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12/30/19 07:45 PM #9819    


Scotty Croom

have been in houston and georgetown for holidays ..returned home today..met relative of sharon's neighbor at hedwick village..what a surprise,he is our age,grew up in old spring branch,graduated there and worked p[/t at tradewinds skating rink...was skate matcher and great skater..reminised old time in oak forest area...happy new year to all...geaux tigers......

12/31/19 08:02 AM #9820    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     HEY SCOTTY...I thought I saw your car drive bring a banjo on your knee widja didja? 

        GOOOOOOOOOD MORNIN CHAPPELL HILLLLLLL....!!!!!  And all the ships ah see.  Hoo boy it's been cold up heah in the chalps.  Anytime the mercury dips below 70,  that's a snow day for me for shure.   How bout them tahgers, LSU of course.  Ya gotta love that coach, he's what a  coach should look like and sound like.  Bronco Nagurski,   Ray Nitschke, Clint Eastwood,  you know what I'm talkin about !    

     The little woman is in Houston this morn, hepin her parents with stuff, she actually spent the night last and one before.  They sure are lucky to have such a hepful daughter.   Tha Izz started crying at 4:25 this morn, and when the Izz crys, you've got about 2 minutes to get up get dressed and out the door, cause she's gotta go, and when a girls gotta go, a girls gotta go.

      I havent moved  and gotten dressed that fast since the last time I heard Revellie and th DI hollar, "all right you ladies, GET OUTTA THEM RACKS",  of course that was after he threw a couple of trash cans down the center aisle.  NOW,  those were the good ol days.  Back then, they were the bad ol days.  But, made a man outta many a boy!

       Sip.....Aaaahhhh, what phyne coffee I do make.   Got some new coffee from somewhere, called MILITARY GRADE COFFEE COMPANY.  Touts "double duty caffiene", got a picture of a handgrenade on the front.  Now that's my kind of coffee.   Hmmmm, lets see, I have "JET FUEL"  and  "JACKHAMMER" from a local coffee company up heah in Washington county,  Independence coffee company.  I think I'll mix the three and see what we get.    "Uh chet, a mushroom cloud was seen rising from the Chappell Hill area, HAZ MAT TEAM on the way, so folks stay outta that area...."

     Diane did not drink coffee when we got married and for about the first 15 years of that institution.  I think it started around the time HISD when to a paperless environment, wink wink wink.   She'd never had so much paper work before.  Same with Ma Bell.  We went paperless, and man did the paper mount high, and I was a lineman, not an office worker.  All brought to you by the  "Peter Principle"  people at full speed ahead.

     Today is NEW YEARS EVE ! ! !  Dang I'm good aint I ! !   I cant remember the last NEW YEARS EVE party I went to, or if I ever went to one.  Oh, I do remember some in particular, out at my Uncle Buddys, with the "Wild Bunch" in attendance.  My dad and his brothers and a few iron worker friends of theirs havin a tea party and quiltin bee of course. 

      They would light up the night with the loudest fireworks you could buy and augment that with gunfire and dynamite.  PTSD city for sure if you werent use to that sort of celebratory celebratin.  Two of my uncles had class C firearms liscenses, which meant they could possess and shoot full automatic weapons and dynamite stuff like tree stumps etc.   Sounded like "rolling thunder"!    But I digress!   Those guys were two fisted drinkers and two fisted everything else, "lead or follow, but get the hell out of the way"....

     I also cant remember the last time I actually saw the old year go out and the new year come in.   Sometimes the old "lumbar"  singing auld lang syne, would keep me up past midnight, but certainly not Guy.

    Anyone make any New Years revolutions?    I never have and dont intend to start now.  I just try to do the things I'm suppose to do, and not do the things I'm not suppose to do, all year long. Sometimes I'm good and sometimes not so good, but always trying to improve.

