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07/06/18 01:15 PM #9259    

Tom Faria, Jr.

Good afternoon Beau,

Actually I've tried Waco.  My first aero job was with North American Rockwell Solid Rocket Division in McGregor (just outside of Waco).  Then Uncle Sam caught up with me and gave me an "all expenses paid vacation" in beautiful SEA.  (To the disappointment of my first wife I didn't come back in a box.)

I'm afraid that I'm not a Baptist and I do occassionally sample alcohol.

Thank you for your comments.  Take care,


07/06/18 03:33 PM #9260    


Bennie Schielack

Tom Faria


I have a friend who moved from Brenham (he was their HS baseball coach) to The Falls. As the golf facility there fell into disrepair, he purchased a lot in a relatively new community in San Marcos called Kissing Tree and just moved into the house he had built.  It is a retirement community, about 1 mile NW of I35 and it is a georgous place.  It is a bit more pricey (In my opinion) that the surrounding areas, but from what I've seen, and because of the growth in the area, everything between Austin and San Antonio is expensive.  You might look into Kissing Tree if an active social life is something you and the misses are interested in . . . . . golf, pickleball, live bands, minature golf, a large community club area and other entertainment facilities.  Just one of the opportunities available in a rapidly growing area . . . . . Kissing Tree is a gated community . . . . . 


07/06/18 03:45 PM #9261    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    I dont think we'll be moving from here anytime soon unless someone put up some serious US dollars for the privilege of owning their own hill and ball field, and ice house. . Committed to this place till the year 9595,..."if man is still alive, if woman can survive..."     

     I must cornfess, I have partaken or is it partooken, no matter, imbibed a teensy taste of an adult beverage, for medicinal purposes only though.  I'm sure I didnt enjoy it, at least I dont remember if I did.  We have a brewery here in Brenham,   Brazos Valley Brewery, BVB, they have a very fine product...or so I'm told.  Waiting for Bluebell Ice cream factory to come up with an adult ice cream.  I've offered my palate should they require a taster.

07/06/18 04:07 PM #9262    


Teddie Jordan

Tom, you might also check out the Huntsville, College Station, Ft. Worth, Lubbock and Denton areas. 

And Cephus, you might check out the Tierra Del Fuego area. I understand it is quite nice this time of year.

07/06/18 04:48 PM #9263    

Tom Faria, Jr.

Good afternoon Bennie,

We're not much into socializing, but I'll definitely check out Kissing Tree.



I've looked at Denton online before, but never visited.  We lived in Bedford for 6 years (between Ft. Worth and Dallas), but were too busy get up to Denton.  Duyen was in med school at the time.

College Station???  Aggieland after my time at UT!!!  Actually, over the years I have taken some courses through TAMU and have been impressed.  Food for thought.

I do not know anything about Huntsville or Lubbock.  Why do you suggest them?


Thank you guys.  Take care,


07/06/18 05:54 PM #9264    


Teddie Jordan

Sam Houston State and Texas Tech, both great schools and nice towns. 

07/06/18 07:01 PM #9265    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Huntsville?   Isnt Walker county still a dry county?   How about Corpus Christi?   They have they're own air craft carrier. USS Lexington. 

     You say you've tried Waco!  Wasnt that about 50 years ago?  It's just a tad different nowdays.  Paris, Texas is nice,  New York, Texas is nice, plus that's where the famous "New York" cheesecake is from. Brenham of course touts BlueBelle Ice Cream. Chappell Hill Sausage, but most communities around here have a sausage factory, and Kolache factory.  This is German/Chek country.     It all really just depends on what YOU really want.  Close to major hospitals, a plethora of sawbones to choose from.  Lots of nightlife, gyms, parks,  Arts and entertainment etc...

    Most all the "scenic" towns have grown ginormously, ie Wimberly, Marble Falls, Georgetown, Dripping Springs, Round Rock, Kerrville, and of course Austin is out of the question for me anyway.  Loved it back in the 60s and 70s, but it's like Salsalito on steroids, california'd up.  

    All boils down to personal preference.  but, at our age, NO TRAFFIC, easy access to hospitals and docs, and friends and family.

    Having relatives that live in Virginia and other places round the whirld, Texas is probably one of the least expensive, overall. Maybe Arkansas.  The sad fact is that small town america is just about dead, unless it has an important industry that employs half the county, like Blue Belle, or has a well to do retirement community, so many choices.

well good luck

07/07/18 11:52 AM #9266    

Tom Faria, Jr.

