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10/28/18 04:50 PM #9408    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)


Thanks Beau and Diane for once again opening your home and allowing us to celebrate our Fall Fling at your home.  It's still amazing to me that so many of us stay connected after all these years.  Who would have imagined it?  It's fun to share stories, laugh and remember the 'good old days'.  Thanks again for all your work.

We are  so blessed to still be around to enjoy this life we have been given and this event is just another example of that joy!


10/28/18 06:09 PM #9409    


Beau Wann, Jr.

    Amen Jimmy and Pat ! ! ! Seriously, we need to do this more often, because for the first time in I dont know how many years, I SLEPT 8 SOLID HOURS. 8 SOLID HOURS OF SLEEP, my wife said I never moved all night, and there were two cats on me.   Woke up ready for another party. Amazing thing about sleep, when you want it, it's never around, when you dont want it, like driving or at some function, you have to fight it off. 

     We can do the spring fling here if it's amenable to all.  Jenny had an idea about each couple bringing a box lunch, or whatever food and drink they want. She said she would organize a food committee.  I'm still not opposed to firing up the BBQ pit.  We have so much beer left over, about two or three cases.  We'll never drink it, I dont like beer, at least moren one and a half, then I'm on my way to sleep.

    I want to thank everyone for their participation yesterday, EVERYONE was so helpful. I'd name names, but with my rememberer, I'd forget someone and hurt a feeling or two, and I'd never ever want to do that!    Wasnt it good to see Betty G. up and walking about.  She baked cookies, and even baked a special one for me, about the size of a pie, to which, I'm half way through it, and it is so good!  

       Linda, you made an incredible banana pudding, so youre elected to make another one or two or three.  We'll send the banana boat your way.  I sampled all the desserts, and they were all amazing. I generally had to sample them several times over, just to make sure.   Votes are all in, they were all incredible!


Here is the entrance to Coopers Memorial Ice House.  Cooper always on guard, and his two buddies visiting. I tried to stage them to sit in front of the statue of Cooper, but they were'nt having any of it. I went away, and came back and voila, that's where I wanted them. Guess some brisket helped get them in the right frame of mind.


10/28/18 06:14 PM #9410    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     It's me again Margaret !    Jackie and Barbara and Johnny and Becky counted everyone in the photo. and counted 50 people....WHY THEN DID ONLY 41 PEOPLE SIGN THE BOOK?????  those of you that did sign the book need to go get those that DID NOT SIGN THE BOOK, and bring them back here now.

10/29/18 08:21 AM #9411    


Gloria Hornick (Walker)

I am late getting this on here, but wanted to add my thanks to all, especially Diane and Beau, who helped make Saturday the success it was.  It was great seeing everyone, and I appreciate all the kind words. 

10/29/18 08:52 AM #9412    


Beau Wann, Jr.

      Thanks for all the kind words, but as I have stated in the past, it's you all that make it a success, or rather all of us.  Got a full daince (east texas for dance) card today, got the chairs loaded up in the truck ready to return to the rental place, returning tables and other party hardy stuff to the containers in left field.  Spilled what was left of the sangria on my battleship grey floor, thought it was gonna be battleship grape, but thanks to the epoxy floor it did not stain it. yea! ! !   But it did make a mess and turned the towels I used to clean it up with, purple! 

      Taking Lacy to the vet for a checkup. It must be close to her time to cross the rainbow bridge because she's not eating much.  She's 21, so she's had a very comfortable, safe and loving life. Dont like to see any of them going away, but "nothing gold can stay" , cept in our hearts.  Someday maybe I'll get to be with all my old fury friends.

    60 degres this morning, and fog has rolled in to the Brazos Valley along with drippy humadidity.  The dew is so heavy up here at times, it's equal to at least a quarter inch rain. Diane has been sportin a headache since the party.  If it doesnt subside soon, maybe a trip to our sawbones would be in order!  I thought it was from one of the pina coladas I made. She only had one.  I got brain freeze from drinking one.  I'd rather have gotten brain freeze from eating ice cream than from some crummy drink I made and dont really like!

    Ok, time to deplane boss.  gotta get the chairs back before noon. They open at 9 and I'd rather get rid of them as soon as I can.   so, keep the sun at your six, and party hardy...

   Your frien and resident party guy, Olbeauwannkanobie,

10/29/18 11:55 AM #9413    


Linda Bolton (Roffall)

It is always a pleasure seeing everyone at our Flings , but it's extra special when it's held at Beau and Diane's beautiful country place. What a fantastic time we had . I'm so glad you enjoyed the banana pudding. Just say the word and I'll be happy to make it again . I agree with you Beau , all the deserts were amazing , as well as the huge barbecue spread. YUM . 

