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11/22/17 09:53 AM #8926    


Susan Howard (Bowman)

Oh My!  Beau, you just made my holidays!  Your posts, the last two especially, brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.  Some laughter, too!  Bless you!  We have so much to be thankful for...especially our special friendships and the fact that we share our lives with each other!  Thank you!  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  We are truly blessed to have lived so many years and have so many good memories.  The best part is, we are still making memories!  May God bless you during this season and always!

11/22/17 05:35 PM #8927    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)



I'm thankful to be off work this week with time to catch up.  Beau, your posts were heart touching and brought back so many memories.  I had Ms. Kayla for speech as well.  She was such a kind and classy lady.  We were lucky living in a simpler far less complicated time when playing outside was fun, fewer product brands stacked the grocery store aisles and we valued the time we spent with our family and friends WITHOUT cell phones, cable tv, Netflix, Amazon Prime, computers and video games.  Yes, I am thankful tonight on Thanksgiving Eve that we have the memories of the 60's to treasure in our lives.  Patty Williams



11/25/17 09:51 AM #8928    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Hi Susan, Hi Patty, so glad to see someone on here other than ME.   Here's a question for ya...was there a so called "black friday" back in our youte?   I dont recollect one, nor does my beloved.  Progress is a fine thing, unless it takes away dignity and character, at least that's how I view it!   Havent been shopping the day after thanksgiving in forever. Dont remember if ever.

      We dont knead to go shopping day after T-day, we have our own black Friday ratcheer in river city, and that starts with P and rhymes with T and that spells t rouble !  Yup and yesiree(your name here).  We still had lots of things to put away from dinner on T-day, so I figured we'd get that done and then go enjoy coffee and the pups in the boat haus. 

   I jauntily strolled into the fambly room/kitchen/dining room and what ot my shock and amazement, ALL the cabinet doors were open, and trouble/Diane was standing in the middle of the room, hands on hips, gazing at said open cabinets.  "uh oh" I says to myself, "this cant be good" !   And shonuff, it wasnt! ! !   I tried to back out of the room as stealthily  possible.  Aint no such thing as stealthiness when trying to avoid trouble in the form of REARANGING THE KITCHEN CABINETS ! ! ! ! 

     "If you wanted a glass, which cabinet would you most likely go to" says my beloved.  "uh, the one that's open WITH the glasses" says I !   Man, I just hate trick questions!  You know the ones we had in math, "if mary had 17 and one half apples, and she gave bozo 1/3rd of them and a woim ate a tenth of them, when is Christmas"?   Yeah, you know the drill.   Wrong answer. "No, where would be the best place for all the glasses" my beloved kept pursuing.   "Why cant we just leave them where they are, because I know WHERE they are , now" I whined...OH The Humanity! ! !

    The good news is, the glasses stayed where they are, for now, but we moved just about everything else and then moved them back when THAT, didnt work.  Up and down the ladder, fetch and tote, to and fro...Oh my aching back legs knees ankles hips and shoulders and arms.  My ears dont hurt, that's a good sign, but then again, they dont work eyether, so why should they  hurt! ! !

     We did move all our good china to a place that makes them more accessible, which is good because we vowed to use them more. Might as well get some use out of them instead of just Christmas and Thanksgiving, eh !   We've been here 3 full years, and we are still under construction. We have moved everything in the house in every room at least half dozen times each and in some cases more.  What is wrong with us??????   I guess we're obsessive compulsive, and not really GOOD obsessive compulsives, because we just keep rearranging and never seem to get it right.

     You know, if you PEOPLE, were really GOOD GOOD friends, ALL YALL would come over everyday and help us, yeah, that's the ticket, "Waltripians, come on down", or up ! ! !   I'm sure there are some of you out there that have very good visions of how something should be, couch here, chair there etc.   We have no vision at all, not even 20/20 ! ! !   However we move something the first time, is never how it should go. How it should go requires at least 5 or 6 attempts, and then sometimes it's right back where it started!

    Oh well,  if all that is the worst that happens to us, we are blessed and grateful.

    It has been so beautiful up here this past week, nice and cool and sunshiny.  Me and the pups sleeping in the yard, at least till the buzzards started circling.  Then we retreat to the boat haus.
Ok, this was gonna be a brief post just to say howdy, but when have I ever been brief !  

