Waltrip vs. Reagan 1963 - Waltrip won 28 to 0


Waltrip vs. Milby 1963




Coach Burton




City Football Champions 1964 and 1967



November 22, 1963 - Football Champions - Recounting the Memories

From those of us in the stands who were watching our team win, thank you.

Being a small part of the cheering folks, it was a great thrill to see you all win.
John Philip Adams
From: Charles Eastburn   
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That was the way to do it.

...and only 12 months before (November, 1962) , many of you were a part of another  great “mud battle” against Reagan High School. You were building for your success.

It’s fun to have those memories.

Charlie Eastburn

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#77 (Don Ellisor)

Once again we celebrate a Momentous day in our Great History. It's a wet, muddy, cold evening in November.  The people are tense and nervous as out of nowhere a 200# plus tackle finds a oblong leather object cradled in his arms.  As he streaks to the East followed by 10 Muddy compatriots, #77 scores on 4 minute run on a blocked punt to lead the Mighty Waltrip Rams to their first ever City of Houston High School Football Championship..  A feat no one can comprehend except for the meagre 23 plus individuals that made up that team and had survived four long years of gruelling work to accomplish this goal.  I can still vividly see that run as we surrounded you to fend off any Bellaire attempt to stop you.

#34 (Allen Geiser)

#88(Tom Gann) Comment:  Coach Burton had us so focused that the fact that President Kennedy had been shot and died at 1:00 that day, November 22, 1963,  was not on our minds for that 2 ∏ hours at Delmar.










From Tom Gann 6-2009 - I made a trip to visit John Phelps, and his wife Kate, this summer at their home in Hilton Head Island, S. Carolina. John retired 13 years ago from Southwestern Bell as head of the Mexico Division. Kate also retired with them also. They worked for the company from his graduation from college and both purchased stock as they grew with the company. When SW Bell sold to AT&T (I believe) he had been his own boss in Mexico and did not want to have another company head over him so he sold out and retired to the golf courses at Hilton Head Island.
It was a great visit and his personality has not changed.
John Phelps and his wife, Kate