Thank you guys one-and-all.

I still haven't figured out where I want to finish out this existence, but you have given me much to think about.

Take care,


07/07/18 04:47 PM #9267    

Leroy Gregg, Jr.

Tom: Lived in New Braunfels for 40 years. Moved to  San Marcos several years ago. Live 1/2 mile from campus. San Marcos has everything that you need. 58,000 yet still small town atmosphere. Think you would enjoy it. Still 30 miles from Austin with Kyle and Buda in between. 45 mile to San Antonio and throw a rock to Hill Country.

07/07/18 06:16 PM #9268    

Tom Faria, Jr.

Good evening Leroy,

The genesis of this exercise was an AARP article that stated it is possible to live well in San Marcos for $40k/yr.  In your opinion is this a realistic estimate?

Given the proximity to Austin is $40K/yr reasonable?  House ownership, utilities, taxes, food, etc?

Take care,



07/08/18 10:25 AM #9269    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Depends on who's asking the questions.  Who's doing the survey.  A college student, professor?   If it's either one of those two, then the whole study can be discounted, neither one lives in the real whirld.  If it's AARP,  their political leanings render them impotent.   Unless you live it, it's really a moot point.  What will determine the real cost, are unforseen happenings, weather catastrophes, health problems, accidents etc.   One could prolly live on less than 40K most anywhere, just depends on how bad one wants what one wants whenever one wants it.    Where does one's interests ly? 

   Living off the grid seems to be a particularly popular choice nowdays. "Tiny Houses", "Yurts" , Containers.   Howsomever, and aint there always a howsomever, at our age, close proximity to sawbones and hospitals pretty much dictates where one will live if one is possessed of reasonable logic and not insane! ! !  Having dissertated and expounded upon the aforementioned, for me, it all boils down to, "Que sara  sara, what ever will be will be" and the ever popular idiom, "it is what it is".  One could probably add, "it was what it was, it am what it am, it be's what it be's"   "Mr Gambini, you've made your point"...are you sure about that five minutes?"

   Are these the rantings of a diabolical evil twisted insane mind?   I dont think so. " Are you sure?  I'm Positive!     How can you be so sure?  Would you like me to explain?  I would love to hear this. So would I.   See these two equal length tire tracks?  There is no way these were made by a 1964 buick skylark!..." 

      Whoa, how in sweet cream and buttermilk did I wind up there?   You dont really want to know children.   What I will tell you is that fresh homemade peach pie and some homemade vanilla ice cream will render ones brain with only the sound of YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, sort of like OM, only better.

   Yup, me beloved made a peach pie that would make you want to say hidy ho!   This peach pie was bettern my moms or her moms or any of my aunts, and theirs were 2nd to none.   Crust from scratch, sooooo flaky and flavorful.  She did apologize for having to use canned peaches, I for one, in my most magnanimous selfie,   am certainly willing to overlook that non-problem, anyway  fresh peaches wont be ready till middle to late August.  Except for lack of  fresh peaches, I would say Dianes pie surpassed "Flying Saucer Pie Co.". Hmmm, cant seem to get my brain round that one.

    I did purchase a peach pie one time from the FSPCo. (See above sentence).  I asked one of the ladies at the counter, "are these fresh peaches"?   You would have thought she was "gut shot".  "OF COURSE THEY ARE FRESH PEACHES..." and I'll bet what she would have liked to have said, the aforementioned, and added "YOU IDIOT".  Well, que sara sara

   No matter.  The yellow farmhouse is under cornstruction yet again.  Decided to move our bedroom around, and what a chore that is/was.  It is back together now, but took 3 days.  Still working on peripheral residuals and what to do with the extra chair, lamp and small table.  Looks like they are headed for the container, or to Goodwill.  "Wait, we cant get rid of the chair, cause Uncle Harry made that chair".  I've been listening to that for 34 years.   Good ol Uncle Harry.  Maybe we could take it to the Antique Road Show and get one of the Keno Bros to swoon over it and say it is worth a hunert trillion dollars.  Prolly not!  Why doesnt he like our chair, good ol Uncle Harrys chair?

    The bedroom looks larger and better now, thanks to me.  Well, thank you, thank you very much !  Ok, time to deplane.  Was going to go to church this today morning, but got sidetracked on other things.  I dont think they will miss us, and besides, "where two or more are gathered in my name, so shall I be", and my beloved and I are certainly ALWAYS gathered in his name!

   Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...
Your frien and resident pie whisperer and keeper of "good ol uncle Harrys homemade chair...Chef BeauregardCephusT DuncanPhyphe

07/08/18 02:25 PM #9270    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Tom, I live in New Braunfels now.  We had a condo for years while we still lived in Houston.  We moved up full time in 2010.  They are building a new college here, but it is Howard Payne.  You can’t get any more Baptist.  I doubt that it will be a university.  We are about 20 minutes from most of my doctors, but 10 minutes from a hospital.  Leroy is right about San Marcos being a nice small college town.  Driving through downtown San Marcos at night is charming because of the lights strung across the streets.  I love downtown New Braunfels though.  Drawbacks are - summer crowds for the rivers, limited grocery stores (HEB is the only large store chain ), construction for the new medical center, water shortages for lawns and plants.  The pluses are small town friendliness, cheaper groceries, new recreation center for residents that is opening end of July, and best library I have seen in a long time, nearby bigger city with everything I don’t have here.  And Amazon!  

07/08/18 09:35 PM #9271    

Leroy Gregg, Jr.

Tom: Depends on how you want to live. College town. Not near as expensive as Austin. If you want small town within driving distance of IH35 corridor I suggest Wimberley or Bulverde. Cost of living not as much as SM. However they don't have the luxuries either. Kissing Tree is new 55+ golfing community. Do not know the costs cause it is not completed yet but is very nice. If you need specifics let me know and I  will try to get you any info you need

07/09/18 12:01 AM #9272    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Here's a thought.  Buy an RV, bout the size of a greyhound bus,  a really nice one, bout quarter mil should do it. My neighbor had one size of a greyhound bus, had slideouts everywhere, satelite TV all sorts of doodads, it was about quarter mil.  Then sell everything that wont fit in the RV, then just drive around the lower 48 and stay in National parks, or rv parks.  I know a few folks that do that, and dont own a home or any other non income producing property.  Only drawback is maintanence on the RV, plus fuel, and you'd probably want diesel, although it is well over 3 dollars a gallon here. I cant imagine what it would cost  on the east coast or west coast.  (those are the very ones that drive the prices up) 

    If you dont socialize, then a retirement community is deffinetly not for you.  They make you go to church on Sunday, Monday is excersize day, Tuesday is Bingo,  Wednesday is game day, cards, dominoes etc, Thursday is going by bus to Coushata casino, or Lake Charles Beau Rivage, Friday is fish fry day, and Saturday is generally a free day for you to do anything your little OLD heart desires, after  the BBQ.  I like to socialize, but not because someone tells me to. 

    I'm as social as the next guy or gal.  I generally drive to town, chappell Hill, and visit the girls at the bank, then on to the post office and say howdy.  Visit the Bluebonnet house and talk to dale and her pup Jody. Jody jumps up in my arms and hitches a ride round the store and surrounding area.  If anyone is at the church, then I go down there and bother them. I am an equal opportunity botherer, any denomination. 

      Sometimes I visit the Chappell Hill Sausage facotry and tell em how to make really good sausage. then to the Chappell Hill BBQ joint and bakery and sample the kolaches and cinninnimnmkdnn l rolls. They also have bluebelle ice cream, and coffee.  Then off to the VETs, they have free coffee and dounuts sometimes. I get to play with the cats that are boarded there and drink coffee and give the staff pointers about how to do their jobs better. I just know they love that!

    Plus HOA fees are astronomical in a retardment community. I've seen some as high as 600 dollars a month. Suppose to pay for all sorts of amenities, but yet they still charge you green and cart fees.  Of course there are some pluses with an HOA especially the one that I have.  I'm the only member, and it costs 0, with the exception of wildlife feed, AND I get yard of the month, every month, whether I want it or not.  I also get to drive all sorts of veeeehicles, and get to hit a golf ball all day long any dang direction I want, and no green fees.   AND I have my very own ice house, ball field, and  shooting range.  Just yesterday I broke out my bazooka and stirred up all sorts of noise and smoke.

    Sooooo, just  what perzactly have we learned in our exploration of retirement communities and other residential venues?   Not a blessed thang! ! !   It's not like it's rocket surgery or anything along that line.

So, keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride.

Your frien and retiree whisperer,  BeauregardCephusRipVanWrinkles esq

07/09/18 05:09 AM #9273    

Tom Faria, Jr.