   Ok, guess I'll sing off for now, but I'll be back!    Keep the sun at your six, "and ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident farcracker,  Cephus R Me esq 

12/31/19 11:25 AM #9821    


Scotty Croom

beau,we also passed duson order to reach htown before dark,we just drive straight thru..have  to stop sometime...getting shower head fixed,replace lites and reseat commode at hedwick village..try showering w/semi cold ,dribble water ...not a guys dream wash new year to all...past year flew by..also know many of us celebrate a diamond birthday ..where have time gone...

12/31/19 01:46 PM #9822    


Johnny Sheffield


Like to wish all my waltrip classmates a very 

Happy new year and  may 2020 bring you all good health.

Will be celebrating tonight in giddings Texas at the silos , 

Dancing to the old band the triumphs .

Happy new year to all and see you this spring  





01/03/20 08:33 AM #9823    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     YES, HAPPY GNU YEAR....WOOHOOOOO, me that's who!    Hey Scotty, is the Four Roses Cafe and Four Roses General Store, and Four Roses Car Wash still in Duson?   That was sometime in 72 when I first went through there.   There was a French lady from France, Paris to be perzact, that owned all that stuff, plus she was the chef also too.  Fixed us a mess of fried shrimp without batter.  Never had it's equal since. 

    I was visiting a friend that lived in Duson at the time.   That boy coulda been "Lawrence of Arabia", he did so many things, except he was more of a Johnny from Texas.   That boy was a "boomer", a cassanova, the original    "Wanderer",  a latter day adventurer.   He never got out of Junior High before he got itchy feet.  Worked on the railroad,  Joined the Army, sent to Germany, quit the army, and they had to let him go because he had a heart murmur. Should never have been allowed to join in the first place, but as I recall, all was fair game for a  "recruiter".  In fact, he was not suppose to live past his 21st birthday.

    Johnny and his family belonged to, or sort of belonged to Oak Forest Baptist Church right there at the corner of Rosslyn and 43rd.  They had a revival one summer and they invited me to come along. Having never been to a Baptist revival, I went along.    

        Got saved that weekend, even though I didnt know what that meant at the time. I just followed everyone else down the aisle to the stage, actually I was pushed and pulled down that "saving aisle".  You know who the "savers" were?   None other than a young Freddy Gage and Jimmy Swaggert, both decked out in Gold lame' suites.  Yessir, I was saved by the best.  

   I couldnt tell you how many times Johnny was married.  Isnt there a limit, 6 or 7 times, then not allowed to marry again?     Probably reached the limit before he was 30.  At the time I was visiting him, he was the Milkman and Sheriff of Duson at the same time, or whatever parish that duson was in.  He was also a police officer in the Spring Valley police force till he got shot, had to retire and all before 40 or so.  But that never slowed him down.

    He once showed up at my apartment dressed in a real, black and silver Bullfighters outfit,  topped off with a huge matching sombrero.   Seems he'd just come from Mexico and was excited and wanted to share his riches with me, his compadre, and a 6 AM too.      Had two suitcases with him, one of them "clinked" and the other seemed to move on it's own.   The one that clinked was full of tequila and the one that moved had two boa constrictors in it.   I didnt own a gun at that point, cause if I did I would have shot him and the snakes and drnak the tequila before the gendarmes came to get me.

       Later on, a few years down the line, he and Cajun wife number ?  brought us a Duroc Piglet.  Said I could keep it as a pet and then when it was full grown, I'd have about 1500 pounds of ham and bacon and pork oak forest! ! !     Time and distance and substance, money,  meant nothing to him.  Once saw him charm a cottonmouth snake with his left hand, then reach around and grab the snake behind the head with his right hand.  Onliest (east texas for only) way I'd grab a snake is with a 12 gauge.

     Once he came over in a green 62 or 63 MG or Jag, said he picked it up in Kansas after a bus load of nuns or priests ran a stopsign and broadsided his other car whatever in the heck that was.  He had a crosley or Henry J at one time.  We were going down 43rd right at mangum before the RR tracks when he turned it over on it's side.  How I know we were on it's side was the road was sliding past my window.    We jumped out and turned it right side up and whoosh, off we  went on our appointed rounds. This was all before seat belts.   How we mangaged  to survive all his shenanagans I'll never know.

