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08/08/21 04:21 PM #10585    


Beau Wann, Jr.

Well I did it again, wrote a long response and it disappeared.  my new mouse has a button I hit that erases. didn't know it.  So a short message.  Thank you Ronna for your kind words and prayers.  Diane is going to set up a new mouse. See if it works. 

     either that, or just not get on here.  2 more hours wasted

08/08/21 08:24 PM #10586    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus, if I were a new mouse brought into your home,  with all of those cats,I think I would be more than a little nervous too! 

I look forward, as an obvious bunch of others do, to hugging and being with you and Diane on the 21st'!

08/09/21 11:29 PM #10587    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hey TJ, we only just have the one and olyn Little Miss.  We have had as many as 8 at one time.  But they were all good kittlises.   Had one and a half litter box per kitty.  no mice or any other creacther invade our abode.   each one had a unique personalitly and talent.  Callie was a tortouse shell color, and was special ed, everyday was a new day, every step was a new step.

    Libby was the freaky one.  She was tabby and simonze. kinda zebra stripe,  Had electric blue eyes, and could clear 8 feet on a sinble bound.  We had 11 spoot cecialings and she could be on one of the 8, or 9 foot shelves in the closet.   And she could junp on tip of the entertainment center which waas about 7 foot tall, and she could do it from the base of it, no running strart.  She also had diabetes for 7 of her 18 years.  Gave her an insulin shot every 12 hours.

     Goldie was grissly bear color, and had the kindest  and sweetest heart.  Anytime that Callie would pass Goldie, goldie would lay down so she woldnt spook callie.  And talk about a mouser and a birder, she was a champeen..    AND she would play ping poing with me.   She sat on the other side od the net and when I hit the ball, she would stik up a paw and batg it back t o me.  Callie died at 16, and Goldie follower frien 3 week later. 

     Tucker was jet black, taking a picture of him was hard to do, because his black fur absorded the flash.  He was long and tall and had a very long, very expressive tail.  He could walk by the coffee table and his tail would go over the top of it like a periscope, but not toch the table, like he wass feeling for something.   Sometime his tail was in a question mark ?, and sometimes two or tree stair steps,  he would also fetch a little piece of paper and bring it back to you and put in your hand.   he would do that till your arm fell off.  When I would come home, he would run and junp in my arms and hug and lick me.   He was 13 years and 13 days old when he died. Had lung cancer.

     Katy was a blue and white tuxedo, and weighed 16 pound, and also a retriever.  God never made a sweeter animal.   

     Big Oliver, or "big olie", was a maine coon and weighed 22 pounds.   Big olie kept the peace, especially when Annie Bob came to live with us.  She was what you would call "high spirited". Big olie was alsso very good friends with Katy...Katy organs began to shut down, summer of 13 and died in August of 13,  Oliver followed 3 weeks later, had a stroke, which er vet said was common in MaineCoons. 

     Sammy was a grey tabbly and he and Oliviver were inseperalbe.  When Olie died,  Sammy grieved terribley.  he would lay in the same spots at the two would lay in together.   Sammy died up here, probably about 20yo.  

    Lacy was true to her name,  frilly and a tail that look like a plume from on of the musketeers hat.  She was friends with all the other kitties, in fact they all got along and werre all friends.  She died up here, and then Sammy followed a short time later.

    Then Annie Bob died up here, after lacy and sammy.  Then there was peaches...We got her and Katy after callie and goldie died .   She was an exotic short hair that kept her liitle kitten face till she died on new years day in 14.  First to die up here on the funny farm.  These were all indoor only kats.

     Then there was one, little miss, and she and Annie did not get along. 


08/10/21 10:18 AM #10588    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Dorry about that lasst post on our kitties, I started it about midnight and fell asleep with Little Miss in my arms, and woke up at 4 and tried to work on it,  to no avail.  

08/11/21 09:16 AM #10589    


Johnny Sheffield

Good morning 

For up dated list on summer fling go to august 1st posting no 10576



08/11/21 10:25 AM #10590    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thank you Johnny for all the hard work of putting together a get together, hard work that! and thanks to Lynn W B and to Beverly.    yall are much loved and cared for.   Forgive me if  sentences and thoughts dont make sense.  Sometimes I'll add words that are not needed or wwrong allthogether, or leave out words that really need to be there.  It's tough being a 76 year old 5th grader.   

      unless they move up the surgery, we still plan on being at the gathering.   I wont be awake for this one,  darn, and I wanted to help with it, maybe get my brain surgeons certificate, be like Jethro Beaudine from the hillbilly show.     What a stupid premise for a stupid show.    Mrs  Blount absolutely HATED that show.  She made no bones about it . I have to concur with her about the BH.  TV has sure make a mockery of a lots of things, My Dad said that TV was the ruination of mankind, and so it is.  