I hope Diane's  headache is gone by now . You two take care , and keep your post's coming  . Thanks for making another great memory for all of us .  




10/29/18 01:27 PM #9414    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

What a wonder Fall Fling at Beau and Diane's

 Another Thrill on the Hill at Cooper's Memorial Icehouse!

  Thank you both for a fabulous, memorable, fun-loving timeheart heart

(More pictures are posted under Spring/Fall Flings by Years tab)

10/29/18 07:23 PM #9415    


Susan Howard (Bowman)

What a wonderful fall fling! Thank you Diane and Beau for hosting such a fabulously (if there is such a word!) fantastic get together! So great to see everyone that could make it!

10/31/18 12:28 PM #9416    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Gooooooood Morning Chappell Hilllllllll...  Rainy Morning I might add. .28 hundredths of an inch this morning.  Sat out on the deck with the dogs having coffee...uhm, I had the coffee, Jack and dixie dont drink coffee, but it was nice anyway.  Wanted to say we watched the sun come up, but all we got to see was first light and lots O clouds.  Put on some Christmas music in the ice house and let it waft out over hill and dale !

     When "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" came on, it really doesnt look like that at all being above 70 and warm as toast.  Winds suppose to shift around to tthe noth sometime tomorrow, then look out, a frosty 49 is headed our way.  Being up here in the high country, we'll get to feel it before all yall will. 

    Settin and drankin (east texas for Sitting and drinking) coffee got me to thinking about breakfast, as coffee is want to do.  "Hmmmm", says I, "maybe we'll just have to have PANCAKES this fine morning". Ok, pancakes it is.  Into the house I sprint, well, sprint is just a tad strong, maybe stroll, or limp, yeah, that's the ticket, doesnt matter how I got there, long as I got there. 

    Ok, as Chef Beauyardeeufous, I  start whuppin out my mixin bowls and flawr and all kinds of pancake makins,, then I commence to making pancakes.  I carefully measure out the flawr, well, if not carefully, then maybe haphazardly would be a more correct term.  Whatever! I measure out a cup and some, and then water, then it's too runny, so I add flawr, then it's too gummy, so more water, then it's too runny, ok, then some more flawr it is, then it's too I says to myself, I says, "self, get the mixer out", so my self gets the mixer out. 

     So I'm mixin and singin and stuff and things are looking pretty good, cept now, the mix is a tad too runny, so I add some flawr to it whilst the mixer is mixin, and my hand sort of slips, you know, as hands are want to do, slip, so in goes a bunch of flawr, and when it hits those mixing thingies, it creates sort of a "flawry fog" in the kitchen.  When the flawr smoke clears, there is flawr everywhere!  So really, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go..." sort of fits,  and looking every bit like it's going to be a "white Christmas", seeing as how I got us a good start going this fine morning.

    Hmmmm, guess I'd better get this mess cleaned up. It really wasnt all that bad, none of it got on the ceiling, ha and you thought it was a catastrophe!  Bout that time the hall door opens and out comes Diane.  Hmmm again, maybe she wont notice the extremely white, white guy in her kitchen, or that it looks like the "Pillsbury Deauxboy" had exploded. 

     I've found over the years, nothing much that I do phases her anymore. She calmly walks over to the coffee pot, says, "oh great, you made coffee", pours herself a cup and just as calmly as she came in, out she goes the same way.  Maybe she didnt notice! ! !   How could she not, even the coffee pot was white with flawr... 

     Might I just add, flawr is not easy to clean up as it has a way of getting into every crack and crevice and crook and nanny in the place.  Well sirs and ma'ams, I finally get er cleaned up, and put a spoonful of batter on the griddle, and it's so runny, it runs right off the griddle onto the counter, onto my foot onto the floor.  Heavy sigh!!!!!  Good thing I had my steel toe boots on eh! ! !      Got that cleaned up and very very carefully add just a tad more flawr, and voila, the batter is just right.  So now I'm "cooking with grease" and making really fluffy pancakes. YEA! ! !

    Of course I have enough batter to feed Pattons 3rd army, but what the heck, that's what they make freezers for, eh what!       Breakfast went smoothly, and I only burned the sausage on one side!  So when I put it on the plate, the good side is up!  Ha, now how you gonna be?   And I only missed one of the glasses when I poured the OJ.  So, no harm no foul!  An aside here, buy stock in the paper towel industry!