    ALL the ladies, girls, females seemed to gravitate to him, and I mean ALL.  If any resisted, I thought he'd met his match, but then a little time passed and there they would be, walking arm in arm, all lovey dovey.   He could sweet talk any female living or dead out of just about anything. Never met his like, his kind,  I guess sort of a con-man, "The great imposter".  Dont know where he is today if He's still alive. He would be in his late 70s or early 80s by now.  Looking back I'm so glad I did not succumb to his con man charm, I'd probably be in prison and he'd still be wanderin free as a bird. 

   I also had a long distance relationship with a telephone operator in Duson.  She'd call me up after midnight on a no cost trunk, no long distance bill, we'd talk for hours.  I never got to meet her!   Dont know just what we talked about, i was anything but a sweet talker. If I'd been Johnny, she'd a found away to squeeze through the phone lines to be with him. 

    Now how did I get off on all that stuff?   Well, HAPPY GNU YEAR to all youse youtes.  Hey Johnny, sounds like you had a great time planned for the gnu year.  Wish I felt up to doing stuff like that.  Just got too old too fast.  Of course I partied hardy back in the day, guess I'm all partied out, too pooped to pop so to speak. 

     Time to deplane boss...keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

Your frien and resident recollecter, Cephus T Magillicutty Allen Badillion Trahern esq


01/03/20 09:46 PM #9824    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus, was that J.Dollen's?

01/04/20 06:43 AM #9825    


Beverly Hengst (Allen)

Today is the one year anniversary of our dear Jackie’s passing.  It is still hard to believe she is gone.  I know I speak for everyone when I say she is one of a kind and sorely missed.  She is probably busy planning a reunion of all reunions for us, when we can all meet again.  Until then, we will cherish the many wonderful memories of her and others that have gone before us.  Rest in peace dear Jackie.

01/05/20 11:00 AM #9826    


Robert Derrick

Hope everyone started the New Year ---- the New Year of The Mad Dog 2020.         

01/05/20 01:25 PM #9827    


Teddie Jordan

Thanks Robert, I'm getting old and hadn't thought of that connection. We had some fun poker games with ol' Mad Dog didn't we?

Twenty twenty is destined to be a good year!

01/05/20 06:38 PM #9828    


Robert Derrick

Ahhhh. Yes we did. And it's still under $4.00 at many gas stations.

01/05/20 09:14 PM #9829    


Teddie Jordan

A truly special wine for those Connoisseur's with an educated pallette and a discriminating taste for really fine select wines!

01/11/20 07:43 AM #9830    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Winos, the lot of youse, just winos.  "LIEUTENANT DA-UN?  LOOK LIEUTENANT DA-UN, AH GOT NEW EARS".  Yup, got brang gnu HAs.  These are so sensitive, now I can heah a needle in a haystack, or is that a pin drop?   Well no matter, whichever comes first.   These HAs are so sensitive I can hear the stars twinkle.  Cant have em on in the kitchen whilst cooking or cleaning and banging pots and pans around, and plates.   Doc Magoo says my brain will get use to them, well, I dont have to worry since ah dont have one, and anyway,   s not my brain ahm concerned with, it's mah eahs.

    Oh, almost forgot...GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING CHAPPELL HILLLLLLLL, and all the sets of tea.  Did jall get that storm last night?  Of course you did, duh.      If you were in the lower 48 then you got it.   We got it for sure here, not a long storm, nor seemingly loud and violent storm, just a sneaky storm.   I thought I prepared for it, but au contraire mon ami.  It took everything off the deck and smashed it all to smithereens.   I looked up smithereens in the table of weights and measurments and couldnt find it.

    Gonna have to rent a diving bell or wet suit to retrieve what went in the pool.   Hmmmm, seems like I've done this before.   Folks like me  never learn dewey.   And of course he is one of the hewey and louie brothers. I've allus  been behind in the "learning curb" but never ahead of the curb, I generally just run headlong into the curb,  I believe it's called "Trouble with the curb".    Anyway, just waiting for daylight to  commence the recovery effort. 