    Hope all had a good and uneventful thanksgiving, unless it was welcoming of a new grandbaby or three. Gonna have a birthday party next Saturday for the birthday people in our family.  My mother in law 89, sister in law  60, our eldest son 49, and youngest grandaughter turning 18, all birthdays in December.  I think I'll celebrate my birthday also, well it is 6 months from and to.  I was thinking since it is a birthday month, I'd just get a can of "Ready Whip" and turn it upside down and squirt it in my mouth.  I know none of yall have ever done that, right?

     Ok, time to go....keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...

your frien and nutter, Cephus E Lee, esq...."a firey steed, a cloud of dust,  and a hearty HI YO SILVER, THE RE ARRANGER"

11/25/17 10:06 AM #8929    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thought I'd change my photo to something more recent. The old photo I used was from the set of "TORA TORA TORA".  I spent almost 30 days leave working on that picture as an extra. Got paid 30 dollars a day, which was more than I made serving my country.  They took out .85 cents for lunch everyday and they always had steak and potatos plus other items on the menu.

    The new photo of Me and Cooper was a few years back at the christmastree farm up north of 2920 on Cypress rose hill road.  My beloved, Cooper and the grand kids and I use to go every year. What a wonderful time we had. 

11/26/17 12:03 AM #8930    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Hello myne children !   Do you remember me telling youse all about the wonderful bluebirds that come back every October?   Hmmmm???  I use to love the little darlings, but NO MORE ! ! ! !  I pulled Dianes car out of the garage, and mine from the side of the garage, and parked close to the front of the house by the fence.   The bluebirds went nuts and were banging into the windows and side mirrors and excrementing on said VEEhicles.   If our VEEhicles were purple, the color of their excrement, it might not have been so bad, but since both are SILVER, it sort of stands out like...purple excrement on silver VEEhicles. 

    I tried putting towels over the mirrors, but to no avail, the  birds were flinging themselves against the windows. I imagine it was because they were seeing another bluebird in the reflection of the mirrors and windows, stupid birds! ! !   I finally had to put Dianes silver steed up and park my truck over on the ball field around first base.  That put a stop to the terrorist excrementing by the terrorist bluebirds.  Now they just hang around the bluebird houses I put up!  Needless to say, I dont really care for bluebirds anymore.

     For the next party on the hill, I was thinking about tacos and tamales and chili.  Whaddaya think?  I think it's wonderful.  Diane makes beef tacos that are 2nd to none.  I know of a great place for tamales and they are reasonable.  I also make fresh "PICO DE GALLO" and also have a ton and a half  jalopenas, and we also make great chili.  So, it's all settled, we is havink a FIESTA ! ! ! ! AYE YI YI YI condeladioswherto, porque blah blah blah blah....minnie the moocher, yeah yeah yeah....oops, sorry, got carried away.

   When I reread my posts, before I hit submit, and sometimes after I hit submit, I notice a lot of misspelled woids, and dyslexic spellings.  Some of the woids are mispelled on porpoise, and others are misspelled because eyether I  have developed dyslexia, late in life, or my fingers go faster than my brain. I was assured by the director of the Nuihause (sp) center that a person cannot develope dyslexia later in life. You have to be born with it.   My wife attended the N center for various reasons during her 40 years as a teacher. 

     Seeing as how I am a late starter, late bloomer, I think the lady at the N center is incorrect in her assessment of dyslexia.  It could have been dormant all these years, then all of a sudden, BOOM, awakened by a blow to the head, (lord knows I've gotten a lot of those over the years),  or maybe bluebird excrement fumes, or aliens!    Yeah, that's the ticket, ALIENS, BLUEBIRD ALIENS, ha, and she called herself an "educator". 

    HiJinx, Tom Foolery, Chicanery, foul play, whatever you wish to call it, it does seem to turn ones ability to think in forward terms, to backward terms.  Does anyone have any idear what I just said?   Me neither!  See, it's already reared it's ugly head in my head, "crazy I am yes"! Ha, I gnu it,  I'm JEDI KNIGHT, YODA....

    Time to deplane boss.  Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...

Your frien and serious nut job,  Cephus E Lee, esq and serious gobledegook slinger...  

11/26/17 10:01 AM #8931    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

That's strange, no bluebirds here in ole Anderson, only crazy bomb-bastic wasps and yellow jackets, flying ever which way, as though they  think they know this balmy weather is the beginning of summer and they need to make nests.  Honestly the mess of that....bluebirds, I mean, is horrible to say the least.