    Called Diane on the intercom and told her breakfast was ready, to which she replied, "is it safe"?  Oh man, wounded me to my soul.... Oh ye of little faith.  I saw the hall door open just a crack, and a couple beady eyes surveying the situation, finally she came out and saw all was under control, as well as a thin blanket of white flawr.  To her credit she didnt mention anything about the above adventure, just that I had flawr on my face, top of my head, shoulders, arms, but none on my botox, ha so there, take that!

     The pancakes were really good, sausage was good, chewy, but good, and alls well that ends well!  I think tommorroww, (does tomorrow have that many double letters?) we'll have scrambled eggs. Better alert the chickens, I'm coming for their babies!  

     You know, it's 12 noon ! ! !  How did it get so late?  Ok, time to start thinking about lunch....hmmmm what shall we have?   Got left over tater salad and sausage, and beans and chicken left over from the Fall Fling, of course and BEER.  Would you believe 7 cases of b eer left over?   If I liked beer, I'd be a happy camper, but I couldnt drink that much beer in a hunert years.  

       Maybe I'll make beer pancakes tomorrow...! Nah, scrambled eggs is much more better.  I think I'll take the beer down to the creek and see if I can get that ol hawg drunk, then put him in the witless projection  program and relocate him!   Yeah, that's the ticket. 

    Ok, time to deplane boss...keep the sun at your six and have scrambled eggs rather than pancakes..

your frien and resident Chef Beauardeescephus, esq   

11/01/18 12:39 AM #9417    


Bennie Schielack

Beau . . . . . Did you survive the weather last night ? ? ? ? ? Saw some tornado type weather up North, maybe around where you are ? ? ? ? ?

11/01/18 09:04 AM #9418    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey Bennie, thanks for the concerns, but we survived.  Only got  1.40 inches of rain, lots O thunder and lightning, wind, and some kat klaws.  I was sitting in one of the rocking chairs with "Little Miss" our newst member here at the Wannderosa, and Lacy decided to join us.  After some meowing and hissing and barring of fangs and unleashing of retractable klaws, both decided they could coexist in my arms.  Had "Little Miss" in the crook of my left elbow, head tucked under my arm, and the exact mirror of Lacy in the crook of my right arm, head underneath my arm.  See, I'm not "good for nothing"   seems I make a good port in the storm!  

     Diane was in a similar sitcheation (east texas for situation) in the living room with Jack and Dixie-Belle.  I didnt get to see it, she said both dogs were wrapped around her on the couch during the storm.  Ol Fearless Annie-Bob could care less about any old storm, she was busy tormenting the dogs, chasing their tails instead of her own. Actually she has only a "bob" for a tail, so she cant chase hers, why not chase the dogs!  Smart lady she is.

      Onliest (east texas for only) problem, with my sitcheation (east texas for situation)  the TV remote was across the room and the TV was stuck on the Hallmark channel, and you know what that means, puffy fluffy chick flicks!   I will say, they are a good respite from all the political adds, ought to be a lawr against the sludge slinging. Should just say, "Vote for Me and not the other guy" PERIOD, THE END.  Anyway, I was watching "Miss Christmas" with an incredibly beautiful blond, of course, I think all the ladies are incredibly beautiful.

    This particular movie had the "incredibly beautiful blond" or IBB just to shorten her title, looking for a perfect hunert zillion foot t all Christmas tree to place in some center in Chicago.  All but one member of the family that owned the tree wanted to donate it to the "cause", all except a grinch guy.  This guy was eat up with stupid!  Ignorance can be corrected, Stupid is forever!  Anyway, Miss Christmas, or the IBB started falling for this moron, why I dont know, he had no personallity, not really all that good looking, just a dud. The writers could have given him just a little more character, something to make an IBB want him. Heck, and incredibly ugly tree stump shouldnt have want this guy!

    Must be some chimpanzie that writes these shows, cause they make no since.  Here is an IBB, chasing after a tree and an idiot guy and she's  getting neither.  Now if I was the guy, I'd be on her like white on rice.  I'd be hunting down every sprig of mistletoe I could find. I'd staple some to the top of my head just to get to kiss her.  Well, she didnt get the tree, but got the idiot moron guy. She should have settled for anothe rtree instead of the grinch, a branch bough would beat that guy, litterally and figuratively speaking.