     Some of the furniture is about 5 or 6 years old, so I guess it's time to get gnu stuff.  Solid concrete should do the trick.  One of the tables it flipped over and smashed was a 6ft long one with tile square top, bout 14 of them, which during the storm multiplied to a zillion pieces of tile.   It's a pretty heavy table, so I thought it would be safe, think again bub!   The storm also turned over a 400 pound BBQ pit like it was nothing.  Gonna have to get the tractor to upright that bad boy.

     I'm seriously looking at moving to a penthouse in downtown Houston with no balcones or windows.  Wonder if I could rent a room in Fort Knox?   Where is Fort Knox?  Kansas? Idaho?  No, they have potatoes there!   Oh well, say laverne laverne ! ! !  

    Hey TJ and Robert, I went to Krogers yesterday and asked the wine guy if he had any Mad Dog 2020, and he didnt know what I was talking about.  He showed a bottle of 795.00 wine to me with a name I couldnt pronouce, so I said no thank you.   Why would anyone pay that kind of money for a bottle of grape juice gone bad????   Not me mon ami!

    Didjou know that at one time there were about 700 or so, give or take, Irish whiskey distilleries in Ireland?  That was all before prohibition!    Now there are just two, and those are old name new startups.  Prohibition killed the Irish whiskey market.   Seems bootleggers were brewing moonshine aka rotgut and passing it off as Irish whiskey.  Folks didnt like it so when prohibition was over, folks wouldnt buy any Irish whiskey. I dont recollect in all my years as a whiskey can of sewers that I've ever had any Irish Whiskey.  Maybe I'll go to specs today and buy a bottle.    

    Ok, gotta turn in my keyboard, the little woman is leaving me to go to H town till Monday or so, so I've gotta get her ready to go.   I do get kinda lonesome up here on the mountain, so if any of youse youtes find yourself with no place to go, here is as good of no place as any place.  Yall can share my bottle of Irish whishkey and our supply of grapes gone bad, plus we can shoot pool or play shuffle board, or just sit at the bar and drink....oh, first I've got to clean up the mess ol Isaiah left behind.  

    Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

your frien and resident storm chaser...Cephus O'wanninski esq 

01/11/20 07:09 PM #9831    


Scotty Croom

since i left georgetown, my mother has had problems w/legs...decided to move to assisted living 96,she is tired  and leaves it up to god now...keep her in your prayers..

01/12/20 11:03 AM #9832    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey Scotty,  prayers for your mom and you and Sharon for sure. 

       Also too, Diane saw on channel 13 news this morning about the military flyover for the Texans and Chiefs today at Arrowhead stadium.   One of the pilots is a 2007 WALTRIP GRADUATE, and after that went on to the Naval Academy. 

     SHE  will be piloting an FA-18 Hornet,  and alongside her will be several other FA-18s one of which will be piloted by her husband.   I didnt get her name, and my efforts to find out who she was, was fruitless.  So if anyone knows who she is, I'd appreciate the info.

    There are approximately 100 or so men and women on earth that can take off and land on an AIRCRAFT CARRIER.  The aforementioned woman is one of them.    So, not an easy job, eh what !  Just wish I knew her name.

    And to all of that I'll say,  "WAY TO GO WALTRIP GRADUATE" ! ! ! ! ! ! !   WOW AND DOUBLE WOW ! ! !


01/12/20 02:14 PM #9833    


Teddie Jordan

Scotty, thoughts and prayers for your dear mom and all of your family. 

01/12/20 09:46 PM #9834    


Bennie Schielack

2007 Waltrip grad Lt. Aubrey Thompson "KBAR" Bennett is a naval aviator in the US Navy. She & her husband have been chosen for the Navy flyover for the Texans/Chiefs game this Sunday in Kansas City. She flies the F/A-18F Super Hornet. This will be the 1st ever husband/wife flyover in US history! Congrats Lt. Bennett! We are all thankful for your service! #RamNation #WaltripHighSchool

01/13/20 07:25 AM #9835    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thank you Bennie, I knew someone would know.    