Love the pic Mr. Wann.  I've never seen Cooper look lovlier. 

That's all right, you got him back by making him tote everything out of your cabinets.  I need one of those handyman types. Have you noticed how deep they make those cabinets near the floor.  I just get out of breath stooping down, and please, don't tell me to get on my knees as for some reason I can't hardly use 'em anymore. 

I am so heartened by what you've been doing, that I've been doing  this for years. I thought I was the only one rearranging pictures, stuff,clothes in the closet,  ( I pulled out all my shoes and placed them on the bed and had 60 of 'em, culled those oh burgers out.  I've painted walls, moved furniture, laid floor tiles in every room, took drapes down, then put them back up in a new location, Lordy, it NEVER stops!  Almost like going out shopping for something new, because after the rearranging it does look brand new....(the look that is)  I've reupholstered couches and loveseat and pillows with "hot glue",  wouldn't recommend it, after regluing, I've decided this spring to let the summer fabric reappear.  But it was so much fun and I was crazy about the glue gun when I got it.  You can make simple curtains from then of course.    Just my 2 cents, just sayin.

Well, I'm going to go to Bellville in a bit, haven't been there for awhile, just to look around, poke thru some of their antique shops, go thru the's a cute town.  Get away from the dogs, they're beginning to look like me.

11/26/17 05:37 PM #8932    


Beau Wann, Jr.


     Lost last post in cyber bully space.  I thought we were the onliest (east texas for only) ones that lived in a year round cornstruction zone.  60 pair of choes huh ! ! !   Your middle name Imelda?  Dianes middle name is Imelda !  She's always getting shoes in the mail from Club Maryland or some such place. With Diane, it's ok because she wears a size 4.

    I dont order on line anymore. Last time I tried to order stuff, I copied from the add below or above the one I wanted. Didnt discover it until I got a box from FEDEX from "Panties of the month club".  Try explaining that one to your wife.  They even have edible panties, imagine that. Id order some if they had ham and cheese or maybe spam.  God, life has gotten so complicated not to mention hilarious. So I'm not mentioning that, you didnt hear it from me.

    YOU can make curtains and upholstry from a glue gun?   We HAD a glue gun oncet (east texas for once).  I was gluing the soles back on a pair of boots. I really liked those boots, and the soles were salvageable, not worn down, so it made sense  to fix em.   I was in the process of the gluing project, when I got distracted. I was only gone a few seconds, ok, a few minutes.  When I got back, the glue gun was stuck to the boots and the boots were stuck to a chair. 

    Of course it was probably the strongest glue known to mankind and womankind because I couldnt un loose em.  I even broke the blade of a knife trying to cut em aloose.  I finally took em out to my shooting range and was gonna see if I could pry em apart with my 45-70 elephant gun.  My beloved came out and asked what was I doing. I explained the situation to her, she just shook her head and went back into the house.  I went ahead and shot the boot and the chair.

    That was sure some strong glue, because I hit the boot and just put a hole in it and the chair,  but did not knock the glue gun off or the boot off the chair.  Maybe I could turn it into a piece of art!   Yeah, that's the ticket. I got an idea of getting the blow torch out and maybe antiquing the chair and boot and painting the glue gun camo to try to disguise it.  So I painted the whole shebang camo and then lit the blowtorch and commenced to antiquing my art project.   It was going so well, until it wasnt. Whole dang thang caught fire.  I turned the torch off thinking that the whole art piece would be antiqued.  It was antiqued alright, crispy black.

    Fortunately I was outside in left field and had a fire extinguisher handy.  I wonder if this was how Mozart started with his statues "the thinker" and the "mona lisa".  I'm sure he and other geniuses had a rough bumpy Road when they started their careers in art.  So, I'm not gonna let this minor setback deter me, gonna try again sometime in the future, (distant future, with my wifes permission).

   Whom am I kidding, I havent an ounce of creative juice in my whole body, except creating a mess.  I think I've got a masterpiece when I get ice in a glass from the ice maker.  Oh well, we all cant be artsy and craftsy folks. 

    Kay, you hang in there, and just keep plodding along, same as us.  Feel free to come over and work on our place just for practice, you know keep you in shape and stuff.  I'm a serious "watcher" and "observer" of working folks, and will give you nothing but positive feedbag. 

    gotta run folks, kats are banging into my legs, they want to be fed, again!

Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...

Your frien and resident art guy,  Cephus R Michelangelo, esq.