    So yes, we faired well in the storm although havent been down to see if the bridge is still intact. I can see some of it and it looks ok. Got our dozer guy coming out today to take a look and maybe just tear it out and start all over.   OH DANG!  I was gonna go to CostCo and Bass Pro today too, but now guess I wont, got to wait on a furshlurgener dozer person.

    I see wehre the Red Sox beat someboydy in the whirld series.  Dont know who they were playing, Dodgers? Yankees? Doesnt really matter, Red Sox won!  Guess they'll have a parade, and the fans will burn the city down with celebratory riots.  I use to like baseball until the Dodgers moved to LA.  I liked the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Yankees and the Red Sox.  All my favorite players played for those teams.  I remember Mrs. Womack use to let us listen to the whirld series back in 3rd 4th or 5th grade.  I thought there were only two  teams for the longest t ime, Dodgers and Yankees, cause they were always in the WS. But as I said, the Dodgers moved to La in 57, and that was it for me, as far as baseball was concerned.

     Wow, what an incredibly beautiful day, an IBD, yeah that's the ticket.  Me and the pups were outside before first light, and it was still overcast and dark. Wind blowing like a politician, cept cool instead of hot air. Sat outside with my pups and a hot cup O Joe and watched as first light showed up, thought it was late, but whatcha gonna do!  Finally the wind blew out all the clouds around 7:30ish and voila, we have us an IBD.

    Guess it's time to deplane, oh yeah, having oatmeal this morning instead of pancakes.  Onliest reason I had such trouble yesterday was because we were out of Bisquick and Krusteze mix, so I was making them from scratch.   Bisquck is good, but I think Krusteze is just a tad better, so I highly recommend krusteze.

     Keep the glorious sun at your six and the glorious Son in your heart, and ride boldly ride...

Your frien and resident soothsayer and all round "hell of a swell fellow",  Olbeauwannkanobie, esq.   

11/02/18 01:16 PM #9419    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

Homecoming Game - tomorrow November 3, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

Calling all Waltrip Alumni!  Our 2018 Homecoming Game is tomorrow,
November 3rd!  Let's fill the stands and cheer on the varsity football team.  This is a great time to say "Hello" to other Waltrip graduates.  GO RAMS!

Homecoming Game
Varsity Rams Football vs. Milby HS 

Nov. 3, 2018

Starts at 1:00 PM

Delmar Stadium

11/02/18 01:19 PM #9420    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

Nov 4, 2018 - Daylight Saving Time Ends

When local daylight time is about to reach
Sunday, November 4, 2018, 2:00:00 am clocks are turned backward 1 hour to
Sunday, November 4, 2018, 1:00:00 am local standard time

11/02/18 01:39 PM #9421    


Teddie Jordan

Thank you Jackie, and also after Halloween candy and last Saturday’s wonderful desserts on the Hill, everyone be sure to set your scales back 10 pounds too!

11/05/18 02:50 PM #9422    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)

LOL good idea!!

Waltrip won their homecoming game Saturday against Milby - 24-13.  Miss Lee emailed me that she attended the homecoming.  Although she was pulling for both since she was a teacher at Waltrip but graduated from Milby!  Said she was going to win and lose ----


11/09/18 04:50 PM #9423    


Johnny Sheffield

Like to say happy marine birthday Saturday 

And happy Veterans Day Sunday to all

Military men and women. 

God bless them all. 



11/10/18 10:53 AM #9424    


Beau Wann, Jr.

Amen ! ! !   Having trouble with our wi-fi and getting on the net and staying on. Been trying to get on the site since 3 this morning. Diane is at her beta eta mjeeting in bellaire and has a full daince card today, so she wont be home till late afternoon.  When she does make it home, she probably can fix it, Otherwise we're ok, till then...

11/12/18 12:55 PM #9425    


Bennie Schielack

Last week, I played golf and it felt like spring.  A day later, I played and it felt like summer.Then next day, I played and it felt like fall.  Well, if you are not prepared, it is now, or shortly will be, WINTER . . . . . Saturday night @ the UH game, it was chilly.  Thursday night will be COLD . . . . . Put your tender plants away for the freeze expected Tuesday night . . . . . Stay warm, all 

11/13/18 06:46 PM #9426    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus, no need to bring in the brass monkey tonight, but would still be wise as always, to protect your tender vegetation! 🤗

11/14/18 01:28 PM #9427    


Jackie Crowe (Finch)




SAVE THE DATE – October 12, 2019!!!