Good morning,



Though I've been around this world some, I'm not much of a traveler (just don't enjoy it).  I do not like to hassle with cars; much less an RV.  I still ride a bicycle when I can get away with it.  We have several grocery stores, malls, etc. within a few miles.



In many ways I never grew much beyond the student / academic lifestyle, but I have difficulty believing that we would "live well" in an Austin suburb for $40k/yr.  The AARP article caught my eye and wishful thinking on my part.  I'm still stuck back in Austin of the 60's.



Your comments / insights are particularly germane.  I am an extreme introvert and usually avoid crowds.  Having a beautiful area that is packed with people would be more of a frustration than an asset. 

With respect to Baptists, in this country we each have the right to make our own decisions.  After my experiences in Waco I tend to get upset when a unknown persons start explaining my moral shortcomings to me.  Something else best avoided...


I'll keep looking for Austin of the 60's.

Thank you for your comments.  Take care,


07/09/18 09:23 AM #9274    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Well,  just get your ol kit bag and put your knapsack on your back and push them pedals. FA LA LA, FA LA LE, FA LA LA, FA LA LA LA LA LA.       Like I said, I wouldnt trust anything aarp, or is it earp, says.  Same way as consumer reports or any other publication. they are in it for the money honey.    They can give you some idear about what's what about what one wants to know, othern that, one must do what one CAN do.  Be a SEABEE, "CAN DO SIR".

    Hey Tom, you musnt let someone intimidate you about whether you should drink or not drink.  Jesus drank wine dint he?  Turned water IN TO wine!  Some religions dont believe in alcohol, (what do they do for communion?)  dancing or mechanical music,ie organ, piano, horns  etc, yet in Psalms 149 it clearly says "Sing to the Lord" "let them praise his name with DANCING making melody to him with TIMBREL and LYRE"  Psalm 150 even goes on to say " Praise him with TRUMPET sound; praise him with LUTE and HARP praise him with TIMBREL and DANCE praise him with STRINGS and PIPE; praise him with SOUNDING CYMBALS; praise him with LOUD CLASHING OF CYMBALS!"  Hmmm sounds like the Lord wants you to dance and play musical instruments, and if you dont...well then hmmmm.

    Are the denominations that dont believe in dancing and mechanical music excluding Psalms? Sounds like it to me.  I dont really care if someone doesnt dance, or like musical instruments or strong drink. I say phooey on them. I can do dang well as I please.  I answer to a much higher power than anyone on this oith. What else are some denominations excluding, or including.

      What about the idjits that believe in handling poisonous snakes and drinking poison?   "well, if you have enough faith, then you will not die from the serpents bite nor the sting of poison"  BS and baloney!    that's why the good Lord gave us brains, not that many people use it, but to discern what's right and what's wrong.   I'm not really a "bible thumper", but if someone thumps at me,  surely I must thump back., and dont call me shirley!

   If you really want someone to talk to you about alcohol, try AA. My dad always said, "there's no one worse than a recovering alcoholic about converting you to their way of thinking".  I know a few AA boys and goils,  "Ive seen a thing or two so I know a thing or two".   "Stay off the track of Hatties shack in the bowels of the Black Bayou"...   Live and let live I allus say!    Hmmmm, that's enuff on that stuff. Sorry, my mind just runs rampant and rabid with thought.  As I allus said, "a mind is a terrible think"....AND THUS ENDS YOUR SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON FOR TODAY. Remember have your candles ready for.....

     Got my bar framed out, now just have to decide how to finisher up, then it's on to the billiard factory for the next phase of Coopers Memorial Ice House.   Should I have a tile top to the bar? Wooden top?  I was thinking maybe a metal top.  Corrugated metal wouldnt woik, too wavy, diamond plate too lumpy, copper top, too expensive. Hmmmm maybe I'll let my beloved choose.

    Time for breakfast ! ! !  Ham and eggs, biscuits and gravy, coffee black, hot and plentiful and a strong drink afterwards.

Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...
Your frien and resident bible thumpin deacon, BrotherBeauregardCephus

  Post Script: Go and sing  more and more... 

07/10/18 02:24 PM #9275    


Larry Reid '63


I just love reading your post.


07/10/18 10:17 PM #9276    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Thanks Larry.  You sir are a fine young man.  Hope you are whuppin ol MG.  Got tested for lots O stuff including MG, and Doc Holiday says even though I hurt 7 ways to Sunday,  I are a disgustingly healthy old codger. "Hey, who you calling old"? says I.