01/14/20 10:25 AM #9836    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Ok, we're having the spring fling here in the chalps on the wannderosa.  Ok, now we're not...ok now we are...ok, now we're not....such is the life of a bi-polar bear....I'm surprised I've lived this long, and you all should thank your lucky stars of not having to live with me.    So as of this moment, WE ARE HAVING THE SPRING FLING HERE.... Diane will be ramroding and supervising the activities.

       We're planning on at least 50 people because we had 50 plus at each of the last SFs here.   there will be more to follow about menu and date etc.  If any would rather talk on the wireless to us, call 713-560-0676 and one of our operators will be standing by to speak with you. That operator would be Diane of course.  You can call me, but why would you ?  I'm as much in the dark as a log of mushrooms, and not near as pretty or smart.

     Sure is a dang good thing I have Diane to rely upon, cause I'm a lost puppy on the freeway of life nowdays.  Although she's been gone since Saturday, or was it Friday, no matter, she's been gone longer than the 12th of never.   She's been helping  our friends and classmates, Richard and Paige, with an upcoming garage sale this weekend.  I dont know the address, but it's on Cheshire, Richards parents house, whereever that is.   I hear tell they have lots O stuff and then some for your perusing pleasure.  Anyway, Diane is due back home sometime this nafteroon, thank goodness. 

    I've dried the same batch of clothes since friday about half dozen times.  I forget to take them out, so they sit and get wrinkled in time, then I have to wet a towel and throw it in among the wrinkley thingys and dry them all over again...then repeat...then repeat...It's not like I dont wash and dry and fold and put away, last week I did 3 loads before she got home.  Oh well,  it's not like I dont have a manangerie of critters to take care of and other stuff too also tambien.

     It's raining here ! ! !   There's a real shocker. I  was beginning to think we lived in Southern California, and as we all know "It never rains in California".   Er, well it was raining and foggy. Seems to have brightened up some and stopped raining.  Still havent gotten even a quarter of an inch, but every little bit heps and we'll take what we can get, yumpin yiminee!

    Hmmmm, I wasnt gonna dissertate this much, yeah right, it's me remember, Chatty Charlie.  What?  Did I hear a "DING" from the dryer?   Well ok, this time I'm gonna take the clothes out whether theyre ready or not, it's only been 3 days.

    Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

your frien and resident old dog,  Cephus R. Busy esq

01/16/20 09:14 AM #9837    


Johnny Sheffield

 Good morning class of 1964:

 I would like to invite you to the red,white,and bike fundraiser

Bike ride that will take place in Waller texas

This year on Sunday March 22nd 8am.

The money raise is used to buy bicycles for the children

Of wounded and Kia veterans. Our class of 1964 have once

Again been asked to help by staffing a rest stop to serve 

Food and refreshments to the bike riders. Last year, teddy, 

Fran,ronna,Johnny and Linda Rofful and myself participated

In handing out food and drinks to the riders. If you have 4 or 5 hours

That day, we hope that you will be able to join us for such a 

Wonderful cause. It is always special to meet some of the children

And there families. 

More details will follow on location of our designated rest stop

For our class to manned.

If you would like to help , please contact teddy jordan 

Tel no 713-882-2849 or Johnny Sheffield 979-203-7209

Look forward to seeing you all. 




01/16/20 11:18 AM #9838    


Richard Meek '65

Good morning everyone I just want to add a little clarification to Beau's message of yesterday. We are having an Estate Sale at my parent's home tomorrow and Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00. You are all invited. There are treasures you will want to take home. So come prepared. You won't be able to resist. Paige and I would have taken it home but that would have required buying a new house.So put it on your calendar to go to               1707 Cheshire Lane tomorrow(to get the best selections) or Saturday. Take some of those treasures howme with you. Heck we wouldn't mind it you bought the whole kit and kaboodle!

We're glad to hear that Spring Fling will once again be held at Harold Manor in Chappell Hill. Looking forward to seeing yall! I tried to get Sir Harold to take all these treasures but he said the Manor was full. So that means the rest of you won't have to compete with Sir Wann at the Estate Sale.