Waltrip Class of ‘64 - 55th Class Reunion

Dance to music of the 50’s, 60’s and country

by Marty White


Theme:     Denim and Diamonds

Date:         Saturday, October 12, 2019

Place:       Hilton Garden Inn – 7979 Willow Chase Blvd. near Willowbrook Mall

Attire:       Casual

More details regarding registration and hotel rooms will be sent first part of January and also posted on website



11/15/18 08:54 AM #9428    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey TJ, how you dune this fyne morn?   How are all yall dune this fyne morn?   It's still cold, brass moniker or no. Why it's coldern a witches broom handle and a well diggers molasses bucket.      Had 28 Wednesday morn, and again this morning. Lots O frost yesterday, and an even heavier frost this fyne morn.  We even had snow Tuesday morn.   Now I can spread the rye grass and the winter peas.  Already have some perenial rye coming back. Wish the peas were perenial. 

   Looks like the holiday season is upon us once again!  Dont want this to get out, but  I've been watching all the Hallmark channels Christmas fluff flicks for a month already, and in my "mancave".  How would that look in the morning headlines: "Manly Man watching Hallmark fluff flicks in his manly man cave" mums the woid!

    Speaking of Christmas fluffy flicks, if you see a movie called "Christmas Comes to Pemberly", watch it.  You will see ME!   Well, my doppleganger for sure.  One of my sons sent a picture of the TV screen with "ME" on it, saying "Dad, youre a star".   Maybe not a star, but at least an ol lump of coal!   Ever now and then, someone says they saw someone that looks like me, but I've never seen it, until now. Wow, that guy is sure handsome, and a great actor to boot.  Surely an "Oscar" performance, not to mention an emmy and tony, pulitzer and Nobel for sure, and dont call me shirley.

    Back in the oily 70s, when "Blazing Saddles" came out, folks said Gene Wilder looked like me, and for a long while folks called me "Waco Kid".  I didnt see it, but who am I to argue.  I sort of like the sound of "the Waco Kid". There will be an autograph signing at the Brenham Library sometime after Thanksgiving.

        Speaking of Libraries, got me a brand new Library card. Havent had one of those in quite a few moons.  They are now plastic like a credik card.  I told the librarian that issued the cards that at one time they were made of paper to which she said, "you know, I've heard about that, but just thought that was an urban legend"....She's a "young thing, and cannot leave her mother...".

     I have loved libraries since Moses came down off the mountain with the two tablets. Now that's a long time, eh what !  You can go read the newspaper and not have to buy one,  all sorts of "periodicals" one of my all time favorite woids.  Dont recollect when I foist hoid that woid, but didnt know what it meant for the longest time. "Uh yo boy, did you read any periodicals today"?   "Uh no, is it legal to read those things...?"  I was a young thing and couldnt bake a cherry pie...that's for sure.

     Speaking of baking, do any of youse youtes do any baking?   I have baked Toll House chocolate chip cookies for the last 50 years.  It's not a hard recipe, just follow the distructions on the back of the chip bag, and voila, wonderfulness in every bite.   UNTIL NOW ! ! ! ! !   I'll swanee, I dont know what the "conglomerates" have done to the ingredients, but I cannot get them to come out anywhere near as good as I use to.  I taught the grandkids how to bake CCCookies, now the students have surpassed the master!

    They use to come out tall and fluffly and soooooo good, but since we've been at the gnu house, the cookies are terrible. They  come out flat as a fritter, and hard as rocks.   The back of the package says to cook em at 375 for 11 to 15 minutes, but I dispelled the 11 to 15 minutes some 50 years ago.  8 minutes is all that is needed, or was needed, now even at 8 minutes, that's too long seems like.

    Talked to a chef, and she said that "they've" done something to the flour, whoever "they" are, so I should use cake flour.  Friends, I have used cake flour, bread flour, pizza dough flour, and everything inbetween. I've even turned down the heat to 350, let the butter melt naturally, and all to no avail.  Looks like mah cookie making days are over. Even my beloved tried to bake CCcookies. We bought all new and fresh ingredients, butter, vanilla, flour, baking soda, chips, and eggs, and her's came out the same as mine, flat as a fritter and hard as rocks.

    IT'S A CONSPIRACY, THAT'S WHAT IT IS, A COMMIE PINKO CONSPIRACY, YEAH THAT'S THE TICKET...!!!!  Anyone know what a PINKO is?   I've allus wondered, never asked cause I thought I should know, but confess, dont really know!   A red ruskie?  A chicom?   Well no matter, whatever it is, theyve messed with the chocolate chip cookie whirld that's for sure!