11/26/17 09:01 PM #8933    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

laughHa, Ha, Ha.....tanks...., Beau, I'm still laughing at your glue does Diane put up with you!

Has anyone used that "chalk" paint.  My grandkids left a great big dresser - dark brown - and I have visions of white chalk paint, kind of the distressed wintry look?

Xmas tree and trimmings coming up this week ...Aawww, thanks Beau, I'll have to pass on that extra work you offered.

11/26/17 11:13 PM #8934    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     HA, she knows and I know, and she knows I know she knows, she could never find a replacement for me, the Rembrandt of chaos, Mozart of symphonic silliness, the Lizt of laughter, Wagner of wackiness...etc.

     Life would be so dull without my wackiness, and lets face it, less stressful as well.  "Beau, what did you do with the washing machine"?  she would ask.  "uh I took it down to the creek just to see how women use to wash clothes by beating it on the rocks dearest" I would reply.   Hmmm, sounds like an adventure in the making to me!  

    Just came back in from taking the pups out, hopefully, for the last time tonight.  HAVE YOU SEEN ALL THE STARS OUT THERE?   AMAZING! ! !   I feel sorry for folks that dont believe in a God.  Do they actually believe that all of this is just happenstance, coinkidink?   I dont think so.  I mean look at me,  no chance of a happenstance, there had to be some thought behind my creation wouldnt you think?  Lot's of planning and engineering and testing went into my model.  Voice over loudspeaker "Ok, this ones gone amuck, just throw it out and lets start wait, lets unleash it on EARTH, yeah, that's the ticket..." or woids to that defect ! ! !

   Ok, gwina go to bed now, and possibly sleep. So all yall have a good eening, and before all yall go to bed, go out and look at the stars!

    Your frien and resident of chaos, Cephus B. Rembrandt, esq

11/27/17 02:02 PM #8935    


Beau Wann, Jr.


11/27/17 05:59 PM #8936    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus, I was down in south Texas ranching, communing with nature, and working my too old Hiney off this weekend, and you are right about the stars. Sky watching from the hilltop down there is really good on these clear cool nights, and it's possible that Sparesly inhabited country, with our nearest neighbor that actually lives there about 4 Miles away, has a little bit cleaner air than these parts. With about 1/2 of one percent of the autos and eighteen wheelers and zero percent of the industry,  it's noticeably clearer at night. And you can't beat the sunrises and sunsets anywhere in Texas in October and November! 

Got our outside Christmas lights up already, our son in law's landscape guy's also do that this time of year. Now we are working on the tree and inside decos tommorrow. 

11/28/17 10:55 PM #8937    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Hey TJ, I do believe you have a more unobstructive view of the heavens down there than we have up here, although the view is nice at both places.  Having seen your place, the air there at night is crystal clear. 

    like you, I'm working my too old hiney off. Got in some tractor work, down at the crick and some road work etc.  Tomorrow after the bug man comes to spray death and distruction into the bug community, I'll start mowing the hill, again.  Our rye and winter peas have not yet come up.  Lack of rain !   We havent had rain since Harvey. I guess it will come eventually.  

11/29/17 10:12 AM #8938    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

My husband is a star gazer.  He used to get everyone out of the car at the continental divide to look at God’s glory.  It is very dark up there and I was afraid a car would hit us the first time he did it.  Now I just enjoy the view.  My daughter and her husband had a telescope, but I think it got broken on a camping trip.  New Braunfels is getting too big to have dark nights.  We have grown over 80% since 2000.  We are part of the problem since we didn’t get here until 2010,

12/01/17 08:38 AM #8939    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hi Pat.   We use to have a telescope,  our eyes have been so bad, we never could see anything but the moon.  It was a refractor type and had a sighting scope on the side to pick up thje objects and get them in view of the mainest scope.  Never could get that thinkg to work, except to look at the moon.  Even though the moon was the largest object in the skye, sometimes I couldnt even find that.   the way our house was situated, I couldnt even zoom in on anyones bedroom, what a worthless scope that was.  Gave it away!

     I'm not really a star gazer, as much as I am a star geezer, dont know any of the cornstellations except the little dipper, and always wondered why the north star was not in the north. I've seen venus, I think, and have seen Saturn with it's rings, most impressive, and Neptune and Mars, but If someone hadnt told me what they were, except Saturn, I wouldnt have known.  Saturn is pretty and pretty hard to not know.