     Back on retardment communities....for goodness sakes, DONT DO WHAT I DID! ! !  It just never occured to me that I would get this old, or feel this broke down.  No one could imagine what I do all day long.  14 hour days are not uncommon. Well Mr Rocket surgeon, what were I thinkin?  I figger my beautiful bod will prolly give out around the year 9595..."if man is still alive, if woman can survive..." 

    The hill is looking shaggy now after all that rain. Got another quarter eench yesterday.  Soooo, got my daince (east texas for dance) card full for Wednesday, if that be tomorrow, and even if it dont be Wednesday, got a full day anyhoo.   Gonna be bachein it tomorrow and thursday. My beloved is going into big H tomorrow and I get to stay here and woik.  If, and that is a BIG IF, I get through tomorrow, and providing I dont get snake bit, and providing I can still stand Thursday, I'm gonna ride pegasus.

    I'll probably ride to Washington on the Brazos and back.  I'm feeling TEXAN PATRIOTIC because I watched "The Alamo" again, with John Wayne and all the character actors that have been in all his movies over the years. Methinks there have been about 4 movies maybe more about the Alamo.  The first I remember is the Walt Disney one with Fess Parker as Davy Crocket.  Then the John Wayne one in 1960, Then the one with Brian Keith and company 1987, and finally the best one with Billy Bob Thornton came out 2004..

    Any yall see "SLING BLADE" with Billy Bob Thornton?  He wrote, directed, produced and did just about everything else on it. It was a sad movie, but so good.   Should have been award winning for him, but hollywood only loves the real idiots, like.....well, I wont go there because just might trample on the toes of some of yall that just might like who I think is a bozo.   Look at "Tombstone"!   Val Kilmer should have been recognized with an award with that movie.  Best portrayal of Doc Holiday I've ever seen.  Oh, dont get me started...!!!!!

    An update on Little Miss, our newest boarder.  Opened the door for her again, and she turned her back on it.  Guess I dont blame her.  Dont know when or if we will let her join the rest of the critter population in the rest of the house.  Dixie Belle and Jack dont really care, but Annie-raging bull- Bob, is not going to like it one bit.  Lacy probably wont either, even though they are the same colors and color pattern, Little Miss just has shorter fur.  Oh well, cross that bridge when the time is right, if it ever is.

    Ifin any of all yall own a pressure cooker, the electric kind,  DONT PUT A LOT OF LIQUID IN IT. That's been my mistake from the very beginning.  I did it so I'd have lots O drippins for gravy and the like.  You put too much water in there, and it takes over 30 minutes for the pressure to catch aholt. (east texas for catch hold), and on a couple of occasions, never  did.  Well, lesson learned.  Cooked some carnitas for an hour, and they are so tender.

    Been trying to get my weight down below 190. Hovering at 200 presently, and believe me it's hard to hover 200 pounds.  Cut down on my intake and stuff, just 2 meals a day, all to no avail.  Plus, I'm very active, the pedometer on my phone shows I've walked over 10k steps or almost 5 miles today. The other day I walked 28k steps, about 12 miles, so on and so forth.  Now lets assume that it's just 50% accurate, I still walk a lot.  Half of 5 is 2.5 half of 12 is 6 etc.  Plus I'm working with my arms and stuff, you'd think I could lose some pounds.

    Still contemplating on how to finish the bar.  Going to try the old Japanese fire burning trick of putting flame to pine.  Brings out very nice wood grain and makes it water proof to boot, not that I will be spilling anything all over the bar, but just in case.  OH ! ! !  Got a handful of onions, and one tater out of the now defunct garden.  The onions are red and the size of poil onions, even though they are suppose to be larger. The tater is bout the size of a predicate golfball. That's 5 taters all told,  Just call me IDAHO.

    OHADI...saying Idaho backards, just makes no sense atall, so why do it?   I dont know, just my brain being a smart arse.   What have I told youse youtes all along?   "A mind is a terrible think..."! ! ! 

    Guess I'll deplane now!   Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride..
Your frien and resident "thinker",  Idaho Billy Bob Beauregard Cephus Holiday....  

07/15/18 09:00 AM #9277    


Johnny Sheffield

Happy birthday to Lynn Burkhardt today. 