    On a much somber note, our little Lacy kitty passed away early tuesday moning of this week.  She went quietly, no pain, just stopped breathing.  Her little kitty face was as serene and sweet as if she was taking a nap.  Now it's the long sleep!   She has been with us for over 20 years!  Tuesday night was hard, kept looking for her to jump up on the bed and snuggle in the crook of my left arm and go to sleep like she use to. First night in 20 plus years she wasnt there. 

    Sure gonna miss her, as I miss all my "fury little children".  Come next spring, Easter morning to be exact, we will release her ashes on the hill like we've done for all our other little friends!   Truth be known, I invest so much emotion and compassion in our critters, more so than in humans.  After having my heart ripped out and stomped flat so many times, as humans are want to do to one and other, I gues I transfered my most loving feelings to the very ones that love you unconditionally,  kats and dogs.  

    Lacy was so beautiful, white with an orange cap, and orange angel wings, and a plume tail that would put to shame any such plume on a "musketeers" hat.  Her eyes looked like she was wearing mascara...such a beauty, only God could make.....

 That's her, that's my sweetheart holding down the instructions of a tinker toy set...see the wings!   gottem for sure now...till we meet again.....


11/15/18 11:36 AM #9429    


Pat Brantley (Ross)

Beau I am so sorry you lost Lady Lucy.  We do so get attached to these animals who love us unconditionally.  Our new rescue is named Lucy.  She is 7 so we are her retirement staff.  She is such a sweet Great Pyrenees.  I took her to the groomer last week just before this cold spell.  The woman just about shaved her.  We were amazed when we picked her up.  I have never seen this done.  Ron went through my side of the closet looking for a jacket he could modify for her to keep her warm.  He cut up one of my sweater jackets.  She looks ridiculous in a purple jacket.  She doesn’t like it.  Dogs aren’t supposed to wear clothes.  It will take a year for her hair to grow out.

About the toll house cookies - I only use Pillsbury flour.  I use about 1/4 extra flour.  I also use more chips.  My cookies aren’t flat.  I have two grandkids who don’t eat pecans and two who like them.  I make each kind.  Try that.  Cake flour is a finer flour.  I use that for banana bread because it is also sweet.

11/15/18 12:54 PM #9430    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thanks Pat, will try pilsbury flour. Always had good luck with gold medal all purporse flour, maybe pilsbury will woik more better.   Cant imagine why a groomer would shave a GP ? ? ?  My sister had one of those beautiful critters, aptly named "BEAR". He was almost the size of a polar bear, weighed 200 pounds, and they say he wasnt fat, just a big baby.  They had to put locks on the pantry and cabinet doors and the fridge because he would open them up and help himself to whatever he wanted to eat.

     My sis is a gourmet cook and catered events and affairs. Once Bear opened the fridge and ate a 14 pound standing rib roast, a pound of bacon and pound of butter and anything else he deemed edible. All items he sampled, or swallowed,  happened to be slated for an event.  He did take out all the fruit and veggies and gently lay them on the floor of the kitchen. There were canine teeth marks in them, but otherwise ok.  When my sister and BinL came home, Bear was laying in the foyer moaing and groaning.  Vet told them to give him some pepto B, fixed him right up.  He once ate through a wall because he couldnt open the door to the room he wanted to get to.  They are a determined lot !

     Our beloved Cooper was part yellow lab and part GP, and proportioned just right, cause he had the demeanor of a GP, laid back and "Elvis is in the building" personality... Good luck with Lucy, love the name!  One of our grandaughters is named Lucy.  

    Surprisingly enough, GPs make great apartment dogs because they dont do much running around, just like to perch and survey their kingdom/queendom.  Great Pyrenees, the clydesdale of the canine whirld.  

11/15/18 10:28 PM #9431    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus, to me the actor that reminds me most of you was Cookie on the old, 77 Sunset Strip TV show. The one that parked the cars and was always combing his hair, like someone we remember from our Waltrip days..

11/16/18 08:41 PM #9432    


Scotty Croom

went to dentist this pm to repair cracked tooth...i related  problems at spring fling...caused sinus/allergy infection...they just filled cracks w/organic super glue...had extra pain shot to ease drilling i have to go to dentist in pensacola in dec. to get crown...some more gold in my smile...will get moved from katy to hedwick village to mobile to daphne between nov. 27th and dec. 19th...let some else move,load and unload us...have to get settled in for santa to find us dec. 25th...the journey is almost over...

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