     I have seen UFOs, but without the aid of a spyglass.  Saw one in 1953, which was well documented and seen by millions all across the US. We wer on DuBarry and it looked like 3 or 4 large square lights in the east sky.  They sat there for hours.  Gov never said what it was, just that it was a UFO.   Saw several up at the ranch in leon county a few years back.  Strangest thing.  IT was a slow moving light going from west to east in the north sky, and lookd really low, and made not a sound.  Where our property was, was in the middle of nowhere, and at night was so silent, and knowing how much noise a helo made, it certainly wasnt a helo.

     The light went over me and Cooper just to the north and west of us, when it made an abrupt 90 degree turn to the south.   As far as I know, no one has anything that will make a perfect 90.  As it was headed south, just north east of us, it ran through a triangle of lights that was moving north  as slow as the single light.  The triangle looked to be hundreds of yards betweent the points on the triangle, maybe even longer. I couldnt make out a fuselage or craft, just the lights on the points.

     As it moved north, slowly, the single light slowly passed through the triangle, or under it, then when it got to the bottom of the triangle, it reversed course instantly and headed north with the triangle. Dont remember what happened next, but me and coop were perplexed.  I even called Diane and talked to her during the celestial event. She of course assumed I had gotten into the liquor cabinet, but that night no.  I sure would like to know what it was I saw in both instances.

     Wasnt a plane, or helo, or even a dirigible, all those make noise, and even if it was a blimp, and had a stealthy muffler on it, blimps drift from the wind, and these things moved straight without drifting.  Wonder why they didnt beam me up!  I would be a good study for ETs, dontcha think!   Of course they would have had to beam me AND Cooper up, because I wasnt going to leave him behind, not without a fight anyhoo!

    Oh well, life is interesting here and there. Havent seen any ETs up this way, just aeroplanes.  I was just going to say hi to Pat, and wound up giving a lecture on ETs.   Sooooo, guess I'll go

    Oh, on one of our trips through this antique store and that antique store, we came across a book on that mean old hate mongering slave owner and confederate murderer,  JOHN H. REAGAN.  The book is called "NOT WITHOUT HONOR", and was publishd in 1962.   Havent read it yet, because we just found it last week and havent had time.  It looks really, uh, dry and droll......WHOA, OMG OMG OMG

Guess what just dropped out of the book as I flipped through the pages?    A handwritten piece of paper that said Reagan married Edwina Moss Helms, daughter of Colonel Edwin and Diana Helms, Dec 12, 1832 at her home at Eaglewood near ANDERSON, TX in Grimes county.   HOW COOL IS THAT?   Hey Kay, have you heard of anything like that whilst you've been in Anderson?  

    Ok, gotta go. Keep the sun at your six and ride boldly ride...

Your frien and UFO expert and historian, Cephus E. Lee esq

12/01/17 05:45 PM #8940    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

Beau, that was purdy interesting....I have my own story about UFO's, my sleep experience that is.  Now for 8 yrs after I wouldn't tell this to anyone, for fear of what the might think of me....I was asleep alone at my home in 1960 area on 1 ac.  Suddlenly I was awake (Ithink) when I saw outside my patio window a round dish-like object with windows around it, hovering in my back yard.  Aliens were entering my utility room.  I couldn't move, just frozen.  Reading their mind, I heard them remark this one is not a healthy speciman, we don't want her.....(I had Diabetes I) and then they were gone.  I have always felt I was awake in a frozen daze, but many times I just tell..myself it had to be a dream, but if it was, it was the most realistic dream I have ever had.  Tha't's all folks, they left me

I have a very old copy of Byron that My Aunt gave her sister written in it, when they lived in Temple, TX but no copyright page,  I wish I knew more about it though.  They both became school teachers.  Auntie Wilma lived in the Heights and taught for 50 yrs at Harvard Elementary.  She gave me a beautiful large picture from her classroom when she retired.  When is Antique Roadshow coming to town?????



12/03/17 06:03 AM #8941    


Teddie Jordan

Happy birthday today to two beautiful classmates who were both born in Houston on this date in 1945. One was named Francine and one was named Frances, but they both go by Fran. This photo was taken of them at our 45th reunion. Happy birthday pretty ladies.