Have a wonderful day  stay cool  



07/16/18 08:27 AM #9278    


Teddie Jordan

Happy birthday today to Lynn Prewit and Robert Derrick, who were both born on this date and both at Heights Hospital. Could they have been switched at birth and really be Lynn D. And Robert P.? They have been debating that for years. 

Enjoy your day old friends.

07/16/18 09:57 AM #9279    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Yes, a very happy birthday to Lynn (W) B., Lynn (lead foot) P., and Robert (NMN) D. AND A GIANT HOWDY TO   TJ AND FRAN AND  JOHNNY AND BECKY AND ALL, AND GOD BLESS US EVERYONE !!!!!

07/16/18 11:22 AM #9280    


Johnny Sheffield

Happy birthday today to Lynn and Robert. 

Have a wonderful day today. 

Happy birthday to all the July birthdays. 

I will drink a little birthday cheer to you all. 



07/18/18 10:31 AM #9281    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Good morning Have enjoyed reading of the birthdays,relocation issues,.  Hope everyone is surviving the HOT TEXAS weather.  

Beau, lucky you and others, who have enjoyed rain....we have yet to get any, very dry out here.

For those of you, who may  orhave stopped by to enjoy their wonderful food and beverage, and/or "biking" to Yankee's Tavern in Carlos, TX (near Gibbons Creek).  They have lost their community-minded owner......Yankee, who died last week of cancer.  KBTX TV media recognized him in their local news section.  He helped the bikers with Toys for Tots, and gave annually to our Senior citizens club with large amounts of food as well as many other events for Veterans and such.

I've been very busy tending to this and that, fric and on my way to the Senior Club for lunch.  Stay cool!


07/18/18 09:30 PM #9282    


Teddie Jordan

Kay, Fran and I stopped in there on a Saturday afternoon many years ago and ate a hamburger and it was good. We both had a childhood connection to Carlos, her mom was raised there and my family had a weekend and summer farm near there in the 50’s and 60’s. And after they built the power plant and lake we decided to take a drive up there one weekend to check it all out. Sorry to hear of his passing and hope a good person takes it on now. 

07/19/18 03:02 PM #9283    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey Kay!  Donno why you havent gotten any rayne, I put in a biggie size order for youse youtes just a week or so ago.  We've seen lots O lightning east of us.  Son in Fulshear called a day or so ago and said they were getting hammered with storms.  Must be that global warning!   I never stopped in at Yankee Tavern.  Wanted to, but just never did! 

     Diane has been in Austin all week for her Professional teachers org., DKG.  Due back this eenin.  It is tough to try to run this place by oneself.  It'd kill an ordinary man.  Dumb Ol dogs wont eat, dont know whats wrong with em.  Dixie does sneek back and try to clean the cats bowls.  Since she seems to like cat food ie fish etc, I bought some sardines.  She eats those when I put them in her food, but not the dog food.  Now all the cats wont eat what we open up.  When Cooper and big Oliver and Katy were alive, we never had any problems in the animal kingdom.  Now, nothing but.

     Ol Superman here, is hurting and cramping up.  Go ahead, ask why!  OK, WHY?  Welllllll, I decided to tackle the tall grass/weeds down at the creek, where I cant get the tractor in, so I rented a walk behind brush hog.  I've used those before, so I didnt think it would be any big deal....Au contraire mon ami.  Either I've gotten old, or they've made the equipment more worser.  It is self propelled both forward and reverse, but I've got to tell you trying to control that thang was like trying to push a dead rhinocerous up hill. Dead or alive, a rhino is pretty hard to handle.   What were I a thankin?

    Got about half done, maybe, after about 8 hours, on and off between breaks,.  And, AND, I happened to pick the hottest day of the year, ninety freakin eight degrees, as in 98. once I rested up, like all night, I put that bad boy back on the trailer and took it back from whence it came, HD.  post haste ! ! !   I told em I didnt like it, but they still wouldnt give my money back, the pirates.

     Had on my snake boots and jungle gear, and only saw one snake, bout 3 foot long, but black.  before I could blast the heck fire out of him, he took off running, so fast , looked like he didnt have any legs. Now that's fast!   Ok, time to give Jack his meds and get him in out of the heat. He likes to sleep under the deck, soooo, I've put a picnic umbrella over where he sleeps, and got a big fan blowing on him.  I know, I know, we just spoil these "poodles".  that's what I call em now, cause they act like pampered poodles.

    Time to deplane, so keep the sun at your six and in the southern hemisphere, and ride boldly ride...

Your frien and resident grounds keeper...BeauCephus

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