01/17/20 01:32 PM #9839    


Teddie Jordan

For some fun reading, and something I just stumbled across go back and look at the past Forum pages, at least the spring, summer and early fall of 2014, approximately pages 258-264. Our class was approaching the time for our 50th reunion and I had forgotten how much it had all of our minds and thoughts and memories coming to the surface. Fun stuff! 

01/17/20 06:07 PM #9840    


Robert Derrick

Wow Teddie. That's reading memories of memories. I think.

01/18/20 06:16 PM #9841    


Teddie Jordan

And please look at my post from 2014 on page 261, which I had all but forgotten, and see if I missed anyone's name!

01/21/20 08:07 AM #9842    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING CHAPPELL HILLLLLLLLLL.....and a frosty morn at that, 34 gredees, had that yestiddy.  

    Nope TJ, dont think you missed a name.  I always wanted to do that, what you did, now I dont have to.  It was a great reread, and all the responses were a good reread.   I dont know how you managed to keep it all straight, and put that much time into it, and like Jimmie Lee said, "musta been layed up with a broken laig"  or woids to that defect.

    Just as our Oak Forest days were heady, so were the early days of this website.   So much has transpired. Heard from folks we hadnt heard from in years, lost folks I never thought would not be around anymore.  Just keep getting older, duh right !   Look in the mirror and not see anyone I recognize.  Boo ! 

    Ok, gotta let the dogs out, again. The munchkin, Izzydoreable, is on the trail of every critter that has set paw in the yard. First she clucks like a chicken, then gobbles like a turkey, then goes into a full bay.  Well, for her it's a bay, not real loud, but bay non the less.  No sweeter music to myne ears than the baying of a hound.  I can even hear that without me gnu ears.

    The SPLING FRING is progressing along nicely.  I do hope folks will show up like the last two times here.  As I've gotten older, it's gotten harder to get around, and want to actually go anywhere.  Barring bad weather, it should be a nice relaxing and funner time.  

       The "boss", my beloved, is working on the particalars of the SF, "party on the hill".   As before, parking will be plentiful and free, and free of the thought of anyone breaking into them and stealing stuff or the veeehicle itself.   We dont allow that nonsense up here.   Plus I'll have a "Ma duce" set up in each guard tower.

    For food, we're thinking and leaning towards homemade chili and tamales.   We make an excellent chili up heah in the chalps.   Probably have folks bring their favorite dip and chips, and maybe a salad and dessert.  We will also have plenty to drink, wine, beer, whiskey, soft drinks, tea and water, however if someone has a favorite drink then by all means, bring it.

       The tea will be homemade, just like my mom use to make, and the water will be bottled, so no danger of tainted water, not that our well water is tainted.  It is clean and clear and has no taste or odor, but we still use lots of bottled water anyhow because the well water contains a lot of calcium.  Dont want to risk a painful stone that's for sure.

     Since the ballpark is closed, cept home plate is still there, we will play football.....nah, just funnin ya, seeing if yall are paying attention.   I guess mostly we'll just talk and catch up on stuff and enjoy the day.

    The boss is thinking about the last Saturday in March.  Palm Sunday is the next weekend and then easter the weekend after that, then the Blue Bonnet festival is the next weekend, so that pretty much takes care of April.  As time goes by, you must remember this, a smile is just a smile, a kiss is just a kiss. The fundamental things apply, as time goes where in the heck did that come from?  A mind is a terrible think!

    If anyone has any special requests, or input, we are always open for those.  Guess it's time to deplane boss...keep the sun at your six and "ride boldly ride..."

    Your frien and resident resident,  Cephus Goes Slowly, esq 

01/22/20 01:01 PM #9843    


Jimmie Lee Smith (Brawner)


Jan Barnes Nimtz - Waltrip Class of 1965 posted on Facebook this morning

With a hole in our hearts today Ed Nimtz & I are sharing the sudden loss of our firstborn son, Brian S. Nimtz, age 52 on Monday, January 20th. Obit and service information can be found on the website of Cypress Fairbanks Funeral Home, 9926 Jones Rd. Houston.



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