12/03/17 07:55 AM #8942    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Wow TJ, two very lovely ladies...the happiest of boithdays to youse youtes.   Hey kay, I believe your UFO story.  Harvard Elementary?   My beloved Cooper and I put on two "reading demonstrations" in the library there. It's a rather small library, classroom turned into a library.  There were about 300 kids and parents there, and only about 150 people could fit at one time, hence the two demonstrations.   After the 2nd one, it's the only time I've seen cooper really tired. But what a trooper he was, he still greeted everyone there as we were leaving.

     I always tell folks that Cooper attended Harvard. Well, he did...Ok, time to run, coffee is perked, time to give jack his meds...

12/05/17 09:43 AM #8943    


Rick Strickland (Spouse Janet)

happy birth day to frances & francine or happy birth day to fran if your men take you out to eat be sure to wear your birth day suits & your little red shoes          (  janet & rick )

12/06/17 10:08 AM #8944    

Henny Banning

Happy BIRTHDAY !!!!!!  Fran and Francine


love, Henny 

12/06/17 10:10 AM #8945    

Henny Banning


Oops!!!  FRAN & FRANCES!!!!


Happy Birthday!!!  Love, henny

12/07/17 09:30 PM #8946    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Good eenin myne fyne waltripynes....guess what?  IT'S SNOWING ! ! ! !  Yup, right here in river city, and that starts with P and rhymes with T and that spells trouble....Lynn Berry from College station sent a picture of the snow there, it's really piling up there.  Kevin says it's snowing in Katy.  It's sticking some here, not enough to make a snowman. Maybe by morning it'll be a white wonderland.

    Diane is missing it, because she is in houston helping her mom and dad and sister.  Her mom had a stroke a month ago, and was doing really great, almost back to normal.  Sunday, that came to an end, she fell!  Broke an arm and other bones, plus lots of bruises and contusions. Looks lijkeshe got hit bey a train.  Feel so bad for her, because she was making amazing strides.

    Hopefully she'll get this behind her. She just turned 89 !

    Yall take care, and watch your step, DONT FALL DOWN ! ! !

12/08/17 08:49 AM #8947    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)


Yuppy!  We got snow, I've walked around outside to the gate and back to take in all the beauty, twice now.  The pond, barn, fences, trees, bushes, house, all gloriously covered in white.....for the next two hours that is!  Should be better tonight?  Dogs loved it too, prancing and playing together.

That Cooper and Jack......they have certainly given you their best!  and Harvard graduated too....You know, I have never actually been in Harvard Elem., all my visits w/ Auntie were at her home on 1038 Columbia, and of course, the farm here in Anderson.  We really loved the Heights, made friends there as well. My fav. family was a wonderful Italian family, the Martino family.  Mr. Martino worked in landscaping at Rice University all his life.  Sweetest people in the world and always loved to see Sue and I.  Joe was my sweetie, Mary, Mark and Steve, happy sweet people also.  Good memories.

Please let Diane know my prayers are with her and her family. ( An unfortunate fall is so easy to do as we get older.  I keep telling myself this as I ramble around out here as well.)  One of my ladies I assisted is having her funeral here today, Mrs Victoria  (Mack) Schroeder, lived most of her life in Cypress, TX and her husband built homes for a living..  Broke my heart, and the other is in the hospital, Connie was our tax lady  here in Grimes county for 30-40 yrs , but  she is improving...Going to take a break on caring for others for awhile, takes a lot out of ya.



12/09/17 11:04 AM #8948    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

Oh, BroBeau and Diane, much love and prayers for Mrs. Cunningham.  She was doing so well after her stroke and now this unfortunate fall; we all know how fast that can happen.  Prayers and fast recovery for her, if I can help Diane, please let me know.   

I assume Diane didn't miss the snow since most of Houston was blanketed with a white wonderland.  Here are a few pics I took at 5:00 a.m.yesterday morning. Hugs


12/15/17 10:27 PM #8949    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hello myne fyne molecular structures !  Finally got our WI-FI back and internet service.  What a mess!  I have always been loyal to AT&T, but their customer services could use some improvement.  Cant tell you how many times I talked to their "cyborg bully robot", but I think we are on first name bases.   Bob, could be a tad more helpful by paying better attention to what the customer is saying..."I'm sorry, did I hear you correctly, I thought you said my firetrucking business, is that correct"?  NO YOU F.................... CYBORG MORON IDIOT. " I'm having trouble determining what you need, I'll connect you to a service dept person, please hold"..

     WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I'VE BEEN DOING FOR THE LAST ZILLION HOURS AND DAYS??????AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG....Then they tell you that the call may be monitored for quality purposes.  I rather doubt it, because that would require A LIVE PERSON!!!!!!!!

    It all started because we ordered NETFLIX, big mistake.  We like watching the BBC shows, like Midsommer Mysteries, Father Brown, Ms Fishers murders, Murder in Paradise etc.   Soooo, Diane being out of town, hmm, Chappell Hill cant really be considered a town.  Not much here, cept us! Yeaaaa!   Anyway, since Diane is in H town most of the time helping out with her mom, I spend most days and nights of the week with just the dogs and cats up here on blueberry hill. So we ordered Netflix for my viewing entertainment!

    Did I forget to mention it was a big mistake?  We, or I had only been watching it for a couple of weeks, when we got slammed by good ol AT&T for more than $500.00 dollars for "streaming charges". How swell!  They already own Direct TV, and everything else, and nobody told us there were going to be "streaming charges", in addition to monthly fees.  They ought to be called "SCREAMING CHARGES". OMG, what a freakin nightmare. 

     In addition to trying to talk to "Bob", I talked to numerous non english speaking people, persons!  Either vietmaneese or east indian or Transylvanians, my people!  All that produced was cutting our service off, when they told us "everything was ok" we was fine! ! ! ! ! Only we was NOT fine, we was without internet service. Dont know how, but ol Bob connected me to a swell old english speakin dude,  Michael in Kentucky, and, voila, he fixed the problem no muss no fuss. THANK YOU MICHAEL OF KENTUCKY ! ! !

     That 5 hundred dollar surprise bill from the grinch of ATT would have made for some really great presents for the grandkids this year. Now they will have to settle for an apple and an orange in their stocking, maybe an egg. Do you think I should boil the eggs first, or let them decide what to do with the egg?  I know, chunk it at AT&T, the buttheads!  I sent a scathing email to one of their depts, but they probably just chunked it away, or hit delete.

    Sorry I been gone so long, but I'm letting you know, "I'm back, and I can really shake em down..." oh, that's another song isnt it!  I really wanted to talk about the snow we had here at the Wanndarosa, so I think I will close this letter out and then start another directly.  Yall take care, give my best to aunt Addie and yall write when you find work.

   Your frien and certified nutjob,  CephusSanta E Lee esq.

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Beau Wann, Jr.

    Hey, I'm baaaack! ! !   Now, about that snow....OH YEAH, it was a winter wonderland up here in the high country!   Diane was, unfortunatly, in the big city and not here to enjoy the blessed event. Just me and two dogs and two cats, and of course the cows next door and the coyotes in the deep woods.  The cats stayed on the screened in porch whilst me and Dixie Belle and good ol pal one eyed Jack just ran and played in the snow and had snowball fights, well, I threw snow at them and they couldnt retaliate since they dont have opposing thumbs.  My thumbs are opposing alright, opposing everything I try to pick up. Seems I got bricks for hands lately.

     Had to let the cats in the house, they were raising hell and meowing all to hell and gone to get back to the warmth of the big house. As they were cussing me out in cateese,  I turned the electric blanket on our bed for them. They were still cussing me as they disappeared under the comforter.  So, back outside I run and rejoin the crowd of pups gone amok in the glorious snow.  Good think I remembered not "to eat the deadly yellow snow", the pups were busy woiking on marking their territory.


Ok, this photo is from  the last snow in H town, but Cooper was there with us and his buddy Jack.

This is the Wannderosa after the big snow, I loved walking around hearing and feeling the crunch under foot. Not a sound or a feeling like it anywhere. Of course you folks that have moved to MINNESOTA or elsewhere noth of the mason dixon line, dont really get to enjoy it as much as we do seeing as how you have way yonder much more than we all get down heayah!

See, had my sled ready to go, along with an old plow and some far wood.

Would you believe that these little doey eyed deah were in downtown Chappell Hill, rat across from the CHVFD (Chappell Hill volunteer fire dept) for those acquainted with our fair burg.

    of course you know who these fine huntin dogs are!  Look at the smile on dixie belles face., Ol one eyed Jack doing his best to keep up, him being one eyed and with a game leg.  Ok, guess I'd better sing off for now, I could put a gazillion pictures on here for your viewing pleasure, but might get another slaming bill from att and t,

    Keep the sun behind the clouds and play in the snow
your frien and certified "snowman"  Cephus Claus E Lee esq

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