...maybe mon. 10th we could try ....

05/20/19 04:22 PM #9614    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Pat Bissonnet from the class of '65 sent in the following email to our website:


Many of you will remember G B Fitzgerald. He was a mid-termer who "moved up" to graduate in 1964. In the late 70's he bought an old Polish dance hall at the corner of Studewood and White Oak, and turned it into Fizgerald's, a venue for music of that time. G B died in a motorcycle accident in 1970, but Fitzgerald's lived on, to become one of the longest running most popular music venues in Houston. (His wife gets credit for continuing the business.) They are tearing down Fitzgeralds this week to make way for urban gentrification. I always think of G B when I pass by that corner, and will still do so.

05/20/19 04:41 PM #9615    


Teddie Jordan

It is amazing that after all of these years so few us knew that it was  G.B who owned and founded Fitzgerald’s! We went to several concerts there through the years, but still had no clue. 

I read on ‘65 this morning that his death in 1980 was caused by a motorcycle crash. Sounds like G.B. had a relatively short, but good life!

Read Jimmy Brown’s (RIP) comment on G.B’s “In Memory” listing, it was truly prophetic!

Rest In Peace, both dear WHS classmates!


05/24/19 10:04 AM #9616    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Fitzgerald’s was quite the place.  I went to concerts there and then took my daughter and her friends a few times.  I was always amazed that it hadn’t burned down.  People were always smoking close to the building and I don’t think they ever used a dust mop.  The last time we were there Beth was 15.  She had a classmate with her.  Ron and I promised to behave and not embarrass her during the show.  When it was over and we were getting in the car ron and I started singing a parody of one of the groups.  The boy who was with us said “I thought you were going to behave”.  Beth rolled her eyes and told him her parents weren’t capable of behaving our age.  When she was older she agreed with us about the group we were making fun of being horrible.  The Heights is really trying to gentrify.  

We will make a huge effort to get to Fudds in June.  Settle on a date and I will put it on the calendar.  

05/26/19 08:08 AM #9617    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

I would urge everyone to take the time to view the "Military Salute" section on our Home Page.  It is the 3rd tab from the bottom.  Many hours went into putting our classmates pictures, by branch of sevice, along with other interesting photos and facts.  What better time than Memorial Day weekend to do this.  Thanks to all of our classmates for their service. 

Also, thanks to the ones involved in putting this together, to honor these brave men.  I know of a couple of classmates that made this possible, but it was before my time and I do not want to leave anyone out that helped contribute to this wonderful section.  If anyone knows the names of our classmates that worked on this, please feel free to name them.

Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day!

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