     Little Miss is curled up in a tight ball in my lap, right paw over her eyes, but she says hi anyway.

     Diane made a choclacte and vanilla butter cream cake last night for me birthday, since I spent that day in ER.   Was just thinging about having a piece before lunch,  Dont want to fill up on too much food that's good for you, and not be able to enjoy dessert, that's just wrong.  I was thinking for the main course, maybe a spam samich and some tater chips. Yeah, that's the ticket.  The doctors told me to eat, it would help me heal, so eat I shall. And heal I will.

      Keep the sun at your six and "ride boldy ride..."

From the funny farm, your frien and resident brain teaser,  Cehups R hungry esq

08/12/21 10:03 AM #10591    


Beau Wann, Jr.

'     It's me again, fraunkenbrain...been frettin about coming to the hoedown on the 21st.  Not suupose to get in gateherings or be out with the public, not for the covert 18,19,20, but for any germ, and there are lots of em out there.,  We always wear masks and hand sanitizier when we go out or when anyone comes over...I know there's lots of thought on mask wearing,  but to my way of thinking, as uncomfortable as it is,  it couldnt hoirt.

      Woke up today, just exhausted,  and weak feeling.  My beloved had a steamin cup O joe ready for me, and bacon in the pan, and all kinds of breakfast stuff going on...yum.  Sure am blessed beyond all belief.

     If we decide to go to the hootnany on the 21st,  as much as I'd like to hug all yall, no can do,  surgery in about 2 or 3 weeks.  Dont want no complications.  This surgery is gonna ge scary, because they not sure what they will find, whereas the last 2 they knew what they were going in after, except mabe the one that wass done in college station. Now because of that, MDA is having to redo that one.

     Ok, gotta get outta heah, got a small load of lumber coming and some large stones today, gotta get ready for that one stuff.

     Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?"
And I said, "here am I; send me"

Isaiah 6:8


08/13/21 05:57 AM #10592    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Hello my pretties... 5:45 AM, as in early,  up here on the funny farm, got a busy next couple  of days, weeks, mounths, years ahead of me.   

      as far as i gno, we will be at the hookilau 21st. we'll scrub up, mask up and may  evevn wear gloves, yeah, thats the ticket....

    on a more sadder note,  James "Butch" Winborn died Wednesday.  dot lknow how old he was or what cause, he wass Dianes moms 1st cosin, i think.  They lived up here off Kickapoo road, we'd gotten together a couple times for dinner and supper, but not often enough.

     Thinkd I'm gonna stop for now, been so very tired this week. aarms andlegs ache like I've run a marathon.   Hope to see youse youtes on the 21thes.   

08/13/21 01:33 PM #10593    


Teddie Jordan


Cephus, so sorry to hear that news about Butch, I think he was WHS class of '63. He and I worked together at St.Joe Paper company factory on N. Post Oak in Summer and Fall  of '65 as laborers on the corrugator, stacking just pressed and glued together with hot glue, corrugated box sheets on Pallets, a hot, hot job in an un air conditioned factory. At that time we were working the evening shift from  2pm until 10pm, and I was taking morning summer school classes at South Texas Junior College in downtown Houston.

My dad died in October '65 right after I entered U of H taking  night classes, and I was working at St. Joe that Monday morning when my foreman brought me a message to call a number immediately, and it was the hospital telling me to come there immediately! I didn't know what was going on until I saw my mom in the hallway crying. Daddy had undergone a stomach surgery the preceding Thursday and on Sunday night he was recovering and doing well expecting to be discharged the next morning.  Fran and I visited him that night and he said,  you two sit down on this bed and tell me about your wedding plans , which we did. He loved Fran as I did and was happy for us. He had a Pulmonary Thrombosis, ( blood clot), that next Morning and died immediately when the blood clot hit his lungs. He was only 59 years old. It was very hard for all of us, he was a good, good man in every way. 

Butch'es  dad Windy  was my barber and was a real character.  I last saw Butch at your house in Houston when y'all celebrated an anniversary, He looked at me and said, what are you doing here? I asked him the same question, small world.

 Rest In Peace Butch! 



08/14/21 11:11 AM #10594    


Tom Britton '65

I think we are ALL looking forward to seeing Bo in a couple of weeks. Hang in there my friend. Many socially-distanced hugs await you. You, my friend, are an inspiration to the entire class. 

08/14/21 04:59 PM #10595    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thanks for those kind words tom,  all  yall have been an inspiration to me over a lifetime, so thank YOU.   Been sitting heere since about 4  or 3 and am just exhausted. Too tired to type. The girsl all have the right idea, napping. So ill be back in a while, howevere long that is.

08/18/21 09:00 AM #10596    


Johnny Sheffield

Good morning , 

you can go to august 1st posting no 10576 

for the updated list on our summer fling.

See you all soon. 


08/19/21 09:54 AM #10597    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thats rughgt, ut;s this Santernday,  in case you dont rememerbe me, Ill br incobnetio,  I'll be the masked chainsaw head.   

08/19/21 11:51 AM #10598    


Patricia Williamson (Williams)

Beau - I wish you all the best and I'm sorry I won't be at the gathering to see you myself. I pray for you going forward. 

08/19/21 06:01 PM #10599    


Teddie Jordan

08/19/21 06:53 PM #10600    


Johnny Sheffield


my kind of a scam 



08/19/21 07:19 PM #10601    


Jimmy Stockton


I've had the same problem lately, now I no what caused it.

08/20/21 10:01 AM #10602    


Tom Britton '65

Awwww. So sorry I won't be able to see ya'll tomorrow. Unexpected out-of-town company. Take lots of pictures.

08/20/21 10:33 AM #10603    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     Thaanks Pat, and God bless you.   lost another post...hey TJ, Ice cream is just milk of a higher calling and a snickers is a more gooder and higher calling for legumes and cocoa, which we all know is some of 12 food groups, and is good for a liter Oak Forest kid, this is so tedious, gotta shuter doen.   

      the head head doc has reschechedled surgery for aug 31 from sep 2.. good, glad to get this behind us.

08/21/21 08:06 AM #10604    


Mary Weidner (Williams)

Beau bless you as you continue your journey! I love reading your posts! You should have been a cowboy, I mean writer!😂 

08/21/21 07:56 PM #10605    


Kay Watters '65 (Greene)

So enjoyed the party, i.e. BBQ, was delicious enjoyed seeing everyone, it's been a long time .  Didn't know T. Maddox could sing, all in all, good food, good friends, glad to have been there!


08/22/21 08:01 AM #10606    


Beau Wann, Jr.

     tried to post last nnight numerous times, but each time, I fell asleep. what a great getogether that was yesterday, thank you Johnny and Lynn et al.  If  one of our gettogethers, couldbe botteled, it wouold be a miracle tonic doewn at MDA it sure made me feel good, grrrrreat as Tony the Tigger would say.    00PS, FELL ASLEEP AGAIN. well i can blame, in part, Little Miss, and me too.  i"m sitting where i sat last night, in her rocker relincer, and sh is in the top of the back, oand on miy shoulders, purring in my ear

08/22/21 10:24 AM #10607    


Teddie Jordan

Cephus, we enjoyed the get together too, and your description is perfect. Seeing old friends is indeed like a tonic! And getting to see and visit with you and Diane was a good tonic for all of us!

New friends are true friends, but old friends are Gold friends!

08/22/21 07:15 PM #10608    


Johnny Sheffield

I would like to take the time to thank everyone 

that came out to the summer fling. Great food and wonderful

fellowship. I believe we had around 47 folks that attended Saturday evening.

I wish you all good health and hope to see you all next 

April at our spring get together.


08/23/21 04:31 PM #10609    


Lynn Wren (Burkhardt)

The below message is from Don Ellisor regarding Saturday's Summer Fling.

The age of unusual occurrences is upon us. After 76 Years of being on time to the point of analytic I missed the time of the party by 3 hours, arriving at 6:30 . I have racked my brain to come up with an excuse that would absolve me of all wrong doing but alas I have come up empty. I screwed up! No one to blame but me. Please for give me. I had anticipated this time together since it was originally announced. Shirley and I arrives three hours late but some classmates were still there and graciously stayed and visited for another hour or so. Tom, Tony, Barbara , Johnny, Lynn and others. The bar b que was great and the visit was even greater. I had looked forward to seeing all of you especially Lloyd Pond who I haven’t seen in almost twenty years. We began riding the bus together in Black Junior High everyday. I may have forgot the correct time of the event but I have not forgot all the memories associated of the class of 1964. Mae Culpa, Mea Culpa!

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